Chapter 222 - The Little Bear that Plucks Mushroom

After Zhao Jian’s incident, She Wei gave a call to Yan Jing. Even if the two of them have cooperated in the past, it was mainly through fundings. In the past, Yan Jing had wanted to put the security companies under her in their contract, which was rejected by She Wei.

Although She Wei was thankful for Yan Jing’s help, she knew that she couldn’t open that gap. The moment Yan Jing’s security company gained a foundation in Huaibei, then her force would start to grow, which would be unfavorable to the old forces that were there.

But after Zhao Jian’s incident, She Wei realised that she lost control of Bai Fan. At the same time, the Huaibei Province’s underground society no longer belonged to the Nie Family, and she could no longer order it as she desired. Thus, there was no harm in her cooperating with Yan Jing. By having Yan Jing’s security company enter Huaibei, it was akin to bringing a competitor for the forces under Bai Fan’s control.

When Yan Jing’s security company entered the Medicine King Garden, an earth-shattering fight took place with San Qiang’s social security company, and the result was predictable. Thugs like San Qiang couldn’t compete with well-trained security. In the end, one of his legs was broken and he even suffered a slight concussion. However, his time in the hospital wasn’t peaceful either. He had a knife on his neck and was extorted to get his family to hand over ¥500,000 as renovation fees before he managed to keep his life.

While Zhao Jian was recuperating, Cai Yan continued to attend to the branch. Because it was smashed, the opening date had also been delayed until after the Chinese New Year.

However, Su Tao wasn't rested assured of Cai Yan’s safety, so he left Xia Yu behind in He City to help and gather information on Bai Fan at the same time. The latter’s action this time had crossed his bottom line and so he had entered his blacklist.

When he returned to Hanzhou, Su Tao did not go directly to the Three Flavour Hall, but headed towards Jianghuai Hospital to look at Xiaoxiao. Since the latter required interval observations, Su Tao had to put his attention on her.

After he performed acupuncture on Xiaoxiao, he called the latter’s mother and informed her that she had to take note of Xiaoxiao’s diet.

Xiaoxiao’s mother wiped her tears and gratefully said, “Physician Su, Mr. Song asked for my bank card some time ago, and I realised that there was ¥600,000 in it when I made a check today. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Xiaoxiao’s medical fees are no longer as high as when she was undergoing chemotherapy, and her father has been working hard so we can still get by.”

Su Tao smiled. He knew about Song Sichen collecting donations for Xiaoxiao. As someone in the medical field for so long, he had his own connections and gathering a few hundred thousand wasn’t a problem.

The next step of the TCM Alliance was to establish a charity foundation to reach out their helping hands to the common folks in society, and Xiaoxiao was amongst the first batch. After all, if her Leukemia was treated, it would be a significant breakthrough in TCM. Thus, this was the reason why Song Sichen placed such importance on this matter.

“Keep the money. Xiaoxiao still needs a period for her to recover, and you’ve also exhausted a great fortune from her illnesses alone, not to mention the loans that you’ve taken. This money can help improve your family’s living standard.” Su Tao patiently persuaded.

Holding onto Su Tao’s hand, Xiaoxiao’s mother heavily shook her head. “Physician Su, you’re the benefactor of our entire family.”

Despite someone used to dealing with life and death, Su Tao still couldn’t help being touched by her sincere gratitude.

The compassion of a doctor was something that could change the life of others.

When Su Tao walked out of the ward, Lu Shimiao was already waiting there with a pile of documents, which she shoved towards him. Su Tao helplessly shrugged and smiled. “What is this?”

“The capable one does more work, so help me take a look at these patients.” A curl rose on the corner of Lu Shimiao’s lips as she said in a somewhat prideful tone.

Why do I have to get into such a foggy relationship with this woman? However, Su Tao had no choice and started to go through the cases as he followed behind Lu Shimiao.

Due to the change in weather, most of the patients in the Paediatrics Department were contacted with Pneumonia. Thus, Su Tao couldn’t even rest and continuously gave out prescriptions.

Lu Shimiao watched him from the side and finally couldn’t help asking out of curiosity, “Why are all the prescriptions different for the Pneumonia patients?”

Winking at Lu Shimiao, Su Tao mischievously replied, “I’m not telling you anything.”

Lu Shimiao gently snorted. Su Tao probably felt that she’s trying to steal his skills, which was the reason why he used different prescriptions to confuse her.

But giving a second thought, she was also guilty of it, since she really did have the intention to steal his skills.

Using western medicine for kids could easily harm their bodies and cause side effects. If it was a common flu, they could use medications that didn’t have any side effects. However, it’s hard to treat Pneumonia without injections, intravenous drips, antibiotics, or antivirals. That also meant that there were side effects present.

After prescribing the medication for the last patient, Su Tao noticed that Lu Shimiao was secretly rubbing her hands and smiled. “TCM isn’t the same as western medicine. Thus, we need to understand the patient’s body situation before we can prescribe the suitable medicine. Although they seemed to be Pneumonia, the causes of their illnesses and physiques differ. Thus, they need to be categorised.”

“You’re not trying to confuse me?” Lu Shimiao asked.

“Of course, I’m not. But I’ll give you a common prescription that can be used for most Pneumonia without any side effects.” Su Tao took out a pen and wrote down the prescription for her.

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao responded, “Wouldn’t it be easier to give it to me from the beginning?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “How can I show that I’m especially concerned about your patients that way? Actually, being good to them is also the same as being good to you.”

“Cheesy!” Lu Shimiao lowered her eyelids and gently pushed Su Tao, before returning to her office.

Su Tao laughed and took two steps forth. However, he suddenly had an ill feeling. He stopped and took a glance at his back. After realising that nothing was amiss, he followed Lu Shimiao into her office.

“Take a look at this thesis and tell me how it is!” Lu Shimiao pondered for a long time before she mustered her courage and handed a stack of papers to Su Tao.

There was a total of sixty to seventy pages, and when Su Tao finished reading them, he exclaimed in shock, “When did you start to collect them?”

A complacent smile appeared on Lu Shimiao’s face as she replied, “Since the first time you snatched my patient, I’ve been keeping track of your treatment methods when dealing with children. I’ve also recorded all the prescriptions that you’ve used on treating the Pneumonia patients today.”

Putting the stack of paper down, Su Tao raised his thumb towards Lu Shimiao. “I like hardworking women like you.”

Shaking her head, Lu Shimiao whispered, “If I don’t work hard, how am I going to catch up to you?”

Su Tao was already a famous Divine Physician in Huainan Province, while she’s just the Paediatrics Department Head. Deep in her bones, she was a woman who refused to be outdone by anyone. She didn’t want to be looked down on, especially when the distance between her and the man she fancied widened.

Ever since she was abandoned and grew up in an orphanage, she didn’t have any sense of security. She knew that if she didn’t work hard and maintain her shine, she would be thrown aside sooner or later.

Examining Lu Shimiao, Su Tao had no idea when she became so beautiful. Especially the seriousness in her, which looked exceptionally charming.

“Are you working overtime today?” Su Tao asked as he swept a glance at her working schedule on the desk.

“Yep!” Lu Shimiao said guilty with her face flushed.

“Then I’ll accompany you, then.” Su Tao felt that this woman was mousy. He had seen that she’s not working overtime today.

“No need.” Lu Shimiao decisively refused and shook her head.

“How cold.” Su Tao unhappily shook his head and continued, “A person can’t be suppressing their desire all the time. If you held it back in for a long time, there would be a problem.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lu Shimiao was flustered.

“I’ll wait for you in the car, the license plate is K212XX. If you’re not there in half an hour, then goodbye, then.” Su Tao decided to force Lu Shimiao.

Roughly twenty-five minutes later, Su Tao felt a lack of confidence. He still hadn’t seen Lu Shimiao’s silhouette. He really thought that she was going to stand him up. Are we really going to say goodbye?

But a man had to stay true to his words, or how would his words to be useful in the future?

But fortunately, he saw a silhouette on the twenty-eighth-minute mark and started the vehicle. The vehicle drifted before it sped off. Through the rearview mirror, he could see the silhouette stunned on the spot. Lu Shimiao kneaded her dress, looking both disappointed and wronged.

Satisfied with this outcome, Su Tao jammed on the breaks and the vehicle reversed, then stopped beside Lu Shimiao.

When Lu Shimiao opened the door, she unhappily said, “I thought that you’re not going to wait for me.”

Putting on a grim face, Su Tao responded, “You’re late; there’s no exception in the future.”

Staring at Su Tao’s face for a long time, Lu Shimiao realised that he was just acting, so she pinched his cheeks. “You bad boy, you dare to trick me?”

Su Tao yelled out in pain, which Lu Shimiao quickly stopped after considering that this was still the hospital and snorted, “See if I don’t deal with you!”

Once again, Su Tao had displayed his brilliant acting skills and put on a gloomy and depressed expression, while Lu Shimiao reflected if she was too much earlier. She was the one taking her own sweet time, and she didn’t hold back her strength when she pinched him.

“Su Tao, are you angry?” She finally asked after the vehicle passed through a traffic light.

“My heart hurts!” Su Tao put on a stern face.

Lu Shimiao immediately put on a fawning smile and suddenly recalled that Su Tao had recently suffered a gunshot. Thus, she was wondering if her actions had touched his wound. She rubbed on his chest and comforted, “Big Sister exerted a little too much force earlier. Why don’t I massage you? Does it feel better?”

“Not only does my heart hurt, but my bottom also hurts as well.” Su Tao continued to act.

However, he never expected that Lu Shimiao really believed in him. She moved her hand down and asked, “Is it here?”

“Lower! Lower!” Su Tao urged painfully.

Lu Shimiao’s hand continued to move down, and when Su Tao finally stopped her, she realised that she fell for his trap and gave it a pull.

Su Tao screamed in pain and suddenly recalled the story of the little bear that plucks mushrooms.

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