Chapter 208 - The Underground Facility’s Shadow Reappears

Hanzhou City’s Criminal Police Bureau

Zhang Zhen excitedly entered the office and said, “Captain, there’s a piece of good news, Nitta Watanabe woke up yesterday!”

Jiang Qinghan raised her head and leaped from her seat with her ponytail swaying. “We’ll head to Qiongjin City right now!”

When the two of them boarded a police vehicle, Jiang Qinghan’s phone suddenly rang and she answered the call. A sinister and cold voice resounded from the other side, “This is Captain Jiang, right?”

“Who are you?” It wasn’t the first time that Jiang Qinghan had heard this voice. When she tried to pursue the case several times, her leads were all cut off through ingenious methods.

“Don’t you already know the answer?” That voice slowly continued, “Let me remind you once more not to pursue the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company. Otherwise, you won’t know what disaster you might set off.”

Hearing that voice, Jing Qinghan felt her breathing becoming rough as she responded, “Don’t try to scare me! I will certainly uproot the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company’s Underground Research Facilities!”

That voice briefly paused before continuing, “Captain Jiang, I know that you’re stubborn and you’re not afraid of death. But have you considered your family? If you continue to step on landmines and challenge our bottom line, we can only make a move against your family and let you know the meaning of despair.”

“Despicable!” Jiang Qinghan’s face turned red and she furiously brandished her left hand.

“Hehe.” That man chuckled, “Don’t pursue Jidong Province’s matter. If you carry on, you will soon receive grievous news.”

The phone hung up under those words and Jiang Qinghan’s gaze flickered with a cold light. “Old Zhang, something’s not right.”

Nodding his head, Zhang Zhen could roughly guess the content of the call. “We’ve been eyed by the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company.”

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Qinghan massaged her temples and bitterly smiled. “I think we have a mole within our ranks.”

Zhang Zhen subconsciously stepped on the breaks. The tires rubbed against the ground, emanating an ear-piercing noise before he exclaimed in shock, “But there are less than five people who know that we’re investigating the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company!”

Jiang Qinghan looked at Zhang Zhen and gently sighed, “When we return from Qiongjin City later, we’ll comb those around us and find the mole.”

The instant the two of them received news of Nitta Watanabe’s recovery, they received a warning from the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company. That only meant that there’s a mole in them.

Although Jiang Qinghan wasn’t afraid of danger, that person had used her family to threaten her, making her hesitate about dragging the innocent in. After a brief pondering, she sent a message over to Yan Wujin, “Take care of Shasha, someone called to threaten me earlier.”

“Rest assured. No harm can come to her with me around.” Yan Wujin responded to her message a few minutes later, making Jiang Qinghan feel relieved. With Yan Wujin’s skills, it’s truly tough for anyone to harm him and Yan Sha. However, Jiang Qinghan still felt her eyelids twitching with a premonition that made her feel uneasy.

When the jeep drove into Qiongjin City’s People’s Hospital, a youth called Yang Wei came out from a car. Despite his young age, he was experienced in investigations, and Jiang Qinghan also had a deep trust for him. Yang Wei walked over to Jiang Qinghan and softly said, “Nitta Watanabe has just woken up, and his wife, Mima, flew over from Japan as well. Furthermore, there is news that the moment he fully recovers, he will return to Japan and retire from China’s entertainment circle.”

Zhang Zhen snickered, “Such a hypocrite should get lost from China as soon as possible.”

Since Yang Wei has already investigated about Nitta’s situation, the three of them arrived outside Nitta Watanabe’s ward. Just when they’re about to enter, they were stopped by an alerted nurse. “The patient in this ward has just left critical condition, and he’s under observation. He cannot be disturbed by so many people.”

Zhang Zhen smiled, “We’ll just take a look We guarantee that nothing will come to him.”

“No way! Please cooperate with our job.” The nurse stuck to her principle and stood before the door.

Jiang Qinghan knew that Nitta Watanabe must be worried that someone might disturb him, so he made a request to the hospital. After all, he’s a celebrity, and if a reporter was mixed in, then his image would be affected.

She gave a signal to Zhang Zhen and the three of them sat down in the resting area, then they started to discuss their next step. However, a familiar silhouette suddenly walked over, flashing before Jiang Qinghan eyes. Just when she wondered if she was seeing things, Su Tao had also noticed her and he smiled. “Master, why are you here? For a case?”

Master? Zhang Zhen and Yang Wei were stupefied. They had no idea that Jiang Qinghan had a disciple.

Zhang Zhen smiled towards Su Tao. He had a brief impression of the latter. Back then, it was Su Tao who charged into the underground research facility with two other people, allowing them to successfully solve a case.

“This is the disciple that my father-in-law took under my name.” Jiang Qinghan sighed and introduced before she turned to look at Su Tao. “What are you doing here?”

When Su Tao saw Jiang Qinghan, his mood was pretty good, since it had been a long time since he had seen her after he learned the Jiang Clan’s Swordplay from her. He smiled. “I’m a Physician, so I’m naturally here to treat patients.”

After a brief consideration, it might be troublesome and alert the enemy if she talked to the leader of this hospital, so why didn’t she try and ask Su Tao if there’s anyone he knew around here, and it was best if they could talk to Nitta Watanabe without getting so many people involved. She waved her hand towards Su Tao and pulled him to the vending machine. “I’m currently investigating the case about the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, and there’s an important lead here. Can you help me arrange it? I want to talk to that person.”

Naturally, Su Tao wouldn’t refuse her request, so he responded with a smile, “I’ll give it a try. Who do you want to meet?”

“Nitta Watanabe, the celebrity from Japan, and he’s currently in that ward.” Jiang Qinghan lowered her voice. She knew that she had to be cautious after that call. For some reason, she could feel the eyes of someone from the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company.

Su Tao felt relieved upon hearing that and smiled. “You’re pretty lucky, I’m going to see him in just a moment.”

“You’re not lying to me, right?” Jiang Qinghan said, her eyes widened.

“If it’s not for me, then you could only look for him in the morgue.” Although Su Tao hardly boasts, he had no idea why he wanted to boast in front of Jiang Qinghan.

The latter coldly looked at him and responded, “Then bring me along, but maintain a low profile. Right now, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has planted a mole beside me, and the slightest mistake will cause the lead to be lost.”

Glancing at Zhang Zhen and Yang Wei, Su Tao knew that Jiang Qinghan was suspecting one of those two, so he sighed, “I’ll bring you to visit Nitta Watanabe in the name of following up.”

When Nitta Watanabe recovered, he had practically changed into another person. There wasn’t any more arrogance in his eyes. It was replaced with tranquility. He was touched that his wife flew all the way over, and at the same time, he also felt guilty. He had been in China for many years, and he hadn’t fulfilled any responsibility as a husband. However, not only had his wife put up with everything, she even helped him in difficult times.

Mima peeled the pear and sliced it into small pieces with toothpicks on them before feeding them to Nitta. The door was pushed over and Mima immediately stood up. She then respectfully said when she saw that it was Su Tao, “Physician Su, it’s great to see you!”

Su Tao nodded before he glanced at Nitta Watanabe with complicated emotions in his eyes. The latter’s eyes were filled with emotions and awkwardness at the same time.

“Thank you for treating me.” Nitta Watanabe said in a hoarse voice.

“Don’t thank me, thank your wife, instead.” Su Tao’s tone was cold as he continued, “If it’s not for her sincerity that touched me, I wouldn’t have even bothered to save your life.”

“I promise you that I will treat Mima better in the future.” Nitta Watanabe wasn’t angered by Su Tao’s words; on the contrary, there was guilt on his face.

Su Tao took note of the regret in Nitta Watanabe’s heart. He then sighed and sat down. He took Nitta’s pulse. The recovery was better than he had expected, so he said, “You can discharge at any time, just take the prescription that I gave you for a week and you’ll fully recover. Furthermore, it will also complement the lacking in your body from before.”

Nitta Watanabe gratefully said, “Physician Su, I will remember your favor.”

Su Tao sighed and glanced at Jiang Qinghan before saying, “This is Officer Jiang, she’s interested in how you got poisoned. I believe that you’re willing to provide her with leads?”

Nitta Watanabe was stunned before he waved his hand to Mima and said in Japanese, “I have some matters to say to Physician Su and Officer Jiang. Please give us a moment.”

When Mima left the room, Nitta struggled to sit up and revealed a self-ridiculing smile. “I’ve realised now that I’ve been treated as a test subject all along.”

Jiang Qinghan sighed. The underground research facility liked to use celebrities as their test subjects to swiftly expand the reach of their products. Take the placenta test, for example. Di Yuqin was a victim, and a celebrity at the same time. So Nitta Watanabe was the second celebrity to be affected by them.

Jiang Qinghan solemnly said, “I hope that you can tell me the truth about how you came in contact with those products.”

After a brief pondering, Nitta took his phone from the cabinet beside the bed and found a number. “He’s called Brother Black, a relative of my manager, Big Sister Ren. He is also one of the shareholders in the management company, and the one that provided me with the medicine.”

Jiang Qinghan nodded. The lead provided by Nitta Watanabe was extremely crucial, since the people that he could come in contact with were pretty high-end, and it was more efficient than blindly investigating in the black market.

Nitta Watanabe continued to explain some details, like how Brother Black would always provide him the medicine in a pub called Charm. Aside from him, the medication was also provided to different women as well.

This was also how he fell and became obsessed with this devastating lifestyle.

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