Chapter 220 - The Bloodsucker, Ole Seventh

“What’s your name?” Ole Seventh laid down and examined this newcomer. Her looks belonged to the cute category. Unlike those veterans who were fond of putting on thick make-up; there was a clean and innocent air around her.

“Mister, my name is Qi Xue.” No.16 replied, preparing to start her duty.

Old Seventh found her voice pleasant, and it was akin to a yellow oriole soaring out of the valley, when he asked, “How old are you?”

“Nineteen!” Qi Xue replied in a soft voice.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Ole Seventh said, “Coming out to work at your age, your life is pretty harsh.”

Through their interaction, Qi Xue realised that despite Ole Seventh’s crude appearance, his speech was pretty gentle and she felt relaxed, then started her massage.

Ole Seventh closed his eyes and enjoyed Qi Xue’s skillful massage, which felt like a cold breeze on his skin. Although some of her actions weren’t proficient, it was this unfamiliar sensation that made him feel fresh. It was akin to bedding a virgin.

Ole Seventh adjusted his posture and revealed his back to allow Qi Xue to perform Ashiatsu. He only felt the heat accumulating in his heart, and when Qi Xue was about to bend down to perform Shiatsu, he flipped around. His sudden movement caused Qi Xue to lose control of her balance as she fell onto the ground before she turned to look at Ole Seventh with the brim of her eyes turning red.

Qi Xue felt pain in her back. She had knocked against the small desk that was on the side. It felt like her muscles were being torn apart.

“Mister, what are you doing?” Qi Xue suddenly panicked before she felt more pain.

“In such an environment and atmosphere, what do you think that I’m going to do?” Obsession flickered in Ole Seventh’s eyes. Qi Xue did not have a voluptuous figure; she was meager and her collarbone was perfectly protruded, permeating a charm.

He blocked the door and looked at Qi Xue’s face that was drained of all color with panic written on her face, and at the same time, she also looked innocent. He finally smiled in satisfaction. This was the flavor that he liked.

“Let me go! Or I’ll scream for help!” Qi Xue knew that she’s in danger. She had just dropped out of Year 3 in high school and was recommended to this bathhouse by a fellow villager. Thus, she was already prepared for the day when she’d be treated as those women who provided sexual services. She cried, “I’m only providing massage services!”

“Don’t fucking act innocent!” A grim light flickered in Ole Seventh’s eyes as he continued, “Accompanying me for a night will be equivalent to your salary for a year.”

Although Qi Xue tried to struggle, she was held by the neck by Ole Seventh. After all, the latter was a disciple from the Medicine King Valley. Thus, he was well-versed in acupoints, so if Qi Xue couldn’t even breathe properly, how was she going to scream then?

While she felt suffocating, she realised that Ole Seventh had restrained her. Despite the pain that she felt, she tried to twist her body, but she couldn’t utter a voice.

Her face was covered in pain and fear with veins on her forehead. She tried to struggle, and out of panic, she bit Ole Seventh’s wrist.

The latter shrieked and he lowered his head to look at his wrist. There were deep teeth marks on his wrist with blood coming from the wound. He instantly placed his mouth on his wrist to suck his own blood.

Licking the blood in his mouth, Ole Seventh said with a maniacal satisfaction on his face, “Good, it’s more fun this way!”

When he finished speaking, he started sucking on the wound, like a vampire savoring the taste of fresh blood.

Not only was he not angered by her actions, he even started sucking his blood while being immersed in a wonderful state. The excitement made him feel like being on cloud nine. He even looked more excited than a drug addict consuming drugs.

As he continued to suck his own blood, his other hand was firmly pressing down on Qi Xue’s neck.

Qi Xue already couldn’t muster any energy to retaliate and tears rolled down from her eyes with emotions of grievance, despair, helpless, and sorrow enveloping her heart.

“Arghh…” While Ole Seventh was drunk on excitement, he suddenly felt an intense pain from the back of his head and he was sent flying away from Qi Xue’s body before crashing against the wall.

A few minutes later, Qi Xue reacted and she held onto her chest while retreating. She curled up in the corner of the room with shock on her face. She saw three men who have barged in.

“Another prey of that pervert.” Xia Yu looked at Ole Seventh with sympathy in his eyes.

Just like how Bai Fan had investigated Su Tao, Su Tao had also assigned Xia Yu to investigate about him. From the information that he has obtained, Old Seventh was akin to Bai Fan’s right-hand man. Unlike the cunning fox Bai Fan, Ole Seventh was easier to handle. Thus, Xia Yu investigated Ole Seventh’s interests and found that this fellow liked to ravage masseuses.

When Liu Jianwei saw the trembling Qi Xue, he removed his jacket and draped it on her to cover her body.

“Go, we must be fast. Don’t give them the time to react.” Casting a glance at Qi Xue, Su Tao urged Liu Jianwei.

The latter nodded his head and walked to the lockers, then asked Qi Xue, “His stuff is all here?”

Qi Xue subconsciously nodded her head and she watches Liu Jianwei smashed the locker apart with his fist. Despite the locker being made of metal, it couldn’t bear the explosive force and broke apart.

Liu Jianwei retrieved the clothing and found a bundle of keys, then he exclaimed, “Found it!”

Xia Yu carried Ole Seventh on his shoulder and walked out with Su Tao and Liu Jianwei following behind.

When the people outside saw this situation, they were startled by the fact that someone dared to cause a ruckus here.

Although Ole Seventh had arranged for bodyguards to be around Bai Fan, he did not assign anyone around him. Thus, their exit was swift, without anyone hindering them. When the four of them left, only then did someone dares to secretly call the cops.

Xia Yu was familiar with the road in He City. The black vehicle drove on the streets at an average speed of 80km/h. The vehicle soon turned onto a remote path and Ole Seventh woke up at this moment. When he saw Liu Jianwei beside him, he instantly figured out his current situation.

“Fuck, let me go!” Ole Seventh struggled, but Xia Yu had firmly tied him up. Thus, the rope would only dig further into his flesh the more he struggled.

“Did you arrange for someone to trash the Three Flavour Hall?” Liu Jianwei coldly questioned.

“This is He City, let me go now if you don’t want to die!” Ole Seventh raged. He had always been the one kidnapping people. He never expected that he would experience being kidnapped.

“Did you get someone to beat up Zhao Jian?” Liu Jianwei asked again.

“When my backup is here, I’ll see how they deal with you!” Ole Seventh’s mouth wasn’t just an ordinary level of wretchedness.

Raising his fist, Liu Jianwei swung a jab over that smashed Ole Seventh’s jaw. The latter only felt a numbing sensation in his mouth with a sweet taste spreading within. Even he had no idea how many of his teeth were knocked out.

“Behave yourself!” Liu Jianwei hollered.

At this moment, Ole Seventh had no choice but to behave himself. With his mouth broken, he couldn’t even form a complete sentence, even if he wanted. He could only utter grumbling noises from his mouth with blood bubbles coming out of his lips. His entire face was distorted from the excruciating pain.

Xia Yu chuckled. He then wound down the window. Instantly, the whizzing sounds of the wind blew and he said, “He just bathed, so he must be feeling dizzy. Let him enjoy some wind to wake him up.”

Hearing that suggestion, Liu Jianwei chuckled then grabbed onto Ole Seventh’s hair and shoved his entire face out of the window. Since it was winter, Ole Seventh felt the wind and snow pouring into his throat. In the beginning, he could still let some curses out, but after a few minutes, his tongue was numb, and he lost his voice. He even had a layer of snow on his face.

By the time the vehicle arrived at the destination, Ole Seventh had practically lost half of his life.

Ole Seventh’s facial muscles had stiffened, and there were even traces of blood on his face. He looked like a zombie, but a person’s vitality wasn’t that weak. Thus, Su Tao merely pressed a few of his acupoints on his chest before gurgling noises came from Ole Seventh’s throat and he vomited a warm mouthful of blood then woke up.

“You should be familiar with this place. We want to find someone, so lead the way.” Xia Yu demanded while stepping on Ole Seventh’s face.

“Find your mother? Where the fuck are we?” Ole Seventh did not submit that easily. Even after recognising his surroundings, he still continued to cuss.

Xia Yu bent down and looked at Ole Seventh’s smashed mouth. Instantly, he felt no interest in slapping his fellow and stood up before speaking to Su Tao, “This location is surely the right place. This fellow comes here every week, and this fellow wouldn’t react this way if it’s not this place. Xu Tiande must be hidden here.”

This time, Ole Seventh kept his mouth shut with rage and traces of panic in his eyes.

Su Tao stomped on Ole Seventh, instantly knocked him out, before saying, “It’s too unrealistic for him to lead us. We’ll just find our way.”

The villa was empty. Bai Fan stood by the window, enjoying the scenery with an intoxicated gaze. He was satisfied with the current situation, and things have been going as he had planned. One day, he would become an extraordinary man.

He had been practicing TCM since young, and in his view, it was just a tool. The reason why he spared no effort to learn was so that he could be saved from Xu Tiande’s reprimands. Actually, he was more satisfied with the scheming plots that he had picked up from Xu Tiande, which was a tool for him to move towards success.

After he had successfully plotted against Xu Tiande, he felt that no one in the world could obstruct his ambitions.

In his plan, not only was he going to expand the Medicine King Hall, he wanted to accumulate more wealth and receive the respect of others. This way, he would be able to cleanse the shadow that has been planted in his heart from his childhood with Xu Tiande.

To make sure that Bai Fan would remember the effect of every single herb, Xu Tiande would get him to try them himself under harsh weather. Occasionally, he would find himself poisoned, or in a confused state of mind from the herbs. He was even placed in extreme cold and hot places to suffer inhumane torture.

Suddenly, his phone rang. When he picked up the phone, astonishment flashed across his face before he issued an order, “Find them! Find them at all costs!”

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Ashiatsu is a form of back massage when the masseuse would step on your back with their feet. On the other hand, Shiatsu is a massage that uses fingers.