Chapter 224 - Junior Sister has a Backbone

Ever since they poked through the window, Su Tao realised that the distance between them had widened instead. It was as if he had obtained the first in a marathon, and was told that he had to run another cycle before he could receive the trophy.

But his thoughts soon changed. After all, this was what made the wooing process enjoyable. Otherwise, it would be too dry.

The name of the mother was Fan Lihua, while the daughter was called Miao Doudou. They’re both from Jinzhou Province’s Fushan City.

Fan Lihua initially wanted to seek medical help in Yunhai City, but she didn’t have anyone who could help her get into a big hospital, nor could she afford the tickets that the scalpers were selling. Thus, she had to queue up every morning for them. Just when they managed to find a specialist who could look at Miao Doudou, the cost that the doctor quoted her wasn’t something that she could afford. Thus, she could only leave that hospital in Yunhai City and beg her way to Hanzhou City.

During this period, the two of them were homeless, which resulted in their haggard appearances. This was also the reason why Su Tao did not conduct his treatment on Miao Doudou immediately and allowed them to rest for a night. On the second morning, when Su Tao finished leading his disciples to practice the Pulse Art, Fan Lihua came out and handed a white bag over to Su Tao. “Physician Su, I don’t have any money, and I can’t possibly eat and stay at your place without paying. Since this is a pharmacy, I just happen to have some herbs that I’ve gathered from the mountains, so you can have them. Although they don’t cost much, please accept them as my lodging fee.”

The Jinzhou Province was famed for its wild herbs, especially Fushan City. Fushan City was covered with a mountain range that ranged from 800-2,000 meters above sea level, which was a suitable place for wild herbs to grow.

“Big Sister Lihua, since I’ve brought you and Doudou back, I will certainly take the responsibility to treat her. Even if you don’t pay me a single cent, I will still do my best to treat her.” Su Tao said while he carefully sealed the bag. “I’ll not hide it from you, either. Don’t belittle the herbs you have in this bag, a few of the ones you have here are expensive.”

Su Tao did not tell Fan Lihua that aside from Wild Lilly, Dysosma Difformis, Balanophora, and other various expensive herbs. There’s also an extremely precious herb amongst them, Cloud Grass.

In the Imperial Physician Scripture, Cloud Grass has been extinct for years. The reason why it’s called Cloud Grass was due to its growth. From germinating to maturity, it only took about 4 hours, just like the saying, “the short-lived night-blooming cactus.” Cloud Grass was also known as the Revival Grass or Longevity Grass. It was also one of the crucial ingredients in the pellets that Su Tao gave to Sire Shui. At the same time, Cloud Grass also had miraculous effects on Diabetes and Heart Diseases.

In the Imperial Physician Scripture, there was an evaluation of the miraculous effect of it, “Cloud Grass and Morning Dew can bring light even in the dark.” It meant that boiling Cloud Grass and Morning Dew together can even bring vitality to an old man.

The reason why Su Tao didn’t tell Fan Lihua about that was out of fear that she might inform her family to pluck them wantonly. Wild herbs were exceedingly rare nowadays due to the destruction in ecology. Wild herbs shared the same situation as animals with their survivability threatened. But after knowing a location where the Cloud Grass might exist, Su Tao had already planned in his mind to take a look at Fan Lihua’s hometown.

If Lymphatic Filariasis was discovered early, it could be treated with Diethylcarbamazine. However, Miao Doudou’s condition has turned chronic, which made the situation troublesome. Even if it could be treated, it would still take some time.

Because Fan Lihua originated from a rural area, she was efficient when it came to working. Thus, Su Tao called Golden Tooth over to have her help out in the kitchen. It just so happens that the Three Flavour Hall lacked someone to clean the area, so he got Fan Lihua to handle it.

Fan Lihua rejoiced when she heard that Su Tao was not only going to treat her daughter, he’s also going to provide a job for her. Thus, she was working hard and nimble to take up her post and got busy.

Acupuncture would be effective against Big-Foot Disease. The reason why the legs swelled was because of the parasite invading into the blood and clogging up the veins, causing the flow of blood to be obstructed. Thus, acupuncture could allow the blood to flow smoothly and alleviate the swelling.

“Big Brother Su, are my legs ugly?” When Su Tao carefully rolled the trousers, Miao Doudou bashfully asked with her head lowered.

Miao Doudou was currently fourteen and in her pubic age. Thus, she couldn’t help being bashful with someone of the opposite sex like Su Tao when it came to her appearance.

“Doudou, you’re ill at the moment. When you’ve recovered, you can run like other students as well.” Su Tao comforted with a smile. Although Miao Doudou’s skin was tanned, her features were exquisite, belonging to middle-top notch. It was just her disease that made her complexion look unwell, and her physique shrivelled up, unlike other girls who’ve entered puberty.

“Really? But… will it cost a lot of money?” Miao Doudou couldn’t help but ask.

When Su Tao heard those words, he couldn’t help sighing before comforting with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will treat you for free so that you can wear a dress and learn ballet like other students in the future.”

Miao Doudou looked at Su Tao with expectations, before she lowered her voice, “Really? That’s great.”

She had seen how those people would wear ballet dresses, displaying their youthful figures as they danced on the television.

Looking at the light flickering in Miao Doudou’s eyes, Su Tao decided that he must treat this small lady as fast as possible.

After Su Tao packed his medical box, he received a message on his phone, “Come over for dinner tonight.”

A smile appeared on his face. His master, Jiang Qinghan, had finally thought of him. Back then, when he took a bullet for her, she only took care of him for two days before she threw him aside. Thus, he swiftly replied, “Yes, master!”

Shortly after, he received another message, “Pick Shasha up from school along the way!”

After replying with an acknowledgement, Su Tao hummed a tune and took the car keys, then head for Shasha’s school.

When he arrived at the school’s gate, Su Tao realised that he came early. Thus, he ended up waiting for an hour before the school gates opened. Although he had Shasha’s number, he did not send her a message, intending to surprise her.

Su Tao waited in the car before he saw Yan Sha, who had a ponytail and a smile as she chatted with her friends. Just when Su Tao wanted to get out of the car, he was stunned when he saw a middle-aged man in his forties walking towards her.

“Shasha!” This person was Jiang Qinghan’s pursuer, Xu Rui.

“What are you doing here?” Yan Sha knitted her brows.

“I’m here to pick you up!” Xu Rui revealed a smile as he continued, “Shasha, I’m a good friend of your mother, and I’ve wanted to treat you to a meal.”

“Not interested!” Yan Sha pulled her fellow classmates and continued walking.

Xu Rui felt interested in the resemblance of the mother and daughter’s characters, both being so cold. He quickened his steps over and took out two tickets. “Shasha, I heard that you like Xia Ruo. She has a meet-and-greet session this weekend. I wonder if you’re interested?”

“Shasha, it’s Xia Ruo!” A girl from the side had practically gone insane upon hearing that.

“I’m sorry, but I’m someone with backbone. So I don’t take these kinds of tricks.” Shasha sourly stared at Xu Rui before she continued walking.

However, Xu Rui decided to harden his stance and grabbed ahold of Yan Sha’s wrist. Since Yan Sha has practised martial arts, all she did was a gentle twist and she suppressed Xu Rui to the ground. Not far away, several robust men charged over at the sight of this from his black vehicle.

With a gentle shove, Yan Sha pushed Xu Rui about one to two meters away before she snorted in disdain, “Don’t get touchy with this lady here, or I’ll make sure your teeth are all scattered on the ground.”

When Su Tao saw this scene, he felt the anger in his heart being vented. At the same time, he sighed at how cool this granddaughter of the Martial Arts Grandmaster, Yan Wujin, and the daughter of the Police Bella, Jiang Qinghan, was.

Just when the few men were about to charge towards Yan Sha, they were stopped by Xu Rui. He then moved his elbow before uttering out, “Fuck, the mother and daughter pair’s temper is truly fiery.”

Walking a few hundred meters out, Yan Sha suddenly heard a horn from a vehicle on her right. Turning her head over, a brilliant smile instantly appeared on her face when she saw Su Tao. The depression she felt from the harassment from Xu Rui was completely swept away as she quickened her steps and smiled,.“What are you doing here?”

Putting on his sunglasses, Su Tao tried to act cool and smiled. “Why are you asking the obvious question? I’m picking you up from school, of course!”

Waving her hand towards her classmates, Yan Sha introduced with a smile on her face, “This is my best friend, Little Wen.”

“Nice to meet you, Little Wen! I’m Yan Sha’s Senior Brother, Su Tao.” Su Tao inwardly sighed at how girls were maturing at such a young age, making sworn sisters at Junior High School.

Yan Sha and Little Wen entered the back seat and the two of them started whispering, which Su Tao could eavesdrop on their conversation due to his keen sense of hearing. Most of their talk was about how handsome he looked, and aside from that, it’s also regarding the meet-and-greet session of Xia Ruo.

Su Tao had previously met Xia Ruo at the TCM Assembly, and the reputation of this celebrity was pretty good. She belonged to those fairy maidens without any scandals online. Her management company has put in the proper protection measures for her to attract fans through her image as a fairy maiden. Artists like her mostly lead a simple lifestyle, which had practically been isolated by their management company. Even their interaction with their family members was under heavy surveillance to prevent any paparazzi from snapping any photos that would cause their efforts to go down the drain.

When Xu Rui saw Yan Sha boarding a Volkswagen CC, his face turned grim. Wasn’t it giving a slap to his face when she refused his invitation and boarded another car?

Thus, he immediately instructed, “Remember that license plate, and investigate the young man who’s driving!”

His subordinate immediately patted his chest and guaranteed, “Boss Rui, you can feel at ease. I’ll get someone to air out his tires later, just let him be cocky for now.”

Xu Rui was briefly stunned before he nodded his head. “Although this method is a little wretched, it’s still feasible. Go and get it done!”

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