Chapter 210 - Favor for Taking the Bullet

A silhouette fell in front of Jiang Qinghan as blood splattered. There were even several beads of blood splashed on her face that came from the wound that was initially aimed at her chest. At the same time, the eyes of the hitman were struck with two silver needles and he roared in pain. He started to randomly fire bullets. On the other hand, Jiang Qinghan embraced that silhouette and she fired a shot that accurately hit the forehead of the hitman, killing him instantly…

This scene continuously looped in Jiang Qinghan’s mind.

Lovers would often ask each other if they would take a bullet for one another, but Jiang Qinghan never expected that there would really be someone willing to take a shot for her. He’s not her lover, and she had just started to know him, a disciple of hers that she didn’t have any emotional attachment to.

However, Jiang Qinghan knew that her attitude had changed towards Su Tao in that instant. Only after experiencing a trial of life and death can a relationship be sturdy and establish trust.

She looked at the sickbed, where Su Tao was lying with his arm wrapped in bandages. She was dazed. She never expected that Su Tao would take a bullet for her.

Su Tao didn’t suffer any substantial injuries, only suffering a bullet in his scapula, which had been removed. He only needed rest to swiftly recover.

“What are you thinking?” Su Tao grabbed a tangerine with the hand that wasn’t injured and threw it over.

Catching the tangerine, Jiang Qinghan responded, “I’m thinking about why you took a bullet for me.”

“Are you touched?” Su Tao asked as he sighed, “I’m also feeling fearful right now. Back then, I had no idea what I was doing. I never expected that I, a Physician, would by lying in a sickbed as a patient. Isn’t that hilarious?”

Jiang Qinghan peeled the tangerine then placed it beside Su Tao. “I never expected that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company would be so insane. They even wanted to claim the lives of Old Zhang and me.”

“Nitta Watanabe was also terrified out of his wits by this incident and is preparing to leave for Japan as soon as possible. I’m afraid that he won’t be a witness for you to testify suspects.” Su Tao placed a piece of tangerine in his mouth and his mouth was instantly covered with sweet juice. Jiang Qinghan did not remove the pith. This was the proper way of preparing it. The pith actually has medicinal worth.

Jiang Qinghan deeply sighed, then she responded, “The hitmen were taken away by the State Security Ministry. I recognised two of them. They’re heavily wanted fugitives in Interpol. The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has paid such a great price to kill me, and that’s one more reason why I can’t give up now. I must go through with it.”

Su Tao sighed at Jiang Qinghan’s stubbornness. Although this woman wasn’t gentle, cute, or threw a tantrum, she had her own judgment that would attract the admiration of others.

After a few contacts with the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, Su Tao gained a brief understanding of this underground syndicate, and Jiang Qinghan trying to investigate them was akin to an ant trying to shake a tree.

It was shocking that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company would resort to such means for their objectives. Just imagine how arrogant and resourceful they must be to be able to dispatch hitmen in the hospital to erase the evidence. At the same time, he’s also worried about Jiang Qinghan.

The door was knocked and Zhang Zhen entered with a swollen face. He cursed, “That bastard, Yang Wei, has escaped. This time, we were almost done in by him!”

The injury on Zhang Zhen’s face was done by Yang Wei, and he had fainted during the gunfight, so he did not witness the entire process.

“We’ll pay more attention in the future. Yang Wei’s family circumstances are ordinary, so it’s not surprising that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company would try to bribe him. Actually, he’s an outstanding officer, and if he hadn’t gone down the crooked path, his future would have been bright.” Exhaustion flashed in Jiang Qinghan’s eyes. She had also suffered light injuries from the fight.

However, it wasn’t as depressing the betrayal of a fellow teammate.

“What should we do now?” Zhang Zhen asked with a solemn expression. The attitude of this senior officer comforted Jiang Qinghan’s heart a little. At least there’s still someone willing to stand by her side, even now.

“We’ll drill in from Brother Black to locate the Underground Research Facility at Jidong Province.” Jiang Qinghan said in a firm tone.

Seeing that Jiang Qinghan still wanted to dip into this matter, Su Tao asked, “The evidence that you’ve gathered so far isn’t enough?”

Jiang Qinghan shook her head. “The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company is extremely cunning, and their Underground Research Facilities are all covered up as illegal workshops. So even if we find them, we won’t be able to link them to the company. Even if we bring one down, there would be a second and third facility emerging…”

“Actually, there’s a method to hit all the Underground Research Facilities at once.” Su Tao glanced at the bandage on his arm, then continued, “Just directly strike the roots. The moment the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company is in trouble, their support to the Underground Research Facilities would be cut off, so just sweep them up after that. If you don’t do this, the fire will just endlessly blaze.”

“Without any evidence to prove that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company and the Underground Research Facilities are related, everything will just be our speculation.” Zhang Zhen helplessly said as he rubbed his nose.

“It doesn’t have to be the Underground Research Facilities. Just try and kick the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company out of China.” Su Tao responded. Zhang Zhen and Jiang Qinghan still couldn’t understand the idea that he suggested.

Jiang Qinghan knitted her brows and pondered for a long time before she finally figured out Su Tao’s idea. “You’re saying to investigate whether the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has any problems with their economy or other matters?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “Yeah, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company is smart. Since they dare to spread their net around the country, then they must be prepared. So even if you dig out their Underground Research Facilities, it’s impossible to shake their foundation. Why not change to another angle and see if the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has broken the law. It’d be easier that way.”

“Your idea is fresh and out of the box. If we stick to our method, it will surely come to a dead end.” Jiang Qinghan felt hesitant before she continued, “But we’re Criminal Investigation Officers, isn’t it out of our jurisdiction to investigate the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company’s operation?”

“You guys came from Hanzhou City to Qiongjin City. Isn’t it already out of your jurisdiction?” Su Tao’s words made Jiang Qinghan and Zhang Zhen smile in relief.

Sometimes, people would feel extremely exhausted when they’ve committed all the effort, but they couldn’t achieve the effect that they wanted. Actually, it’s not that they’re not working hard enough, it’s that they’ve picked the wrong direction and method. Some people treated life and death as a multiple-choice question; success or failure were just choices. Most successful people might not be outstanding in terms of their ability, but they’re more meticulous when it came to making a choice, when compared to others.

Hans smashed three glasses, making a mess on the superior-quality carpet. The secretary standing beside him was covered in sweat out of fear that he might anger his boss.

“How did you people do things? We’ve sent out five hitmen, but we can’t even deal with two loathsome officers?” Hans hollered as he waved his hand, revealing the impatience in his heart.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just received news that the hitmen were actually able to kill Jiang Qinghan, but someone interfered and ruined our plan.” The secretary cautiously responded.

“Interfered?” Hans flipped the small desk and asked, “Who?”

“It’s Su Tao, that person who ruined our placenta research facility.” The secretary pushed all the blame onto the unforeseen event to alleviate Hans’ anger.

“I have some impression of that person. It’s that physician?” Hans panted as he sat down on the couch to calm his emotions before continuing, “He ruined my plans numerous times. Go and search for all the information related to him. I want him to pay the price for being foolish!”

Since the secretary finally found a scapegoat, he felt inwardly relieved before asking, “Right, what should we do about the mole we planted beside Jiang Qinghan?”

“Where is he?” Hans coldly said, then held his chin.

The secretary pointed at the door and said, “He has a few matters regarding Jiang Qinghan that he wishes to tell you personally.”

A cold light flickered in Hans’s eyes and he faintly said, “Holler him in.”

Yang Wei tried to remain calm as he walked in. Hans stood up and gave a gentlemanly handshake. “Officer Yang, we met again.”

Yang Wei shook hands with Hans and smiled. “Mr. Hans, I believe you know my current situation. So I need your help.”

Lighting up a cigar, Hans took two puffs before saying, “Officer Yang, our cooperation has already come to an end. When you gave me the last lead, I’ve already transferred you ¥200,000. You can make a check.”

Yang Wei’s face turned ugly before he lowered his voice, “Hans, I’ve become a fugitive after providing information to you. Not only have I lost my job, I even have to change my identity. ¥200,000 isn’t enough!”

“Oh?” Hans shook his leg and smiled. “How much do you think is enough?”

“¥1,000,000!” Yang Wei said.

Hans broke into laughter that made Yang Wei feel a chill down his spine while standing next to him.

The laughter lasted for five minutes before Hans questioned, “What qualifications do you have to ask ¥1,000,000 from me?”

Gritting his teeth, Yang Wei answered, “I’ve recorded our first meeting, and if I handed it over to Jiang Qinghan, what do you think your losses will be?”

Hans was briefly stunned before he showed helplessness and admiration on his face. “Officer Yang, I really never expected your methods to be so brilliant. Truly admirable!”

As Hans sighed, he walked towards his desk. However, Yang Wei’s complacent gleam in his eyes soon changed into fear.

Before he could even utter a word, Hans raised his head and pulled the trigger on the golden pistol that he retrieved from his drawer…

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