Chapter 205 - He Deqiu’s Strength

“Captain, this is the latest result from the People’s Hospital in Qiongjin City.” Zhang Zhen had a cigarette hanging from his mouth as he rushed into the office. Knowing that Jiang Qinghan disliked the cigarette odor, he could only extinguish the flame, since he still hadn’t finished it, and he didn’t want to waste it.

“Nitta Watanabe shows the same symptoms as the rest, suffering from Viral Myocarditis. According to all the prior cases, he will most likely die in half a month.” Jiang Qinghan knitted her brows as she flipped through the documents.

“This batch of medicine from the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has serious side effects. Even a celebrity like Nitta Watanabe became a victim of it.” Zhang Zhen sighed as he continued, “The defective product is swiftly circulating on the black market, and the clues are also extremely complicated. It’s practically impossible for us to find the source.”

Jiang Qinghan had been following up on Cambell Pharmaceutical Company’s underground research facilities and found that there’s an underground research facility in Jidong Province working on a sexual enhancement drug. The drug was already circulating on the black market, and after personally heading over to Jidong to investigate, she discovered that the drug had a severe side-effect. Although taking medicine would bring evident effect, it’s akin to chronic poison. The user would slowly grow a dependency for it, and it would also result in Viral Myocarditis.

As a celebrity, the resources that Nitta Watanabe could come in contact with were all pretty high-end, and it was a good idea to start their investigation from him.

It was also by coincidence that Jiang Qinghan realised that Nitta Watanabe had been making purchases with that underground research facility. Thus, she had gotten people to pay attention to the latter’s situation, and just as she had expected, Nitta Watanabe was also warded in a hospital for Viral Myocarditis.

If Nitta Watanabe died, then all their traces would come to an end. Jiang Qinghan stood up and said with a grave expression, “Continue to pay attention to him. If he wakes up, we’ll take action immediately.”

Zhang Zhen opened his mouth but briefly hesitated before he reminded, “Captain, we’ve no reason to interrogate Nitta Watanabe, and he’s a celebrity. So if we take action, we’ll surely suffer pressure from all directions.”

Jiang Qinghan sat back down and responded, “Old Zhang, we can’t allow more people to be victims of the underground research facility. I’ll bear all the consequences.”

Zhang Zhen’s lips moved, but in the end, he chose to remain silent and helplessly sighed. This captain of his was always with this “swim or sink” mentality, and wouldn’t let go the moment she fixed on her target. He left the office with his head lowered and re-lit his cigarette then looked at the sky, which had gradually turned dark, then he exhaled. He had decided that he would go down this track regardless of the danger.

As a man, how could his courage be weaker than a woman?

Hanzhou City, Di Shiyuan’s Office

After answering He Deqiu’s call, Di Shiyuan fell into a brief silence before he smiled. “I’m not really in a position to ask for this matter.”

“Old Di, you must help me in this matter. Right now, the hospital is chaotic from Nitta Watanabe’s illness, and the superiors are all riled up by this matter. The leaders have been pressuring me, and even his manager has come looking for me all the time.” He Deqiu felt that Di Shiyuan’s face should be enough to make a request for Su Tao to treat Nitta Watanabe. However, he grew anxious when he saw how hesitant Di Shiyuan was.

Di Shiyuan sighed and responded, “Old He, I’m well-aware of your skills, and general illnesses won’t be a problem for you. Although Su Tao is skillful, that doesn’t mean that he can surely treat the issue.”

Hearing his words, He Deqiu bitterly smiled, then explained the situation, “That day, Su Tao didn’t even take the pulse. He only relied on his observation to know that Nitta Watanabe must have taken too much medicine. Based on his observation skills alone, he’s better than me, and he has won me over. If I was able to talk about it, I’d surely invite him. But the problem is the current relationship between us…”

Di Shiyuan shook his head. Right now, He Deqiu was Su Tao’s teacher in name, and if he went to look for Su Tao’s help, then it would surely be embarrassing for him. Seeing that He Deqiu was also being forced to such desperate straits, Di Shiyuan finally gave in after a brief hesitation. “I’ll try and ask Su Tao about it, then. But I have no confidence that I can convince him.”

Di Shiyuan called Su Tao after working out his words in his mind. After exchanging a few conventional greetings, Su Tao smiled. “Bureau Chief Di, you must have a reason to call me despite your busy schedule, right?”

Di Shiyuan instantly felt awkward at how swift Su Tao caught on to things and ingeniously worded his speech, “Your teacher just called me and told me that he has encountered a troublesome patient. He was wondering if I had any specialists in Hanzhou that I can recommend him, and after a brief consideration, aren’t you a readily available candidate?”

Hearing Di Shiyuan’s words, Su Tao fell into a brief hesitation. He had roughly guessed the former’s intention and said, “If I’m not wrong, the patient is Nitta Watanabe, who is suffering from Viral Myocarditis, right? I’m sorry, but I don’t treat people like him.”

When Di Shiyuan heard Su Tao’s words, he instantly felt relieved in his heart. He could tell from Su Tao’s speech that the latter could treat Nitta Watanabe, but he just chose not to do it.

“Can I know the reason?” Di Shiyuan sighed.

“If I treated him, he will carry on his ostentatious act as a hypocrite. If I’ve treated him, wouldn’t I be an accomplice to his vile doings?” Su Tao’s tone was cold as he continued, “Although we’re in the medical field, and we can’t do nothing when someone’s dying. But I can’t be Mr. Dongguo and save someone despite knowing that he’s a venomous snake and let him bite back at me.”

“I understand where you’re coming from, I’ll let He Deqiu know about it.” Di Shiyuan understood Su Tao’s mindset. Probably any physician would have similar thoughts when treating Nitta Watanabe. It had nothing to do with him being Japanese, but his vile character.

When Di Shiyuan ended the call, he held onto his phone for a long time before he gave a call back to He Deqiu. When the latter heard Di Shiyuan's words, he took a deep breath and bitterly smiled. “Although Su Tao’s words might hold some personal views, he’s more unconstrained than us. Nitta Watanabe is certainly not a good person, and I’m also feeling hesitant about saving him.”

“Don’t be affected by Su Tao.” Di Shiyuan held onto his chin for a long time before he sighed and continued, “I understand Su Tao’s character, and he’s not someone that would sit and do nothing while someone is dying. He just has a condition for him to make a move.”

He Deqiu was caught unexpected by this and asked, “What condition?”

“If Nitta Watanabe is treated, he has to leave China and retire from the entertainment circle.” Di Shiyuan spoke the condition after analysing Su Tao’s mentality.

After a brief silence, He Deqiu sighed, “I’m afraid it won’t be easy.”

Shaking his head, Di Shiyuan responded, “He will agree to it. This request pales in comparison to his life.”

When He Deqiu hung up the phone, a nurse barged into his office and reported, “The patient in ICU is under critical condition. His EEG readings dropped, and even his breathing and heartbeat stopped as well…”

He Deqiu’s eyes turned grave and he immediately ordered, “Prepare for emergency treatment!”

The specialist that was invited over from Japan, Mr. Matsudaira, was also informed about this. He bumped into He Deqiu in surgery clothes. After casting a disdainful glance at He Deqiu, he immediately entered the emergency room.

He Deqiu was briefly stunned, but he understood Matsudaira’s intention. The latter was intending to lead the emergency treatment.

Every single minute after the heart stopped was equivalent to a 10% drop in the chance of saving the patient.

When Matsudaira entered the emergency room, he immediately ordered the nurses to give Nitta injections, such as epinephrine and vasopressin. At the same time, he started to perform CPR for Nitta; artificial circulation, maintaining a clear airway, artificial respiration, and defibrillation.

But Nitta still did not recover despite the defibrillation, and the pulse monitor was still flat.

Matsudaira’s forehead was covered in sweat, and he was stunned. He had no idea why the CPR failed.

A person walked over from his right. It was the Traditional Chinese-Western Medicine Expert, He Deqiu. He swiftly inserted needles into Nitta’s Zhongchong Acupoint on his right hand’s middle finger, the Zhiyang Acupoint on the shoulder blade, the Jiquan Acupoint on the armpit. Those three were acupoints used for emergency treatment, and they’re used by He Deqiu to deal with the sudden stopping of the heart.

When he finished the treatment, the pulse monitor returned to normal.

After casting a faint glance over at Matsudaira, he slowly walked out of the room, leaving the awkward Matsudaira behind. Facts speak louder than words, and He Deqiu had used his own strength to prove that he was more capable than Matsudaira.

When He Deqiu changed his clothes and returned to his office, Matsudaira came over with his translator not long after. When they entered, there wasn’t any arrogance on Matsudaira’s face. He then suddenly placed his hands on his trousers and bowed. “Gomen-nasai!”

This was also linked to the characters of the Japanese. Once you’ve proven that you’re more capable, not only would they admit your strength, they would also try to learn from you.

He Deqiu had also displayed the bearing of a famous doctor in the country. He swiftly stood up and went up to help Matsudaira with a smile. “Mr. Matsudaira, what are you doing this for? Please, have a seat!”

Matsudaira sighed and sat on the couch by He Deqiu before respectfully saying, “Physician He, I’m in admiration at how you treated Mr. Nitta with your acupuncture. If you’re willing, I wish to study under you as your student.”

When the translator translated his words, He Deqiu shook his head and sighed, “Nitta’s illness has yet to be fully treated. I’ve just used acupuncture to deal with the present issue, and it can only delay time. According to my prediction, he only has one week left to live.” As for Matsudaira’s request to study under him, he had avoided his topic, since he knew that this fellow wanted to steal his skills.

“One week?” Matsudaira was astonished as he asked, “Is there really no way to save him?”

“I’m helpless, but someone else can save him.” He Deqiu’s gaze flickered as he continued, “However, there’s a condition!”

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