Chapter 204 - Fluctuate Easily in the Wind

There weren’t many large-scaled medical chain organisations in the country. In the TCM Industry, old brands such as the Fair Treatment Hall, Grand Medicine Hall, and the Hu Family Medicine Hall have taken a step out. Aside from their headquarters, they had branches located in many cities. This was also the path that Su Tao had for the Three Flavour Hall.

Naturally, he wasn’t only thinking of opening branches in other cities like those old brands that mainly dealt with medicine and not providing any medical services. For the Three Flavour Hall, he wanted to walk a different path. The branches for the Three Flavour Hall he had in mind would provide medical care, as well as medicine, and this was the only way to let more people have confidence in TCM.

The Emerald Jade Brook underwent construction to be linked to the Three Flavour Hall. According to the blueprints, it would be expanded by three times its original size, with a total space of 2,000 square meters. It could be considered a considerable size as a TCM Pharmacy. When Yan Jing heard that the Three Flavour Hall was going to expand, she took ¥20,000,000 from the profits of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International to invest the medicine concoction room. With the funds, the medicine concoction room, which was initially dozens of square meters, was expanded to 300-400 square meters and even upgraded the equipment and environment.

Because Wang Peng could assume responsibility, Su Tao had made him responsible for the medicine concoction room. As for the manufacturing process of the Beautifying Cream and the Restoring Serum, Su Tao had given Wang Peng most of it, only withholding the several crucial parts. It wasn’t because he did not trust Wang Peng, but it’s an industrial rule. The core skill could only be possessed by a single person, and Su Tao had to maintain the uniqueness of products in the Three Flavour Cosmetics international.

Trust was built over time, and Wang Peng still had to be tested if he wanted to inherit Su Tao’s techniques.

Coming out of the new medicine concoction room, Su Tao walked towards the dorm, and he could hear someone talking. Judging from the voices, it should be Xiao Jingjing and Zhao Jian. In the Three Flavour Hall, everyone knew that Zhao Jian had feelings for Xiao Jingjing. Thus, Su Tao stopped and did not walk over in case he interrupted the two of them.

“Senior Sister, I have some things that I’d like to tell you.” Zhao Jian nervously rubbed his hands while standing by the red pillar and looked at Xiao Jingjing from the side.

“What is it?” Xiao Jingjing was watering the plum blossoms with a watering can.

“I’ll be heading to He City in a few days.” Zhao Jian let out a sigh as he continued, “Can you wait for me?”

“Wait for you?” Xiao Jingjing stopped what she was doing and looked at Zhao Jian in puzzlement, “Are you ill? Nothing you say makes any sense.”

Zhao Jian emboldened himself and confessed, “Xiao Jingjing, I am telling you seriously right now. I have fallen for you since a long time ago. Yeah, you did not hear incorrectly. Not like, but love. You attract by gaze daily, and my emotions would change along with yours. When you’re happy, I feel happy; when you’re mad, I also feel mad. Before my departure, I felt the need to confess to you. I hope that you can wait for me, and don’t give other guys a chance while I’m away.”

When Su Tao heard Zhao Jian’s confession, he smiled. He never expected that this brat, who was usually so tamed, would be so courageous today. Perhaps this could be considered growth.

Xiao Jingjing was stunned as she looked at Zhao Jian for a long time before she responded with a serious expression, “I can’t give you that promise.”

A flash of bitterness flickered in Zhao Jian’s eyes and he felt depressed. “I expected that.”

Xiao Jingjing placed the watering can down, walked towards Zhao Jian and hugged him. “In my heart, you’re an outstanding man. Perhaps I'm too greedy, but I cannot accept you. In my heart, you will always be my Junior Brother, a family of mine. You will always be extremely important to me.”

Breaking free from her embrace, Zhao Jian sniffed and chuckled, “*Sigh* I was brainwashed by that fellow Wang Peng to do this. Actually, I just want to silently stand beside you to observe and care for you.”

A smile blossomed on Xiao Jingjing’s face. This was the first time she had seen Zhao Jian being so serious. If it wasn’t for other factors, perhaps she might fall for him. But it was a pity that her tiny heart had already been filled up, and there’s no other spot for Zhao Jian.

Waving her hand, Xiao Jingjing joked, “Alright, don’t stand behind me in the future. It’s creepy.”

Zhao Jian sighed and he had also relaxed. “It feels so much better to say it out loud. I’ve always been afraid that it’d be awkward to face you after my confession.”

“Our relationship will not change.” Xiao Jingjing seriously replied to Zhao Jian.

Zhao Jian whistled while turning around and was walking back to his own room.

However, Xiao Jingjing felt that his silhouette was a little desolate, so she called out, “When you’re in He City, remember to mail me their specialties!”

Raising his hand with his thumb up, Zhao Jian responded, “Sure!”

Sometimes, it’s much better to have a direct rejection, rather than dragging it out.

When Zhao Jian’s silhouette disappeared, Xiao Jingjing took a deep breath and continued to water the plants. Aside from the two plum blossoms, Su Tao had also planted several other herbs. Although it’s already winter, they still emitted a unique fragrance.

Without Su Tao knowing, Cai Yan was standing beside him. She waited for Xiao Jingjing to leave before turning to Su Tao. “What do you think?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “Do you think that we’re cruel to have Zhao Jian go to He City?”

Cai Yan smiled and jabbed Su Tao’s head. “This is actually a good thing for Zhao Jian, since he would be in more pain when seeing Xiao Jingjing on a daily basis.” The pain of falling for someone that didn’t share the same feelings as you.

Hearing Cai Yan’s words, Su Tao instantly figured out something and asked, “Was Zhao Jian the one who requested to follow you to He City?”

Cai Yan nodded her head with a smile. “Although he’s not like Wang Peng, who has a more extroverted personality, he has a strong ego. Since his wings have already fully grown, why not let him spread his wings and fly?”

“You make sense.” Su Tao’s mood instantly turned better upon hearing her words.

The Three Flavour Hall was not his personal territory, it contained the life of many people with their own dreams. Xiao Jingjing managed to walk out of her inferiority complex and became a woman with both confidence and wisdom. Zhao Jian had also shredded his immaturity and could take the initiative to shoulder the burden. As for Wang Peng, despite his mouth still being so cheap, his focus on every product in the medicine concoction room was shocking.

All three of his disciples were swiftly growing, and Su Tao was caught unprepared.

It’s truly good to be young and grow under the rain.

Nitta Watanabe had been unconscious for a week in the People’s Hospital of Qiongjin City. His manager was anxious. She answered a call outside the door, and a deep voice could be heard from the other side, “How is Nitta’s situation? Are there still no improvements?”

Big Sister Ren’s face was dark as she helplessly replied, “The prominent cardiologist from Japan was also helpless against his condition. They couldn’t figure out the virus that Nitta has contracted.”

An order came from the other side, “Nitta is extremely important, and there are a lot of people supporting him in the country. If anything happens to him, then it will cause a negative effect. You must make sure that he’s treated at all costs!”

A bead of sweat hung on Big Sister Ren’s nose as she responded, “I will pay close attention to this matter.”

When she hung up the phone, she helplessly sighed. It was the boss of the management company that called, an extremely low-profile and mysterious person. Although she’s a famous manager in the company, she never met the boss. But because of Nitta’s situation, the boss had actually made a call to understand the situation, and further emphasised the importance of treating Nitta Watanabe.

For the company, Nitta’s existence was more of a political element than an economy element. He had played numerous villains in all sorts of films. Although he’s only making appearances in variety shows as a supporting role, his good image has been helping to dissolve the barrier between China and Japan.

Big Sister Ren immediately rushed to He Deqiu’s office, who was currently studying Nitta’s situation. Although they had successfully extracted samples, they’re still unable to determine the virus. Thus, they could only treat this as a new type of virus.

“Principal He, when can Mr. Nitta wake up?” Big Sister Ren slammed her hand on the desk and caused the files to tremble.

“I can’t give you the exact time.” This was already the third time that she came in today, and He Deqiu was also under enormous pressure. Not only was Big Sister Ren on his tail, but even the Provincial Provisional Health Ministry had also given him the order that Nitta Watanabe must be treated.

Big Sister Ren solemnly said, “If you’re not able to do it, then let the specialist from Japan take charge. I have zero trust in your capability right now.”

Knitting his brows, He Deqiu said, “Are you suspecting that I’m not providing any help to the specialist from Japan?”

“Yes!” Rage flashed on Big Sister Ren’s face as she continued, “I’m suspecting that you want Nitta Watanabe to die here and that you want to watch him die just because he’s a Japanese.”

He Deqiu furiously snorted, “You’re not only insulting me, but you’re also insulting yourself!”

For a foreigner, Big Sister Ren had insulted her fellow countryman, so how was she any different from traitors?

Just as he was about to speak, the specialist from Japan walked into his office and started talking, which the translator beside him translated, “Mr. Matsudaira feels that this place is too poor. The types of equipment are extremely outdated, and the virus database is also not updated. Thus, he hopes that you can transfer Mr. Nitta to another hospital or back to Japan.”

He Deqiu was furious as he refuted, “Nonsense, the patient’s illness is under control right now and show no signs of deterioration. He can’t withstand the turbulence, and transferring him under this condition is akin to murder!”

When the translator translated those words to Matsudaira, the latter kept silent. He was well-aware of Nitta Watanabe’s current situation. Transferring could only be used as a last resort, which meant that the protection measurements would have to be removed in the process, and any sudden changes could even result in Nitta’s death.

He Deqiu sighed and suddenly recalled someone capable of treating Nitta Watanabe. However, he wasn’t confident that the person would be willing to help.

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