Chapter 202 - Flower Blooming in the Heart

Su Tao’s observation skill had instantly seen through Nitta Watanabe’s lifestyle. Despite how Nitta Watanabe projected himself as a gentleman on television, he couldn’t hide his personal life from Su Tao’s keen eyes. Before Nitta Watanabe’s myocarditis flared up, Su Tao could already tell in the gents that the illness was on the brink of flaring.

If it was an ordinary Viral Myocarditis, it wouldn’t be difficult to treat with western medicine by eradicating the virus first before nourishing the body. However, Nitta Watanabe’s Viral Myocarditis was special. Firstly, the way of contracting the virus was extremely peculiar, and it’s rarely seen, so ordinary means to eradicate the virus wouldn’t work. Secondly, the latter’s heart was significantly damaged, and if the virus flared up, it would swiftly spread. Thus, using those ordinary medicines wouldn’t achieve their ideal effect so easily.

This was also the reason why Nitta Watanabe went into shock.

When the two of them left the hospital, Yin Le felt famished, so she suggested, “I didn’t eat much earlier, and I’m feeling a little hungry now. Why don’t we grab a bite? Consider it my gratitude to you for resolving my problem, earlier.”

Su Tao nodded his head and followed Yin Le to a food stall, where she ordered a few dishes. The latter even asked for two bottles of beer. When she filled up his cup, Su Tao smiled. “I’m curious. You have a good family background, and you can easily find a better job through connections, even if you changed locations. So, why do you want to put up with the grievance?”

Yin Le was briefly stunned by his words, before she asked in astonishment, “You investigated me?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “Don’t forget that I’m a doctor. My eyes can deduce many things from your complexion and features. A simple look can tell that you’re from a wealthy family. At the same time, you have a habit of raising your head when you walk, which makes you look a little prideful. If I’m not wrong, your parents should be officials, and they’re at least at the bureau level.”

Shock appeared in Yin Le’s eyes as she said, “You’re giving me goosebumps.”

Su Tao laughed, “Don’t be afraid. That’s all that I’ve guessed, and nothing more.”

After a brief pause, Yin Le took a deep breath and bitterly smiled. “My mother passed away when I was three, and my relationship with my father isn’t good. So I don’t want to rely on him.”

Glancing at the black vehicle that’s not too far away, Su Tao sighed, “But I’m afraid he doesn’t feel that way. He seems pretty concerned about you.”

“Concerned?” A trace of anger flashed in Yin Le’s eyes. “Back then, I watched my mother pass away before my eyes, and I tried calling him, but I wasn’t able to get the call through. Do you know the despair that I felt when I watched my mother pass away right before my eyes?”

Su Tao sighed. He never expected that Yin Le would have such a story with her. Truth be told, he didn’t have a good impression of her. Despite knowing that Bian Youtian already had a family, she still willingly became his mistress and ruined another family. Even if he knew that she was cheated and tempted by Bian Youtian, he still did not have a good impression of mistresses. But the story about Yin Le, especially those touching ones, made his heart soften.

However, he did not point out that the black vehicle was most likely sent by her father, someone to ensure her safety.

Pouring a cup of alcohol for her, Su Tao smiled. “People will change. Perhaps your father wants to make up for his mistakes?”

“It’s too late.” Yin Le forced a smile as she wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes and gulped down the cup of alcohol. “My mother has already passed away, and that’s an indisputable truth.”

Su Tao sighed. He knew that this knot wouldn’t be easy to undo. However, he did not force it and responded, “Your future in the program team has been ruined. What do you want to do next?”

With a bitter smile, Yin Le replied, “I’ll see as I go. There’s always a place for me in this world, isn’t there?”

Su Tao smiled at her optimistic attitude. “I believe that you will become the most famous host in the future. Right now, your setbacks are just paving the way for your success.”

Yin Le’s mood instantly turned better and she replied, “Rest assured. If that day comes, I will surely repay you.”

Through this interaction, Su Tao had gained a deeper understanding of Yin Le. This woman had strong perseverance in her heart, and she wouldn’t be easily beaten down.

The two of them chatted at the food stall for about three hours before the man in the black vehicle moved after seeing Yin Le entering a cab.

“It has already been resolved, and it’s that young man called Su Tao that helped Missy again.” The man called the middle-aged man, and reported.

“Him again?” The middle-aged man knitted his brows as he asked, “Is he trying to approach Lele on purpose?”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case.” The man reported, “Su Tao was introduced through Di Shiyuan.”

The middle-aged man sighed, “Continue to observe Lele. Furthermore, pay attention to the situation of that Japanese as well. If he can be treated, then he must be treated. After all, this matter implicates a foreigner, who is also a public figure. If this matter blows up, it won’t be easy to resolve. But of course, think of a way to send him back once he’s recovered…”

The man understood the middle-aged man’s worries. After all, if a political opponent tried to start a commotion with Nitta Watanabe’s illness, the middle-aged man’s image would also be damaged, since his daughter was involved in this matter. Huainan’s bureaucracy had just undergone a storm, and the middle-aged man was standing in the teeth of the storm. So he couldn’t afford such a disturbance.

After a brief stay in Qiongjin, Su Tao returned to Hanzhou.

The Three Flavour Hall was slowly establishing an operation model unique to them, so it didn’t matter much, even without him.

After several months of polishing, Xiao Jingjing, Wang Peng, and Zhao Jian already possessed a certain level of ability, and ordinary illnesses were nothing for them. Although Chu Huilin and Mo Sui’er were young, they’re still elites that participated in the Physician King Tournament. Thus, they’re able to resolve some slightly complicated illnesses, and Su Tao was more than happy to leave the job to them.

Naturally, he had a clear blueprint for the future. He wanted to fulfill Su Guangsheng’s wish to expand the Three Flavour Hall and walk out of Hanzhou.

But that didn’t mean that Su Tao was idling around. He had been planning the expansion of the Three Flavour Hall. Such as the Three Flavour Cosmetics International that he had established together with Yan Jing and Vera, it was for him to accumulate a sum of money to support the expansion of the Three Flavor Hall. Or such as him maintaining a close relationship with the Jianghuai Hospital, which was to give invisible support to the Three Flavour Hall. After all, it’s impossible to make a private pharmacy big in China. Therefore, he needed the support of the government. It was all due to Di Shiyuan’s support in the background that the Three Flavour Hall could do so well in Hanzhou.

Furthermore, he had also been in close contact with Song Sichen in this period, with the plan to hold the first meeting of the TCM Alliance. Therefore, Song Sichen would enquire Su Tao’s opinion about many things in the association.

“Lou Zi’an called me a few days ago, and his speech was soft. From his words, I can tell that he wishes for me to join his company, and even promised to give me a post as a General Manager.” Song Sichen helplessly smiled, and judging from his tone, he was full of disappointment for Lou Zi’an.

Su Tao knew Song Sichen’s intention. The latter initially intended to establish the TCM Alliance so that it could compete with the TCM Association, and this way, it might trigger the development of TCM. However, Lou Zi’an clearly did not have the courage, which left Song Sichen disappointed. This had also strengthened his conviction to make the new TCM Alliance better.

Su Tao sighed, “Although the TCM Association might seem big, there are a lot of amateurs. Many members are herbal merchants, and they know nothing about TCM. So we can’t just look at the quantities. We must make sure that all members possess medical skills as a base requirement.”

Song Sichen nodded and sighed at how Su Tao hit the nail. “Merchants are the most active group in the original circle, and they relied on the name of TCM to market their herbs. Many Physicians have fallen into the public, and they were refused admission by the TCM Association. Thus, the herbal market in China is growing, while talented Physicians are decreasing.”

Seeing that Song Sichen had also seen through the problem, Su Tao smiled. “So we must set the standards in the TCM Alliance. We have to prioritise people and those merchants ignorant about TCM can be left out.”

Although Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang had been discussing these matters recently, Su Tao’s view was exactly the same as Dou Fanggang.

Song Sichen knew that Dou Fanggang must have said something, so he did not insist any further and smiled. “A while back, when I talked to Old Tang, he told me that your Three Flavour Hall wants to operate as a chain?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “I’m just giving it a try, but I still lack human resources.”

Song Sichen also nodded his head. “For any industry to expand, the key lies in nurturing talents.”

Su Tao smiled. “Old Song, can I borrow a few people from you when the Three Flavour Hall expands?”

With a smile, Song Sichen responded, “Fine with me, as long as you’re able to afford the salary.”

After chatting with Song Sichen for a long time, only then did they end their call. In the past few months, Su Tao had been trying to resolve the issue with human resources, since the Three Flavour Hall could only start to expand once he had prepared enough people. He had to ensure their ability and not just make up the numbers with anyone.

A disturbance rang out and Su Tao knitted his brows before turning his head outside. He saw Wang Peng and Zhao Jian surrounding a woman while they tried to please her. That woman’s back was facing the sun and her face was brimming with a smile that left Su Tao stunned.

He strolled his way over and smiled. “You’re back?”

If they never met, then there wouldn’t be any sorrow of separation. If there’s no separation, then there wouldn’t be any joy upon reuniting. It was a sweet feeling like a flower blooming in the heart that made one linger in it.

Cai Yan felt her nose sour as she nodded her head. “Yeah, I’m not alone. I even brought others with me.”

Su Tao walked out and saw She Wei and Cai Zhongpu talking while standing outside the Emerald Jade Brook.

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