Chapter 228 - Won’t be able to hide this matter

When Xu Rui returned to the company, he immediately burst out in anger and vented out all the depression he felt from before. He led a tough life when he was young. He once worked as a factory worker, which he cooperated with a few friends to secretly sell the factory products and obtained his first bucket of gold. After that, he partnered up with a few friends and founded a security company. Naturally, the reason why he became rich was all due to a childhood friend, Song Qianjin. The latter’s father was once a formidable figure, which Xu Rui made use of the relationship and successfully cleared up the channel as a state-run city-wide work unit.

When he returned to his office, he saw a youth who was roughly sixteen or seventeen in his school uniform in his seat. Thus, his brows were instantly furrowed. “Ranran, what are you doing here?”

Xu Ran turned around, slammed on the table and questioned with a stern tone, “I heard that you’re still chasing after that officer?”

Xu Rui instantly became unhappy and he responded, “Do not interfere in adult matters.”

Hearing those words, Xu Ran instantly jumped up and swept all the documents on the desk onto the floor, then hollered, “I don’t agree to it!”

“Ranran, you’re already so old, so how can you still be so childish? You can’t possibly want your father to spend his life alone, right?” Even if Xu Rui didn’t have a good temper, he pampered his son a lot.

“I’m not stopping you from fooling around, but I won’t agree to have a step-mother. Not to mention that the woman that you’re wooing is the mother of the girl I like!” Xu Ran continued to blabber unreasonably.

“What? You like her daughter, Yan Sha?” When Xu Rui recalled that lass, his anger rose up. “You stinking brat, you’re learning how to have a puppy love at your age?”

Xu Ran snorted in disdain, “Anyhow, I have already informed you. You’re not allowed to woo that officer, or this isn’t over!”

However, Xu Rui was helpless with his own son. Since young, his son has been growing up in the maternal grandmother’s home, and the elderly often pampered the kids. At the same time, he took pity that his son had no mother, which was the reason why he wasn’t strict in his upbringing. At the same time, Xu Rui treated his son’s words as a joke. After all, the relationship of kids at his age wasn’t reliable.

He was absolutely against Xu Ran finding a daughter-in-law like Yan Sha for him.

Taking out his wallet, Xu Rui took out all of his cash and threw it on the table. “Don’t annoy me, take it! You’re going overseas next year, and it’s time for you to focus. Stop causing trouble for me!”

“You only know how to use money to fool me.” Despite his words, Xu Ran took the money. After all, it was his father’s money, and there’s nothing wrong with him taking it. Just like his maternal grandmother said, if he didn’t spend it, who knows how his father would spend it when fooling around.

After Xu Ran left, Xu Rui sat down before his desk, falling in a daze as he brainstormed on how to get close to Su Tao.

This was the typical psychology of a human’s heart. The more you’re rejected, the more you would yearn for recognition.

When Du Ping sat down, he revealed his purpose for coming over.

The situation was extremely urgent, but Du Ping did not miss out any information. He had strong control over his emotions and emphasized control. The more urgent the matter, the more he would have to keep it under control.

Despite his readjustment, Du Ping had relied on his own hard work to obtain support, and he was able to swiftly stabilise his footing. But if he wanted to obtain any achievements, then he would have to be bold and decisive.

Since he had to do something, he decided to start from the field acknowledged by the higher hierarchy. Thus, he contacted a well-known Korean multinational enterprise to engage in research. But after the banquet, the representatives from the Korean enterprise started to vomit and experienced diarrhea. After going to a county hospital, it was found that the representatives were suffering from food poisoning.

Thus, he couldn’t push the responsibility away as the person-in-charge and organiser of this event. Although he has already ordered an investigation on the source of the food, there wasn’t any progress for the time being.

“The two patients are still unconscious. Although there isn’t any danger to their lives for the moment, the doctors in that county hospital have no idea about the cause.” Du Ping bitterly smiled as he continued, “Regarding this matter, I can only try to control the situation and did not transfer them to any city hospital out of fear that it might blow up the matter.”

Su Tao knew what Du Ping meant. The latter was afraid that there might be a political enemy trying to frame him, which was why he decided to keep a low profile on this matter.

As for the doctors in that county hospital, Du Ping wasn’t reassured with them. Who can guarantee that they’re not being bribed? Thus, this was the reason why he came all the way back to ask for Su Tao’s help.

He was familiar with those shady rules, and he could vaguely smell a plot here.

As for the reason why he found Su Tao and not the specialist in Jianghuai Hospital was because of his trust in Su Tao’s medical skills. Furthermore, he felt that Su Tao was a special card that might catch his opponent unexpected.

“There’s no time to lose, let’s head over now.” Su Tao packed his medical box and had agreed to Du Ping’s request.

After all, he owed Du Ping favour in the past. Back then, when Nie Weiting framed him, it was Du Ping who helped to get him out.

Du Ping was stationed in the extreme north of Hanzhou City, and the economy was considered lacking to the south. Looking from the sky, the road condition wasn’t good, not to mention the difficulty of driving due to the rain from a few days ago. By the time they arrived in the county hospital, it was already 4 p.m.

When Du Ping appeared, he was instantly surrounded by the personnel from South Korea. One of them, who was familiar with Mandarin, emotionally said, “You have to give us an explanation regarding this matter. If Chief Park doesn’t recover, we will surely hold you responsible.”

As Du Ping’s face alternated between pink and pale, he patiently explained, “Please feel rest assured that we will certainly organise the best specialist to treat the patient.”

Under the help from the medical staff, the two of them finally made it through the crowd. Su Tao knitted his brows. “Those few that obstructed you also participated in the banquet?”

Nodding his head, Du Ping bitterly smiled. “There were a few that weren’t serious, and they’ve recovered after their stomach was pumped.”

With his brows furrowed, Su Tao pursued, “So the China side that participated in the banquet didn’t show any symptoms of food poisoning?”

“Not a single one!” Du Ping’s gaze coldly flickered as he continued, “So I suspect that someone is behind this. However, I’ve placed this matter under control for the time being. Otherwise, it will certainly blow up.”

Su Tao could understand Du Ping’s mood. Food poisoning was a reasonable explanation to the public, since it was unintended. But it would be an entirely different matter if someone was behind it.

Without any change in his expression, Su Tao quickened his steps. “Let’s take a look at the two unconscious patients.”

Two patients were lying in the ICU, one male and female on the ventilator and pipes all over their bodies. Su Tao briefly went in to take the two’s pulse before coming back out.

When Du Ping saw Su Tao coming out, he quickly asked, “How is it?”

Su Tao truthfully answered, “Their situation is peculiar, and I can’t give you an exact answer yet!”

Hearing his words, Du Ping bitterly smiled. “Looks like I’m in deep shit this time!” If those two couldn’t be treated, then he would face the biggest setback in his career.

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “We’ll wait for now! The situation will gradually clear up.”

“Clear what?” Du Ping asked in puzzlement.

“If you want to be free from responsibility in this matter, you will have to clear this plot. The best method is to wait for more people to arrive before the conspiracy surfaces.” Su Tao faintly said. Although he had just taken the pulses for the two of them, Su Tao had already obtained clues in this case, so he continued, “Furthermore, the two of them are just unconscious right now. There won’t be any danger to their lives for the moment.”

Despite wishing that Su Tao could immediately treat the two of them, Du Ping was also curious about the objective behind this event when he saw Su Tao’s confidence.

“They really won’t be in any danger?” Du Ping worriedly asked.

“If anything happens to them, I’ll pay you back with my life!” To let Du Ping feel reassured, Su Tao had made a vicious vow to guarantee his confidence.

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Du Ping finally felt relieved, since he had an understanding with regards to the former’s medical skills and character. So if Su Tao wasn’t confident, he wouldn’t speak those words.

When Du Ping and Su Tao walked out of the ward, the Korean representative team surrounded over once again.

The attitude of one staff was extremely unyielding. “President Park was shocked when he received the news of Chief Park in hospital. If you guys aren’t able to treat him, then we will report it to the embassy. At that time, you can just wait to suffer.”

An awkward smile appeared on Du Ping’s face, since foreign affairs weren’t small. So if the matter rose to the embassy, he and a lot of people would be dragged into this matter.

Thus, he patiently explained, “We will resolve it soon, but I need time.”

That staff snickered, “Sorry, but we’ve given you enough time. Tomorrow afternoon, South Korea will dispatch our specialist over to treat Chief Park and Supervisor Choi. At the same time, we will let the embassy step in and request for higher law enforcement to intervene and investigate the reason for the poisoning.”

The SG Chaebol was leading worldwide for their military, electronics, and car manufacturing. The Chief Park that the workers spoke about was Park Joong-sun, the primary board member of SG Chaebol, and the eldest son of the Vice-President, Park Yong-ha. Although there were many board members in SG Chaebol, Park Yong-ha held great authority, while Park Joong-sun was the heir that he placed his hopes on. This was also the reason why he let his son lead the research in China, in hopes that his son could achieve results here.

Du Ping subconsciously looked at Su Tao, and when he saw the latter’s composure, he gritted his teeth. “We will do our best to treat the two of them. As to regarding what you people want to do, do as you like!”

When he finished, the two of them headed toward the dormitory, where Du Ping instructed his secretary to provide a single dorm for Su Tao. Although the furniture was simple, it was complete. There’s a closet, television, and even a laptop for internet access.

Seeing the unsightly expression on Du Ping’s face, Su Tao comforted, “Believe me. Nothing will happen, and if it goes as I have expected, the result will be clear tomorrow.”

Du Ping bitterly smiled. “I’m currently hesitating if I should report this to my superior.”

“Of course.” Su Tao nodded his head as he continued, “Very quickly, you won’t be able to hide this matter.”

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