Chapter 203 - Branch in He City

Because it’s winter, it was cold despite the warmth from the sun. Cai Zhongpu was wrapped in a green military coat. He looked at the Emerald Jade Brook’s signboard with complicated feelings in his eyes as he started to reminisce. Back then, he didn’t even have a single dime, and he had given his all for the Emerald Jade Brook. But now that he had to demolish it, he was reluctant to part with it.

“Uncle Cai, you’re back!” Su Tao went up with a smile on his face. He was happy to see Cai Zhongpu.

Cai Zhongpu nodded his head and gratefully shook hands with Su Tao. “Thank you.”

The reason why Cai Zhongpu could be released was due to Su Tao acting as a go-between.

He confessed some matters, which played a crucial part in the collapse of the Nie Family. Thus, since his contributions outdid his mistakes, he was pardoned from punishment. But the key figure that caused the collapse of the Nie Family still lied with She Wei. She was initially on the brink of death, but Su Tao treated her, and she stood out to denounce her husband, Nie Haitian. Thus, the Nie Family, who was once glorious in Huaibei, has collapsed.

Glancing at Cai Yan, who was beside him, he turned and shook his head towards Cai Zhongpu. “I’m just doing what I should.”

Taking a deep breath, Cai Zhongpu said, “As for using the Emerald Jade Brook to expand the Three Flavour Hall, Cai Yan has already told me about it, and I consent to this matter. I’ll get workers tomorrow to come and deal with this matter, so the Three Flavour Hall will be able to expand its shopfront.” He looked at the number of patients that visited the Three Flavour Hall with a trace of shock in his eyes. A few months ago, who would have expected that the deserted Three Flavour Hall would be so flourishing?

In the past, his Emerald Jade Brook had the best business around, but right now, the entrance was locked, and the signboard was covered in layers of dust. Comparing the Emerald Jade Brook with the current Three Flavour Hall, Cai Zhongpu felt helpless in his heart.

Su Tao could sense the sorrow in Cai Zhongpu’s heart, so he said, “Uncle Cai, Cai Yan has previously mentioned this matter to me, but I did not agree to it back then. After all, it’s the result of your blood and sweat. But since you’re back now, then there’s no reason for it to be done. You’re a famous figure in the antique industry, and as long as you reopen your shop, the Emerald Jade Brook will surely flourish like it has in the past.”

Cai Zhongpu waved his hand and said in a bleak tone, “Su Tao, you don’t have to say anymore. I’ve figured it all out recently, and I’ve decided to leave the Emerald Jade Brook to Cai Yan. Since she wants to do TCM Pharmacy together with you, then I will support her unconditionally. Although I’m closing the Emerald Jade Brook in the Old Street, I will open it in another place.”

She Wei smiled and added, “Old Cai has decided to follow me back to He City. I also have an antique shop under me, so he’ll help me manage it.”

Su Tao was stunned. He never expected such development. It looks like the relationship between Cai Zhongpu and She Wei was no longer tense, like it was in the past. He could see Cai Yan winking her eyes in his direction, and he instantly figured out that she must have been the middle man.

Through this period, Cai Yan and She Wei have formed a good relationship. As the saying goes, love the house, love its crow. She Wei’s attitude towards Cai Zhongpu was no longer like it was in the past, and she had chosen to show tolerance.

To celebrate their return, the Three Flavour Hall prepared a sumptuous meal, and Cai Zhongpu was surprised when he saw how familiar Cai Yan was with the employees here.

Reading his thoughts, She Wei asked, “Are you feeling weird after seeing your daughter changing into another person?”

Nodding his head, Cai Zhongpu sighed, “Cai Yan has never been good at interacting with others. Back in school, she was often cast out. Thus, she was lonely, without any friends. But I never expected that she would have so many friends and even integrate into the Three Flavour Hall.”

Sweeping a glance at the staff in the Three Flavour Hall, She Wei sighed as well. “Although the people here in the Three Flavour Hall might seem simple, they each bear a story. Despite their different past experiences, they’ve happily gathered together as a family.”

With a smile, Cai Zhongpu nodded his head, “I heard that you’re supporting the Three Flavour Hall to open a branch in He City?”

She Wei smiled, “I’ve owed Su Tao such a great favor, so I naturally have to repay him. Although that lass Cai Yan claims that she’s going to He City to accompany me, I know that there’s a strong drive in her heart.”

As the saying goes, a father knows his daughter the best. Cai Zhongpu sighed and bitterly smiled. “She wants to become even more outstanding.”

With a smile, She Wei revealed her pearly-white teeth and responded, “Only an outstanding woman can subdue the man that they admire.”

The first choice for the Three Flavour Hall’s branch was naturally He City, which was known as the Medicine Capital. Although the Nie Family has fallen, She Wei still held great power, and under her support, the Three Flavour Hall could swiftly bind with the Medicine King Garden to open its market in He City.

When the dinner ended, Su Tao and Cai Yan took a stroll around the Old Street. When Su Tao saw Cai Yan rubbing her belly, he smiled. “Are you trying to boost digestion?”

Making a funny face, Cai Yan smiled. “I’ve eaten too much today, and I’m afraid of the fat on my belly.”

Su Tao helplessly smiled at her words before his face turned serious and sighed, “You’re really thinking of going to He City?”

Nodding her head, Cai Yan’s eyes beamed as she asked, “Why? You don’t want me to leave?”

“A little.” Su Tao answered honestly as he sighed.

Her changes were too significant to the point that it made Su Tao feel unfamiliar with her. At the same time, he was also happy at her changes; her inner qualities have grown. The inner qualities could change a person’s demeanor, and it made her more charming.

Cai Yan chuckled and her laughter rang out across the Old Street like twinkling bells. “It hasn’t been easy for Aunt She, and she has no one she can trust with her right now. Therefore, I have to accompany her, and I can also help you take care of opening a branch. I’ve already figured it all out when I was in the military. The remnant wealth of the Nie Family still needs to be sorted out, and once it’s done, Aunt She has decided to become a major shareholder in Three Flavour Hall’s branch development.”

Su Tao was stunned. He never expected that and bitterly smiled. “It looks like assigning you as a spy was the right decision. You’ve successfully helped me reform her.”

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Cai Yan sourly responded, “Do you think she can’t sense it if I approached her with motives? I used my genuine feelings to move her, and she’s also good to me.”

It indeed wasn’t easy for Cai Yan to get someone as smart as She Wei to accept her.

When the two of them walked shoulder to shoulder, their arms naturally bumped into each other, and Su Tao seized the opportunity to hold Cai Yan’s hand. It was a soft and tender sensation, and Cai Yan also did not negatively react to it. On the contrary, she allowed Su Tao to hold her hand with a smile stretching out on her lips.

Su Tao knows her thoughts. He wasn’t lacking in capable women around him, and Cai Yan had a strong ego. She wanted to grow to become a woman that could face the world so that she wouldn’t be pale in comparison to Yan Jing or Vera.

She understood Su Tao more than anyone else. To protect the Three Flavour Hall, this young man even dared to face the triads, so she could tell how much the Three Flavour Hall meant to him. Not only did she want to silently support Su Tao, but she also wanted to contribute to Su Tao’s dream. She didn’t want to be a decorative vase, but to be a successful woman so that Su Tao would have a spot in his heart for her.

Naturally, Su Tao was also more than welcome to see these changes.

He always felt that Cai Yan had the potential. She’s witty, benevolent, and passionate. She just needed a stage and opportunity for her to develop.

It was all within his calculations when he planned to push her to She Wei. It was like a foreshadow, and reality has proven that despite all the setbacks, the two women could stand together as he had expected. With She Wei supporting Cai Yan from the background, even he couldn’t foresee how far she would grow in the future.

“Right, who have you prepared to go to He City with me?” Cai Yan struggled free from Su Tao’s grip and smiled.

Su Tao sighed and smiled. “Didn’t you already have a plan in your heart?”

Nodding her head. “Chu Huilin and Zhao Jian, I only need the two of them.”

Chu Huilin has become one of the important physicians in the Three Flavour Hall, aside from Su Tao, and his medical skills have received the acknowledgment of all his patients. Su Tao sighed and bitterly smiled. “You really know how to choose.”

Cai Yan happily smiled. “Chu Huilin can assume responsibility, and Mo Sui’er can replace him once he leaves. Furthermore, with Xiao Jingjing around, the operation won’t be affected.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “Chu Huilin is truly a good choice. But as for Zhao Jian… I’m afraid that he might not be willing to leave.”

“You’re worried that he might not want to be separated from Xiao Jingjing?” Cai Yan smiled as she continued, “Don’t worry. Although he’s young, he is someone that knows how to think. As long as we persuade him patiently, he will understand our intention.”

Zhao Jian has been growing swiftly in this period. Compared to Wang Peng, his foundation was more sturdy.

Su Tao sighed, “When do you intend to leave?”

“After the Emerald Jade Brook and the Three Flavour Hall is linked up.” Cai Yan replied casually, “Before that, we have to calculate all the assets in the Three Flavour Hall, in case we renege in the future.”

Su Tao smiled. “Why bother? We already know each other so well. If you want, I can give  you everything.”

Hearing his words, Cai Yan’s face blushed and she gently snorted, “You’re pretty good at conning girls. Rest assured, I won’t be too greedy. I will leave you with at least 50% of the shares. After all, you’re the eternal spokesperson of the Three Flavour Hall. Without you, the Three Flavour Hall will lose its meaning.”

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