Chapter 201 - International Hypocrite

There’s a black vehicle parked in the carpark of the Qiongjin People’s Hospital. A man was wearing a thin jacket while leaning on it with eyes that radiated light akin to a wolf. He extinguished the cigarette on the ashtray and dialed a number. “Missy has encountered trouble.”

“What is it?” The middle-aged man rubbed his brows and weakly asked, “She just returned to Qiongjin and got herself into trouble again?”

The man swiftly explained, “It’s not Missy that provoked trouble this time, but an actor on the program team who tried to get close to Missy but was hit by her instead.”

The middle-aged man acknowledged as he continued, “So be it then, get someone to deal with it. Don’t make a commotion out of it.” Since it was that person who started, the middle-aged man felt more relieved.

The man sighed as he explained without any emotions in his tone, “It’s not that simple. That actor is from Japan, and his manager has appeared. She even brought four bodyguards with her.”

The middle-aged man knitted his brows and asked, “What’s the attitude of the program team?”

The man responded truthfully, “They’re only thinking of pushing the blame onto Missy.”

Letting out a snort, the middle-aged man unhappily said, “The program team really has no moral integrity, they should stand on the side of their fellow employees on this matter!”

The man called to ask for instructions, and thus, he asked, “If Missy is in danger, should I stand out and help her?”

After a brief consideration, the middle-aged man responded, “The reason why I arranged you to her and not allow you to interfere in her life is so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes again. She has to face a setback in life herself; only then, can she grow up. After all, I can’t protect her forever. Continue to guard her, and as long as it doesn’t implicate her safety, there’s no need for you to reveal yourself.”

When the man finished the call, he closed his eyes and his entire body tensed up. He was akin to a crouching beast in the night.

Although the middle-aged man said it that way, he still felt uneasy and paced around the room before he let out a deep sigh. In the end, he decided that he would not interfere in any of the difficulties that his daughter faced.

Su Tao followed He Deqiu out and saw Yin Le surrounded by a few people. Instantly, he increased his pace as he walked over, and held onto the hand of Nitta’s manager, who was going to slap Yin Le.

Nitta’s manager had some fame in the entertainment circle, often known as Big Sister Ren. When they started, she and Nitta were partners in acting, which she later converted to become his manager. Her Master was exceptionally famous in China’s entertainment circle, especially in the three provinces of Northeast, and he could be known as an authoritative figure there.

Big Sister Ren wanted to slap Yin Le for how arrogant and rude she was, but she never expected that a young man would stop her. The bodyguards around her also swiftly reacted and pounced forth when they realised that Su Tao was being rude to Big Sister Ren. However, Su Tao had merely used his finger to jabbed those bodyguards and all of them fell to the ground, twitching.

He Deqiu, and the rest were shocked when they saw the entire process.

Firstly, they never expected that Su Tao would interfere in this matter, and secondly, they did not expect that Su Tao would possess some skills. He easily sent all four bodyguards to the ground!

Man Yu was one of those easily smitten girls, and she had a favorable opinion of Su Tao, to begin with. So when she saw how righteously he acted, her face couldn’t stay calm and she turned to look at Bian Bo. “Are you terrified now? If you dare to bad mouth him again, I’ll tell him about it and see how he gives you a bashing.”

When Bian Bo witnessed Su Tao’s skills, he instantly felt ashamed of his inferiority and awkwardly sniffed his nose before he responded, “With just this character of his that likes to interfere in other people’s business, he’s not a qualified doctor.”

Ning Ru also couldn’t stand the ridiculement, so she rolled her eyes. “What Su Tao did was right. Nitta’s illness wasn’t related to that girl, but everyone is clearly trying to bully her by pushing all the blame onto her. But it’s a pity, that not everyone can be like Su Tao, who dares to stand out and speak up for her.”

Bian Bo wanted to refute her, but his words were stuck in his throat. After all, he knew the entire story, and it was because Nitta was trying to take advantage of Yin Le. In the end, he was hit by the latter, and his illness coincidentally broke out at the same time. Yin Le was just executing self-defense, but right now, everyone twisted the truth and treated that as an assault.

After sending four bodyguards onto the ground, only then did he loosen his grip. Big Sister Ren was startled before she took several steps back. “Who are you? You dare stop me?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao faintly said with a smile, “I’m just a passerby, and acted after seeing something unfair.”

Pointing her finger towards Su Tao’s nose, Big Sister Ren started to shrewishly curse, “Brat, you’re pretty extra. You dare to interfere in my matter? Some things aren’t for you to interfere, or you will get yourself into trouble. This bitch injured my actor, and I will definitely repay this debt. Since you’re so unafraid of death, then I’ll deal with you as well!”

Seeing Yin Le lowering her head, Su Tao sighed. Although his impression of her was ordinary, he felt an obligation to help her in this, so he said, “I hope that you have some conscience. Your actor has harassed her. This is the reason why she retaliated out of self-defense. As a Chinese, you’re humiliating your own fellow countrymen for a disgusting person? Do you know any shame?”

Su Tao’s words were patriotic, which instantly attracted the acknowledgment of many people around him.

“Mr. Nitta is an upright Japanese, and he has been working for a good relationship between the two countries. He’s an ambassador of the two countries, so you’re not allowed to insult him!” Big Sister Ren was fuming with rage. She couldn’t win against Su Tao, both physically and verbally.

Su Tao snickered before he sighed and continued, “Nitta Watanabe’s Viral Myocarditis is related to his daily life. He has been taking those sex supplements, and many of those aren’t according to health standards. He has been extravagant in his sexual life and abused those supplements that lead to his weak kidneys. At the same time, those supplements are extremely poisonous, damaging his heart muscles. This is the reason for his myocarditis, and you’re actually trying to push the blame onto someone else?”

In the entertainment circle, Nitta Watanabe had the nickname “Japanese Stallion”. Being in China for so many years, the number of women he slept with probably numbered in the three digits, without lacking celebrities and fans. So as someone close to him, Big Sister Ren should know that Nitta Watanabe took those supplements. Nitta Watanabe was infatuated with those supplements, just like how some people were infatuated with toys. He had been gathering all sorts of supplements and even tested them on himself to pursue excitement.

Although Su Tao never took Nitta Watanabe’s pulse, he had already analysed the cause of the latter’s illness through his observation and statistics.

As a doctor, he had an obligation to protect those secrets, but if he did not reveal them right now, everyone wouldn’t understand the conduct of Nitta Watanabe and misunderstand Yin Le as the criminal.

Big Sister Ren couldn’t help staggering back and looked at Su Tao in disbelief. She never expected that Su Tao would know Nitta Watanabe’s secrets. In her heart, she was wondering who Su Tao was. Could be he a paparazzi?

If this news went out, then it would probably sweep through the entertainment circle and become a top scandal. Nitta Watanabe’s reputation would ultimately go down the drain. In the future, there won’t be any way for him to remain in the entertainment circle as well.

“You’re a paparazzi of which agency?” Big Sister Ren lowered her voice as she continued, “If you expose this news, I’ll make your life hell in this circle!”

“Paparazzi?” Su Tao knitted his brows before he helplessly smiled. “I’m a Physician. The entertainment circle is too chaotic, and I’m not interested in it.”

When he finished, he patted his hand on Yin Le’s shoulder and sighed, “Miss, why are you still not leaving? You want to let these traitors continue to humiliate you?”

Yin Le recovered. It all happened in a flash. She practically had no idea what had just happened. Just as she was pondering how she should deal with this situation, it had already been resolved. Su Tao was akin to a mountain that protected her and resolved this issue.

As she slowly stood up, she left together with Su Tao. The latter turned to He Deqiu with an apologetic expression. “Teacher He, I’ll take my leave first. I’ll pay you a visit in the future.”

Staring at Su Tao, He Deqiu felt his words get stuck before he smiled. “Alright, let’s make contact at a later timing.” Su Tao’s words had already shown that he understood Nitta Watanabe’s situation, and he must be able to deal with it. However, He Deqiu didn’t want to ask. Firstly, Su Tao was his student in name, so he really couldn’t pull down his face and ask for this favor. Secondly, Su Tao didn’t like Nitta Watanabe, so even if he had asked, the former might not agree to it, and it would just make the atmosphere even more awkward.

However, Su Tao had just reminded him that he might be able to find a breakthrough from those sex supplements. As for those supplements that Nitta Watanabe had taken, they would have to wait for the patient to wake up to inquire about them.

After they left the hospital, Yin Le looked at Su Tao with a complicated gaze. “Why did you help me after calling me a mistress?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “Compared to a mistress, I hate an international hypocrite even more.”

“Will Nitta Watanabe be alright?” Yin Le asked curiously.

Su Tao sourly smiled. “So do you wish him to be fine? Or wish that he doesn’t recover?”

“I hope that he’s fine. After all, he didn’t take much of an advantage of me.” Yin Le sighed.

Su Tao knew that she was trying to prod him, so he smiled. “If Nitta Watanabe wants to recover, then they will have the find the source of the virus. If they’re not able to find the virus, then his situation won’t be good. He will slowly die under the torment of his illness.”

“You’re saying it as if you can foresee the future. With how advanced technology is, he will surely be fine.” Yin Le’s eyes glittered, but she was briefly stunned before she gave out an apologetic smile. “Thanks for your help, and please understand why I did not inform you when I left Hanzhou. I just wanted to use another method to find a new life for myself.”

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