Chapter 209 - The Master and Disciple in Great Danger

Zheng Zhen and Yang Wei casually chatted. Yang Wei had joined the team three years ago, and Zhang Zhen had been taking care of Yang Wei, feeling that the latter had potential. Their relationship could be considered as half Master-Disciple. Yang Wei suddenly yawned and smiled. “Big Brother Zhen, nature calls. I’ll make a trip to the washroom.”

Nodding his head, Zhang Zhen looked restless, as if he was about to doze off and closed his eyes. A few minutes after Yang Wei disappeared around the corner, Zhang Zhen suddenly opened his eyes with a ferocious glare. He stood up and walked towards the washroom, but Yang Wei’s silhouette was nowhere seen in the washroom. He swiftly reacted and walked towards the stairs. Although the door was closed, Zhang Zhen could hear a commotion coming from the other side, as he had expected. However, he did not push it open, since it would alert Yang Wei.

Leaning his ear against the door, Zhang Zhen could hear Yang Wei speaking with someone on the phone. But due to the soft voice, he couldn’t eavesdrop on the conversation.

His face flushed with disappointment. He never expected that the mole would be Yang Wei. This fellow had gradually obtained their trust over the past three years, which was the reason why sensitive information wasn’t guarded against him. So if he was the one that leaked their intel, then it would bring severe consequences to the investigation team.

It’s not rare for there to be moles in the force, especially when it’s a case that concerned syndicates. Those syndicates would generally bribe someone in the investigation team to be their mole. Back then, Yang Wei was someone that Zhang Zhen had personally picked from the academy, with excellent wisdom and character. Thus, he had no idea where it went wrong. 

Yang Wei casually returned and waved his hand with droplets of water splattering. Zhang Zhen held a cigarette in his hand before he handed it over and smiled. “You took a pretty long time in the washroom.”

Yang Wei rubbed his tummy. “I ate two buns that might be unclean, so I took the number two, and it feels so much better now.”

After waiting for Yang Wei to sit down, Zhang Zhen grabbed onto his collar and pushed him against the wall. Yang Wei was surprised by this matter and felt the pain from his back colliding with the wall before shock flickered in his eyes. “Big Brother Zhen, what are you doing?”

Clutching onto Yang Wei’s neck, Zhang Zhen furiously howled, “I trusted you so much, and yet you’re a mole?!”

Yang Wei’s eyes widened before he gulped down a mouthful of saliva, then he smiled. “Big Brother Zhen, what are you talking about? I think there’s a misunderstanding somewhere.”

Zhang Zhen gave a slap and roared, “Instead of going to the washroom, you went to the stairs instead. Did you go to rat about this matter?”

“Big Brother Zhen, I think there’s a misunderstanding. I was making a call earlier. My mother wanted me to visit relatives with her, but I informed her that I wasn’t free.” Yang Wei put up an innocent look.

“Then hand me your phone!” Zhang Zhen started to search for Yang Wei’s phone on the latter’s body.

“Wait!” Yang Wei said, wanting to grab his phone. But all of a sudden, his right leg was raised and he gave a knee to Zhang Zhen’s abdomen.

Although Zhang Zhen had maintained his caution, Yang Wei’s skills weren’t weak, and the knee struck his stomach region. The pain instantly made Zhang Zhen curl up, then Yang Wei followed up with an elbow hook on the former’s face. Sensing the burning pain, Zhang Zhen lost consciousness as he fell backward.

At this moment, Yang Wei’s expression had completely changed as he coldly looked at Zhang Zhen. He walked over and stepped on Zhang Zhen’s face before seeing a nurse looking over. He turned to glance at Zhang Zhen and coldly said, “You’re the one courting death.”

He turned his body around and charged towards the stairs while making a call, “Zhang Zhen discovered me! Make a move now, and make sure there are no survivors. Otherwise, I’m finished!”

Although Zhang Zhen was knocked out cold by Yang Wei, he regained his conscious shortly after. He was swept with a swelling pain on his head, and even half of his face was numb. He struggled to get up, and when the nurse saw his face covered in blood, she nervously asked, “Are you alright?”

Waving his hand to fend off of the nurse, Zhang Zhen walked towards the ward where Jiang Qinghan and Su Tao were in and banged on the door. The door opened, and after seeing Zhang Zhen’s state, Jiang Qinghan was shocked before she questioned, “Zhang Zhen? What’s wrong with you?”

“Yang Wei! He’s the mole! Run, quickly!” When he finished his speech, his eyes rolled back and he fainted again.

Su Tao swiftly walked over and briefly placed his fingers on Zhang Zhen’s wrist before he said, “He’s fine, he’s just suffering from a concussion. There’s no harm to his life.”

Jiang Qinghan sighed in relief. But suddenly, her brows knitted. There were disarrayed footsteps that resounded,  so she dragged Zhang Zhen into the room and slammed the door shut. Soon after, bullets were fired. Although they did not create a huge commotion due to the silencers, the bullets easily pierced through the door, along with a burning smell from the intense friction.

At this moment, Jiang Qinghan was feeling complicated in her heart. She was shocked that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company would disregard the consequences and send hitmen over. At the same time, she was happy. There must be a vital lead with Nitta Watanabe, which was the reason why they’re so anxious.

Exchanging a glance with Su Tao, the two of them retreated further into the room and Jiang Qinghan pulled out her pistol then proficiently turned the safety off. She had remained calm without a trace of anxiety on her face.

With a loud bang, the door was kicked open and bullets flew out. Fortunately, Jiang Qinghan and Su Tao had already hidden behind the toilet’s wall, and Nitta Watanabe was also terrified out of his wits and hid on the other side of his bed.

After a few minutes of no response, the hitmen knew that they couldn’t drag the matter anymore, since the police must have already been alerted. If they waited for the police to arrive, then it would be troublesome for them to escape. Thus, they charged into the ward with pistols in their hands.

“Arghhh!” A painful howl roared. One of the hitmen suffered a gunshot to his thigh with blood flowing out from the wound.

The hitmen did not expect retaliation with such accuracy. However, they did not retreat and started to spam their bullets. At the moment, bullets flew around with bottles shattering and the wall riddled with holes.

This entire scene looked like a gunfire scene in movies, but only those in it knew the danger.

Jiang Qinghan and Su Tao kept their silence, but the former’s breathing turned rough. There were at least five people outside, and they’re not your usual thugs. They were trained hitmen with ample experience as mercenaries, so killing was nothing to them.

Jiang Qinghan gave an eye signal to Su Tao, to get him to run if there’s an opportunity. However, Su Tao shook his head and first pointed at Jiang Qinghan before pointing at himself. The meaning behind his action was evident; the two of them would stick together if they’re going to escape.

In such a critical time, Jiang Qinghan also couldn’t be bothered to argue with Su Tao and only felt how stubborn the latter was.

One of the hitmen leaned against the wall before he walked in and cautiously looked towards his right. He soon noticed a silhouette, but before he could react, a groan escaped his mouth. He had suffered a heavy blow to his lower body and curled up.

Jiang Qinghan’s martial arts weren’t for display. Every single one of her moves could claim lives. That kick of hers was on purpose, since it was precise in terms of strength and angle.

Due to the huge build, the sight of the hitman’s companions was obstructed. Thus, they couldn’t aim, and Jiang Qinghan made use of that gap to charge towards the second person. Su Tao tightly followed behind her and struck a jab against the first person that suffered a blow to his family jewels, causing the latter to groan and fall to the ground.

Swift with her movements, Jiang Qinghan narrowed the gap in two steps. One hitman was an expert in wrestling. He swiftly reacted. He took half a step back and executed a spinning hook kick with a tremendous force that produced whizzing sounds due to the wind.

Jiang Qinghan could also sense the power behind that kick, so she didn’t dare to face it. Her upper body arched backward. It was akin to a bridge. Her hand touched the ground and she made use of the momentum by raising her feet and struck the chin of that hitman.

The hitman instantly felt dizzy from the shock sent to his brain before a silver needle appeared in Su Tao’s hand. It was then jabbed into the throat of that hitman. The hitman instantly felt it difficult to breathe before he subconsciously threw the pistol away and started to claw on his neck.

This scene left Jiang Qinghan stunned. She never expected that Su Tao would possess such fighting strength, not to mention the rapport he had with her.

However, that wasn’t the end of the danger. There were still three hitmen around, and every single one of them had a robust build. When Jiang Qinghan and Su Tao charged out, the hitmen did not panic. They formed a triangle formation with one person at the front, and the two others covering him with guns.

Jiang Qinghan suddenly felt her center of gravity being shifted the moment one of the hitmen fired two shots. If Su Tao hadn’t pushed her down, she would have holes in her brain by now.

Su Tao paid no attention to Jiang Qinghan, who was below him, and inwardly cursed. Those people were practically homicidal maniacs, and this beautiful master of his was even more aggressive. Despite knowing that the other party possessed weapons, not only did she not dodge, she even charged forth, intending to kill her way out.

However, he knew that judgment was extremely important in this situation, and the slightest mistake would result in the loss of lives here. His hand pushed Jiang Qinghan’s back, which made her feel suffocating, before he made use of this momentum and exerted force on his toes. He pounced forth in a peculiar posture and charged towards the hitmen.

Although the two hitmen were experienced, they were caught by surprise by Su Tao’s move. Before the person standing at the front of the triangle could react, he felt a sharp pain from the sole of his feet, where a needle had pierced through his shoe and burrowed into his flesh.

Su Tao’s move was bizarre, looking both sinister and wretched.

The one standing behind remained calm and fired a shot. However, his target wasn’t Su Tao, but Jiang Qinghan, who was lying on the ground…

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