Chapter 191 - Using Gun for Forced Treatment

With the pellet and water down his throat, the old man let out a long breath. Suddenly, he sat up with his eyes widened and violently vomited. Aside from a large amount of phlegm mixed with blood, there were also pieces of food in it. Only after he vomited did he relax and he slowly close his eyes. He looked frail at this moment, but at least the spasms have stopped. Kan Bo’s face was grim. He was in both joy and sorrow. He was rejoicing that Sire Shui was fine, and his reputation wouldn’t be affected by this matter. At the same time, he was also feeling sorrow that he had no idea about Sire Shui’s condition. If this relapse in the future, what should he do?!

“May I ask what medicine the patient just took?” He asked, since it was clearly the pellet that calmed down the patient’s condition.

Jin Guoxiang replied, “It’s a medicine that Physician Su gave to me after taking a look at Sire Shui. But there’s only one, and it can only maintain his condition for only two days.”

Everyone knew the meaning behind Jin Guoxiang’s words. When the medicine’s effect is gone, then Sire Shui would have to face a similar situation. Thus, this left Kan Bo bewildered, “Since this Physician Su could use medicine to put Sire Shui’s condition under control, wouldn’t he be a better choice for treating him?”

Mao Yongsheng coughed and awkwardly smiled. “But the problem is that he said he was powerless after taking a look at the patient. So we still need you in this.”

Kan Bo knitted his brows. He had figured out that there’s a story behind this matter. “I couldn’t find the source of the illness from the apparatus earlier, so I don’t dare to put him under any medication. Since Sire Shui’s condition has calmed down, then we can only do something when his illness relapses again.”

When Kan Bo finished speaking, Sire Shui suddenly opened his eyes. Although he looked exhausted, he was unhappy from the way he looked at Kan Bo. Seeing the old man being furious, Jin Guoxiang’s heart calmed down. Although that torment from before had exhausted the old man’s energy, Su Tao had promised that nothing would come to him for two days!

With a sigh, Jin Guoxiang asked, “Are you better now? Can I speak with you privately?”

Hearing his words, the old man waved his hand and signaled everyone to leave.

Jin Guoxiang closed the door and sat down beside the old man. “Old man, you’ve really just given me a shock. A few days ago, I already knew from Su Tao that your illness would break out within the coming days, so I have been paying attention to your condition. That pellet from before was left behind by Su Tao, and it can keep your condition under control. But you still need treatment, and I can guarantee that Su Tao can treat you. But his heart was hurt when he came over, so you just need to nod your head and get Junzhuo and me to invite him over from Hanzhou.”

When the old man swept a glance at Jin Guoxiang, the latter instantly knew his meaning, so he brought a pen and paper over and the old man wrote on the paper with his hands trembling, “It has been hard on you. Although I’m old, I’m not a fool. My illness is too abnormal, and I don’t think that it can be treated. You don’t have to bother about it anymore and let Yama take me.”

Jin Guoxiang bitterly smiled when he read the paper. He knew that this old man was unyielding, especially when it concerned his face. Thus, it’s practically impossible for him to admit that he’s wrong. Jin Guoxiang sighed, “You’ve just recovered, take a good rest.”

When Jin Guoxiang helplessly walked out of the ward, Shui Junzhuo came over. “What did grandfather say?”

With a bitter smile, Jin Guoxiang shook his head. “He’s still stubborn. But we can’t allow him to be willful. I’m going to get Su Tao in a bit. If he’s not willing, then I’ll just get someone to point a gun to his head and force him to treat Sire Shui.” Naturally, his words were purposely for Shui Junzhuo to hear.

Indeed, Shui Junzhuo fell for his trap, since she immediately stopped him. “Let’s move him with our hearts, instead. I’ll make a trip with you to convince him to treat grandfather.”

After a brief pondering, Jin Guoxiang sighed, “Fine, let’s go prepared. If he isn’t willing, we’ll just force him, then.”

Shui Junzhuo smiled. “Uncle Jin, you can stop acting now. He has helped you, that’s why you can only talk nicely to him. But you’re also afraid that you might not be enough, so you want me to follow you, right?”

Sweeping a glance at the personnel in the facility, Jin Guoxiang sighed, “It’s still mainly because he had been disappointed by some people here.”

Shui Junzhuo also felt that her attitude to Su Tao was too much, not only with mockery and ridicule, but she even tried to obstruct him. Not to mention that her grandfather was also uncooperative. If it was someone else, they also wouldn’t be willing to conduct the treatment. But even Sire Shui wasn’t exempted from the pain of his illness, despite his status. Thus, Shui Junzhuo understood and rushed. “Uncle Jin, let’s not delay, and we’ll head out immediately!”

Seeing that the two of them were about to leave, curiosity grew in Guan Yang’s heart and he asked, “Junzhuo, where are you guys going?”

Sweeping a glance at Guan Yang, Jin Guoxiang responded, “What has it got to do with you?”

Guan Yang’s face turned pale. He already knew Jin Guoxiang’s status, so awkwardly smiled. “I’m just showing concern for Junzhuo.”

Pointing his finger at Guan Yang’s nose, Jin Guoxiang hollered, “Brat, is Junzhuo a name for you to call? I’ve already gotten others to investigate you, and your lifestyle has been a mess. In the past year, you’ve checked in to hotels over a hundred times, and with at least twenty different partners. Someone like you also wishes to pursue Junzhuo? Let me warn you. If you continue to pester her, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

When Jin Guoxiang hollered, everyone’s attention was attracted over and Guan Yang felt his entire body burning. When Mao Yongsheng saw this scene, he inwardly sighed and felt that Guan Yang wasn’t a person capable of significant matters. Not only was he not focused at work, but he’s also even shortsighted to offend Jin Guoxiang. Thus, Mao Yongsheng was thinking about how to kick him out of this facility.

“Junzhuo, you won’t blame Uncle Jin, right?” When they boarded the car, only then did Jin Guoxiang calm down. He had a fiery temper, to begin with; however, he had toned it down over the years. Guan Yang had already made him unhappy the previous time. If he was young, he would have already thrown his fist over to beat up Guan Yang.

“Why would I be? I know that you want to protect me, and Guan Yang’s heart is not in the right place. But the problem is that my Aunt is the one that wants to introduce him to me.” Shui Junzhuo helplessly sighed, “I’m also speechless that she’s thinking about this matter when grandfather is lying on his sickbed.”

Jin Guoxiang laughed, “That’s because you don’t have a boyfriend, and everyone is worried about you. Such an outstanding lady like yourself needs to find a man who’s comparable to you. Don’t worry. I’ll matchmake for you, since I have quite a few good men in my hands.”

“Then I’ll thank Uncle Jin, first.” Shui Junzhuo smiled.

How could Shui Junzhuo not think about getting a boyfriend? She just hasn’t found a suitable one, not to mention that her attention was entirely focused on her grandfather now. She prayed in her heart that Su Tao was as miraculous as Jin Guoxiang has claimed.

Along the way, Jin Guoxiang would engage in small chats with Shui Junzhuo. It’s reasonable that everyone in the Shui Family was concerned about her, since she would be dispatched under a special identity out of the country for about three to four years in two years' time. Being dispatched was a high honor, and her fluency in English was also pretty good. She has received an excellent education ever since she was young and was friendly with others. Thus, it's good training for her to be dispatched while being young. Jin Guoxiang actually held admiration for Shui Junzhuo. Despite her uncommon background, she has maintained a pure heart and gave others the feeling of being untainted.

There’s also a good reason why she could be dispatched. It’s not easy to lay down achievements in peaceful times, so it had to be obtained through another channel, and being dispatched was a pretty good choice.

When his phone rang and saw that it was from Jin Guoxiang, Su Tao knitted his brows, since he could guess the reason for this call. However, he wasn’t in a hurry to pick it up and let it ring for a while. When he picked it up, Jin Guoxiang’s anxious voice resounded, “Where are you right now?”

Glancing at Di Shiyuan, who was sitting opposite him, Su Tao responded, “Drinking tea with a leader right now.” Su Tao and Di Shiyuan were currently discussing the matter of constructing the TCM Building, since it has already been approved. As for the funds, it would still have to go through a few departments, and this was also the reason why Su Tao came to look for Di Shiyuan.

Jin Guoxiang sighed upon hearing that. He’s currently anxious while under pressure, and yet Su Tao was casually drinking tea. He helplessly said, “It has occurred, and Sire Shui has taken your pellet. I’m coming over to fetch you now. You must treat Sire Shui’s illness!”

Su Tao had also predicted that Sire Shui’s illness would break out some time today. With a calm smile, he responded, “You can’t force me. I’ve already told you that I’m powerless with Sire Shui’s illness.”

Jin Guoxiang knitted his brows and sourly said, “I don’t care if you can treat him, but I’m already on my way to fetch you. Give me your exact location, and I’ll be there in half an hour.”

Although Jin Guoxiang had already hung up the phone, his voice was loud, and Di Shiyuan could hear that the former’s tone wasn’t good. Thus, he asked out of curiosity, “Who is it that that wants to seek your treatment?”

Su Tao also did not hide it and frankly told Di Shiyuan the whole matter. When Di Shiyuan heard the entire story, he slapped his thigh and solemnly said, “Su Tao, you have to treat this matter seriously and don’t be negligent. Who is Sire Shui? He can be considered as a pillar of the country, so nothing must come to him.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao sighed. Why did everyone feel that he could treat Sire Shui? He wasn’t putting on airs, but Sire Shui’s illness was really not easy to deal with, at least before it breaks out. The main factor here in treating the illness lies in the fact of whether Sire Shui was willing to accept the treatment. After all, Sire Shui was against his treatment the other time he visited.

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