Chapter 225 - Tires Punctured

After sending Little Wen home first, Su Tao saw Little Wen and Yan Sha winking to each other through the rearview mirror and asked with a smile, “What were the two of you talking about?”

“Secret between women!” Yan Sha replied as she lowered her head.

“Women? You’re clearly a brat that has yet to grow up!” Su Tao chortled. However, he never expected that Yan Sha would take his words negatively.

“You’re not that much older than me!” Yan Sha said with a long face before she continued, “You’re making yourself sound like an old man, it’s not cute at all!”

Su Tao was stunned by her response. He never expected that Yan Sha, who was just gentle and quiet earlier, would suddenly react as if she had eaten an explosive. “There’s a supermarket nearby, do you want to get something?”

“No, I don’t need anything!” Yan Sha suddenly threw a tantrum. She was a girl who matured earlier due to the passing of her father. Thus, her mental age was, in fact, older than those around her, and she could tell from Su Tao’s tone that he was treating her like a little girl, which made her unhappy.

Yan Sha had met Cai Yan, and she could tell the relationship between the latter and Su Tao. She had also analysed the gap between Cai Yan and her, which she came to the conclusion of her age. Although she was starting to grow, she still had a youthful air around her, when compared to the ripened Cai Yan. This was also the reason why her sore spot was poked when Su Tao called her a brat.

Despite the psychological books that Su Tao read, he wasn’t able to notice Yan Sha’s little thoughts. However, he still stopped by the supermarket and knocked on the window. Yan Sha hesitated for a long time before she also got out of the vehicle.

After all, Su Tao was going to visit Yan Wujin’s residence as a guest, so he had to bring some gifts. After taking a fancy on a cartoon scarf, he bought two of them and handed one of them to Yan Sha with a smile. “For you and your mother!”

Yan Sha’s mood instantly became better upon receiving the gift and she hung it over her neck, then started to narcissistically take photos against a mirror. For some reason, Su Tao started to ponder how Jiang Qinghan would look like with this scarf on.

After buying some fruits and nutrient supplements, Su Tao led the way out while Yan Sha buried her face in the scarf and peeked at Su Tao’s heel. In her heart, she felt blissful, since this was the first gift that her Senior Brother has gotten her, and she had to cherish it. Furthermore, it was polite to return gifts upon receiving one, and since Su Tao has gotten her a gift, she also had to do the same.

Thus, this was how this lady got tangled up in her thoughts.

When they exited the supermarket, Su Tao’s brows instantly knitted upon seeing two men behaving suspiciously beside his vehicle.

He quickened his footsteps over. When one of the men saw Su Tao walking over, that man quickly dragged his companion and the two of them scampered towards the other side of the street.

Standing beside the vehicle and seeing the holes on the tires, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Someone punctured the tires!”

Upon hearing that, Yan Sha was dumbfounded, “What should we do now?”

After a brief consideration, Su Tao could only call Yan Jing and ask her to get someone to change the tires. At the same time, he was pondering who he had offended. There were so many cars in the parking lot, so why was his vehicle targeted? Thus, he had concluded that someone was targeting him with a plan to mess with him.

At this moment, a vehicle stopped nearby and Xu Rui got out and greeted Yan Sha from afar, “What’s wrong?”

Although Su Tao showed no changes in his expression, he inwardly chuckled at the boldness of this fellow. Was that fellow afraid that he didn’t know who was trying to mess with him and came over?

“Someone punctured our tires.” As Yan Sha lacked experience, she wasn’t able to link this matter with Xu Rui.

After an exclamation of surprise, Xu Rui had disappointment on his face and sighed in regret, “How wicked! What will you do now? Do you need me to send you home?”

Glancing at Su Tao, Yan Sha coldly shook her head. “No need. We’ve called someone over to fix the car.”

Nodding his head, Xu Rui did not force it. He was trying to pursue Jiang Qinghan, and what he’s trying to do for Yan Sha was only a show. Since this lass had no intention of giving him face, then there’s no need for him to give her any chances.

When the car left, Xu Rui sat in the backseat with satisfaction in his eyes. When he saw how that brat suffered, the gloominess that he felt in his heart was swept away.

“Boss, where do we go now?” The inept advisor asked.

“Yan’s Residence!” Xu Rui smiled. He had an urge to see Jiang Qinghan right now.

Roughly a few minutes later, the car mechanic that Yan Jing had gotten for Su Tao called him. After fifteen minutes, the mechanic found Su Tao’s location and started to change the tires. Although the mechanic was skillful, it still took about thirty minutes for the tires to be fixed, which meant that Su Tao had to loiter around the supermarket for an hour.

During the wait, Yan Sha was pissed off and was constantly cursing those two men. On the contrary, Su Tao remained calm, since it was quite pleasing for him to encounter such trouble. Occasionally, a man would have to suffer setbacks so that they could feel their existence in the world.

When the car mechanic fixed the vehicle and saw that Su Tao was taking out his wallet, he immediately rejected with a smile, “I’m the after-sales service personnel of Chairman Yan’s 4S Store, and she will provide me with the subsidy.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao stored his wallet and sighed at Yan Jing’s strength. She invested in a wide range of industries, and he’s practically hugging her thighs over here.

After picking up Yan Sha at 5 p.m., and being delayed for more than an hour along the way, the sky had already darkened by the time they arrived at the Yan’s Residence. After parking his vehicle, he cast a glance at the Mercedes-Benz on the side, which sat a driver. Thus, Su Tao immediately started to ponder that that detestable fellow wouldn’t be here in the Yan’s Residence too, right?

Indeed, as he had predicted, he could hear Xu Rui’s laughter when he stepped into the courtyard. He was having tea with Yan Wujin.

When Su Tao stepped in, Yan Wujin immediately waved his hand towards Su Tao and introduced, “This is Mr. Xu, the Junior Brother of your master.”

Xu Rui initiated a handshake with Su Tao while feeling guilty in his heart. He had only found out upon arriving at the Yan’s Residence that Su Tao turned out to be Jiang Qinghan’s disciple. If he had known, he wouldn’t have gotten someone to puncture Su Tao’s vehicle.

Xu Rui smiled. “I met you and Shasha earlier, and saw that there’s an issue with your vehicle. But I never expected that I would be rejected by Shasha when I wanted to bring her back first.”

With a grim expression, Yan Sha went to her bedroom. Jiang Qinghan noticed this scene, and since a mother knew their daughter the best, she naturally knew the reason for Yan Sha’s enmity for Xu Rui.

However, Jiang Qinghan still reprimanded due to the scene, “Shasha, watch your manners. Uncle Xu is rarely here as a guest; why didn’t you greet him?”

But she was replied with a door slam, which made her helplessly shake her head before she placed the Stir-fried Three-Vegetables Seafood dish on the dining table.

Upon seeing that, Su Tao immediately rolled up his sleeves and smiled. “Master, I’ll help out!”

Since the entire Yan Residence knew Su Tao’s culinary skills, Jiang Qinghan did not refuse when Su Tao followed her into the kitchen.

Jiang Qinghan wore a loose and soft cotton-padded jacket on the outside, and her actions looked graceful. Her hair was also bundled up, revealing her fair neck, while the loose strands of hair added a gentle air around her. This was another side to Jiang Qinghan. While she was a decisive Police Bella outside, she was as gorgeous as an ordinary woman at home.

Seeing that the ingredients were prepared, Su Tao realised that they were actually waiting for him, and Jiang Qinghan only stir-fried the vegetables to delay time.

“Why don’t you go out and wait? The ingredients are already prepared, so I’ll be done in about half an hour.” Su Tao confidently guaranteed.

Shaking her head, Jiang Qinghan did not turn to look at Su Tao, but said with concern, “Are your injuries healed?”

Su Tao nodded his head with a smile. “Rest assured. I’m a physician myself, and I know my own body.”

Sensing the concern that Jiang Qinghan had for him, Su Tao suddenly feels energised. At the same time, he thought that men were really cheap for them to be so easily deceived by women!

Despite his words, Jiang Qinghan shook her head. “Why don’t I stay in the kitchen?”

With a smile, Su Tao asked, “Why? You feel that Mr. Xu is annoying?”

Jiang Qinghan helplessly responded, “Not exactly annoying, but he has been pestering me. I don’t like men being too close.”

This was how women were. To leave their pursuers, they feel that it’s natural to hang about. This wasn’t because they're vicious, but they’re just fond of the feeling of being pursued. It wasn’t something that even Jiang Qinghan could be exempted from. However, not only would this not minus points, but it would add more points to her charm. After all, popular women were worth the infatuation.

“That means that he’s concerned about you.” Su Tao tried to probe Jiang Qinghan’s mentality.

However, she wasn’t the sort of person who would be easily probed. Thus, she glared at Su Tao with a warning and did not reply.

Su Tao sighed. He wasn’t able to reveal his suspicions that Xu Rui was the one who punctured his car. After all, this sort of matter required evidence. Otherwise, he would just be slandering and damage his own character instead.

“Be careful in the future when you do things. Although it appears that you managed to smoothly bring Zhao Hei to justice, there’s still a lot of dangerous factors in it.” Jiang Qinghan warned with a soft voice. When Su Tao took a bullet for her back then, she had already considered him as family.

“Got it!” Su Tao replied before he purposely tried to change the topic, “Master, help me see if this dish is salty.”

Jiang Qinghan knew that Su Tao was finding her naggy, which was the reason why he tried to change the topic. She helplessly sighed and picked up a slice of meat, then smiled. “It’s perfect.”

With a satisfied smile, Su Tao declared, “Then I’ll start cooking it.”

Jiang Qinghan was staring in a daze at how Su Tao controlled the fire, hi stir-frying skills, and adding condiments. She felt a family warmth rising in her heart, something that she had never felt in the past.

Because of Su Tao’s existence, the atmosphere in the Yan Residence has changed and she could feel that her father-in-law and daughter seemed to be extremely fond of this young man.

The dishes were all laid out on the dining table, permeating an aromatic fragrance. The Stir-fried Sour Green Bean Beef was sweet and spicy, opening up one’s appetite. The Steamed Pork wasn’t greasy, yet fatty. The Bean Curd Carp Soup was aromatic, while the Herbal Shiitake was refreshing.

After giving a taste, Yan Sha’s brows loosened up and she smiled. “Mom, Senior Brother’s dishes taste way better than yours!”

Jiang Qinghan rolled her eyes and awkwardly said, “You're not patronising your mother!”

But when Xu Rui tasted the Three-Vegetable Seafood, he smiled and flattered, “Why do I feel that this tastes the best?”

However, his flatter was soon shunned by Yan Sha with a roll of her eyes. “Bootlicker. Since you like it so much, you can have it all. As for the other dishes, you’re not allowed to touch them!”

Being shunned by Yan Sha, Xu Rui’s chopsticks froze in the air. He felt his heart itching from the anger. Her mouth was too prickly!

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