Chapter 195 - Kicking someone when he’s down

“It’s nothing much. Strictly speaking, I’m not the one who treated Sire Shui, but you.” Su Tao responded with a sincere tone. “I wouldn’t have been able to do anything if I was the one treating him. Only you could deliver a great blow while chatting with Sire Shui, allowing him to feel grief and recover his ability to speak. Furthermore, it’s damaging for your body to drink.”

“It’s fine. It’s a small price to pay to treat the old man.” Jin Guoxiang smiled. He felt that Su Tao’s thoughts were too meticulous. The latter even had the time to think about him.

Su Tao was explaining why he was powerless, so that Jin Guoxiang wouldn’t feel that he’s putting on airs earlier. In the process, he had skillfully pushed the contribution to Jin Guoxiang, so that the old man would be grateful to him.

Jin Guoxiang firmly patted Su Tao’s shoulders. He gained a more in-depth understanding of the latter. This was a young man that knew how to manage relationships well, and he had also decided that he should interact with Su Tao in the future as close friends.

Shui Laifeng brisk walked over with an apologetic expression on her face. “Physician Su, I apologise for my past attitude.”

Magnanimously waving his hand, Su Tao smiled. “One who doesn’t know isn’t guilty. After all, you didn’t understand me, so you had no idea of my skills. Thus, it’s natural for you to stay cautious with me.”

Hearing his words, Shui Laifeng instantly felt guilty in her heart. When she saw Guan Yang, who was not too far away, she knitted her brows. “The reason why I did that was because of someone's petty actions.”

If it wasn’t for Guan Yang, Su Tao would’ve treated Sire Shui the first time he came around, and her father wouldn’t have to experience the torment. She’s not a puppet, but now that she has wronged Su Tao, she naturally had to find a reason for it. After a brief analysis, she instantly figured out that Guan Yang was trying to make things difficult for Su Tao on purpose.

Su Tao smiled. “Although it was a little complicated, it’s all resolved now. Sire Shui just has to rest and nourish his body, and he’ll swiftly recover.”

Seeing that Su Tao did not hold a grudge, it further consolidated Shui Laifeng’s decision to punish Guan Yang even more. She felt that she must have lost her mind, she even wanted to matchmake Guan Yang and her niece! Furthermore, she also knew that Jin Guoxiang had been extremely unhappy with Guan Yang, since the latter has contradicted him numerous times.

After apologising to Su Tao, Shui Laifeng immediately went to look for Mao Yongsheng. When the latter saw her expression, he immediately smiled. “Please, have a seat.”

Shui Laifeng knitted her brows. “President Shui, I’ve made a great investment in the facility at the end of last year, but I’m disappointed with what I see right now. Although the hardware has upgraded, the software is still lacking. Your facility doesn’t even have a presentable doctor!”

Mao Yongsheng was placed in an awkward situation from Shui Laifeng’s statement. The upgrade of the facility came from the monetary support of Shui Laifeng, with an astounding sum of ¥200,000,000. A portion of it was used to upgrade the apparatus in the facility, and another portion to recruit famous doctors and raise the standards of the staff here.

He awkwardly smiled. “It’s because Sire Shui’s illness was too abnormal. We’ve even invited top specialists across the nation and conducted a video conference, but none of them could do a thing.”

Raising her brows at his words, Shui Laifeng snickered, “The ‘tough’ problem that you guys spoke of was treated with half a bottle of white spirit. Doesn’t that say something about your standards?”

Mao Yongsheng was instantly left speechless. Su Tao’s treatment method was unprecedented. If it was recorded down, it would surely become a model case that could be passed down for generations. He bitterly smiled, “I have to admit that Physician Su is skillful, and he has even reached the standards of the nation’s top-tiered doctors. Just a moment ago, Mr. Kan talked with the other specialists, and all of them agreed that Su Tao is a capable physician; he’s endowed with great abilities, despite his young age.”

Hearing Mao Yongsheng’s words, Shui Laifeng faintly replied, “Since you’ve encountered such a talent, then you have to do your best and rope him into the facility. Having such a physician in command is much better than having those people with empty titles.”

Mao Yongsheng instantly started to sweat. Although Shui Laifeng wasn’t a high official, she’s still the descendant of the Shui Family, and right now, she represented the Shui Family. In the entire Shui Family, Sire Shui was undoubtedly the spirit and pillar, and the facility had handled this matter a little terribly.

Mao Yongsheng nodded his head. “I will surely try my best to convince Physician Su tonight to join our facility and do my best to meet his demands.”

Nodding her head, Shui Laifeng replied in satisfaction, “Aside from pulling in talents, you also have to get rid of those people with questionable characters.”

Understanding that there’s another meaning hidden in her words, Mao Yongsheng awkwardly smiled. “You can tell me directly.”

Shui Laifeng responded in a solemn voice, “That young man, Guan Yang, is too frivolous and treated the health of patients as a trivial matter. Not to mention that he has even done petty tricks in the background…”

Before Shui Laifeng finished, Mao Yongsheng interrupted, “Guan Yang has, indeed, been negligent when it came to Sire Shui’s illness, and that means he has disguised himself well. We were even intending to nurture him by placing him with Sire Shui, but I never expected that his character would be so vile. Don’t worry. We will get him to leave the facility.”

Shui Laifeng nodded her head. “Not only does he have to leave the facility, a person like him also isn’t qualified to be a doctor, to be treating a patient’s illness as a trifling matter; he lacks medical ethics.”

She had a clear philosophy when it came to handling affairs. Since she’s going to kick someone while he’s down, then she would naturally do it and make sure he didn't come back. Gritting his teeth, Mao Yongsheng firmly declared, “I will announce that he was fired because of his lack of discipline.”

Mao Yongsheng did not want to be the evil one here, but Guan Yang could only blame the fact that he has offended someone he shouldn’t. He was too sly when it came to handling stuff, something that Mao Yongsheng did not feel was a problem in the past. But thinking about it now, he really shouldn’t let Guan Yang stay in the facility. As for the reason for firing him, that’s simple. He could just say that Guan Yang was negligent in the task assigned to him, picking up Kan Bo.

When Shui Laifeng left the office, Mao Yongsheng made a call to get Guan Yang into his office. Although Guan Yang also felt something was amiss, his face was plastered with a smile. “President Mao, you called for me?”

Mao Yongsheng sighed, “Guan Yang, I have a piece of bad news to tell you after calling you over.”

Albeit feeling nervous, Guan Yang still wore a smile on his face. “What is it?”

Mao Yongsheng sighed, “Your actions when handling Sire Shui’s illness has resulted in the unhappiness of his next of kin, and I’ve received a complaint.”

As someone in his thirties, Guan Yang was naturally hot-blooded, so he knitted his brows. “President Mao, you have to stand up for me. In this period that Sire Shui has been in the hospital, I’ve practically ate and slept in the hospital. But this illness was too abnormal, and even the specialists couldn’t do anything about it. So how can I be blamed?”

Waving his hand, Mao Yongsheng unhappily said, “Guan Yang, I’m not discussing this with you. This is a notice to inform you that you’ve been fired.”

Slamming his hand on the table, Guan Yang raised his voice, “How can you fire me? I demand a reason!”

Mao Yongsheng’s face instantly turned cold when he saw Guan Yang’s poor attitude. The guilt that he felt from before vanished as he responded, “Since you want a reason, then I’ll give it to you. Physician Su could’ve treated Sire Shui initially, but you’ve done petty actions and blew up the matter on purpose, causing Physician Su to feel unnecessary grievance and leave the facility. This has also resulted in Sire Shui having to be tormented by his illness for a few more days. When I invited Mr. Kan over to treat Sire Shui, you were negligent and made Mr. Kan wait in the airport for an hour, lying that you’re already on the road. I won’t continue to mention the other smaller matters. Guan Yang, you have pretty good professional ethics, but you’re lacking in medical ethics. You have a strong jealousy in your heart and have no sense of priorities. You’re not suitable to be a doctor.”

As someone with a strong ego, Guan Yang was flustered when Mao Yongsheng was reprimanding him. Thus, he swept his hand and threw all the stuff on the desk onto the ground.

This was the first time Mao Yongsheng has experienced something like this in his years of experience. When Guan Yang furiously left the office, Mao Yongsheng held his chin. Based on this fiery temper alone, there’s no need for Guan Yang to stay in the medical industry.

It’s fine if the character wasn’t good, but he has caused so many troubles. So if Mao Yongsheng didn’t deal with him, wouldn’t the world turn into chaos?

When Guan Yang returned to his office, he started packing his stuff into a huge box and grew more furious the more he thought about it. He felt that this was all because of Su Tao. Otherwise, why would he be in such a position? However, there’s nothing he could do right now, since Su Tao had just treated Sire Shui. If he found trouble with Su Tao right now, it would be akin to throwing an egg against a rock.

As he left after packing his stuff, he raised the box high to cover his face with humiliation and indignation in his heart.

When he came to his vehicle and placed his stuff in the trunk of his car, he saw a group of people walking out with Su Tao standing in the middle. The latter looked calm with a rise on the corner of his lips that would give others a modest presentation. But in Guan Yang’s eyes, it’s merciless ridiculement.

He slammed his trunk and went into the driver’s seat, then he stepped on the gas pedal and the vehicle rumbled.It then flew out, charging in the direction of that group.

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