Chapter 206 - The Heart is made of Flesh

“Not possible!” When Big Sister Ren heard He Deqiu’s condition, she instantly bounced up from her seat. “Nitta can never retire from China’s entertainment circle, and you guys have the responsibility to treat him!”

He Deqiu wasn’t surprised by her reaction and faintly said, “Since we cannot come to an agreement, then pretend that I’ve never said that. If you guys want to transfer hospitals, then do as you wish.” Right now, transferring hospitals could be considered as taking his burden away. The reason why he put in so much effort was out of his responsibility as a doctor, and he had a clear conscience, even if he couldn’t treat the patient. He was confident in his medical skills, and if even he couldn’t treat Nitta Watanabe, then there wasn’t much hope in other hospitals.

Truth be told, he had also reached his limit, and he didn’t want to argue with the manager anymore.

Big Sister Ren’s first reaction was to call the boss of her company, and hope that they could apply pressure on the hospital with their resources. But after half an hour, she only received a reply from her boss; all conditions can be agreed at the prerequisite that Nitta Watanabe is treated.

“If Nitta leaves China, then the company will lose an important artist!” Big Sister Ren was surprised by this answer. She had no idea what caused the change in her boss’s attitude.

“You don’t have to know the reason. What you must do now is ensure that Nitta Watanabe is treated.” The boss coldly replied. Just an hour ago, a friend had informed him that Nitta Watanabe’s illness had implicated the power struggles in Huaibei Province, and someone was trying to use Nitta Watanabe’s illness to make an article to shake the entire political situation in Huaibei Province.

The reason why he could smoothly track the entertainment circle was that he’s sensitive when it came to politics.

Nitta Watanabe was merely someone that he had gotten over to please the politicians, a puppet. But since he couldn’t pose any help now, and might even cause trouble, the boss naturally had to get rid of this burden.

Big Sister Ren helplessly sighed and felt powerless. Recalling all her actions, she suddenly realised how hilarious she was. Suddenly, she saw a familiar silhouette, which left her stunned. She soon recognised that woman, it was Nitta Watanabe’s wife.

Walked over in guilt, she asked, “Madam Mima, why are you here?”

Mima’s gaze fell on Big Sister Ren’s face before she gently raised her hand and gave a slap before she started to reprimand in Japanese, “Why didn’t you inform me of such a big matter? You dare to hide it from me? Were you going to tell me after I became a widow?!”

Big Sister Ren could understand Japanese. She felt that her lips were torn and the iron taste of blood filled her mouth. Despite the rage in her heart, she didn’t dare to lash it out. After all, Mima is Nitta Watanabe’s legal wife, and she could only be considered as one of his lovers.

Mima mostly lived in Japan, and in her heart, her husband was a strong man, someone that she could rely on. But it had been many days since her husband checked in on her and yesterday she received a video on her phone of her husband lying on his sickbed in critical condition. After that, Mima gave a call to Big Sister Ren to ask of her husband’s situation, which the latter purposely lied to her and claimed that Nitta had been busy with filming and couldn’t call home due to the remote shooting location and couldn’t get any signal.

She instantly found her way to He Deqiu’s office. When the latter heard of her identity, he inwardly sighed, since Nitta Watanabe’s next-of-kin has finally appeared.

Serving a cup of tea to Mima, He Deqiu explained Nitta’s current situation. When Mima heard that Nitta only had a week left if he wasn’t treated, tears started to roll down her cheeks. He Deqiu felt sympathy for this woman upon seeing her tears. Despite Nitta Watanabe’s vile character, he had a good wife.

“Madam Mima, although I’m not able to treat your husband, I know someone that might be able to do it.” When He Deqiu saw Mima crying, he frankly said, “But there’s a condition for that person to treat your husband. If Mr. Nitta is treated, then he must retire from China’s entertainment circle.”

When the translator translated to her, Mima immediately wiped her tears and nodded. “As long as Nitta can be saved, I’m even willing to give my life. I will agree to all conditions.”

Hearing those words, He Deqiu sighed at the good wife Mima. Now that she has agreed to the condition, and with both Di Shiyuan and his face, they should be able to convince Su Tao to help.

A man stood behind a flower decoration outside the hospital and watched Mima slap Big Sister Ren before he made a call. “Boss, the matter has been done. Nitta Watanabe’s wife has been brought to Qiongjin City, and I’ve also given a call to the management company. They will give up on Nitta Watanabe.”

The middle-aged man acknowledged and ordered, “No matter what, Nitta Watanabe’s illness must be treated. You must continue to pressure the hospital, and there must not be any mistakes for others to pick on!”

“Roger!” The man responded.

When the phone was hung up, the middle-aged man sighed and lifted a photo frame from his desk and stroked the woman in the photo. “Qianhui, how can I let our daughter forgive me?”

The woman in the photo shared a great resemblance to Yin Le; however, her brows were softer and more gentle. She wore a white cheongsam and stood by the lakeside with her hair fluttering in the wind emitting an unspeakable charm.

When Di Shiyuan received an important call, he bitterly smiled. That Nitta Watanabe was truly blessed with great fortune, not only was He Deqiu requesting his help, even the powerful figure that was close to him had given a similar order.

Naturally, Di Shiyuan knew that the two of them had different motives. He Deqiu called him out of his responsibility as a doctor, but that powerful figure wanted to keep things peaceful. Although there’s already a judgment for Nitta Watanabe’s illness being unrelated to the cousin of his wife, Yin Le, the bureaucracy in Huaibei Province was still shaky from the changes, and someone might use this matter to create conflict. Thus, it had to be prevented.

Nitta Watanabe was a famous foreigner in the local entertainment circle, and if it was hyped up, then it would undoubtedly blaze like wildfire, and so, it had to be treated seriously. For example, if a piece of news like «The Daughter of a Military Official beating up the Japanese Actor, Nitta Watanabe to death.» pops up on the internet, it wouldn’t require the use of troll army for it to make the headlines. When the time comes, it would be tough for the damage to be controlled.

Just when Di Shiyuan was about to call He Deqiu, the latter had coincidentally called him.

He Deqiu smiled. “I’m currently heading to Hanzhou City with Nitta Watanabe’s wife, Mima. Please lead the way to Su Tao.”

Nodding his head, Di Shiyuan responded, “Sure, come to the City Health Bureau first.”

A little more than an hour later, Di Shiyuan, He Deqiu, and Mima came to the Three Flavour Hall. Su Tao was currently receiving a patient, and he never expected that Di Shiyuan would come over without greeting him. So when he was done with the patient, he realised that the three of them had waited outside for two hours. He felt a little guilty and knitted his brows before he asked Xiao Jingjing, “Why didn’t you inform me of Bureau Chief Di’s arrival?”

Di Shiyuan immediately explained, “We saw that you’re currently conducting treatment, so we told her not to inform you about it.”

Seeing Di Shiyuan being so polite, Su Tao immediately felt awkward and responded, “Bureau Chief Di, you’re putting me in a hard spot here.”

Di Shiyuan laughed and responded, “I’ve given you enough face, right? I’m here to invite you to treat Nitta’s illness in Qiongjin City. You can’t refuse me on this matter. This is his wife, Madam Mima.”

Mima initially thought that Di Shiyuan and He Deqiu were going to invite an old and prestigious physician. She never expected that the physician would be so young, which left her stunned.

Can such a young physician treat my husband?

Reading her thoughts, Di Shiyuan explained, “Madam Mima, despite Physician Su’s age, his skills are superb and he’s publically known as a young Divine Physician.”

Although Su Tao never lacked praises, his face couldn’t help turning red from Di Shiyuan’s flattery. If he continued to refuse despite such lavish treatment, then he would be putting on airs. He was placed in a hard spot since Di Shiyuan was the one who recognised his talent, so he couldn’t refuse this favor from the latter!

As long as there’s hope, Mima was willing to try anything. When she heard that Su Tao could treat her husband, she instantly kneeled on the ground with her hands in front of her as she kowtowed. Her voice was sobbing as she begged, “Please, please save my husband…”

The heart was made of flesh, and although Nitta Watanabe did not have a good character, his wife was pitiful. Su Tao immediately helped Mima up and sighed, “I’ll give it a try, then.”

Mima was around 35 this year. Although she wasn’t blessed with beauty, there was an exquisite bearing around her. Her makeup was light, but it was smudged from her tears with tear stains by the corner of her eyes. Although China had a barrier with Japanese men, they had nothing against women. Perhaps the AVs were the reason that every man in China practically bore the fantasy of saving Japanese women from danger.

Hearing Su Tao’s words, He Deqiu was a little worried in his heart. After all, he wasn’t clear about Su Tao’s standards, everything he heard was from Di Shiyuan. However, he also held expectations in his heart, hoping that this disciple of his was really brimming with talent like others have said.

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Thyaeria's Thoughts

So there's a saying in Chinese.

心是肉做的 - The heart is made of flesh/meat. (It's soft, and people can get soft-hearted.)