Chapter 190 - Pellet Saving the Emergency Situation

Guan Yang sighed. The message he sent to Shui Junzhuo did not receive a reply after a long time. This woman was a little too difficult, and she wasn’t even hooked up despite throwing out so many lures. Thus, it was unavoidable for him to feel a setback. After a brief pondering, he categorised her under the Daffodil group. Aside from Daffodil, there’s also the Peony, Rosa Multiflora and many other categories. These were all partners that he had sought, with every group symbolising a different temperament. Such as the Peony group, most of them were interested in him, and they’re even chasing after him. On the contrary, the Daffodil group belonged to those that gave him a cold shoulder.

Stretching his waist, his phone suddenly rang and the Vice-President, Mao Yongsheng’s voice resounded, “The specialist has already reached the airport, where are you right now?”

Mao Yongsheng felt that Guan Yang was swift in doing things, so he had asked the latter to bring the specialist over to the facility. But for some reason, the specialist had already arrived, but no one was picking them up. Thus, they gave him a call directly. Guan Yang realised that he had messed up. He was too focused on Shui Junzhuo that he had actually forgotten the important matters. He quickly came up with an excuse, “Qiongjin’s having a traffic jam at this time, and I’m stuck in it right now. I’ll arrive shortly.”

Mao Yongsheng snorted, “Then give the specialist a call.”

When he hung up the phone, Guan Yang immediately rushed out of his office while giving the specialist a call. However, he had no idea that Mao Yongsheng was standing by the window and was watching him. He was disappointed with Guan Yang in his heart, how could he claim that he’s caught up in a traffic jam when he hasn’t left?

After half an hour later, Guan Yang sent Kan Bo to the facility. Kan Bo was a specialist in the medical field, and the patients that he’s responsible for were all with honorable status. He would be equivalent to those imperial physicians in ancient times. He didn’t have a tall stature, his height was only 5’6”, and his head was covered in silvery hair with a black-framed spectacle. He wore a traditional grey Chinese costume, with a rosy complexion that made him look calm.

After shaking hands and having a brief chat with Kan Bo, Mao Yongsheng brought him to Sire Shui’s ward. Seeing that someone’s coming to take a look at him again, the old man’s temper instantly became fiery. Although he allowed Kan Bo to perform a few checkups, he still wasn’t too cooperative.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, Kan Bo sighed while looking at the reports, “This illness is a little unusual. Based on the statistics alone, he’s perfectly fine.”

Seeing that Kan Bo also felt something unusual about this matter and even seemed powerless, Mao Yongsheng  instantly panicked, “Mr. Kan, you must do your best!”

Kan Bo knitted his brows. He was a little offended by Mao Yongsheng’s words. He instantly refuted with unhappiness, “You think I don’t know Sire Shui’s status? I came to Huainan to treat him at all costs, and as a doctor, I will still do my best, even if I’m dealing with an ordinary patient!”

Mao Yongsheng instantly realised that he had used the wrong words, so his ears turned red and he apologised, “I’m sorry, I was too anxious and spoke in a wrong manner.”

However, Kan Bo wasn’t appeased by that. If you slap someone in the face and helped him massage it, did that mean that the slap never happened? Although he wasn’t happy, he still knew the importance of treating Sire Shui, so he sighed, “He only temporarily lost his voice, and in my opinion, we should just keep him under observation for now. If there are any sudden changes, then we’ll deal with it.”

Mao Yongsheng sighed as he nodded his head. “I’m afraid that that’s our only choice for now.”

While the two of them were still discussing Sire Shui’s condition, the door was suddenly knocked on. But before Mao Yongsheng could even respond, the door was suddenly pushed open and a nurse rushed in. “President Mao, please take a look at the ward now! Sire Shui has suddenly fallen unconscious and is even under a ventilator!”

Exchanging a look with Kan Bo, the two of them rushed towards the ward. Sire Shui was lying on the bed with his entire body spasming, and his breathing was also chaotic. You could hear his rough gasp for air and he seemed to be in pain.

Kan Bo originated from western medicine, so he needed the apparatus to point out the issue before he could do anything. But just a moment ago, he had already performed a checkup. Whether it was blood or organs, there weren’t any abnormality with them. Instantly, he felt as if he was facing the toughest question in his life ever since he started practicing medicine.

“Go on with the checkup, and it must be more detailed. Include his blood pressure and organ functions. Do it quickly, I want a report in half an hour!” He ordered after using the stethoscope to make a simple check on Sire Shui’s heart.

Under his instruction, everyone started to work. Although the ward seemed chaotic, it was actually well arranged. After all, anyone that could work in this facility wasn’t a newbie, but the checkup took time, and Sire Shui looked to be in pain even with the ventilator. He even seemed to have fainted. Standing on the side, Shui Junzhuo was also growing anxious with her eyes turning red. Shui Laifeng was also at a loss. She never expected that her father’s illness would suddenly deteriorate so badly.

Roughly twenty minutes later, the results were out and it was the same as before. There wasn’t any issue with the statistics, and looking at it, Kan Bo’s face turned ugly. This was practically a godly pit, and if he couldn’t treat Sire Shui, he would surely be the scapegoat. It could have happened earlier or later, but it just had to happen now. Instantly, his face turned green from the anxiety and his brain went into chaos.

Kan Bo was sixty this year and even entered a special team five years ago, his path has been smooth. He also once treated an important figure’s acute nephritis, so he had a sturdy position in that team. The reason why he was arranged over was basically because he’s a general practitioner. Not only was he proficient with general medicine, but he’s also good with surgeries. But in western medicine, they needed to rely on the apparatus to find the source of the illness. But there wasn’t any indication from the apparatus, which left him anxious. He even suspected whether there’s a scheme behind this and the facility damaged their apparatus on purpose to frame him.

Sire Shui’s situation became worse. He couldn’t even open his eyes now and constantly spat white foam from his mouth. It was terrifying, as if he would go into shock any moment now.

Shui Laifeng finally couldn’t hold it and she blew her rage at Mao Yongsheng, “President Mao, didn’t you claim that my father’s illness was only temporary? Why is his condition turning even more severe now?!”

Mao Yongsheng revealed a bitter smile as he helplessly sighed, “Don’t be anxious, the specialist is here, he will ensure the safety of Sire Shui.”

Kan Bo knew that if he did nothing, Sire Shui’s condition would only become worse, so he ordered, “Inject him with liquid diazepam!”

Diazepam was used to treat spasms, a common medication for epilepsy, and the reason why Kan Bo chose this option was that Sire Shui’s situation was similar to an epilepsy outbreak. Thus, there shouldn’t be a problem to resolve this situation. Common usage of diazepam was about 10-30mg, and not over 50mg within 24 hours. Although Sire Shui’s situation stabilised a little with 30mg, he spat more white foam from his mouth.

Kan Bo’s expression turned ugly. Sire Shui’s situation had not turned better even after thirty minutes. Even Mao Yongsheng was constantly rubbing his hands as if he was praying for a miracle to occur.

Suddenly, a robust silhouette appeared in the ward and Shui Junzhuo looked over. “Uncle Jin, my grandfather, he…”

Jin Guoxiang nodded his head and sighed, “I already know the situation. The top priority now is to stabilise his situation.” As he spoke, he took out a bottle from his pocket and instructed, “Find water and dissolve this pellet for Old Head to consume.”

However, Shui Junzhuo hesitated, since the origin of this pellet was unclear. Although she trusted Jin Guoxiang, she still wasn’t confident enough.

Seeing that she wasn’t moving, Jin Guoxiang sighed and walked over, pulling everyone away before removing the ventilator and shoved the pellet into Sire Shui’s mouth.

“What are you doing?!” Shui Laifeng never expected that Jin Guoxiang would suddenly be so insane.

“Saving the old man, what else?!” Jin Guoxiang’s robust voice echoed out as he swept a glance at everyone. Sire Shui’s guards were nearby, but they did not obstruct Jin Guoxiang since they knew that the old man trusted the latter the most.

However, Shui Laifeng wasn’t as understanding. Especially when she saw Jin Guoxiang pull out the ventilator and she continued to holler, “My dad is experiencing breathing difficulties, you’re simply trying to murder him by pulling out his ventilator!”

Jin Guoxiang gently snorted, “If Old Head dies because of me, I’ll pay back with my life. But before the result is clear, don’t jump to conclusions!”

Shui Laifeng felt a pressure coming from Jin Guoxiang. Although she has never bowed down to anyone, she couldn’t help being weakened a bit.

“*Cough*… *Cough*…” Coughs resounded from Sire Shui’s throat and Jin Guoxiang quickly used a napkin to remove the thick phlegm.

Sire Shui took a deep breath and his eyes slowly opened. Although his gaze was dim, at least his condition had eased out.

When Kan Bo saw this situation, he couldn’t help from being deeply moved, since this was too miraculous. This was definitely not the effect of diazepam, but the pellet that Jin Guoxiang had shoved into Sire Shui’s mouth!

The reason why Jin Guoxiang would shove the pellet into the old man’s mouth without hesitation was because of his trust for Su Tao, and also that the latter had already predicted Sire Shui’s situation. He was convinced by Su Tao’s prediction, and he also believed that Su Tao must have the ability to treat Sire Shui. That was also the reason why Su Tao gave him the pellet to be used as an ‘invitation’ for his help.

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