Chapter 212 - Gently Scratching

Many people were affected by the news of Su Tao’s injury.

First of all, Yan Jing was the first to rush to the People’s Hospital in Qiongjin City, and only felt relieved upon seeing Su Tao safe before leaving after a brief chat. Su Tao could predict what she’s going to do. She’s probably going to use her resources to find the mastermind and retaliate, if possible.

After that, Tang Nanzheng had also rushed over after hearing about it from Di Shiyuan. When Su Tao saw how concerned the old man was, he couldn’t help but feel touched by the old man’s sincerity.

When Tang Nanzheng saw that Su Tao wasn’t gravely injured and even used some unknown medicine to accelerate the healing process, he said in puzzlement, “That doesn’t make sense. Bullet wounds are generally harder to treat, and the efficiency of your medicine is at least ten-odd folds more efficient than those common ones, judging from your wound.”

Su Tao did not conceal it. He took out a bottle from his medicine box. “I used this.”

Tang Nanzheng’s gaze flickered as he took the medicine and applied it on his hand. He first felt a cooling sensation spreading over, which showed the efficiency of the medication, before taking a sniff and said. “This is good stuff. It must have been brewed for a long time. Even I can’t make out the ingredients used.”

Su Tao smiled. “This is an ointment handed down from my family. If you’re interested in it, I can give you the formula for it.”

Tang Nanzheng immediately waved his hand and refused, “No way, this formula of yours is priceless!”

“Priceless formulas need to be widely spread for them to show its worth. But it’s a pity that there are a few ingredients for this medicine that are too hard to gather. Thus, it can't be manufactured in large quantities. Otherwise, this would be a good method to promote TCM.” Su Tao showed no intention of keeping it for himself and continued, “I’ll give you the prescription. You can research to see if those ingredients can be substituted. This way, it can be widely spread.”

Hearing his words, Tang Nanzheng’s eyes lit up and sighed, “Little Su, your breadth of mind is remarkable. People in my generation keep all the good stuff for themselves. Who would share their formulas that have been passed down in the family? Since you trust me, I will certainly keep my lips tight and not leak it out. Furthermore, I can help you research and see if the ingredients can be substituted with common herbs for this ointment of yours to be widely spread.”

Su Tao smiled and wrote down the formula of the Three Flavour Vitality Ointment that Su Guangsheng had spent his lifetime researching.

If Su Guangsheng knew about this, he would surely not hold a grudge against Su Tao’s decision. After all, the herbs were too rare, and even if one knew about the formula, it wouldn’t be easy to manufacture.

The reason why he gave it to Tang Nanzheng was to express his gratitude for what the old man has done for him. Furthermore, he knew that Tang Nanzheng had a solid foundation when it comes to herbs. Thus, if the old man could produce even 10% or 20% of its effect, it would be a contribution to society.

With his ability, it’s easy to produce a public version of it, but his energy was limited. Thus, he couldn’t possibly take up everything by himself. A smart person was good at utilising the resources around him, and not carrying it all, since it would disperse their energy instead of being focused.

Su Tao wanted to let Tang Nanzheng research this matter first, and incorporate his ideas when the time was almost right. Thereafter, he could leave the public version of the ointment to Tang Nanzheng to manage, and he could gain a good helper this way as well.

The Vitality Ointment was just the first step. He had at least ten-odd formulas with him to be widely spread. Thus, he needed someone he could trust to develop this path for him.

When Tang Nanzheng took a rough glance at the formula that Su Tao had given him, his eyes flashed with shock. That’s because the list wasn’t long. There were only three ingredients, but all three of them were extremely hard to find, even if you could afford it. So even if you’re able to make one copy of it, it wouldn’t be easy to manufacture and cater it to the public.

“I’ll research this formula when I return.” Tang Nanzheng carefully stored the formula in his pocket and continued, “Furthermore, there’s something else I would like to talk to you about.”

“Old Tang, please speak.” Su Tao responded with a smile.

“I heard that you’re going to open a branch for the Three Flavour Hall in He City?” Tang Nanzheng’s face turned a little red as he continued, “Cai Yan came to find me and expressed her wishes, wondering if I could be the Chief Advisor for Three Flavour Hall. I’ve been contemplating about that matter, and I’ve agreed to it.”

Hearing his words, Su Tao was briefly stunned. Cai Yan hadn’t mentioned this to him.

Thinking about it from another angle, Tang Nanzheng probably had this wish, but the old man was just waiting for him to mention it. When Tang Nanzheng said it now, Su Tao felt that he should show respect and courtesy to the old man, so he got down from the sickbed and bowed. “I welcome Old Tang to join the Three Flavour Hall. In the future, you will be a pillar in the Three Flavour Hall.”

Since Tang Nanzheng has already retired, there’s no conflicting issue for the old man to join the Three Flavour Hall. Thus, the old man laughed, accepting Su Tao’s bow and felt happy in his heart. As someone of his age, what they wanted was respect, and it’s a joyful matter that he could obtain the respect and grant some help to the young man that he has acknowledged.

As the saying goes, having an elderly at home was akin to having a treasure, and it was truly worth celebrating that a Grandmaster like Tang Nanzheng was willing to join the Three Flavour Hall.

Even if Su Tao did not show it on his face, a flower had blossomed in his heart from the joy.

Just as they spoke, the door was knocked and Jin Guoxiang came in. Su Tao introduced him to Tang Nanzheng. Although the old man had no idea of Jin Guoxiang’s identity, he could tell that this was a formidable figure, since the latter could obtain a star on his shoulder in his forties.

There was a young lady who followed behind Jin Guoxiang. When she looked at Su Tao, her gaze was filled with concern, which Tang Nanzheng instantly thought to himself that Su Tao was pretty skillful at womanising. This lady clearly had a favorable opinion of him.

Tang Nanzheng greeted Jin Guoxiang and left.

Jin Guoxiang brought two baskets of nourishment and placed them on the cabinet, then looked at Su Tao. “I never expected that there would be such a great incident.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao self-mocked, “It was like filming a movie.”

Jin Guoxiang bitterly smiled. “It’s mainly because someone’s interest is affected. That officer with the surname Jiang has already been warned numerous times, but I never expected that she would persevere.”

Su Tao knew that Jin Guoxiang must know the story behind it. Thus, he couldn’t help feeling nervous with concern. “Will it affect her?”

“Don’t worry. She’s the widow of a brave warrior, and her husband is a hero. In addition to the fact that she did this to safeguard justice, I’ve already arranged for someone to protect her.” Jin Guoxiang promised as he continued, “Many people in the higher hierarchy have also paid attention to this matter, but the forces in the dark aren’t that simple. So it can’t be rushed.”

Su Tao instantly felt lucky. Even Jin Guoxiang looking so troubled must mean that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company must possess an unimaginable influence, and this was also the reason why they dared to send hitmen so openly to assassinate Jiang Qinghan and Zhang Zhen.

Seeing that the two of them have finished their conversation, Shui Junzhuo placed the basket of apples on the floor and said, “Grandfather is distraught upon hearing that you’re injured, so he got me to visit you.”

Hearing about Sire Shui, Su Tao immediately responded, “Tell Sire Shui to be rest assured. My wound will recover in a week.”

Shui Junzhuo seemed to have felt relieved upon hearing those words, so she smiled. “That’s good, then. My Grandfather is still hoping for you to recover swiftly and play chess with him.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao promised, “I’ll certainly pay a visit to Sire Shui once I’m recovered.”

Jin Guoxiang and Shui Junzhuo did not disrupt Su Tao’s rest any longer and left after a few minutes. Just when they’re about to leave, they saw a gorgeous lady rushing over and opened the door to Su Tao’s ward before they could react.

It must be Su Tao’s friend. For some reason, Shui Junzhuo felt her heart being sourly pricked.

When the door was pushed over, a fragrance blew over that diluted the hospital’s sterilised smell.

“You bastard!” When Cai Yan saw Su Tao sitting there with a cheap smile, she cursed with sobs. She finally laid down the stone in her heart.

Only when love was so deep, you would lash out when you’re unable to express your emotions.

Su Tao walked towards Cai Yan and embraced her, then he used the hand that wasn’t injured to flick the tears on the corner of her eyes. “It’s all my fault that I made you worried. Yeah, you’re right. I’m a bastard.”

As Su Tao spoke, he gently touched her face with his finger, as if he was whipping himself. His acting was wretched to an unprecedented height.

Upon hearing his words, Cai Yan’s tears turned into laughter. “I’ve seen cheap, but I’ve never seen someone as cheap as you.”

Su Tao nudged his lips at the bandages as he said, “The bandaging is just a little more terrifying; there’s actually nothing much to it.”

Gently pushing Su Tao away, Cai Yan responded, “The heavens are truly blind. Why didn’t they let you get more injured and teach you a lesson? Otherwise, you won’t change your impulsive character.”

Su Tao was stunned by Cai Yan’s weird logic. But upon understanding her logic, he felt warmth in his heart. After a brief pondering, he blinked his eyes and squeezed out crocodile tears. “Rest assured, I will consider your feelings in the future if I’m doing anything. I will make sure that I’m not injured again and not make you tear up. In the future, if there’s any danger, I will make sure to run far away like an ostrich.”

“Screw you!” Cai Yan raised her fist, but she couldn’t bear to hammer it down. It gently fell, and Su Tao grabbed her wrist, gently scratching her hand.

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