Chapter 221 - An eye for an eye

Bai Fan was both surprised and furious that Ole Seventh has been kidnapped.

In his heart, Ole Seventh held an important spot, since he’s the only person that Bai Fan could trust completely. He still remembered how Ole Seventh would follow behind him and respectfully address him as Senior Brother ever since he started to form memories.

When he received the news that Ole Seventh was kidnapped, he had instantly figured out that Su Tao was the one behind it. Is that cunning fellow going to lay a hand on my Junior Brother since I touched his disciple?

Bai Fan’s fists were tightly clenched as he started to ponder Su Tao’s motive.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind and he wore a grave expression, before immediately dialing to a hidden villa located on the outskirts.

“Boss Fan, are there any instructions?” Liu An was smoking, looking at the surveillance monitor.

“Ole Seventh was kidnapped, you be careful on your end.” Bai Fan ordered.

“Rest assured, this is a fortress that not even a mosquito can fly in.” Liu An reassured.

Only after hearing those words, did Bai Fan feel relieved. The location where he imprisoned Xu Tiande was impenetrable. He even gave guns to Liu An’s group, and they were all soldiers in the past with a certain degree of combat experience, unlike those thugs without any actual fighting capability.

*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

 Liu An extinguished the cigarette and said, “Boss Fan, there’s a situation. I’ll get someone to take a look and report to you later at night.”

When Liu An hung the call, Bai Fan felt his heart racing. Su Tao was actually going to target him, starting from Xu Tiande!

Although the news of him imprisoning Xu Tiande had gone out, it was gossip without any substantial evidence. But if Su Tao managed to rescue Xu Tiande, then he would be instantly in a disadvantageous position.

Thus, he no longer had the mood to enjoy the scenery. However, the police cannot be alerted about this matter, and it was something that he had to deal with by himself.

Liu An called three people over while he led the party. The three of them were wielding shotguns. These types of shotguns were incredibly lethal, and even black bears, which had thick skin, couldn’t last a few shots from them. Within the range of three to five meters, a single pull of the trigger would spray out bullets that exploded in the air. Although the accuracy wasn’t reliable, it was powerful.

Liu An carefully opened the door and saw a silhouette falling to the ground. The three people standing behind him were startled by this scene and they were going to pull the trigger by reflex but were stopped by Liu Yan. Liu An recognised the face of the person, so he dragged the person in and applied pressure on the Renzhong Acupoint before saying, “Boss Niu, you’re awake!”

Ole Seventh’s throat grumbled before he spat a mouthful of blood. His eyes were widened with fear in them as he exclaimed, “An’zi, watshh ouff!”

When he spoke, a silhouette pounced forth from the snowstorm. The three men couldn’t react in time, and before they could pull the triggers, a cold light flickered across their eyes. They then looked down in astonishment with blood splattering and the shotguns falling to the ground.

Liu Jianwei charged forth while swinging his elbow into a person. That person felt as if an unusual force struck him. Blood spewed from his mouth, and he was blown a few meters away before fainting.

This was the strength of the Knife Demon. The moment his killing intent rose, he would be like a demon.

As for the other two, they remained calm. Although the veins on their dominant hands were cut, they bore the pain and pulled out the daggers that they carried with them.

Liu Jianwei did not even brother glancing at them before the blade in his hand descended. Instantly, the daggers were knocked away and dug into the snow.

Witnessing this event, Liu An felt the pores on his body bursting. Liu Jianwei didn’t look like a person in his eyes. Instead, the latter was akin to a demon!

Xia Yu and Su Tao waited for Liu Jianwei to deal with these people before they came over.

Just when Liu An was about to speak, Liu Jianwei lashed a kick against him and stepped on the former’s chest as he roared, “Where’s Xu Tiande?!”

“Don’t kill me!” Fear covered Liu An’s face as he cowered. “I’ll bring you guys to him!”

Seeing the response, Liu Jianwei turned around to look at Su Tao for the latter’s instructions. When the latter nodded his head, Xia Yu picked up a shotgun from the floor and came to Liu An then stuck it on the back of his head.

Just when Ole Seventh was about to speak, Su Tao gave another kick, which caused the former to faint. This fellow had already lost his worth.

The front of the building was a villa, while the back of it was a large factory. From the information that Xia Yu gathered, this was one of the manufacturing factories of the Medicine King Hall. However, it was more tattered than they had imagined with things lying around without any hygiene.

Liu An limped as he came to an automatic door and pressed on the button to open it. When the three of them entered, he revealed a sinister smile and rolled onto the ground.

A cage from above fell and trapped the three of them. This was a trap that was prepared beforehand!

When Liu An crawled up from the floor, he pulled a lever behind him.

“Die!” Liu An snickered. The three of them would be reduced to a pile of bones soon.

A foul stench blew over from their heads and Su Tao’s face changed before he warned, “Watch out!”

Xia Yu trembled and felt his scalp turning numb as he raged, “This is too fucking disgusting!”

A large number of creatures fell from the sky, covering the source of light. However, Su Tao could still recognise them; they’re incredibly venomous creatures!

Liu Jianwei violently brandished his blade, forming a net of slashes with any creature coming near them being instantly torn into pieces.

However, there were too many of them, and Liu Jianwei could only maintain their safety for the moment.

Su Tao swiftly opened his medical box and took out a bottle as he poured it in a circle. Those creatures instantly felt terrified as they were all stopped outside the circle.

When Xia Yu saw this scene, he sighed with beads of sweat rolling from his forehead while looking at those wriggling creatures. He felt a chill down his spine and helplessly said, “What do we do now? We’re surrounded!”

By now, Liu An must have already fled. Su Tao shook the bottle that was in his hand and sighed, “This is a repellant that I’ve manufactured, so there’s nothing to be afraid of with these creatures. But the problem is escaping from here.”

Using the shotgun to knock on the cage, Xia Yu shook his head. “Won’t be easy.”

Liu Jianwei also tried breaking it apart, but there was a limit to the strength of a human, and his effort proved to be futile.

Retrieving a bottle from his medical box, Su Tao poured it onto the metal cage. Instantly, it attracted the creatures’ attention and they started to chew on it, which the cage immediately produced creaking noises. Even a man like Xia Yu couldn’t help having the color drained from his face at this scene. “These things eat even metal?”

Su Tao nodded his head. “They’re termites, and the acid from them is extremely corrosive. My medicine can cause them to produce a large amount of acid so that they can erode the foundation of the cage.”

Roughly ten minutes later, Liu Jianwei exerted some force and pulled, easily breaking two of the metal pillars. The three of them instantly charged out and saw Liu An in a van and was about to start the vehicle. Liu An never expected that the three of them could escape so swiftly. Panic grew on his face, and he tried to escape.

Liu Jianwei coldly snorted and charged towards the van. He laid on the windshield and jabbed his fist forth like a hammer, instantly shattering the windscreen, and grabbed ahold of Liu An’s neck.

Since the vehicle lost control, it left tire marks on the ground before crashing into a wall. Seeing this scene, Su Tao and Xia Yu instantly charged over and felt relieved when they saw that Liu Jianwei was fine.

Liu An had already been knocked out, so Xia Yu opened the passenger seat and dragged him out. On the other hand, Liu Jianwei opened the side doors with disappointment in his eyes and sighed, “I found Xu Tiande, but it’s a pity that he has already died.”

Xu Tiande died horribly with the tendons in his limbs broken, and due to being poisoned by numerous types of venom, he was emanating a foul stench.

Looking at the corpse, Su Tao sighed. Bai Fan was ruthless, ordering Liu An to kill Xu Tiande the moment that this matter might be exposed.

Taking his phone out, Su Tao called the cops, and the police siren rang out ten-odd minutes later…

For investigation purposes, Su Tao, Liu Jianwei, and Xia Yu were brought to the police station. At the same time, She Wei’s lawyer had also arrived and declared that the three of them were under her orders to search for the missing Xu Tiande.

Sitting before the window, Bai Fan raised his phone and dialed a number, “I need help.”

“What’s wrong?” That person did not expect Bai Fan to call him at this time. He gently patted on the cheeks of the woman in his embrace then put on some clothes and walked out of the room.

“Xu Tiande has been discovered by someone.” Bai Fan indifferently spoke as if that person wasn’t related to him.

“What?” The person on the phone knitted his brows and raged, “Didn’t I tell you to handle the matter cleanly?”

“He’s dead when he’s found.” Bai Fan immediately added.

“That’s better.” The man over the phone sighed. Xu Tiande knew much stuff between them. Thus, many people would be implicated in this matter if he was found alive.

“I have everything arranged, but I require your help to greet the related departments.” Bai Fan helplessly said.

“Rest assured. I will get someone to facilitate it. Try not to blow this matter up. But then again, your story must be reasonable for the case.” The man instructed. He was a little disappointed with Bai Fan, which the latter wasn’t as calm as he had imagined by committing such a low-level mistake to allow such a great disaster like Xu Tiande to appear in the eyes of the public.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Bai Fan could hear the other party’s unpleasant tone, and he felt extremely depressed in his heart. When he hung the call, he swung his fist with anger to vent out the emotions in his heart.

Through the interrogation, Liu An had admitted that he was entirely responsible for kidnapping and imprisoning Xu Tiande to take the blame for Bai Fan.

But here’s the funny part. Not only was Bai Fan not guilty of any crimes, but he had even been turned into the victim.

This meticulous planning had shown how cunning Bai Fan was, since he had already arranged for someone to take the blame for him the moment there’s an issue.

Liu An’s life was nothing, and he also had an incurable disease, so he wouldn’t be able to live for long. On the other hand, Bai Fan had already promised him to take good care of his family.

However, it’s a significant loss for Bai Fan that Ole Seventh was dragged into this matter. After all, Xia Yu’s investigation had him take many photos of Ole Seventh visiting the factory. To make the logic reasonable in the story, Ole Seventh lied. He was Liu An’s insider and the mastermind to this kidnap and extortion.

Through this confrontation, Bai Fan had suffered a loss. Although he had beaten up Su Tao’s disciple and gave the Three Flavour Hall a show of strength before it’s officially open for business, Su Tao had crippled one of his arms and gave him a resounding slap!

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