Chapter 199 - Vicious Mistress

The middle-aged man was called Nitta, a celebrity that has maintained himself pretty well, and Su Tao had instantly recognised him with a glance. The full name of this man was Nitta Watanabe, a Japanese. He had been in many war films as the villain and later changed his career path to being a host. He had been on many variety shows; thus, becoming famous. The reason why he was able to do well in China’s entertainment circle was mainly due to his excellent image, which gave others the misperception that there’s someone in Japan that admired their Chinese culture. This was also the reason why audiences had acknowledged him.

Under Little Ding’s help, Nitta staggered out of the washroom. Su Tao knitted his brows while looking at their silhouettes and inwardly sighed. He didn’t have any discrimination for Japanese. Despite the war between the two countries many years ago, ordinary folks wouldn’t hold any grudges. However, Nitta’s speech made Su Tao feel uncomfortable. Contrary to the gentlemanly image he presented on television, his speech earlier was arrogant and lofty.

When Nitta returned, Ni Tong smiled while walking over. “Mr. Nitta, you can really hold your alcohol.”

Waving his hand, Nitta hiccuped as he smiled. “I’ve never been drunk with alcohol.”

Little Ding awkwardly smiled and sighed. This Nitta really knew how to lie; he was just in the toilet, vomiting, earlier.

When Ni Tong saw Little Ding winking in her direction, she knew that Nitta had drunk too much and persuaded, “Why don’t we end this round? We’ll swap to another location to continue drinking.”

Glancing at the gorgeous woman not too far away, Nitta squinted his eyes. “Good idea!”

But when that gorgeous woman heard that there’s another plan, she knitted her brows, before walking over to Ni Tong and softly said, “Big Sister Ni, I’m not feeling well, so can I go home first?”

Ni Tong sighed with disappointment, “Yin Le, you know that this is the celebration of our program, and this is your best opportunity to integrate with the team. So aren’t you just ruining the mood if you leave now?”

That gorgeous woman was Yin Le. After returning to Qiongjin, she managed to get into the best television program, the Celebrity Lifestyle, through recommendations. Although Ni Tong knew that the Yin Le had a background, she wasn’t someone that would yield. The reason why she let Yin Le in was out of consideration for her superior, and if the latter disobeyed her, she could get Yin Le to leave anytime she wanted.

Yin Le fell into hesitation. She felt disgusted by this gathering mainly because of Nitta Watanabe’s harassment.

As someone with a straightforward character, she lowered her voice, “Big Sister Ni, I don’t like Nitta.”

Ni Tong knitted her brows and replied, “Nitta is the great contributor to the program’s first season, and his impression of you is pretty good. I was just intending for you to follow up on him and become his manager.” In the variety show, the ‘manager’ is the partner of the celebrity, with the two of them forming a group. In some segments, they would even produce ambiguous sparks. A team like Yin Le and Nitta is extremely attractive, and Nitta is also talented to hype things up and act. Thus, Ni Tong felt that her arrangement would surely make it popular.

However, Yin Le had come to tell her that her impression of Nitta wasn’t good, which left Ni Tong unhappy. As a newcomer, you didn’t have any speech, and you could only wait for the arrangement of others.

Yin Le sighed, “Big Sister Ni, I’d like to apply and see if I can swap with someone.”

Ni Tong instantly grew unhappy. “We can’t casually make adjustments in work matters, and you’re a newcomer. Shouldn’t you grasp the opportunity for you to go on camera? If you insist on that, then I can only get someone else to do the job.”

Yin Le weakly sighed. She had to start from the beginning again, despite how famous she was in Hanzhou. But in the provincial television station, she’s in a different situation. She couldn’t start as a news anchor. Thus, she had to start from being a variety show’s host, and the Celebrity Lifestyle was a program with a celebrity and a host as partners to experience life. The hosts were akin to supporting roles, but they would occasionally dazzle in the camera as well.

In the end, Yin Le decided to lower her head. After being cheated by Bian Youtian, she had decided to start her life anew. So despite feeling disgusted by the arrangement, she couldn’t admit defeat so readily.

Seeing that Yin Le was keeping silent, Ni Tong smiled with satisfaction. Little Ding walked over to her and whispered in her ears. Instantly, she knitted her brows. “Isn’t Nitta a little too anxious?”

Little Ding sighed and bitterly smiled. “That’s his character, why don’t you go and convince him?”

Ni Tong shook her head. “Nitta is a stubborn fellow, and since he has already made his decision, then let him be. We’ll not interfere in their matters and see if Nitta is resourceful enough.”

After a brief pause, Little Ding asked, “Yin Le’s a woman with character, will it cause any trouble for us?”

A cold flicker flashed in Ni Tong’s eyes before she faintly said, “If you want to walk up in this circle, then you’ll have to abide by the rules. Consider this a lesson for her, and if she can’t take it, let her leave, then.”

Sticking his tongue out, Little Ding smiled. “How domineering, Big Sister Ni!”

Pinching Little Ding’s tender cheeks, Ni Tong faintly said, “This Big Sister has suffered quite a bit to get to where I am, so how can young people like you progress far without knowing how to bear some humiliation?”

Little Ding smiled with the intention to flatter Ni Tong. For a woman like Ni Tong, you had to submit to her, and being like Yin Le just set up the explosive in Ni Tong’s heart. Little Ding smiled. “Then, shall I go get the bill now?”

Waving her hand, Ni Tong responded, “No rush for that. We’ll visit the next door. Although Zou Haichao is nothing in the Television Station, he’s sly when it comes to things. So there’s no harm in giving him some face.”

Little Ding went to get a bottle to fill up a cup for Ni Tong, so the latter said to everyone with a smile on her face, “Coincidentally, there’s a leader of the Television Station next door, so why doesn’t our program team go and toast a cup with him?”

Thus, everyone stood up and they followed Ni Tong. Yin Le was behind. She sighed and pondered about how to find the opportunity to slip away. She had no idea how she should slip away right now.

Suddenly, Nitta came to her and chuckled, “Yin Le, your name is pretty interesting. You didn’t drink when I toasted earlier, so you must definitely make up for it later.”

Yin Le instantly felt disgusted when Nitta purposely placed his arm around her waist. She insincerely responded, “Mr. Nitta, It’s really not convenient for me to drink today. I’ll surely drink with you when my body gets better.”

Nitta shook his head and tried to put his hand on Yin Le’s shoulder, but he missed. He smiled, reeking of alcohol. “It looks like we’re not familiar enough. When we’re familiar enough, we can drink unrestrictedly.”

When they came next door, Ni Tong smiled. “Station Head Zou, President Cao, I’ve brought the program’s team over to come and give you a toast.”

Zou Haichao’s depressed feelings instantly turned better upon seeing her. He stood up and smiled. “Come in, come in. Thanks, and I hope that your program can grow more prosperous in the future!”

Since Su Tao had remained low-profile, he stood behind everyone when they toasted. He noticed that Yin Le was looking at him with her brows knitted, but he pretended not to see her and tried to convince himself that this woman meant trouble. Thus, it’s best if he could distance himself from her.

When Yin Le saw Su Tao, she had instantly recognised him and knew that she had found her opportunity. However, she immediately felt indignant when she saw that Su Tao had pretended not to see her.

Su Tao felt his phone vibrate when the program team left. It was a message from Yin Le, “Mayday! Mayday!”

Knitting his brows, Su Tao responded, “Don’t disturb me, shoo!”

He soon received a reply from Yin Le, “If I’m humiliated, I won’t let you off even if I’m dead!”

Rubbing his nose, Su Tao sighed and responded, “You vicious mistress!” After the message was sent, he didn’t get any response. Su Tao didn’t think that he had done anything wrong. After all, why should he be on call for a woman that only knew how to make use of him?

After Cao Bin got tipsy, he finally revealed his motive for calling He Deqiu over. Cao Bin was a real estate developer, and this route was no longer as easy as before. Thus, he needed something fresh, and after his recent major illness, he realised that health was incredibly important. Therefore, he intended to use health as a theme for his new project. Since He Deqiu was a famous physician in Huainan Province, Cao Bin wished that the former could be his health adviser in this project, so that he could expand the range of the Health City.

After going circles around, he finally revealed his motive. “If Principal He is willing to join me, I can offer you a portion of sales in the project.”

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, He Deqiu responded, “President Cao, I’m grateful for your goodwill, but I’m afraid that I cannot accept this task.”

Cao Bin knitted his brows and unhappily said, “Principal He, I’m offering this to you out of respect, since you’ve treated my illness. You must know that there are other candidates around, and I don’t necessarily have to choose you.”

He Deqiu nodded his head. “If your Health City has corresponding health facilities and is not just a promotion gimmick, I might be able to consider it. But your Health City is no different from other real estate projects. So I think there’s no need for me to be the health adviser of this project.”

Cao Bin took a deep breath and inwardly cursed at He Deqiu for not knowing what’s good for him and tapped his finger on the desk before he smiled. “Since Principal He isn’t willing, then I can only find another person.”

Watching this from the side, Su Tao felt that He Deqiu’s character was pretty good, with a righteous air around him. Although there was scum in the medical industry, there wasn’t a lack of backbone, either. It was because of people like He Deqiu that doctors could be respected, and medical skills could continue to be passed down.

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