Chapter 189 - A Kick for you to Remember

After Jin Guoxiang made a call to issue orders, his phone rang a few minutes later, so he nodded his head and smiled. “Found them? Invite them over to my place, then.”

Hanging up the phone, he smiled and turned to Su Tao. “They’re being protected by well-trained personnel. I’ve already gotten people to invite them over to have a meal with us, so you’ll be able to see them soon.”

Roughly twenty minutes later, a vehicle drove into the yard, and there was already someone waiting for them. Two ladies dressed in military uniform instantly performed a salute when they saw Jin Guoxiang. Recognising the one standing on the right, Jin Guoxiang smiled. “Yayu? Why are you sending them personally?”

Zhan Yayu immediately reported, “We’ve received orders to safeguard their well-being, so we have to ensure their safety at all times.”

Shaking his head, Jin Guoxiang smiled. “Since you’re here, have a meal together with us, then.”

Zhan Yayu decisively refused, “I can’t, we’re on duty right now.”

Knowing that they had their duty to oblige, Jin Guoxiang did not force them and walked into the building together with Su Tao. The other lady moved towards Zhan Yayu and whispered, “It should be the young man that got us to bring She Wei and Cai Yan over, right?”

Zhan Yayu knitted her brows as she responded, “Just focus on the mission, don’t think of those unrelated matters.” Their mission to protect She Wei and Cai Yan would soon come to an end, since the storm in Huaibei has calmed down. However, they still had to complete the mission well. Hearing her words, the other lady stuck her tongue out, then she lowered her head and kept silent.

When they entered and changed into a pair of sandals, they saw She Wei and Cai Yan sitting on the couch talking amongst themselves. Seeing their uncomfortable expressions, anyone could practically figure out that the two of them weren’t comfortable being suddenly brought to an unknown environment. When they saw Su Tao, Cai Yan’s eyes lit up and she covered her mouth as tears rolling down her cheeks; her tears were akin to pearls that dampened her clothes.

Although it has been such a long time, Cai Yan still gave off the feeling of a sweet-tempered beauty with her black hair draped down her shoulders like a waterfall, and the rosy tint on her cheeks. Despite sitting there, it still couldn't cover that prideful disposition of hers. Her slender neck and towering chest, along with a plump bottom. Just looking at her alone was pleasing to the spirit. Su Tao had no idea why Cai Yan’s charm would grow despite not seeing each other for so long. Her gaze directed at him was also a little unfamiliar, containing passion that pierced his heart.

He realised that he had fallen for this woman. After experiencing so much together, he gained a deeper understanding of her. It was because of the brief separation that made them cherish each other even more.

The meal had already been prepared. Although the cutlery wasn’t exquisite, the dishes were pretty well done. Jin Guoxiang tried to holler the two ladies on duty to join them for a meal, but Zhan Yayu decisively rejected it. Through this, She Wei could roughly guess Jin Guoxiang’s identity. She and Cai Yan were considered special guests, so the two of them couldn't be brought over with a call by just anyone. But what left her even more surprised was how polite Jin Guoxiang was to Su Tao, and also treated the latter like a friend, which made her look at Su Tao in a different light.

After dinner, Jin Guoxiang smiled and turned to Su Tao. “The two of you can stroll around, I have some words I’d like to say to Mrs. She.” He had already noticed the special relationship between Cai Yan and Su Tao.

She Wei smiled. “Yeah, it has been a long time since the two of you have seen each other. Find a place to chat amongst yourselves.”

Cai Yan was, after all, a lady. Thus, her face turned red like an apple, while Su Tao straightforwardly smiled. “Let’s go walk around.”

When they left the courtyard, Cai Yan followed behind Su Tao. All of a sudden, Su Tao came to a stop, and Cai Yan wasn’t able to stop in time, so she bumped into Su Tao. While Su Tao was feeling the softness on his back, Cai Yan sourly said, “Why did you suddenly stop?”

Spreading out his hands, Su Tao grumbled, “Isn’t it because you’re walking too slowly?”

Cai Yan sighed before she raised her head and looked at Su Tao. “I’m surprised. I never expected that I could see you. Your method seems to have grown since no one was allowed to see us in this period, but you could.”

With a smile, Su Tao responded, “I asked Yan Jing a few days ago, and she said that the two of you would be able to leave in a few days. Furthermore, it’s purely coincidence that I could meet you. Jin Guoxiang is my patient, and I just casually mentioned it to him. I never expected that he could really bring you over. So how’s life in the camp? Did anyone bully you?”

Brushing her hair with her hand, Cai Yan looked up at the pitch-black horizon. “Although it was dull in the military, I felt calm, and this lifestyle is pretty good. I feel that I might start to miss my time there if I leave.”

Su Tao sighed as he stared at Cai Yan, “You’ve changed!”

Turning her head, Cai Yan smiled. “Really?”

The matter with Cai Zhongpu made her suffer a setback and taught her that life wasn’t always that smooth. The underground facility was a tribulation to her, and at the same time, it was also a nirvana for her. Going through those two incidents, her view on life and the world had undergone a drastic change. Although she was still that benevolent, righteous and passionate girl next door, she had grown more mature.

Su Tao sighed, “You’re like a blooming rose that emanates a fragrance in every single movement of yours.”

Stretching out her finger, Cai Yan gently knocked on Su Tao’s head and smiled. “Don’t use those lies to bluff me again.”

Su Tao rubbed his forehead. Although it didn’t hurt, it felt a little numb.

Cai Yan suddenly recalled something and asked, “Have you started to demolish the Emerald Jade Brook?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Without you, the person in charge of the Emerald Jade Brook, how do I dare to touch it?”

Cai Yan nodded, since it made sense, and smiled. “Then I’ll deal with this matter first thing after I go back. Furthermore, I also have an idea about the Three Flavour Hall’s expansion!”

Knowing that Cai Yan must have brainstormed those ideas while she was bored in the camp, Su Tao replied, “Sure, what is it?”

“It’s impossible to rely on one pharmacy to make the Three Flavour Hall famous. So we need to expand into chains.” Cai Yan had perfectly entered into the status of the Three Flavour Hall’s business partner. Although her tone was gentle, she still couldn’t conceal her emotions, “Many big pharmacies are going through the chain route, so our Three Flavour Hall can’t lack behind. I have already talked about this matter with Mrs. She, and she’s willing to invest in supporting our expansion. If we’re going to invest in He City, she could even help us get a decent location through her resources.”

Su Tao had also thought about opening chains for the Three Flavour Hall, and he had even mentioned it to Cai Yan in the past. However, he always felt that it was something that would be a few years from now, so he never expected that Cai Yan would suddenly mention it. After a brief pondering, Su Tao responded, “We do not lack in capital, but talent. I don’t want the Three Flavour Hall to be like other pharmacies that only sells medicine. I hope that the Three Flavour Hall can educate others about the miracles of TCM.”

Shaking her head, Cai Yan smiled. “Indeed, talents like you are rare, but for commoners, they don’t need doctors like you to accept TCM. So you don’t have to shoulder all the responsibility alone, and you should learn how to relax. Share your burden with those around you. Take Chu Huilin for example, his medical skills are pretty good, and you won’t be disappointed if he goes to He City as the Head Doctor. As for your disciples, they also need some space to grow. After all, even Eagles would let their fledglings stretch their wings and face the world by themselves.”

With astonishment on his face, Su Tao took a while before he recovered and smiled. “I never expected that you would enlighten me.”

Pouting her lips, Cai Yan gently snorted, “Don’t think that you’re only the smart one around.”

Scratching his head, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Am I that puffed up?”

A charming smile blossomed on Cai Yan’s lips as she responded, “Yeah, I even have the urge to kick you sometimes.”

Spreading his legs out in a hoodlum manner, Su Tao fearlessly slapped his front thigh and smiled. “I’ll let you kick them!”

Cai Yan lashed out a kick on Su Tao’s thigh without any hesitation. She didn’t hold back her strength and the kick even produced a muffled sound.

Rubbing his calf, Su Tao felt a surge of pain assaulting him and he bitterly smiled. “Why did you really kick me, it hurts!”

Cai Yan burst into laughter, “It’s good that you feel pain, you’ll remember it this way.” She also muttered inwardly, I’m kicking you because I want you to remember me deep in your heart.

The two of them didn’t stroll too far. After all, this was a camp, and they’re not familiar with the environment. Thus, they returned and She Wei was already waiting with Zhan Yayu standing behind her. She Wei’s face was plastered with a smile as she sighed in her heart. But more of it was that she felt happy for Cai Yan. She waved her hand. “Let’s go.”

Nodding her head, Cai Yan waved her hand before she boarded the military jeep and wound down the window. Su Tao felt a surge of sourness in his nose. Although he knew that he would be able to see Cai Yan soon, he still felt sour in his heart for some reason. A brief departure was still a separation. Separation was a faint feeling of anxiety that felt like having butterflies in the stomach.

All of a sudden, Su Tao recalled a song’s lyrics, “The Moon knows no pain of separation, and turning it into thoughts can relieve worries. So what if you miss? All you can do is look at the distant moon, rivers, and mountains.”

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