Chapter 214 - Who dares to ruin this daddy’s mood?!

Principal Chang struggled, but he wasn’t willing to subdue and wanted to stand up. Seeing that he wasn’t willing to give face, Blacky instantly gave an eye signal to Xu Sizhi. Xu Sizhi immediately licked his lips and walked to Principal Chang with a dagger in his hand before stabbing it into the latter’s thigh. At the same time, Xu Sizhi was also prepared and used a wet towel to cover Principal Chang’s mouth, not allowing the latter to scream. Thus, the latter could only widen his eyes from the excruciating pain.

When the middle school girls beside him saw this scene, they instantly burst into tears from the fright.

“Shut up!” Zhao Hei roared, which instantly caused the girls to shut their mouths, since they knew that this was a bad person.

Waving his dagger, Xu Sizhi stuck the dagger on the table and smiled. “Behave well and eat. After that, have some fun with Brother Black, and he’ll spare your lives.”

“Zhao Hei, you scum!” Principal Chang was covered in sweat from the pain and his mind went blank.

Zhao Hei grinned, revealing his yellow-stained teeth as he responded, “You’re pretty stubborn!” He then raised his glass and poured alcohol on Principal Chang’s wound.

Principal Chang was, after all, an ordinary person. Thus, he soon fainted from the stinging pain.

Xu Sizhi wasn’t surprised by this scene, since he knew that Zhao Hei was a cold-blooded person. Whenever the latter’s mood was bad, he would find someone to torture. This time, Principal Chang was the unfortunate one to be his victim. Looking at the yellow puddle of water on the floor, he smiled in surprise. “Brother Black, you’re too cruel to scare the girls into wetting themselves.”

Glancing at the girl beside him, he saw her crotch was wet and he unhappily asked, “What are you afraid of? That I’ll gobble you up?”

The girl wanted to cry, but she didn’t dare to do it, but her eyes were brimming with tears.

Xu Sizhi walked over and whispered in Zhao Hei’s ears, which the latter patted on his face. “You’re really cheap!”

Xu Sizhi could see the excitement flickering in Zhao Hei’s eyes as he took an empty glass and handed it to the girl that had wet herself from the horror and smiled. “Fill this glass up, and we’ll let you go.”

However, the girl was both terrified and bashful. She constantly shook her head.

Xu Sizhi suddenly raised his voice and hollered, “So you’re not going to be obedient?!” As he spoke, he pulled out the dagger and stabbed it on Principal Chang’s other thigh. The latter, who had already fainted howled out in pain before he fainted again.

“If you’re not going to be obedient, then you’re next!” Xu Sizhi threatened.

Tears fell from the cheeks of the girl before she took the glass from Xu Sizhi with great difficulty.

Satisfied with the program that Xu Sizhi had planned for him, Zhao Hei patted his finger on Principal Chang’s face and chuckled, “Consider yourself lucky. I’ll let you try a special drink later, and this taste isn’t something that anyone can try even if they wanted to.”

Big Sister Ren covered her mouth as she giggled, “Brother Black, you’re too playful.”

Not only did this woman have no compassion, she even fanned the fire from the side.

Knitting his brows, Zhao Hei responded, “He deserves it for expelling me back then. Now that I’m powerful, I’m just taking my revenge.”

The girl hesitated with the glass in her hand. After all, it’s too bashful to ask a young girl like her to do something so indecent.

Seeing that she was still hesitating, Xu Sizhi unhappily asked, “You need me to help you?”

The girl lowered her head and felt absolute despair in her heart. She knew that these two men before her held great power. It was so much so that she wouldn’t even dare to let her parents know about this, since it would only cause trouble for her parents.

Zhao Hei looked at the girl with interest and felt his breathing turning rough. Suddenly, a loud knock came from the door and the girl dropped the glass onto the floor from the shock. She vaguely felt that she’s saved. She hid in a corner and looked in the direction that the commotion came from.

“Fuck!” Zhao Hei cursed out, “Who dares to ruin this daddy’s mood?!”

Xu Sizhi’s face was green as he opened the door and saw three people. The one standing at the front was a young man in his twenties, and two robust figures behind him that looked to be in their late twenties.

“Is Zhao Hei here?” The youth asked with a smile on his face.

“Is Brother Zhao’s name someone like you to call?” Xu Sizhi felt rage boiling in his heart. He wanted to give a slap, but it was a pity that his slap was stopped halfway.

Suddenly, a chilling crack resounded and Xu Sizhi felt that his wrist was broken before he painfully howled.

Liu Jianwei, who was standing behind Su Tao, had been the one to grab onto Xu Sizhi’s wrist and crushed the latter’s bone.

“You… you’re…” Ren Cuiping had a deep impression of this youth, since she had just met him in Qiongjin City. It was this brat who had beaten up her bodyguards, and also the one that stood up for the new employee in Ning Ru’s program team.

The three of them were naturally Su Tao, Xia Yu, and Liu Jianwei.

Although Su Tao looked cultured on the surface, he’s not a pushover. The moment he knew that he had suffered in the hands of Zhao Hei, he had dispatched Xia Yu over to Qingchun City to investigate this Zhao Hei. Thus, he immediately came over with Liu Jianwei the moment his wound recovered.

Su Tao placed his leg on Xu Sizhi’s chest and the latter howled, curled up and started to twitch.

The entire process didn’t take more than ten seconds, and Zhao Hei instantly reacted. He knew his enemies had come knocking on his door. Thus, he swiftly triggered the alarm in his hand.

Several black vehicles below soon received the alarm and they took tools and charged in.

Seeing that the few opponents’ skills weren’t ordinary, Zhao Hei could only try to delay as much as possible. He showed no weakness and faintly said, “I don’t think we’ve met, right? Why did you come looking for me when we’ve never met?”

Xia Yu swept a glance at the girls that were kneeling on the floor crying and instantly figured out what was going on in the room, so he cussed, “That fellow is simply a beast! He’s not even going to let go of middle school students…”

Moving towards Su Tao’s ears, Xia Yu said, “Zhao Hei is a cautious guy, and he’s afraid of enemies coming to find him. Thus, there would always have a group of people protecting him, and that fellow is trying to delay time. Why don’t we take him down now? If his men arrive, he might take the opportunity of the chaos to flee, and it won’t be easy for us to capture him again.”

Although Xia Yu used a soft voice, it was still heard by Zhao Hei, which nearly made his lungs burst from the anger.

Weren’t they too arrogant? They’re actually not afraid of being chopped into pieces but fearing that he might flee instead?

“I dare you to stay!” Zhao Hei snickered.

Liu Jianwei rubbed his nose and looked at Xia Yu, then mocked, “He’s not that smart. This is his territory, so he won’t try to run.”

This time, Zhao Hei nearly went insane from the boiling anger and lashed a kick on the table, instantly flipping the heavy table. “I’ll surely fuck you guys to death!”

The northeast had a dauntless custom, and people would often fight the moment they’re in disagreement. Since Zhao Hei could come so far, he naturally had some skills. He stepped on the table that was flipped and launched a flying kick towards Su Tao.

Liu Jianwei stepped forth and grabbed onto Zhao Hei’s leg, then turned around, instantly sending the latter flying and slammed against the wall before dropping.

Taking big steps over, Liu Jianwei grabbed onto that leg again and threw Zhao Hei towards another wall.

In just the blink of an eye, Zhao Hei had already lost half of his life and spat mouthfuls of blood.

Ren Cuiping instantly started to tremble after seeing how powerful the three of them were. She continuously took steps back until her back was leaning against a wall and didn’t dare to utter a word. When she heard footsteps coming from outside, she knew that backup has arrived, so she screamed, “Over here! Over here! This bunch of bastards are here!”

Xia Yu walked over to Ren Cuiping and immediately slapped her. “Slut!”

“You dare to hit a woman? Are you still a man?!” Ren Cuiping screamed as she fell.

Taking another step forth, Xia Yu lashed a kick at her mouth and hollered, “Shut your mouth! Fuck, so that if I hit a woman? What are you going to do? Northeast bitches like you have terrible voices, and you’re ruining my mood!”

After being stepped onto the ground, blood and broken teeth filled Ren Cuiping’s mouth. She shut her eyes and feigned death.

Liu Jianwei had already taken out the knife that he hid in his trousers. Considering that sharp weapons couldn’t get through the airport’s security, he brought a fruit knife when he got out of the airport and even kept it in his trousers, just like he had done with his personal one. Holding onto the knife, he charged out, and howling voices resounded soon after. Those thugs were akin to helpless prey to him.

Su Tao walked towards Principal Chang and stopped the bleeding from the latter’s wound. Although the two injuries were deep, they’re not fatal. But if blood continued to flow at this rate, then it would be fatal.

Principal Chang soon woke up and he was stunned when he saw Su Tao and subconsciously asked, “Where’s Zhao Hei?”

Pointing in the direction of the fainted Zhao Hei, Su Tao replied, “He has fainted. You’re pretty gravely wounded, so you’ll be going to the hospital later.”

Principal Chang slowly recovered with mucus flowing down from his nose as he begged, “Please, save those students first! My legs have been crippled, and I can’t move any more!”

Su Tao was moved by the fact that this principal’s first priority was his students instead of himself. Nodding his head, Su Tao promised, “Rest assured, I will certainly bring them out!”

At this time, Liu Jianwei returned. The fruit knife had been turned into a machete, which he probably got from one of those thugs. It felt more comfortable for him, so he knitted his brows. “No one dares to come and send their lives, but let us leave quickly. The second wave won’t be so easy to deal with, and it will be even more troublesome if the police are dragged into this matter.”

Su Tao walked towards Zhao Hei and pressed on the latter’s Renzhong Acupoint.

When the latter woke up, he instantly wanted to curse, but Su Tao stabbed a needle into his chest. Zhao Hei immediately widened his eyes, as if he had seen a ghost.

Su Tao had, once again, brought out the Death God’s Torture!

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