Chapter 226 - Breaking the bank to buy peace

In this meal, Xu Rui has become the protagonist. He has been bringing out topics to chat with his eloquence. Thus, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward, except for Yan Sha’s shunning, which was akin to a bucket of cold water pouring down on his head, and would always make his topic cut short. However, he showed a powerful mentality that even made Su Tao feel ashamed. The thickness of Xu Rui’s face was on a whole new level.

On the other hand, Su Tao was rather silent in this meal. In Xu Rui’s eyes, since he’s the disciple of Jiang Qinghan, that meant that Su Tao was someone from the later generation.

When the seniors were speaking, the juniors should keep silent. This has always been the table manners for Chinese.

Yan Sha practically loathed Xu Rui, and if it wasn’t for the sake of Su Tao’s cooking, she wouldn’t even consider being at the same table.

“Little Su, you’re cooking is pretty good. I’ll get the chef from my home to learn from you someday.” Xu Rui rubbed his stomach as he praised.

“Mr. Xu, you’re flattering me. I’m just whipping some home-cooked meals, how can it be comparable to your private chef?” Although Xu Rui appeared to be flaunting his wealth on the disguise of praising him, Su Tao didn’t want to lower his level.

“Little Su, please don’t say what. Oh, right, what do you do for work?” Xu Rui was satisfied with Su Tao’s attitude and felt that the latter’s character was pretty good; he belonged to those docile types. These days, it’s not common to find a lad who knew how to cook. Suddenly, he regretted a little bit for getting someone to puncture Su Tao’s tires.

“I’m a physician.” Su Tao replied. He didn’t bring out any titles, or others might say that he's cocky.

“A physician? I’m familiar with the East District Hospital’s President, and we’re sworn brothers! I’ll introduce you to him sometime.” Xu Rui finally found a topic to touch on and he said seriously.

“No need for the trouble.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “I’m mainly focusing on my family-inherited pharmacy.”

Disappointment flickered in Xu Rui’s eyes. But after a brief consideration, he figured that Su Tao might have some money since he could afford a Volkswagen CC. Nodding his head, he handed a name card over with a smile. “This is my name card. Give me a call if you need my help!”

Su Tao stored the name card in his pocket. But after a brief consideration, he did not hand his name card to Xu Rui, since it would be a waste of his printing money to give it to a hypocrite.

However, Xu Rui didn’t think that Su Tao would possess one from his age. But when he saw how Su Tao casually shoved his name card into a pocket, he was somewhat displeased. How could his name card be so casually treated? But after thinking that this brat didn’t have any experience in life, and didn’t know how to respect others, he felt that it was understandable.

Xu Rui was satisfied with tonight, mainly because he had managed to pry open the gates of the Yan Residence, and formally met with Yan Wujin. It was undoubtedly a huge step in his pursuit of Jiang Qinghan.

When Jiang Qinghan sent Xu Rui out, the latter purposely stared at her for a long time before he smiled. “Qinghan, you look really gorgeous today!”

With a faint smile, Jiang Qinghan responded, “Mr. Xu, thanks for your praise.”

Shaking his head, Xu Rui replied with a solemn tone, “I mean it. In the past, I thought that you looked cool in your uniform. But today, I’ve finally seen a gentle side of you.”

However, Jiang Qinghan felt goosebumps at his words, so she interrupted, “Mr. Xu, the reason why I let you dine here is to tell you that I already have my own family, and I’m satisfied with my current lifestyle. I hope that you can stop pestering me in the future.”

Xu Rui was stunned by her words. He felt that Jiang Qinghan was purposely saying that to test him. Thus, he moved closer to her and gently grabbed ahold of her wrist and placed it on his chest. “Regardless of what you say, I have already determined you for the second half of my life.”

Jiang Qinghan didn’t think that Xu Rui would be so bold, and the reason why she told him tactfully was to make him give up.

By the time she recovered from the shock, Xu Rui had already taken two steps back and waved his hand towards her before entering the car.

“Mom, I’m really disappointed in you!” Yan Sha witnessed the whole process behind Jiang Qinghan. Thus, she furiously stomped her foot and ran back to the house.

Su Tao also looked shocked, since he never expected that Jiang Qinghan and Xu Rui would be closer than he’d imagined. Although he was the same as Yan Sha and did not hear their conversation, he witnessed their intimate actions.

“Yan Sha, what’s wrong with her?” Jiang Qinghan looked dumbfounded. Yan Sha didn’t seem to be herself today, and she looked exceptionally biased against Xu Rui.

“You know what she’s feeling.” Su Tao indifferently waved his hand towards Jiang Qinghan. “I’m leaving.”

Watching Su Tao leaving in the Volkswagen CC, Jiang Qinghan was instantly left speechless by their reaction. Are they having a mental breakdown?

When she returned to the house, Yan Wujin waved his hand towards her. When Jiang Qinghan sat down, Yan Wujin earnestly said, “Jinghan, the reason why I made Xu Rui stay for dinner is to take a closer look at him. But you should’ve also seen that Yan Sha doesn’t like him.”

Nodding her head, Jiang Qinghan responded, “Dad, don’t worry. I will maintain my distance with him.”

Taking a deep glance at Jiang Qinghan, Yan Wujin sighed, “Go take a look at Yan Sha. Even if she’s more mature than those of her age, she’s still sixteen. It’s a long process to let her accept a new man as her father.”

Jiang Qinghan instantly felt sour in her heart. Because of her work, she has often neglected her family and neglected Yan Sha. Thus, she knew that it was time for her and Yan Sha to have a conversation through Yan Wujin’s reminder.

Opening the door to her daughter’s room, Jiang Qinghan saw Yan Sha hiding underneath the blanket. She walked over and gently caressed the latter’s hair and softly said, “Shasha, I promise that I will not remarry again, can you forgive mother?”

Yan Sha’s shoulders trembled before she slowly turned around, revealing her face that was covered in tears, and said, “Mom, I’m not that selfish. I know that you are entitled to your own happiness, but for some reason, I feel uncomfortable at the sight of Xu Rui.”

Spreading her arms out to gently embrace Yan Sha, Jiang Qinghan promised, “Shasha, I only have your father in my heart, and no one can replace his position.”

Hearing those words, Yan Sha burst into laughter and dove into Jiang Qinghan’s embrace. The reason why she was so biased against Xu Rui was because of her father. Yes, she’s selfish. Although her father has passed away, she didn’t want someone to replace him.

“Mom, I want to sleep with you tonight.” Despite her usual independence, Yan Sha displayed a rare clingy side today.

“Alright, we’ll sleep together tonight.” When she spoke, she reached her hand out and grabbed Yan Sha’s chest. “Aiya! My daughter is so big already?!”

“Hmph, you dare to launch a sneak attack at me?!” Yan Sha also pinched her mother’s chest. Thus, the mother and daughter’s laughter filled the room, replacing the previous emotional atmosphere.

When the vehicle drove into the villa district, it was stopped by the security, so Xu Rui wound down the window from the backseat and unhappily said, “Are you new here? You don’t even recognise my car?”

A woman walked over and faintly said, “Mr. Xu, it’s been a long time. My boss wishes to see you.”

Since it was hazy earlier, Xu Rui could only take a clear look at the woman’s face upon her approach, which he immediately exclaimed, “So it’s Mrs. Geng.”

Geng Hong, who was also the secretary of the Venomous Widow. Her boss was naturally Yan Jing, who was known for her viciousness in Huainan.

Thus, Xu Rui tried his best to recall, but he had been low-profile recently, and he couldn’t think of how he had offended Yan Jing. He immediately got out of the vehicle with a smile on his face. “I wonder, where’s Boss Yan?”

Pointing to a vehicle not too far away, Geng Hong said, “Get in it!”

Xu Rui helplessly smiled. He knew that he didn’t have a choice. Although he had a few bodyguards around him and owned the largest security company in Hanzhou, he was only a fly that can be squashed with a single flick when compared to Yan Jing.

Waving his hand at his subordinates, Xu Rui helplessly got into the vehicle that Geng Hong had pointed out. After the vehicle drove around for about ten-odd minutes, Xu Rui realised that he was brought to a carpark. As he walked, he could sense his footsteps becoming heavier, and at the same time, his thoughts started to wonder. Yan Jing couldn’t be trying to kill him, right?

Geng Hong pushed open a door, and after Xu Rui entered, Yan Jing turned around from her rotating chair with a smile. “Mr. Xu, I called you here so late at night to let you take a look at this monitor.”

When Xu Rui swept a glance at the monitor, he instantly knitted his brows. The two men in the monitor were the ones that he had instructed to puncture the tires on Su Tao’s vehicle. With a cough, Xu Rui put an innocent look on his face. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Since Yan Jing had expected Xu Rui to feign innocence, she gave an eye-signal to Geng Hong. The latter waved her hand, and two robust men brought the two men from the monitor in. When the two men saw Xu Rui, their expressions turned emotional and they cried out, “Mr. Xu, please save us!”

Instantly, Xu Rui felt embarrassed and he revealed a fawning smile. “Boss Yan, I admit that I was the one who ordered the puncture of that Volkswagen CC. I wonder if there’s anything wrong with that?”

Geng Hong placed the property rights of the vehicle before Xu Rui and explained, “Mr. Xu, that Volkswagen CC belongs to the Three Flavour Cosmetics International, which our Chairman Yan is a board member of. So do you think that there’s anything wrong with this matter?”

Instantly, Xu Rui’s face was drained of all color and he howled in his heart. Fuck, how can I be this unlucky? Just getting someone to puncture a car can also offend the Venomous Widow?!

Xu Rui instantly smiled. “Boss Yan, I was blind. If I knew that this vehicle was related to you, I wouldn’t dare to touch it even if you gave me a hundred times the courage!”

“Mr. Xu, what do you think we should do?” Geng Hong asked.

“I’ll compensate you!” Xu Rui suggested, “A tire costs ¥1,000, so I’ll compensate you ten times that!”

Upon hearing his words, Yan Jing smiled coldly, which made him feel goosebumps.

“A hundred times!” Xu Rui gritted his teeth. ¥400,000 was still within his range of acceptance.

The price of a Volkswagen CC was only about ¥300,000, so that should be enough, right?

Closing her eyes, Yan Jing shook her head. The two robust men instantly got the signal and they started to kick Xu Rui’s subordinates.

“A thousand times!” Xu Rui quoted. He could feel the beads of sweat falling from his head.

“Geng Hong, get him to process it now. ¥4,000,000 is just two months of profit for Mr. Xu’s company.” Yan Jing finally opened her mouth and no longer pressured Xu Rui. If she continued to pressure the latter, it would be too much and exceed Xu Rui’s range of acceptance.

After all, it wasn’t exactly a big issue, and it was just four tires. On the other hand, demanding ¥4,000,000 for compensation was already considered a robbery.

Naturally, she never spoke throughout the entire process, Xu Rui just offered the quote. This was also how skillful the Venomous Widow was.

Xu Rui instantly felt like he was pardoned. It was worth breaking the bank to buy peace. In his heart, he also started to suspect Su Tao’s identity. That stinking brat is clearly a physician, so how did he manage to form a relationship with Yan Jing?

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Thyaeria's Thoughts

As expected, what a pitiful fellow. Acting cocky before Mount Tai!

By the way, I will be using Mr. for official titles like 总.
Firstly, no one actually calls others General Manager XX or anything like that in conversation. Thus, I will be using Mr. to fit the western audience. At the same time, 总 is a really vague term that even I have no idea what they meant most of the time.

总经理 = General Manager
总裁 = Company President
总统 = President of a Country

And in Chinese, they're usually called XX总, like General Manager XX even during a conversation, while Mr./Mister in Chinese is usually used for strangers.