Chapter 213 - Zhao Hei of the Jidong Province

Qingchun City in the Jidong Province was one of the main cities in northeast China. It had the foundation of capitalist time, with buildings of different styles, such as the Liao, Jin, Qing Dynasties, the Republic of China, and the Manchu.

A Beijing-style courtyard house sat in the flourishing district of the city, decorated with cyan tiles and red brick walls. There were two bronze cymbal-shaped door knockers on the black-painted door with red paint at the center of the door. There were also rhyming couplets stuck on the two sides of the door, “Go big or go home, and those with competence should teach others.” The courtyard was paved with cyan tiles, with decorations of flowers on the side. There were three rooms, each in the north and west that adopted moon gates and a passage through the wall. Because it’s already early winter, the fragrance of the wintersweet flower permeated the air. Vehicles drove on the road ten meters away, but despite looking inharmonious with the house, there was a flavor of serenity within the noise.

“How rare for you to visit me.” An old man sat in the center of the courtyard, bathing in the sun, taking puffs from a pipe in his mouth and breathed out the smoke.

Blacky respectfully stood beside the old man and awkwardly smiled. “Sire Wu, I’ve let you down.”

Although the cost of housing in Qingchun City wasn’t high, having such an estate in the heart of the city still cost over tens of millions. Sire Wu was the master of Brother Black, a famous godfather figure in Qingchun City. His ancestor was an official of Beijing, which was the reason why he could make a name for himself in Jidong Province and build such a courtyard house.

Taking a puff, Sire Wu said, “The Venomous Widow of the Huainan Province sent news for me to hand you over. What do you think about that?”

Sweat fell from Blacky’s forehead and he cautiously smiled. “Sire Wu, I’ll follow your arrangement.”

“Troublemaker!” Sire Wu sourly laughed, before he continued, “You’re so bold outside, and yet, you only know how to act like a grandson before me!”

“I’m your grandson, to begin with.” Blacky smiled along.

Casting a glance at Blacky, Sire Wu said, “Yan Jing has climbed pretty quickly in recent years, and that’s mainly because she has found a huge tree as her shade. I heard that recently, she’s even expanding her influence into Huaibei Province. What a capable woman… if you’re as capable as her, I would’ve passed everything to you by now.”

Blacky felt overwhelmed by favor as he apologised, “I’ve made you worried, but the underground society in the northeast requires your presence for it to be calm. Young generations like us can’t hold it up.”

Knocking the pipe in his hand, Sire Wu stood up from the couch and responded, “I’ll negotiate with the Venomous Widow, but you must lay low in your partnership with the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company.”

“It’s a big loss…” Blacky bitterly smiled. Although the products from the underground research facility weren’t up to standards, it was flowing in the black market under his management, and the monthly turnover was at least six to seven million!

“Trust me. This matter has blown up since hitmen were hired to the hospital. It has already attracted the attention of Huainan’s military. If you don’t pull out right now, you’ll just end up as a scapegoat. At that time, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Sire Wu’s gaze flickered. As someone in his seventies; he had a sharp analysis of dangers and schemes.

However, Blacky wasn’t bothered by Sire Wu’s warning and replied half-heartedly, “Alright.”

Seeing through Blacky’s thoughts, Sire Wu said in a low voice, “Little Black, your father took the blame for me back then and got sentenced to death. Since then, I’ve treated you as my own grandson for all these years. As for Yan Jing, I’ll give her an explanation, gifts and a middle-man to mediate. After all, she did not suffer any actual loss, and we can just deal with it as per the underground society’s rules. However, you should lay low for the time being. If you’re bored, then go on a trip. It’s not like you lack money.”

“Is there a need for gifts? Do we have to be afraid of a woman like her?” Blacky’s face turned grim.

Sire Wu shook his hand and replied, “Little Black, the underground society has its algorithm. The current underground society is no longer like the past, despite looking the same, so don’t underestimate women now. Yan Jing holds a great number of assets, which gives her power. This information was given to me by a friend in the military, so I have to give him this face.”

“Money!” Blacky spat on the ground as he continued, “Sire, I’ll get someone to Hanzhou and show her how the northeast underground society plays!”

Seeing that Blacky couldn’t hold his calm, Sire Wu waved his hand. “If you still treat me as Sire Wu, then leave this matter alone.”

Blacky knew Sire Wu’s temper. Thus, he stomped his foot on the ground and swiftly found an excuse to leave.

Looking at Blacky’s departing figure, Sire Wu helplessly shook his head. That Little Black was genuinely a troublemaker, to even dare to hire hitmen for the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company and openly assassinate in the hospital. It’s a little too much.

Although Sire Wu was an influential figure in Jidong Province’s underground society, he has already gotten on his age and was starting to lose control over the young generations. After all, the current underground society was filled with temptation, and it wasn’t like his time. Although they’re ferocious and drawing blood with the slightest disagreement, they still had morality and knew what could be done and whatnot.

If it was twenty years ago, Little Black would be in the same category as those traitors that conspired with foreigners to bring harm to their fellow countrymen and belonged to those that have lost his righteousness and someone that needed to be erased.

A vehicle was parked outside the courtyard house and Blacky went into the backseat. The warmth in his eyes from before was replaced with ambition and ruthlessness. His footman, Xu Sizhi, who was seated in the front passenger seat, saw Blacky’s unsightly expression and smiled. “Brother Black, what’s wrong? Sire Wu reprimanded you again?”

Blacky stretched his hand out. Xu Sizhi knew what he wanted and took out a bottle of spirits and handed it over. Taking the bottle, Blacky raised his head and started gulping down in mouthfuls before he wiped his mouth and said, “Sire Wu is my grandfather, and it’s natural for him to teach me. It’s just that that Venomous Widow is annoying.”

Xu Sizhi handed the phone over and chuckled, “Brother Black, that woman is pretty good. She has both chest and booty. She definitely has more flavor than those women that you’ve played with.”

“Horny flavor?” Blacky squinted his eyes.

Knowing that Brother Black wasn’t happy, Xu Sizhi made a suggestion to alleviate the former’s mood. “Ren Cuiping just returned yesterday. Should I contact her and get her to arrange a dinner?”

Blacky snorted and sourly replied, “I was just thinking of looking for her. Nitta Watanabe was someone that she introduced, and that traitor dared to betray and expose me!”

“Then I’ll get her to make preparations. If she doesn't do a good job entertaining you, then it’s not too late for you to flip out! The matter that you’ve instructed her with the other time is done.” Xu Sizhi tried his best to mediate Brother Black and Ren Cuiping.

Brother Black knew that Xu Sizhi had a close relationship with Ren Cuiping, who was also known as Big Sister Ren. He closed his eyes after taking two more gulps. Roughly half an hour later, the vehicle stopped outside a majestic building with golden words “Fan Ji Art Academy” above the automated doors.

Xu Sizhi made a call, and a while later, the voluptuous figure of Ren Cuiping walked over.

When Blacky got out of the vehicle, Ren Cuiping came over and hooked onto his arm with a close distance and rubbed against his arm. “Brother Black, hasn’t it been a long time since you visited? Come, I’ll bring you around.”

Pinching her face, Brother Black said, “I’ve been pretty exhausted recently, and I’m not in the mood to stroll around. Find a place and get the matter done.”

Ren Cuiping immediately smiled. “It’s getting late, and it’s time for a meal. Let’s go to the Grand Eastern Pavilion. I’ve already made a booking and invited the person that you’re looking for.”

Brother Black sat in a private room in the Grand Eastern Pavilion for a while before Ren Cuiping brought a middle-aged man in a western suit over and introduced, “This is Principal Chang of No.23 Middle School.”

Principal Chang immediately shook hands with Brother Black and said with a fawning smile, “Nice to meet you, CEO Zhao!”

Brother Black nodded his head and responded, “Are you satisfied with the library that I’ve donated?”

Principal Chang, who was seated, immediately stood up and bowed. “I thank your generosity on behalf of the teachers in the school.”

Waving his hand to Principal Chang, Brother Black smiled. “Although I was a problematic student in school, I still have feelings for my alma mater. Thus, I’m extremely grateful for the education that my alma mater has given me.”

Principal Chang felt awkward. Zhao Hei was expelled when he was in his second year for fighting. Although building a library for them might seem like a charity, it’s just another way for the latter to show off.

Nudging his lips towards Ren Cuiping, Brother Black asked in puzzlement, “Big Sister Ren, are you still not going to get someone to accompany us?”

Ren Cuiping gently patted her head and smiled. “My goodness, look at this memory of mine. They’ve been waiting next door for quite a while now.”

When she finished speaking, she left before coming back with three girls in middle school uniform, their ages were around fifteen to sixteen. Although they did not put on any makeup like Ren Cuiping, they were fresh and pure.

Pointing towards the empty seats beside Principal Chang, Ren Cuiping smiled. “Students, the reason why we called you guys to eat is to provide you an opportunity. You guys have been tired of studying daily, so why not take this opportunity to relax?”

Principal Chang’s face was unsightly. He recognised all three students. They’re the outstanding batch of students in the No.23 Middle School, with high hopes of getting into a prestigious high school. However, the other party’s motive was clear by bringing them over.

The three students looked dumbfounded, but they could only follow their orders. One of the girls even had the brim of her eyes red, as if she would cry any moment now.

When the students sat down, Brother Black raised his cup and smiled. “Mr. Chang, you were still the Discipline Master back when I was still studying, and I felt respect and fear for you. Actually, I have to thank you because you allowed me to quit school and made me realise how redundant it is to study.”

Feeling the complicated emotions in his heart, Principal Chang could only raise his glass with his hand trembling after Brother Black and drink his alcohol.

Brother Black used chopsticks to pick up pork belly strips and placed them in his mouth as he embraced the student beside him. Although that student tried to dodge him, he wasn’t furious by her actions and self-ridiculed, “Back then, I liked girls that studied well. This was also the reason why I got Big Sister Ren to invite the three most outstanding girls from your school. Principal Chang, how about making it an exemption to let them drink today?”

The girls were terrified to the point that their faces were drained of all color and they started to tremble.

Principal Chang couldn’t hold it anymore. He stood up and pointed at Brother Black’s nose. “Zhao Hei, they’re still students. How could you do this to them?!”

Knitting his brows, Brother Black stood up as well, pressed down on Principal Chang’s shoulder and grinned. “No matter what, you have to finish this meal with me today!”

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