Chapter 196 - You lost this game of chess

When a person is under significant external influence, they could lose control of their mind from the overflowing emotions, and if it exceeded what they could bear, their mind would be overwritten by the emotions. In the end, their self-control would weaken and cause them to lose their rationale.

Generally, crimes committed by emotions were usually direct and straightforward, without any concern for their consequences to vent their emotions. A model example would be the murder case from a few years ago when the driver ran over his victim before adding eight more stabs and running over his victim again when he left.

With Guan Yang’s rationale having been overwritten by emotions, he sped his vehicle over. Su Tao was the first to react, and the driver was clearly coming after him. But Jin Guoxiang was on his right, while Shui Junzhuo on his left!

“Duck!” He yelled, pushing Jin Guoxiang with his right hand before twisting his body and embraced Shui Junzhuo to roll on the ground. Since those behind him had enough time to react, they managed to dodge the car. The vehicle sped through and slammed past the automatic door, shattering it in the process and it continued towards the hall before a sturdy wall stopped it.

“Are you alright?” Although there were abrasions on the back of his hand and face, Su Tao instantly knew that he didn’t suffer any severe injuries. However, he had no idea if Shui Junzhuo had sustained any injuries when the two of them rolled on the ground.

Shui Junzhuo recovered from the shock at this moment and her back was drenched in cold sweat. She knew that if Su Tao hadn’t embraced her in time, her condition wouldn’t be as simple as being covered in dust. Right now, she’s under Su Tao’s embrace with his legs clamping onto hers, and she could smell a strong herbal fragrance mixed with a manly pheromone that felt aromatic to her. As many thoughts flashed through her mind, she immediately pushed Su Tao away, then she tried to stand up and shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Su Tao nodded his head and felt relieved that he had reacted in time, so no one suffered any severe injuries.

The front of the vehicle was smoking from the massive damage on the engine, but fortunately, there wasn’t any damage to the oil tank, so it did not cause an explosion. The ground was littered with fragments of glass. Su Tao sighed and walked over. When he opened the door, he saw that Guan Yang had already fainted. The windshield was broken and wounds were covering his face. Even the airbag had been triggered.

He stretched his hand to feel Guan Yang’s pulse, the latter really had just fainted. Jin Guoxiang walked over with two guards and he ordered, “Arrest him, he is a dangerous person!”

Seeing Guan Yang dragged out of a vehicle, Su Tao helplessly sighed and felt uncomfortable for some reason.

Jin Guoxiang could tell that something was going on with Su Tao’s heart, so he faintly said, “You can’t be taking pity on him, right?”

Su Tao shook his head and smiled. “He just tried to take my life, so how would I be silly to take pity on him? I just feel that, as a doctor, I can’t stand and watch without doing anything.”

Jin Guoxiang deeply sighed, “Don’t worry, we will arrange for people to take care of his injuries, and he will be judged through the proper channels.”

Su Tao gave a silent tribute for Guan Yang. The latter would surely have to face a special court, and the outcome would be even more severe than in an ordinary one.

He sat beside Shui Junzhuo again and the latter pondered for a long time before she sighed, “Thanks for saving me earlier.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “Guan Yang came for me, so I’ll feel guilty if you or Major General Jin get dragged into this matter.”

Shui Junzhuo sighed and her heart fluctuated with emotions. Despite looking like a cultured and feeble physician, Su Tao had displayed calmness in that earlier crisis. Especially with how he embraced her and rolled on the ground, it was smooth without the slightest panic.

Although he was younger than her, Shui Junzhuo could feel a sense of security from him.

Su Tao stayed in Qiongjin for two days, and aside from treating Sire Shui, Jin Guoxiang had also arranged for someone to bring him around. He wasn’t familiar with the provincial capital, and all his knowledge was from books. But through these two days, he had more thoughts about this city that was filled with Chinese culture.

After performing acupuncture for Sire Shui, Su Tao packed his stuff and smiled. “30% treatment and 70% nourishing. You can leave the facility tomorrow. You just have to follow my suggestion to read one sheet of Buddhist Scripture a day.”

Looking at the Vajra Scripture on the table, Sire Shui helplessly smiled. “This stuff is too profound, and it’s a headache reading it. At the same time, I’m also puzzled. Why does anyone have to make things so profound to promote Buddhism?”

With a smile on his face, Su Tao explained, “Buddhism gives different interpretations to people based on their personal understandings. Putting it in a nutshell, different people will have a different insight into the scriptures. Thus, they cannot be too simple so that different people can have different comprehensions.”

Although Sire Shui had a fiery temper, he still maintained his good nature with Su Tao and smiled. “I never expected that you would have such a profound understanding of Buddhist studies at your age.”

“That’s because Buddhism Scriptures are also good medicine.” Su Tao smiled before he continued, “Buddism Scriptures are good medicine for psychological illnesses. Everyone is different, so their psychological illness will also be different. It’s precisely because of this characteristic, that’s why it can have such an effect.”

The full name of this was Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra. The core of this entire book should be the last part. All phenomenon was akin to illusions and a dream. At the same time, it’s also akin to dew and lightning. The grand admiration of this scripture lied in the religion, and yet at the same time, it has transcended religions. Thus, everyone would have a different interpretation of it. You could say that the Confucian and Daoist Schools were also affected by it as well. The rich profundities and wisdom in it was also the reason why Buddhism could obtain the belief of so many.

Sire Shui sighed, “Forget it, you’re the doctor, and I’m the patient. Since you have given me instructions, I will listen to you and read this Vajra Scripture well.”

Su Tao realised something about Sire Shui’s temper. The latter has almost reached the end of his lifespan, and along with his high authority, he no longer viewed things the same as others. The Vajra Scripture was also known as the Sage’s Scripture, and legend has it that only a sage could comprehend it. He didn’t do this to spread the name of Buddhism or promote any damn Dharma. He just wanted the old man to kill his time so that his mind would be preoccupied to think of life and death, which could slowly improve his Small Sorrow Illness.

Seeing that Su Tao was about to leave, the old man suddenly called out with a smile, “Do you know how to play chess?”

“I do, but I’m not proficient in it.” Su Tao responded, knowing that the old man had a chess addiction.

Sire Shui laughed, “If you’re proficient in it, then I wouldn’t be playing with you. Come, let’s have a round or two in the courtyard.”

Seeing that the old man’s mood was pretty good, Su Tao followed the old man to the courtyard and set up the chessboard. After two rounds, Sire Shui finally gradually revealed his foxtail and squinted his eyes with a smile. “Little Su, what was that green pellet that you gave to me through Guoxiang?”

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao knew that this old fox wanted to ask him for more, so he smiled. “It was something that I made according to a medical book years ago, so there’s no name for it right now. As long as the patient still holds a breath, the pellet can stabilise his condition for two days. If you really want a name for it, then I would call it the Life-Prolonging Pellet.”

Sire Shui nodded his head as he pondered for a long time before saying, “The effect of this pellet is truly magical.”

Su Tao found it funny in his heart. This old man clearly wanted to ask him for some, but he couldn’t pull himself down to pop the question. He smiled. “Because this pellet requires a strict requirement for the herb’s maturity, it’s hard to make, and I didn’t produce a lot of them.”

Disappointment flashed in Sire Shui’s eyes before he waved his hand and sighed, “Understandable. If this Life-Prolonging Pellet could be produced in large quantities, wouldn’t it be common then?”

Su Tao smiled before he opened his medical box and took out a bottle, then he placed it beside Sire Shui before solemnly saying, “There are still two pellets here, and I’ll give them to you now. But because you’ve taken it before, it won’t be so effective the next time. The medicinal effect will drop to a day, so you must not carelessly use it, unless it’s necessary.”

The old man had experienced the effect of this pellet, and it’s undoubtedly a priceless treasure. He nodded his head. “I’ll accept the medicine. You’re pretty fitting to my eyes, and now that I owe you two favors, tell me. What do you want me to do?”

“I’m a Physician, and saving lives is my duty. Someone has already given me enough medical fees for it.” Su Tao casually placed a chess piece down, and his eyes lit up before he reminded, “Sire Shui… your mind wandered off earlier… and you lost this game.”

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