Chapter 217 - Hey beauty, can you not expose me?

The meaning behind Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang’s actions was good. If they go through the standard procedures, the chairman of the TCM Alliance would most likely be held by someone amongst the older generation. If so, then how would they be any different from the TCM Association? Since it’s going to be a new one, then they would have to push forth the younger generation so that they can be different from the old one.

Looking at it from a marketing point-of-view, it’s a good source of news. After all, having Su Tao, who was in his twenties as the chairman would undoubtedly attract the attention of youngsters, and this lively group could also become advertisers of the new TCM Alliance.

Naturally, this decision received the objection of those older generations, but it was mainly still the support of Dou Fanggang and Song Sichen that pushed forth the idea.

On the TCM Alliance’s establishment meeting, Su Tao gave his speech from the center of the platform.

“Firstly, I have to thank Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang, these two veterans, for pushing the responsibility of the chairman onto me. Although I’m happy that I can be in this position, I’m also feeling uneasy at the same time. I’m happy because being a chairman means that I’ll be managing tons of people. But at the same time, I’m also feeling uneasy. What if the TCM Alliance fell apart tomorrow due to my inability?”

Su Tao’s words had caused a burst of laughter from the crowd, which he waited for the waves of laughter to end before he continued his speech.

“Thus, I’ve been suffering from insomnia recently, and I’ve been racking my head over the future of TCM. It’s tough for me to find a solution, since TCM is currently in a challenging position. Although society has accepted TCM, they mainly feel that TCM is much more gentle than western medicine and won’t have any side effects on the body. But the moment they encounter a serious illness, they would still rather put their trust in western medicine. I’ve finally figured out the problem: We lack in talent.

“The essence of TCM doesn’t lie in the medicine, but the medical skills that we’ve inherited. The medicine is only a tool to treat the symptoms, and it also requires someone that knows how to use them on patients. All along, we’ve lacked an organisation that nurtures new talent in our industry. Therefore, this TCM Alliance has been formed to provide such a platform. We will not accept those merchants who are profit-driven. We will only accept those who know their stuff and Physicians with dreams.

“Naturally, the TCM Alliance will not only be a formality but a group that will provide support to everyone. We will not be holding those meaningless meetings, but organise meaningful activities. If you’ve passed the audit to join the TCM Alliance, then you’re qualified to have a stable job.”

Su Tao’s words had instantly caused a fiery discussion. Although he did not say it clearly, the meaning behind his words was clear. If the members of the TCM Alliance did not have a job, then they would provide a job for them. This was a promise that no other association could give.

Over 300 people participated in this meeting, and aside from some famous physicians, there were also young bloods. With the declining situation in TCM, many of them were experiencing a lack of income. Although it’s sufficient for them to provide for the family, it’s difficult for them to make a career for themselves. Thus, Su Tao’s words were to disperse such worries.

Su Tao understood the thoughts of people and rather than speaking extravagant words, it would be more useful to talk about practical stuff.

Only by making sure that the lower tier in the TCM Alliance was well-provided, could you request for them to spread the TCM culture and inherit the spirit.

When his speech ended, Song Sichen, Dou Fanggang, and the other veterans gave theirs. However, their statements were pretty traditional, and they’re practically meant to show their confidence in the TCM Alliance.

When the meeting came to an end, many young Physicians came to look for Su Tao for the promise that he had given. Since he had already expected this situation, he had already prepared his name cards and distributed them to everyone.

“Isn’t it too improper for you to do this?” Liu Ruochen had appeared beside Su Tao out of nowhere and said, “Turning such a grand meeting into your job fair?”

Su Tao’s face changed and he immediately pulled Liu Ruochen to the side, then smiled. “Hey beauty, can you not expose me? I’ll do anything you want.”

Liu Ruochen faintly smiled as she demanded, “Really? Then why don’t you sing for me now?”

Su Tao was instantly left speechless with an awkward expression before suggesting, “Why don’t I treat you to a meal, instead? If I sing for you right now, everyone will treat me like a lunatic, and the TCM Alliance will really fall apart tomorrow.”

“A grand meal, then.” Liu Ruochen chuckled, “The feeling of threatening others feels pretty good.”

Liu Ruochen was still like she was in the past, without any make-up on, only some moisturizer on her face. She wore a brown woolen shirt that covered to her knees and wore brown boots that looked refined and elegant.

After their separation in Yuhang City, Liu Ruochen withdrew from the TCM Association. But upon hearing that Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang were going to establish the TCM Alliance, she contacted them and became one of the important founders. Right now, she’s the General Secretary of the TCM Alliance, and many things were actually being managed by her.

Although the two old men were passionate, they’re already getting on their age. Thus, they needed someone young to manage the actual affairs.

When Su Tao and Liu Ruochen came out of the hotel, they chose a clean stall and ordered a few Xiangnan’s specialties. Despite emphasising to the boss to reduce the spice, they could feel the spice assaulting their nostrils when the food arrived. What left Su Tao surprised was the fact that Liu Ruochen actually turned out to be good with spice, and she was especially interested in the Pepper Fish Head.

“Did you know that Wang Guofeng and Bai Fan have partnered up?” Liu Ruochen probed as she wiped the sweat on her nose with a napkin.

“Well, it’s surprising that Wang Guofeng would work together with Bai Fan. I’m disappointed in him.” Su Tao tried the boiled meat slices and tears welled up in his eyes from the spice.

“Eat the vegetables if you can’t take the spice.” Seeing how pathetic Su Tao was caused by the spice, Liu Ruochen couldn’t help laughing before she continued, “Your trail of thoughts are different from others. He’s clearly your enemy, but you’re not showing any enmity for him.”

Su Tao smiled as he sighed, “It’s impossible for me to let everyone acknowledge TCM by myself. But it’s a pity that Wang Guofeng doesn’t possess that qualifications, since he has fallen behind…”

Liu Ruochen could sense the disappointment in Su Tao’s tone and her eyes flickered with a trace of helplessness. Despite the engagement between her and Wang Guofeng being called off, she was still concerned about the latter.

Bai Fan’s reputation has been completely ruined. Although his master, Xu Tiande’s character was terrible, Bai Fan’s actions of betraying his master had been spread throughout various channels.

Thus, Wang Guofeng cooperating together with Bai Fan was just going to make him fall.

The calming melody of bagpipes rang out. The attendants in the restaurant were all wearing red-checked skirts, along with young studs. This was an Ireland-themed restaurant that has been opened recently. Thus, there weren’t many customers, which was also the reason why Wang Guofeng picked this location to meet with Bai Fan, to avoid the eyes and ears of others.

Wang Guofeng’s posture while drinking tea was elegant. He would occasionally look at the window. Not only was he looking at the scenery outside the window, but he’s also admiring his bearing through the reflection. He’s enjoying life now, since the dividends that Bai Fan has given him allowed him to live a luxurious lifestyle. Even the women around him have increased…

Bai Fan came on time, and he brought a foreign chick with him, causing Wang Guofeng to subconsciously knit his brows.

“Brother Wang, I’ve kept you waiting.” Bai Fan waved his hand towards the attendant and ordered two cups of coffee.

From Wang Guofeng’s expression, Bai Fan could tell that he was displeased that another person has tagged along in their meeting.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Wang. My name is Rangure.” Rangure smiled after noticing Wang Guofeng’s expression.

The latter nodded his head to acknowledge the greeting.

Stirring his coffee with a teaspoon, Bai Fan added, “Ms. Rangure is an investor of our Medicine Deity Corporation. She’s going to invest €100,000,000 and help us open our access to the international market.”

Hearing those words, Wang Guofeng’s expression changed. The €100,000,000 had made his heart throbbed. That’s equivalent to ¥1,000,000,000!

Taking a deep breath, Wang Guofeng smiled. “Then I’ll have to thank Ms. Rangure for your investment. We will certainly not let you down, and the Medicine Deity Corporation will be a company that will allow one’s investment to receive returns.”

Shaking her finger, Rangure took a sip of coffee, leaving her lipstick on the cup, then said, “Mr. Wang, the reason why we invested in the corporation is because of the potential that we see in you. TCM has a big market, and I believe that our cooperation will be a successful one.” When she finished speaking, she lifted her cup of coffee.

Wang Guofeng immediately raised his cup and bumped cups with her. Seeing that Wang Guofeng and Rangure were chatting well, Bai Fan’s mood became better, so he waved his hand at the attendants, ordered a few specialties, and the three of them dined at the restaurant.

During the meal, Wang Guofeng noticed that Rangure would occasionally cast her gaze at him. It was as if her watery eyes could speak for themselves.

Due to his appearance and successful career, Wang Guofeng never had a lack of women. Thus, it’s hard for him to take fancy to ordinary women, but Rangure had piqued his interest. He even started to fantasize about how he pressed this foreign beauty beneath him.

After their meal, Rangure bade her farewell and left. When Bai Fan saw Wang Guofeng’s gaze still glued on her, he retrieved a cigarette from his pocket and took a few puffs before he smiled. “Can it be that you’ve taken a fancy to her?”

“A graceful woman is always a target for a gentleman.” Wang Guofeng replied, and he knitted his brows. He didn’t smoke himself; he didn’t like the smell of cigarettes.

Bai Fan extinguished the cigarette and showed a naughty smile. “That woman came for you, and as long as you make your move correctly, you might be able to get intimate with her.”

However, Wang Guofeng shifted the topic, “I’m more concerned about the Three Flavour Hall opening a branch in He City.”

“He City, that’s the territory of my Medicine King Valley!” Bai Fan’s eyes flickered with disdain before he continued, “Since he wants to come knocking on my door, is there a reason for me not to get rid of him with this opportunity?”

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