Chapter 216 - Chairman of the TCM Alliance

The window on the backseat of the vehicle wound down and Shui Junzhuo’s face appeared. Her hair was tied together with two bundles of hair draped from her temples. Her delicate nose, bright pupils, rosy lips, and face with makeup while in the vehicle shone with an indescribable charm.

“Get in.” Shui Junzhuo opened the door and shifted inside the car, giving him the seat.

Getting into the vehicle, Su Tao’s heart tingled when he felt the lingering warmth on the cushion and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“If I was not here, did you think that you could come out unharmed?” Shui Junzhuo helplessly rolled her eyes at Su Tao. Despite how friendly Su Tao seemed on the surface, it turned out that he’s bold deep in his bones, since he dared to enter Sire Wu’s house alone.

“He’s just an old man. Since I dared to come alone, I naturally have some confidence.” Su Tao smiled. But he soon felt that he might hurt Shui Junzhuo’s feelings and continued, “But I still have to thank you and Sire Shui for your concern.”

Shui Junzhuo handed a nicely packaged box over and said without looking at Su Tao’s face, “You’ve treated my grandfather’s illness, and our whole family owes you one. This is a small gift for you.”

“Thanks, this is probably the first time that I’ve received this kind of gift.” Su Tao took the box and his hand moved to open it.

However, his actions were soon interrupted by Shui Junzhuo. “Open it after we separate.”

Su Tao smiled and placed the box in the highest compartment of his medical box. “Then let’s preserve the mystery for now.”

Shui Junzhuo felt her body heating up with beads of sweat on her nose. This was the first time that she has given a gift to someone of the opposite sex, so she tried to change the topic, “Did you come all the way here over a thousand miles just to bring justice to Zhao Hei?”

“Well, I’m not that noble.” Su Tao shook his head as he continued, “I only feel that if I did not retaliate now and squash a threat; he might send people over to harass me.”

“You’re really a complicated person.” Shui Junzhuo sighed, “Sire Wu’s foundation is out of your imagination, since he could be a symbolic figure in Jidong Province for so many years.”

Su Tao smiled. “Well, aren’t I pretty lucky? Since Sire Shui came out to help me.”

Shui Junzhuo glanced at Su Tao with complicated emotions. For some reason, she had a feeling that her arrival was within his plans, and it might be because of knowing that Sire Shui would come to bail him out, which was the reason why he fearlessly caused havoc.

After Shui Junzhuo sent him to the airport, the two of them ate an overpriced lunch before they separated.

After looking at Su Tao’s leaving silhouette, only then did Shui Junzhuo walk back to the vehicle.

Xia Yu had already noticed Su Tao and he winked his eyes. “Who’s that girl who has fallen for our Divine Physician Su?”

“This is a personal charm, something that you will never understand!” Su Tao shrugged his shoulder as he bragged.

When the plane took off, only then did Su Tao start to open the box and saw a classical golden watch lying in it. Although it was well-maintained, some scratches could be seen upon close examination, showing the age of this watch. There was also a slip of paper beneath the watch that said, “How I wish for me to be the stars, and you’re the moon as our radiance shines in the sky.”

Reading the note, Su Tao felt a tickling sensation in his heart and sighed. He never expected that Shui Junzhuo would be so artistic. Not only did she give him a watch, she even wrote him a love poem. Wasn’t this the rhythm that she wanted to woo him?

He took a long time to calm his restless heart and tried to pretend that nothing had happened.

When Xia Yu tried to get Su Tao into a conversation, as if he had something he wanted to say, he hesitated. Su Tao had sensed it and smiled. “Don’t hesitate here and there, speak if anything is going through your mind.”

“Hehe.” Xia Yu scratched his head as he asked, “I’d like to ask you a professional question. Is Hepatitis B only able to be controlled and not treated?”

“There’s a situation?” Su Tao looked at Xia Yu. Patients with Hepatitis B would often show signs of it on their faces. However, Xia Yu clearly looked healthy.

“Remember the woman that we rescued from the placenta underground research facility?” Xia Yu shyly reminded.

“Yeah, her surname seems to be Di.” Su Tao suddenly figured out what was this all about, so he asked, “You hooked up with her?”

“She’s a celebrity, and was once pretty famous.” Xia Yu awkwardly smiled before he continued, “And I’m a fan of hers.”

Su Tao knew that Xia Yu must be trying to ask him to save Di Yuqin, so he said, “Get her to look for me when we’ve returned. Although Hepatitis B cannot be treated, it can be controlled with traditional TCM techniques and can restore the normal function of the liver to that of an ordinary person. There’s also a certain chance that it can heal by itself.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Xia Yu burst into joy and smiled. “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

 Helplessly shaking his head, Su Tao never expected that Xia Yu would fall in love.

After all, Xia Yu was an ordinary person. So although Di Yuqin’s shadow has disappeared from the entertainment circle, she was still akin to a goddess in his heart.

Di Yuqin had once gone through a period of an inhumane life, which Xia Yu felt pitiful for her on top of his admiration. Thus, his feelings intertwined and wouldn’t be easy to break apart. If it was written into a song, it would be an emotional one.

The Emerald Jade Brook’s demolition has been completed, and the Three Flavour Hall’s signboard was temporarily removed. There was a steel frame outside supporting the stability of the building during the renovation. But even so, the customers did not decrease. On the contrary, aside from those frequent customers, there were even some new faces.

Although the Three Flavour Hall did not engage any marketing, it had been passed through word of mouth by their customers, and it has become the most famous TCM Pharmacy in Hanzhou City, with many prominent figures coming from everywhere.

When Su Tao entered, he noticed Wang Peng chatting with Du Ping. He knew that Du Ping has treated this place as a teahouse and was coming over whenever he’s free.

Seeing Su Tao, Du Ping immediately stood up as he walked towards the former with a smile plastered on his face. “Divine Physician Su, your business seems to be getting better by the day.”

With a smile on his face, Su Tao modestly replied, “That’s something that I have to thank Secretary Du for.”

He was speaking the truth, since Du Ping has helped Three Flavour Hall to sort out many difficulties in the dark. Otherwise, things wouldn’t be that smooth.

Waving his hand, Du Ping smiled. “I’m going to change my environment soon.”

“Oh?” Su Tao instantly understood the meaning behind those words and asked, “You’re going to be promoted?”

Nodding his head, Du Ping smiled. “Yeah, I’m going to a branch for tempering.”

The company which Du Ping was in was an organization of national scale, and it’s unique with colossal wealth. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to eat in all of Hanzhou City. This organization has a promotion system, and they have assets all around China from Beijing to counties. Thus, Du Ping had to entire the tempering so that he could have better development in the future.

Hearing that, Su Tao sincerely wished, “I hope that your prospects will be bright in the future.”

“I’ll take those auspicious words of yours.” Du Ping responded with a smile.

After sitting in Three Flavour Hall for a while more, he left. At the same time, he was also curious about how far Su Tao could develop the Three Flavour Hall.

Seeing that there was quite a bit of customers, Su Tao also helped to receive a few patients. When he’s done, Xiao Jingjing walked over and reported, “Chairman Yan is here, and she seems pretty unhappy that it’s scary.”

Su Tao shrugged. He knew that Yan Jing must be unhappy with his actions in Jidong Province. Thus, he washed his hands before heading to the living quarters.

Yan Jing was holding onto a book and was leaning against the door. When she saw Su Tao, she placed the book down by Su Tao’s bedside. Su Tao scratched his head while seeing this and said while looking like he had a headache, “Big Sister Yan, since when is there no distinction between us now? How can you go through my stuff without concern for my feelings?”

After briefly staring at Su Tao, Yan Jing sighed and asked, “Why didn’t you inform me beforehand that you’re heading to Jidong Province?”

“Because I didn’t want to put you in a difficult situation!” Su Tao answered straightforwardly as he continued, “You and Sire Wu are people of the underground society, and the two of you abide by the rules. On the other hand, I’m not someone in the underground society, so there are some things that I can do without caring for the rules.”

“You’re harder to control than imagined.” Yan Jing shook her head before she continued, “But it seems that Sire Wu has a high evaluation of you. Zhao Hei has surrendered himself to the investigation, and the underground research facility has also been destroyed.”

When she finished speaking, she took an envelope from her bag and took out a few photos.

Looking at those photos, Su Tao sighed in relief and smiled. “Now I can feel relieved.”

With a bitter smile, Yan Jing said, “You’re a pretty vindictive person.”

Solemnly nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “You only live once, and if you’re cowering even after someone threatened your life, isn’t your life a little too cowardly?”

“If you’re not an outstanding doctor, I would surely drag you into the underground society.” Yan Jing smiled.

“Well, I also feel that I can become an outstanding henchman in the underground society.” Su Tao laughed as he self-ridiculed.

Suddenly, his phone rang. It was a call from Song Sichen. He did not avoid Yan Jing and answered it on the spot with a polite greeting.

“The new TCM Alliance’s establishment event is almost prepared. It will be on the 8th of next month. You must come to Xiangnan beforehand.” Song Sichen reminded with a warm tone, before he continued, “I have already discussed this matter with Old Dou. We’ve decided that you’re going to be the chairman of the association.”

Su Tao was suddenly caught by surprise on this matter, so he swiftly responded, “Old Song, how can this be? I’m still young, and I’m afraid that I won’t be qualified enough.”

Su Tao has never been a modest person. He didn’t contribute to the entire process of the TCM Alliance, only provided some opinions at most. Thus, it was unavoidable for him to feel a little guilty for him to be the chairman.

“Haha! You’re at least a famous physician in Huainan, so don’t undervalue yourself.” Song Sichen had already guessed this reaction from Su Tao and responded, “Since it’s the new TCM Alliance, then there must be something fresh so that we can stand out from the mass. Although you’re still young, your skills are superb, and having you in the position can swiftly raise our image. This was something that Old Dou suggested, and since even someone as stubborn as him can have such a bold idea, I naturally have to support it!”

Receiving the evaluation of a famous physician in Huainan by a grandmaster like Song Sichen was far better than having a board given by an organisation; it was an acknowledgment. Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Shouldn’t we take our time before making this decision?”

“With the support of Old Dou and me, you have no choice but to take the position!” Although Song Sichen’s character was rather mild, he would show a rare stubborn side of himself the moment he made a decision. “Furthermore, I heard that you’re going to branch out your Three Flavour Hall. The TCM Alliance will also arrange for people to give our support. If TCM is to rise in China, we have to take a step out starting now.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao felt complicated. Aside from joy, he could also feel the pressure on his shoulders.

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