Chapter 207 - Azemiopinae Viper’s Venom

Although Su Tao couldn’t understand Japanese, he was able to understand Mima’s story with a translator around. Mima and Nitta were fellow students back in University, and the two of them have three kids right now, a boy and two girls. Nitta Watanabe had been dreaming of becoming an outstanding performing artist, but he had only managed to make appearances in small films back in the country. To feed his family, he came to know Big Sister Ren and signed a contract with the management company before coming to China to develop his career as a famous villain in war films.

However, Mima had no idea about her husband’s lifestyle in China, since she seldom flies over, and her husband would only return two or three times a year. Thus, Mima had been a standard housewife. Since the start of last year, her husband seldom called home. But despite that, she still immediately rushed over upon hearing the news of her husband.

Su Tao’s heart started to soften. Although he had no good impression of Nitta Watanabe, he’s the pillar of Mima. So if he died, then her pillar would also collapse.

Half an hour later, they arrived in Qiongjin City’s People’s Hospital. On the way over, He Deqiu had already made a call to get the staff to prepare the surgery room and do another round of checkups for Nitta Watanabe.

After changing his clothes, Su Tao entered the surgery room. He first took the pulse of the patient, which was worse than he had imagined. Not only has the virus entered his heart, but it has spread to his inner organs. Taking a deep breath, Su Tao was preparing to use the Detoxifying Acupuncture Technique.

Since Nitta Watanabe was suffering from chronic poisoning, Su Tao needed some time to deal with it. Roughly half an hour later, he removed all the silver needles and walked out of the surgery room.

He Deqiu was surprised and asked, “How is it?”

Su Tao frankly answered, “He should be fine. He will be awake in roughly half an hour. As for medicine, prescribe him with those that nourish his inner organs, then he will completely recover.”

He Deqiu sighed with doubt written on his face. Evidently, he couldn’t believe that the illness that had troubled him for days would be so easily resolved.

When Nitta Watanabe was sent to the observation ward, Ning Ru, Man Yu, and Bian Bo rushed over in surprise. They never expected Su Tao to treat Nitta Watanabe so swiftly. However, Bian Bo still held disbelief for Su Tao and looked at the pulse monitor before solemnly saying, “I don’t believe that he is really able to treat Nitta Watanabe.”

Feeling that Bian Bo was too narrow-minded, Man Yu furrowed her brows. “Bian Bo, you have an issue with your attitude.”

Bian Bo’s gaze darkened, but he took a deep breath and kept silent. Actually, his mood was understandable. If He Deqiu was able to treat Nitta Watanabe, he would naturally be happy. But right now, it was Su Tao who treated Nitta Watanabe, someone who was even younger than him. Thus, he felt unbalanced in his heart.

This was human nature. When something that couldn’t be accomplished by you was done by someone else, you would start to doubt him and even resort to fabricating rumors and plots to set up the person who was more outstanding than you.

As time passed, Mima couldn’t stay seated and paced back and forth in He Deqiu’s office, while Su Tao was chatting with Di Shiyuan regarding the TCM Building for Jianghuai Hospital and the expansion plan for the Three Flavour Hall.

“The funds for the TCM Building have arrived, and we can start the construction next month.” Di Shiyuan had spent an enormous amount of energy to follow up with the Provincial Hall and Finance to ensure the funds reached on time, and this had also proved his ability. Usually, these funds would take a long time to arrive, at least two to three years. Thus, it really wasn’t easy for Di Shiyuan, who got it done in less than two months.

“I suggest the traditional style for the TCM Building. This way, we can increase the traditional feel to it.” Su Tao pointed to one of the proposals, since he was more interested in those olden architecture designs.

“Since you’re practically the reason for the TCM Building, we’ll go according to your wishes.” Di Shiyuan looked at the proposal for a long time before he nodded his head with a smile. He felt that Su Tao’s taste was pretty good, since he had similar ideas as well.

Seeing how relaxed the two of them were, He Deqiu couldn’t help bitterly smiling. Have the two of them forgotten that Nitta Watanabe is still under observation? Or are they that confident?

Suddenly, his office line rang and He Deqiu answered the call. Hearing the report from the nurse, his expression suddenly loosened up and he gently sighed with complicated feelings, “Nitta Watanabe has woken up.”

Although Nitta Watanabe would regain his conscious occasionally since the outbreak of his Viral Myocarditis, he had always been in a semi-conscious state. But after Su Tao’s treatment, he had gained full conscious, and this had also proven Su Tao’s strength.

Upon hearing that, Mima exclaimed while covering her mouth. Her eyes were brimming with tears as she gave a deep bow at Su Tao before she ran towards the observation ward.

She was a virtuous woman with her whole heart focused on her husband.

Nitta Watanabe’s ventilator had already been removed, and under the help of nurses, he was shifted to an ordinary ward. Although his complexion looked sickly, he was able to recognise his wife, who was sobbing. Perhaps it was because he had brushed shoulders with the death god, but he had started to emotionally cry as well.

He Deqiu came into the ward and took Nitta’s pulse with shock in his heart. Nitta Watanabe’s meridians were flowing smoothly, his pulse was powerful, and even his Viral Myocarditis had been treated. Thus, He Deqiu had to acknowledge that Su Tao’s medical skills have reached an extremely high level.

Man Yu glanced at Bian Bo, who was beside her, and said, “Dumbfounded?”

Bian Bo gave a snort as he left the ward.

When He Deqiu saw this, his gaze flickered with disappointment. He had been holding high hopes for the Bian Bo, but a Physician without the breadth of mind wouldn’t be outstanding, and Bian Bo wasn’t tough enough.

After the group exited the ward, He Deqiu couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked, “Physician Su, how did you treat Nitta Watanabe?”

He Deqiu was his teacher in name, and Su Tao wasn’t exactly in the right spot to tell him about his method, since it would make him seem arrogant. Thus, he waited for He Deqiu to ask about it before he explained, “Nitta Watanabe has been taking a lot of sexual enhancement drugs over the past few years, and it developed into an unknown mutated virus. This virus is extremely stubborn, which is also the reason why medicines weren’t working.”

He Deqiu sighed as he inquired, “Then, how did you resolve it?”

“Although the virus is unusual, you would be able to deal with it as long as you found the source.” Su Tao did not hide anything from He Deqiu, “When treating Nitta, his body would go into cycles of shock and even showed signs of low blood pressure. So I had determined that he’s suffering from the Azemiopinae Viper’s Venom.”

“Snake venom?” He Deqiu was astonished as he looked at Su Tao. Snake poison was also one of the reasons for Viral Myocarditis.

Su Tao smiled. “So it’s understandable that you guys weren’t able to detect the snake poison. After all, the Azemiopinae Viper is extremely rare, only existing in Shennongjia. Thus, most hospitals in the world wouldn’t have records of their venom.  Furthermore, the Azemiopinae Viper’s venom is also mixed with several other poisons that caused the mutation. This is also the reason why it cannot be detected with apparatuses.”

The Azemiopinae Viper was extremely rare. They were often located 100 - 1,600 meters above sea level in the mountain terrain, and they would go on a hunger strike if they’re lower than that. At the same time, it’s extremely tough for them to be reared due to their unique diet.

He Deqiu bitterly smiled upon hearing that. If it wasn’t for the fact that Su Tao had successfully treated Nitta Watanabe, he might have thought that Su Tao was spouting nonsense. However, it was an undeniable fact that Su Tao has treated Nitta Watanabe, and his words held an authority, so He Deqiu had no choice but to believe in it.

“Right now, those illegal workshops would often use snake venom as an ingredient in their sexual enhancement drugs. Although they wouldn’t do distinct harm to the body if they were used sparingly, Nitta Watanabe used a large amount of them. At the same time, he even mixed the drug with others, which was the reason for his current severe situation.” Su Tao explained Nitta Watanabe’s condition.

After pondering Nitta Watanabe’s condition and Su Tao’s analysis for a long time, He Deqiu let out a sigh with a faint smile, “Your observation technique has reached great heights. For the past few years, I’ve been too reliant on the apparatus due to my research in the union of TCM and western medicine. I forgot the roots of TCM to use observation and analysis skills.”

Naturally, He Deqiu knew that even if he could find the cause of the illness, it required an extremely high technique to treat the patient. Although Su Tao had closed off the surgery room in his treatment to Nitta Watanabe, there’s a camera in the room that he could use to study at a later timing.

Su Tao modestly smiled. “Still, western medicine’s apparatus is extremely efficient with common illnesses and they can save on the workforce. This is the advantage that western medicine has. Let me make an example; the apparatus can easily examine the blood of 100 patients at the same time, and provide scientific reports for it. But it takes a long time for TCM to treat 100 patients. Furthermore, not every Physician can accurately examine the patient.”

The foundation of TCM was the ideals of Wei and Jin Philosophical School amalgamating Daoist and Confucian. It’s completely different from western medicine, which was based on science. Even though many TCM Institutions have pushed for the union of TCM and western medicine, there’s still no exact conclusion on how they’re going to be united. It’s like having a Daoist priest talk about Buddhism, and it would feel strange and awkward.

He Deqiu sighed at how modest Su Tao’s character was and sighed, “TCM is currently facing this awkward situation. There’s no need to prove if TCM can be saved, but the key here is if we’re able to expand its range of influence.”

Di Shiyuan’s mood was pretty good when he saw how He Deqiu and Su Tao happily conversed, and his admiration grew for Su Tao. Despite He Deqiu’s casual character, he didn’t have many true friends, and it’s rare for him to acknowledge anyone. Thus, it was indeed a good start that Su Tao could gain He Deqiu’s trust with his medical skills.

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