Chapter 227 - Responded with a ‘soft nail’

After Xu Rui left, Geng Hong could see the exhaustion on Yan Jing’s face, so she softly asked, “Are we going to transfer the ¥4,000,000 into the company’s account?”

Shaking her head, Yan Jing responded, “Put it in the Three Flavour Cosmetics International instead, since the vehicle was from the Three Flavour Cosmetic International, to begin with. That Su Tao really knows how to create trouble.”

Although she said it that way, she felt relieved, as if she was relieved that she could finally help Su Tao. After all, she still hadn’t done anything for Su Tao since the start of their partnership. Even the development of the Three Flavour Hall was purely Su Tao’s effort.

Despite looking like a gigolo, he had a sense of responsibility akin to a man deep in his bones; he seemed to have a habit of handling stuff by himself.

Take Jidong Province’s disturbance as an example. Although she greeted Sire Wu, she was behind Su Tao, who charged over with his vindictive character.

Geng Hong knew what Yan Jing meant. As someone who could shake the entire Huainan with her feet, there’s no need for her to threaten Xu Rui personally just for ¥4,000,000. The reason why she did that was to issue a message that Su Tao had a relationship with her, and if anyone tried to harm Su Tao, they would be facing her. At that time, it wouldn’t be something that could be resolved with just ¥4,000,000.

When Xu Rui sat in the car, his heart was trembling. He knew that if he didn’t show enough sincerity, he wouldn’t just lose ¥4,000,000. He might even lose his limbs, which would reduce him to a handicap!

Although his security company might be known as the biggest in Hanzhou City, he knew that it paled in comparison to Yan Jing. His company relied on relations, and the quality of his security guards was ordinary. On the other hand, Yan Jing’s security company was widely spread throughout the major cities in Huainan Province, and they’re even infiltrating Huaibei Province right now. The business that they’re engaged in was also on another level. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was just picking up her leftovers, and if she wasn’t happy with him, he wouldn’t even have any leftovers to pick with an order from her!

After a brief pondering, Xu Rui decided to try and get close to Su Tao, since the latter had a good relationship with Yan Jing, and the key was Jiang Qinghan. He’s Jiang Qinghan’s male friend, and there’s a high possibility that he might be Yan Jing’s boyfriend, or even husband. So if he could form a good relationship with Su Tao, he might be able to join Yan Jing’s grand fleet in the future, which was a huge opportunity.

Thinking about it this way, he calmed down and treated the ¥4,000,000 that he gave to Yan Jing as the facilitation fees to clear up the channel. A man must look far and have a vision.

Thus, he sent a message to Jiang Qinghan, “Can I have the contact info of that disciple of yours?”

When the vehicle drove into his district, he knitted his brows. He didn’t receive a message from Jiang Qinghan. He lamented at how tough it was to get along with that woman; she’s not even responding to his message! But despite the depression he felt, he had already gotten used to it. With a sigh, he instructed his subordinate, “Investigate Su Tao, the disciple of Jiang Qinghan and submit it to me tomorrow.”

While Xu Rui was having his breakfast the next morning, he took the time to look at Su Tao’s files, and he was taken aback by Su Tao’s strength. But as he read on, his hand trembled and coldly asked, “Are you sure the information is correct? He’s rumoured to be Yan Jing’s secret lover?”

“Yes. It was also rumoured that some time ago, Yan Jing took a girl in from an orphanage, who was rumoured to be the daughter between Su Tao and her.” That subordinate respectfully reported.

Xu Rui was scoffed, “Isn’t that bullshit? How old is that little girl?”

After a brief pondering, that subordinate responded, “She seems to be five to six.”

“Can you use some brains?” Xu Rui shook his head as he continued, “Su Tao is in his early twenties, that means that he was fifteen or sixteen back then. Is it logical that he made Yan Jing bear him a child at that age?”

The subordinate instantly, awkwardly smiled. “Mr. Xu is intelligent to notice that!”

Nodding his head, Xu Rui knocked his finger on the table. “We’ll make a trip to the Three Flavour Hall later.”

However, his subordinate immediately reminded, “There’s a regular meeting this morning.”

“I’ll get Mr. He to organise that meeting.” Although Xu Rui took pleasure in lecturing his employees on regular meetings, he had more important things to attend to today.

After clearing his breakfast, he combed his hair after wearing his leather shoes and even sprayed cologne before heading for the Three Flavour Hall.

Due to the undergoing renovation of the Three Flavour Hall, it didn’t look appealing on the outside, which made Xu Rui feel that it was ordinary. But he noticed the crowd thereupon stepping in, and his subordinate instantly headed to the counter and said to Xiao Jingjing, “Our boss wishes to see the person-in-charge here, Su Tao.”

Xiao Jingjing was briefly stunned before she politely asked, “Physician Su is currently conducting treatment, do you have an appointment?”

That subordinate instantly knitted his brows and scoffed, “Appointment? What an air he’s putting.”

Despite those words, Xiao Jingjing still had a smile on her face as she responded, “Because Physician Su only sits in twice a week, many customers have even made appointments a few weeks prior. So if you don’t have an appointment, I’m afraid that you can only wait till he’s done before he can meet you.”

Thus, that subordinate knitted his brows and restlessly glanced at Xu Rui. However, Xu Rui waved his hand. “Then, we’ll wait a bit, then.” Despite his words, he was unhappy in his heart. Su Tao was just in his twenties, what bullshit was this trying to pretend to be a Divine Physician?

But since he’s already there, he couldn’t possibly leave. If he left, wouldn’t he be denied at the entrance?

But after briefly waiting, Xu Rui was somewhat inwardly shocked when he saw several familiar faces within the queue, they could be considered somewhat reputable in Hanzhou City. There’s an old man in his sixties, a Village Entrepreneur, whose factory mainly dealt with train components. Despite his ordinary dressing, he was someone with a fortune of close to ¥100,000,000, and he could be considered as one of those low-profiled tycoons. At this moment, he had a smile on his face as he chatted with the other patients.

There’s even one retiree from a department in the city who held authority. Although he has been retired for two to three years, he held a high position in Hanzhou City and was often consulted for special cases.

If those customers were ordinary folks, Xu Rui wouldn’t be too shocked. However, he was caught by surprise when he saw some authoritative figures within the queue!

When a silhouette appeared, Xu Rui swiftly responded. He stood up and went over to greet with a smile plastered on his face. “Nice to meet you, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

The newcomer was Du Ping, who was briefly stunned when he saw Xu Rui. However, Du Ping had a good memory and soon recognised Xu Rui. “Mr. Xu, what are you doing here? Are you ill?”

Xu Rui awkwardly smiled. “I’m intending to discuss cooperation with the person-in-charge of this pharmacy.”

“The Three Flavour Hall already has security, so there’s no need for you to supply it.” Du Ping explained with a smile as he walked in. He’s considered an old friend of the Three Flavour Hall.

Shaking his head, Xu Rui realised that Du Ping had gotten it wrong, and thought that he’s trying to compete for business. But the Three Flavour Hall was just a shop front, so how much profit could he earn, even if he obtained this business? Thus, he explained with a smile, “I’m here to provide business to the Three Flavour Hall. You know the industry I’m in, and my employees would often encounter injuries. So I’m thinking of discussing cooperation. However, the person in charge of this pharmacy seems to be putting on airs, and I’ve yet to meet him, even after waiting for more than an hour.”

Hearing the unhappiness in Xu Rui’s tone, Du Ping could tell that the former wasn’t familiar with Su Tao. Regardless of the Jianghuai Hospital or the Three Flavour Hall, everyone would have to make an appointment for Su Tao’s treatment. Even he was not exempted with his familiarity with Su Tao.

Right now, Su Tao has become the most famous TCM Physician in Hanzhou City.

Naturally, Su Tao has maintained a low profile. Aside from the frequent publicity done by the Three Flavour Cosmetics International, the Three Flavour Hall maintained a traditional way of operation that relied on word of mouth without any form of advertisement. But this method had its own benefits. They could save the cost of advertisement and convert them to herbs. This was also the reason why the price in Three Flavour Hall was extremely affordable, and also the reason why people would be willing to purchase herbs from Three Flavour Hall, even if they’re not here for treatment.

Faintly glancing at Xu Rui, Du Ping casually replied, “I’m afraid that you have no idea about this, but Physician Su rarely sits in for consultation and treatment. So even Secretary Zhang has to follow the rules if he’s coming over.”

Hearing Du Ping’s words, Xu Rui’s impression of Su Tao instantly underwent a complete change.

Who was Du Ping? He’s a powerful figure and was practically in the limelight now. With Xu Rui’s wits, he had instantly analysed Su Tao’s strength.

It spoke for Su Tao’s medical skills, since he could even obtain the admiration of Du Ping.

While Du Ping and Xu Rui were chatting in the resting corner, Su Tao finally cleared up his last morning appointment. Only then, did Du Ping head into the consultation room. When Su Tao saw Du Ping, he smiled. “When did you come? Why didn’t you inform Wang Peng?”

With a smile on his face, Du Ping waved his hand. “I can’t possibly disrupt your work since I’m here for your treatment.”

Su Tao nodded his head at his words, but he was instantly bewildered when he saw Xu Rui. What is he doing here? Can it be that Du Ping’s matter is related to Xu Rui?

Sweeping a glance at Xu Rui, Du Ping explained, “Mr. Xu is an entrepreneur of our city, and he seems to have something to discuss with you. You can talk to him first, my matter can come later.”

What Du Ping meant with his words was that his matter couldn’t be explained with a few words.

“Mr. Xu, may I help you?” After all, this was the Three Flavour Hall. So even if Su Tao had no favourable opinion of Xu Rui, he couldn’t just send the latter away.

“I wish to discuss a cooperation with you, to have your TCM Pharmacy as the designated medical treatment structure for my company!” Although Xu Rui felt a little inappropriate, he still spoke his initial intentions.

“Sorry, but we don’t provide that kind of service for the time being!” Su Tao smiled as he tactfully refused Xu Rui, before gesturing his hand inside and said to Du Ping, “Let us speak inside.”

Xu Rui ate a ‘soft nail’ as he stood on the spot. He had confidently rushed over early in the morning and waited for a few hours, only to be rejected. He instantly felt like he was a joke.

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