Chapter 192 - Seek your salve where it sores

Su Tao and Di Shiyuan waited below the City Health Bureau’s office as a black-plated military jeep drove in. Jin Guoxiang was the first to step out with Shui Junzhuo following after. Her method was unlike a gentlewoman; she seemed proficient in this and even looked valiant. When Jin Guoxiang came over, Su Tao introduced, “This is my old leader, Di Shiyuan. He used to be the President of Jianghuai Hospital.”

Di Shiyuan smiled and shook hands with Jin Guoxiang. He found it funny that Su Tao still wanted to walk through these introduction procedures when the two of them were already so anxious. By now, Jin Guoxiang was probably on the verge of cursing out.

But surprisingly, Jin Guoxiang maintained his courtesy when he shook hands without any trace of arrogance. But Di Shiyuan knew that this was all because of Su Tao. Since the other party had a request, then they would surely not show an oppressive attitude. Furthermore, Di Shiyuan knew that he’s light-years apart from Jin Guoxiang in terms of position, and the reason why the latter was being polite was all due to Su Tao. However, Jin Guoxiang still couldn’t help looking anxious.

After shaking hands with Jin Guoxiang, Di Shiyuan said, “It seems to be something important, go with them quickly.”

Su Tao knew that Di Shiyuan was putting on a show, so he naturally had to go along and smiled. “Let me pack my things first.”

Jin Guoxiang bitterly smiled at Su Tao’s words, but he also knew that Su Tao was also indirectly telling him not to be too anxious, since there wouldn’t be a problem with Sire Shui for the time being. After taking his medical box from Di Shiyuan’s office, he got in the military jeep, which Jin Guoxiang purposely let Su Tao sit with Shui Junzhuo to ease out their relationship. After all, their first meeting wasn’t good when Su Tao tried to treat Sire Shui.

The vehicle drove into the first counter on the highway toll. Shui Junzhuo softly said, “I apologise for the unpleasant experience the other time. My grandfather is a little stubborn, and his temper is fiery. Furthermore, I have to thank you for your medicine. Otherwise, I’m afraid that my grandfather would still be in critical condition.”

Su Tao shook his head and smiled. “It’s not that I’m unwilling to save Sire Shui, but I’m really powerless.”

Shui Junzhuo was puzzled as she asked, “Then why did you give him a pellet to stabilise his condition?”

Su Tao patiently explained, “Any critical condition can be stabilised with that pellet for two days, but it doesn’t deal with the root of the issue. When the medicine’s effect is gone, he will still suffer an outbreak… the old man’s illness comes from his psychology.”

Psychology? Isn’t that too profound? However, Shui Junzhuo and Jin Guoxiang weren’t bothered about that, since they thought that Su Tao was just making an excuse.

Since Shui Junzhuo had witnessed the miraculous effect of the pellet herself, she had disbelief on her face as she sighed, “I know that you must have a method to treat him, but you just aren’t willing to do it. As long as you can treat my grandfather, I can promise you anything.”

Su Tao was stunned before he turned to look at Shui Junzhuo and saw tears flickering in her eyes. She didn’t seem like the sort of woman that would cry, but because she was tearing up, it made his heart soften. Thus, he sighed and bitterly smiled. “I never treat anything that I’m not confident in, but since you and Major General have placed your hopes in me, I will do my best.”

To any doctor, cancer wasn’t the most challenging problem to treat, but the psychological matters. Take cancer, for example, as long as it’s discovered early; treatment would have a good effect on it. On the other hand, psychological illnesses weren’t easy to discover, and as the saying goes, seek your salve where you get your sore. Thus, mental illnesses were incredibly unique, and hard to detect.

The reason why Sire Shui’s statistics were healthy, and yet, he couldn’t speak was due to his psychology. Western medicine categorised psychological illnesses as mental illnesses, which were further divided into depression, schizophrenia, and other branches. However, none of them applied to Sire Shui. When TCM talked about treating illnesses, it required them to look into the root to resolve the issue. So if he had no idea where the psychological knot in Sire Shui’s heart was, then there’s no way for him to use any medication.

But Sire Shui couldn’t speak, so he couldn’t ask the patient himself. Thus, how was he going to find out about the illness?

Furthermore, Sire Shui had a high position, and it’s naturally a good thing if Su Tao could treat him. But if he can't, then he would just be getting himself into trouble. Although Su Tao dared to face those tough diseases, he wasn’t courageous enough to try it on an old man with a foul temper.

Not to mention that there’s a theory in the Imperial Physician Scripture that emphasised on the principle of ‘Treat only if you’re capable’. Those with high positions and authorities would cherish their lives even more, so they would use medication fitting to their status. If they couldn’t find a suitable method and medication, they would instead choose to not be treated, or they would just be playing with fire. The authors of the Imperial Physician Scripture were a few legendary Imperial Physicians, and this was the principle that they had founded, since being close to the Emperor could be as dangerous as lying with a tiger.

Although Sire Shui wasn’t an emperor, he wasn’t any different from one due to his high authority. If he could treat the old man, he would have a significant contribution. But if he couldn’t, then he would just be getting himself into trouble.

He was also moved by Jin Guoxiang’s numerous invitations, and also Shui Junzhuo’s attitude. That was the reason why he decided to give it a try again.

About an hour later, the three of them arrived in the facility. When Guan Yang saw Su Tao walking beside Shui Junzhuo, his face instantly turned ashen. Jin Guoxiang brought Su Tao over to meet up with Mao Shengyong and Kan Bo, and when the latter saw how young Su Tao was, he was a little surprised, and, like the rest, he also felt doubtful of Su Tao.

“I have already talked to a few friends with brilliant medical skills, and although they’re not able to make it here immediately, we can go through the video conference method.” Kan Bo cleared his throat before he continued, “There’s also a few top-tiered specialists and some famous TCM physicians.”

Kan Bo’s latter words were clearly targeted at Su Tao. He had been in the western medicine field for a long time, and he had also met numerous TCM physicians. Thus, he knew how miraculous TCM was.

But TCM wasn’t the same as western medicine. Western medicine emphasised on evidence and statistics. However, TCM was founded on a profound study, and it’s mainly through the physician’s experience to determine the patient’s illness. It had formed into a system, and those that were not in it wouldn’t know the principles, and it’s also hard for them to be convinced.

Jin Guoxiang’s face turned unsightly. He invited Su Tao over, but now, they’re trying to shove Su Tao aside from those so-called “specialists” through video conference?

Kan Bo stood up and briefly walked out of the room to pick up a call before he returned to the ward and asked Mao Yongsheng, “They are prepared, and we will conduct the examination in half an hour. President Mao, is your side all prepared?”

Mao Yongsheng turned to look at Guan Yang, which the latter smiled. “We’ve already done all the examinations, so we can conduct it anytime.”

Kan Bo smiled towards Jin Guoxiang. “Then let’s wait for the examination to be done before letting Little Physician Su treat Sire Shui.”

Jin Guoxiang glanced at Su Tao, and saw that the latter had remained calm before he swallowed his anger and responded, “Sure, let the specialist collective conduct the examination, then.”

Su Tao really wasn’t angered by it. Although the video conference might look fresh, it’s also extremely unreliable and hilarious. Firstly, there would be a distortion, even if it’s a high definition camera, so it’s practically impossible for those TCM specialists to find the problem. Secondly, Sire Shui’s issue came from his heart, so how could they determine the illness when they couldn’t ask the patient himself?

Shui Junzhuo lowered her voice and whispered, “Why don’t you take a look at grandfather first? If you can do it, then there’s no need for a great commotion.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao modestly responded, “It’s also an opportunity for me to learn by having a professional examine the patient. If they can deal with it, then I won’t have to be pressured.”

Shui Junzhuo complicatedly looked at Su Tao. She had studied people. But from Su Tao’s expression, his heart was like a bottomless well. Thus, she couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

Jin Guoxiang could actually guess what Kan Bo was doing. He was a cunning fellow, and since he’s already here, then he couldn’t make a trip for anything. If he could resolve the issue with the video conference method, then that meant that he’s resourceful. But if he couldn’t, then he could push it away, claiming that even the other specialists couldn’t do it, and it had nothing to do with his medical skills.

Guan Yang got it everything swiftly done and established the video conference shortly after. At the same time, he had also placed a camera in Sire Shui’s ward.

The faces of a few specialists appeared on the laptop and Kan Bo started to explain Sire Shui’s condition. When the specialists heard half of it, their faces turned unsightly. Wasn’t Kan Bo messing around with them? There’s no issue with the statistics, the patient couldn’t speak, and they’re so far away from the patient. Even if they could see and hear a thousand miles away, there’s nothing they could do!

However, a TCM specialist with the surname Qiu was pretty experienced. He knitted his brows and analysed with a sigh, “Old Kan, I understand the situation now. If it goes as I expected, it should be a psychological illness, because there’s something in Sire Shui’s heart that has caused his bodily functions to fail. It’s just that Sire Shui can’t speak, so there’s no way for us to know what that knot is, and I’m also so far away. So even I’m powerless in this situation.”

When that specialist finished his words, Jin Guoxiang clenched his fist and he jumped up. He had just recalled Su Tao’s words in the vehicle, who had come to the same conclusion as this TCM specialist. That meant that Su Tao must have a method to deal with this issue!

Waving his hand, Jin Guoxiang immediately said, “It’s imminent to treat the old man, and since all of you have no ways, then don’t talk so much. I’ll make the decision to have Su Tao treat the old man, and if he can’t do it, I’ll bear all the responsibility.”

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