Chapter 211 - The Chosen Seed

The secretary rushed in upon hearing the gunshot. The entire office reeked of blood and Yang Wei was lying on the ground with his eyes widened. He suffered a bullet to his chest. The secretary sighed, “You should’ve left it to me to deal with him.”

“I’m not in a good mood, and this can vent the emotions from within my heart…” Hans carefully wiped the pistol with a smirk. Although the smile was warm, it made the secretary tremble in fear.

The secretary came to Yang Wei and took the latter’s pulse. After confirming that the latter’s heartbeat had stopped, he said, “I’ll clean the place swiftly.”

Hans nodded his head and reminded, “Use the same old method to erase the evidence as well.”

The secretary forced a smile. Yang Wei was pretty fortunate, since the “same old method” meant soaking the corpse in cement and sending it to a random construction site. This way, they would be able to get rid of the body without any evidence.

The reason why Yang Wei was fortunate was because he’s dead. In the past, Hans had done that to a living person. The latter was fond of this punishment method, and those cement blocks were akin to his trophies.

In just half an hour, the secretary had already cleaned up the office.

Hans’ phone suddenly rang and Rangure’s voice resounded from the other side, “Are you free right now?”

Licking his lips, Hans responded, “Of course. Why? Is there a task from the organisation?”

Rangure chuckled, “I heard that you’re not in a good mood, so I’m thinking of comforting you.”

Touching his mustache, Hans replied, “If you’re willing to comfort me with your body, my mood might be alleviated.”

Knitting her brows, Rangure’s speech turned stern, “Hans, watch your words!”

Hans grinned. Rangure was his superior, and a gorgeous beauty at the same time. “Alright, I’ll apologise to you. Stop beating around the bush. I don’t believe that you’re so kind-hearted to care about my mood.”

“Someone will contact you at night, and I believe that he will be useful to you!” Rangure said, then she hung up her phone after that.

Rangure was his connection that handled intelligence in China. Now that China has become the second economic heart of Asia, many countries have planted their intelligence around the country, such as France’s China Branch Intelligence, Silver Generation; or such as Germany’s China Branch Intelligence, Iron Chariot. Rangure held a high position in the Iron Chariot, and Hans was one of her subordinates. Thus, he had to follow the arrangements that Rangure had for him.

Hans stood at the window and drank when his phone suddenly rang. It was an unfamiliar voice, and a local male voice resounded when he answered the call, “Let me introduce myself. I’m Bai Fan, a TCM Physician.”

Hans brows were raised as he wondered if there’s something wrong with Rangure. Why did she introduce me to a TCM Physician? He asked, “Oh? What benefits would I gain if we cooperate?”

Bai Fan laughed as he responded, “Mr. Hans, you’re truly straightforward. The reason why I found you was due to an investigation of a person, and I realised that we have a common enemy.”

“Oh?” Hans started to find this conversation interesting, so he continued, “Who is that person?”

“Su Tao, a TCM Physician as well.” Bai Fan had planted scouts around Su Tao so that he could obtain information at all times. From various leads, he found out that Su Tao had some issues with the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, which was the reason why he contacted Rangure through his connections.

The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company was one of the biggest western medicine providers in the country, with huge sales channels. Just China alone, their annual profits were at least over a billion; they’re considered a big shot in China’s medical industry. On the other hand, Bai Fan felt that it was beneficial to the development of the Medicine King Valley if he could form a relationship with the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company.

“Su Tao?” Hans laughed, “In my eyes, he’s just an ant.”

The meaning behind his words was clear, and it meant that he could easily crush Su Tao.

Bai Fan could understand Hans’s mentality. As someone standing at a high position, Su Tao was just a young man in his twenties without any significant status.

“He might be an ant, but he’s a poisonous one. According to the information that I’ve gathered, he made you suffer a great loss in Hanzhou City, and you’re unable to do anything about him in Qiongjin City, either.” Bai Fan sighed.

Since Bai Fan had once contacted Xu Jianggang, he predicted that the boss of the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company must have a great hatred for Su Tao after that incident. Bai Fan had already treated Su Tao as a great enemy in the development of the Medicine King Valley’s chains, especially when Su Tao had opened a branch in He City with She Wei’s help, which made him feel threatened.

Letting someone do his dirty jobs was a pretty good choice, and if he could instigate the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company to deal with Su Tao; he could sit back and enjoy the harvest.

“Silence!” Hans barked. Bai Fan’s psychological attack had caused him to rage as he continued, “What plans do you have? We might be able to cooperate a little bit in this matter.”

Hearing Hans’ words, Bai Fan finally felt relieved, so he answered, “We hope that you can be our partner.”

“Partner?” Hans laughed, “So you’re coming here for money?”

“Cooperation is always built based on money. After all, wouldn’t it feel meaningless if you put in so much effort and got no repayment?” Bai Fan knew that he had already piqued Hans’s interest, so he continued, “We have a common enemy, and at the same time, we can also cooperate to earn money. So, why not?”

After a brief consideration, Hans impatiently said, “Stop beating around the bush. What plans do you have? I don’t like being led around by the nose.”

“Alright. The reason why Miss Rangure transferred me to you is that I’ve provided her a perfect placenta product sample. If you’re willing to invest in the Medicine King Valley’s chain development and the Medicine Deity Corporation, then I’m willing to provide the formula to the Neuer Corporation.” Bai Fan maintained the speed of his speech as he continued, “Our common enemy, Su Tao, is also trying to develop his pharmacy into chains, and pushing his cosmetics company into the international level. Don’t you feel that it’s interesting to nurture an opponent for him?”

“You’re a skillful persuader!” Hans grinned as he continued, “Let us meet, then. My office is always open for you.”

Everything went as Bai Fan had predicted. He smiled. “I’ll pay you a visit tomorrow, then.”

Hans threw his phone on the desk and briefly paced around the office before picking it up and made a call. “Rangure, who is that man named Bai Fan?”

Rangure did not directly respond to his question, but smiled. “Why? You feel that he is manipulating you after your talk?”

“It feels terrible, and he is a cunning fellow.” Hans responded in an unpleasant mood before he continued, “Are you perhaps putting him into your seed nurturing program?”

Shaking her head, Rangure replied, “Another person has caught my eye, but Bai Fan is a powerful assistant for this seed that I’ve chosen.”

Hans knew that Rangure was hiding it from him, so he knitted his brows. “You’re not willing to tell me the truth?”

Hans was cautious, and he felt tense for being used as a chess piece of Rangure’s scheme.

Rangure gently smiled. “It’s not the time for it yet. Right now, you just have to help Bai Fan and help him expand the Medicine King Valley and the Medicine Deity Corporation.”

“Alright, I got it.” Despite the rage in his heart, Hans still acknowledged the matter. After all, the essence of complying with the rules had been deeply instilled into his bones as a German.

There was a document in Rangure’s office that she casually flipped through. Ever since three years ago, she had already been paying attention to this person.

Although he was still young and hadn’t gone public yet, he’s certainly someone that could bring profits to the organisation when the time was ripe.

Wang Guofeng, the new generation leader of the Medical Dao Sect, and the heir of a national physician family. If everything went as she expected, he would be able to rise to the national level in just five years and become an authoritative figure in China.

From her understanding of this man, he’s currently at his low point of life. Thus, Rangure had started her plan to nurture Wang Guofeng into a talent for the organisation.

Although Hans has operated in China for many years and relied on the Neuer Corporation to establish a medicine empire in China, he’s still a foreigner without any Chinese bloodline. On the other hand, Wang Guofeng was more outstanding than him, and even if TCM wasn’t popular overseas, it had a significant influence in China. As long as she carefully nurtured Wang Guofeng, he would be able to climb up to an authoritative position in the future and affect the politics in the country with his words.

If Wang Guofeng could become a national physician, then they would have a seed amongst the higher hierarchy in China. This was a brilliant shortcut.

There was another document beneath Wang Guofeng’s file, and the content wasn’t as detailed as the latter. Looking at this document, Rangure held her chin and she fell into thoughts. Wang Guofeng’s enemy just so happened to be someone she needed to deal with as well.

Su Tao, he appeared out of nowhere with a blank history for the past ten years. His medical skills were superb and also had a calm composure when handling matters. He also had two sides to him, an angel and a devil. Despite how friendly he looked on the surface, he would bare his fangs the moment his bottom line was breached.

Rangure had a premonition that if Su Tao wasn’t a spy from other countries, then he must be a candidate to be greatly nurtured by a mysterious division in China. Even if he was more outstanding than Wang Guofeng, there were too many mysteries shrouding that fellow. Thus, Rangure would instead choose Wang Guofeng over someone unknown like Su Tao.

“A grindstone is needed for one to grow, and I believe that Wang Guofeng can learn something from this opponent of his.” She placed Su Tao’s documents down and her gaze flickered.

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