Chapter 200 - Viral Myocarditis

Although the real estate industry was low right now, since it had undergone a rapid development stage, it’s still the driving force behind society’s development. The Health City was a pretty good idea, and Su Tao had also considered how to link TCM with other industries together. Despite Cao Bin’s real motive not being to promote the TCM culture, and it was only a marketing gimmick, it gave Su Tao enlightenment.

Using TCM as the main topic, and Three Flavour Hall in the center, he could create an actual TCM Health City to provide healthcare for the common folks. Not only can he promote the Three Flavour Hall’s reputation, but it could also change the concept of TCM in common folks after having such a city in every city. At the same time of reintroducing TCM into the lives of common folks, he could also promote their national culture.

Although he wasn’t the main character of this meal and did not have any sense of presence, he had gained a great harvest from the talks.

As the meal continued, Zou Haichao suddenly received a call and his brows knitted. “What? Where are you guys?”

After an address was reported from the other side of the call, Zou Haichao let out a long sigh and he responded, “I know, I’ll make my way over now.”

When he hung up the phone, Zou Haichao knitted his brows and bitterly smiled. “President Zou, there’s a situation. Ni Tong just called me and said there’s someone amongst them who fainted, they’re just downstairs!”

Cao Bin was briefly stunned before he responded, “Principal He is here, we’ll go and take a look. With him around, there shouldn’t be any problems. As long as the patient still has a breath remaining, Principle He can perform miracles.”

He Deqiu awkwardly smiled. If there were such miraculous medical skills in the world, why would people still die? However, since life is a concern in this matter, he didn’t have the time to talk about these matters and declared, “Let’s head down and take a look.”

The group rushed out of the room and saw a man in a western suit lying on the ground, huddled together with a few people watching from the side. Ni Tong was furious and was reprimanding a person. Su Tao knitted his brows when he saw this from afar. He sighed. The one Ni Tong was reprimanding was Yin Le, and the one lying on the ground was Nitta Watanabe.

Yin Le stood there, looking helpless.

He Deqiu quickened his steps and he placed his finger to take Nitta Watanabe’s pulse, then asked with a grave expression, “What happened?”

Pointing her finger at Yin Le, Ni Tong answered, “She hit Mr. Nitta in the head, then he fell, vomiting blood and has been twitching incessantly.”

There was a huge trace of blood by the corner of Nitta Watanabe’s lips and his eyes were closed. He hugged his chest and his entire body spasmed. His legs were also pinched together in an awkward posture. He twitched with blood continuously flowing from his lips, making him look terrifying.

The rim of Yin Le’s eyes had turned red as she said in grievance, “He constantly harassed me, and even used his hand to… So I hit him with my purse. But I only hit him once, so how could he vomit blood from that?”

When Ni Tong saw that Yin Le still tried to explain, she impatiently waved her hand. “You don’t have to explain anymore. Firstly, you’ve been fired from the program, and as for your wages, you can forget about them.”

Yin Le had also had enough. She furiously responded, “I don’t need you to fire me, I quit!” When she finished speaking, she turned around and wanted to leave.

When Ni Tong saw that Yin Le was still so arrogant, she gave an eye signal to Little Ding. The latter instantly knew Ni Tong’s intention, so he went up and stopped Yin Le with a push. “You injured Mr. Nitta, and you want to run?”

Yin Le felt furious. She was shoved by Little Ding and stumbled, she had lost her center of gravity and fell towards the side. Suddenly, she felt support from her waist that stabilised her body. Looking over subconsciously, she was Su Tao, who took a step forth and supported her. Recalling Su Tao’s reply to her message, she grew indignant and pushed Su Tao away. “I don’t need your help!”

Su Tao helplessly smiled and sighed, “What a temper you have there, no wonder you managed to provoke trouble everywhere you go.” Su Tao was sensitive, and he knew that they would surely have a conflict. But as acquaintances, he couldn’t just leave her alone, right? After all, even for the sake of Di Shiyuan, he had to do his best to protect Yin Le.

Yin Le finally couldn’t hold it back anymore and tears rolled down her cheeks after seeing Su Tao. For some reason, her tears, which she had been holding back, started to overflow.

Ni Ting sneered, “You still know how to cry? This is all because of you!”

With his brows knitted, Su Tao faintly said, “Don’t go making a conclusion so easily.”

Ni Tong snorted, and just when she wanted to refute, He Deqiu had finished his checkup. The latter cast a glance at Su Tao. He had been observing Su Tao, and had a rough understanding of the latter’s ability. Although Su Tao did not take any pulse, He Deqiu could tell from Su Tao’s tone that he had already found the reason why Nitta fell onto the ground and vomited blood. He faintly said, “The patient’s situation is not related to the hit, it’s a hidden illness that suddenly flared up. It’s like a landmine; his illness suddenly erupted and caused this situation.”

He Deqiu was a medical specialist, and Ni Tong wouldn’t go as far as contradicting a specialist. Thus, she sighed, “What should we do then? How can we treat him?”

Shaking his head, He Deqiu replied, “The patient is suffering from Viral Myocarditis, and it occurred so suddenly. So it’s best to send him to the hospital right now.”

Although Nitta Watanabe wasn’t an A-ranked celebrity, he still held an important position in the program, since they had already signed a contract. So the program team would undoubtedly be held responsible for such a severe situation. Ni Tong sighed, “Let’s send him to the hospital, then.”

After dialing 120, the ambulance swiftly arrived. Fortunately, He Deqiu had used some simple acupuncture techniques to guard Nitta Watanabe’s heart’s pulse. So despite being in a critical situation, Nitta wouldn’t die in a short amount of time. He Deqiu’s group had also followed the ambulance to Qiongjin’s People Hospital.

He Deqiu was an outpatient specialist in this hospital, and he had also given a call to his colleagues. Thus, the hospital had placed great importance on this matter with all the apparatus and procedures already prepared.

After the examination of the hospital’s apparatus, they had confirmed Nitta Watanabe’s illness, and it was just as He Deqiu has determined.

There were many categories for Viral Myocarditis, such as the Coxsackievirus A and B, Echovirus, and Poliomyelitis Virus as some common causes. As for the treatment method, it’s mainly targeting the virus infection and myocarditis. However, Nitta Watanabe’s Viral Myocarditis had changed into Acute Myocarditis now, with an over 90% fatality rate.

Nitta Watanabe was pretty lucky. If He Deqiu wasn’t present and put his condition under control, he would have already died by now.

Nowadays, sudden deaths were sweeping the news, such as a student suddenly passing away while running long distances; or a housewife suddenly going into shock and died while washing clothes. They’re all related to myocarditis. Generally speaking, Myocarditis was a heart disease that hid well.

When they discussed Nitta Watanabe’s condition with the doctors of the hospital, Su Tao was also present, but he did not speak. He watched how He Deqiu dealt with this situation. He Deqiu was a doctor with the ability to back his status, and under his arrangement, everyone started to pool in ideas.

Seeing Su Tao keeping his silent, Bian Bo lowered his voice to Ning Ru and Man Yu, “Isn’t this new Junior Brother of ours the Physician King? Why isn’t he speaking? Is that title empty?”

Man Yu knitted her brows and responded, “He already might have a solution, but he just chooses to keep quiet.”

Glaring at the two of them, Ning Ru solemnly said, “Can the two of you keep your mouths shut? This is a practical lesson and an opportunity for us to learn.”

After explaining Nitta Watanabe’s situation, He Deqiu looked around and asked, “What other suggestions do you guys have?”

The few Cardiology doctors shook their heads and bitterly smiled. “For the time being, we still haven’t determined the virus, and we’ve used antivirals through intravenous injection to try and get rid of the virus. But there’s no improvement to his condition, and the patient is still in a weakened state.”

Myocarditis was caused by a virus infection in the heart, causing a portion of it to be damaged and losing function. Antivirals were meant to suppress the virus, and it could be taken through oral and intravenous injection into the body, the ordinary means that a western medicine doctor would use to restore the damage to the heart.

Knitting his brows, He Deqiu sighed, “The problem here is that we’ve not found the virus, so our treatment can’t have any effect.”

Everyone instantly went silent. It might’ve been a rare virus that they’re not able to determine with their current apparatus.

Suddenly, the door was knocked and a young nurse hastily barged in. “Principal He, there’s a situation outside that needs you to deal with.”

When He Deqiu came out, he saw a woman dressed in leather clothes, escorted by four robust men.

That woman seemed to be in her thirties, with thick makeup on and even Ni Tong’s face was covered in smiles when facing her.

“You said someone from the program team hit Nitta?” The woman said in a northeastern accent.

Ni Tong bitterly smiled. “We’ve already fired her.”

The woman snorted, “Nitta is not only a performing artist, but he also represents the interaction between China and Japan. What you guys have done today is extremely severe, and I’ve already given the embassy a call. For the time being, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will handle this matter, and none of you will be able to escape from this! Furthermore, you have to find me that woman who hit him. I will let her know the price of bullying Mr. Nitta!”

Suppressing the anger in her heart, Ni Tong turned around and asked, “Where’s Yin Le?”

“She disappeared, could she have escaped?” Little Ding awkwardly smiled.

“Useless! I told you to look after someone, and you lost her?!” Ni Tong immediately flared up.

Little Ding had a helpless expression before he looked around and he suddenly pointed in a direction, then rejoiced, “She hasn’t left! She’s still here!”

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