Chapter 187 - Forgive me for being powerless

Jin Guoxiang was furious. He had intended for Su Tao to take a look at the Old Head’s situation and see if the latter could do anything. If he couldn’t, then they would just laugh it off. However, he never expected that the situation would blow up with so many people being involved. If Su Tao couldn’t treat Sire Shui, then it would undoubtedly affect his reputation as a physician. Jin Guoxiang knew that all this was caused by that young doctor with the surname Guan. Comparing that doctor with Su Tao, Jin Guoxiang could only sigh at the disparity between people.

When everyone was waiting for Su Tao to review the file, Guan Yang sneaked away. Not long after, Shui Junzhuo received a call and her brows were knitted, since the situation became even more complicated. Her aunt had requested everyone to hold off until her arrival.

Guan Yang rejoiced from the side, since he had formed a good relationship with Sire Shui’s daughter, Shui Laifeng, and the latter had also instructed him to inform her of anything. Thus, he had immediately informed Shui Laifeng about this matter, and did not forget to add exaggeration in the process to defame Su Tao.

When Su Tao heard that another person was coming over, he went over the file again. Truth be told, he didn’t need to look at it so many times, but he had to put on a concerned act. Acting was an essential skill in society. Even if he could treat Sire Shui’s condition, he still had to put on an act as if he’s taking this matter seriously.

Although many people said that only the result was important, those were just words. In reality, many people not only looked at the results; they even looked at the process.

Roughly half an hour later, the rattling sounds of heels echoed and a woman in her fifties walked over with fashionable clothing. She shared a resemblance to Shui Junzhuo; however, she possessed a dignified aura that the latter didn’t have.

As she came over, she swept a glance at everyone before looking at Jin Guoxiang and sighed, “Guoxiang, I heard that you found a Physician to take a look at my father?”

Knowing how formidable the eldest daughter of the Shui Family was, Jin Guoxiang bitterly smiled. “I never expected that you would be dragged here. I initially just wanted Physician Su to take Old Head’s pulse.”

Although Jin Guoxiang was Sire Shui’s subordinate, he had a high position, so Shui Laifeng couldn’t be too overbearing when talking. She coldly said, “Which one is Physician Su?”

Jin Guoxiang immediately pointed at Su Tao with a smile. “Him!”

Despite hearing that it’s an extremely young doctor through the phone, Shui Laifeng thought that he should be around his thirties or forties. But seeing Su Tao, who looked to be in his twenties, she shook her head and bitterly smiled. “Guoxiang, are you playing a joke here?”

Knitting his brows, Jin Guoxiang instantly became a little unhappy. “Do you think that I will joke about Sire’s health?”

Shui Laifeng pondered, since it did make sense. If Jin Guoxiang just wanted to put on an act to show concern for his previous leader, he could just find a slightly older Physician, and there’s no need to bring a young one over. Nodding her head, she sighed, “Then, let that doctor have a look. But don’t blame me for putting up a disclaimer. The specialists that the Recuperation Section invites over will still conduct the actual treatment.”

Her words were akin to a fishbone stuck in his throat when Su Tao heard her. If it wasn’t on Jin Guoxiang’s face, he would have left by now. Thus, he faintly smiled. They have no idea of his ability, so it’s reasonable for them to be suspicious. He swept a glance at Guan Yang with unhappiness in his heart. Through his meticulous analysis, he only needed a brief pondering to figure out who's the one fanning the fire.

Guan Yang knew that he has offended Jin Guoxiang, so he got Shui Laifeng over to help. If Su Tao couldn’t treat Sire Shui, then that would mean that he was right to obstruct the treatment. In this period, the leaders have invited many specialists over to take a look at Sire Shui. So Guan Yang felt that even if Su Tao was capable, how could he be more capable than those specialists that had established their reputations a decade ago?

Since Shui Laifeng has agreed to allow Su Tao to do the examination, then the hospital wasn’t in a position to obstruct him. Jin Guoxiang could tell that although Su Tao maintained a calm expression, he was actually furious in his heart. Thus, he could only whisper to Su Tao, “Give me some face and don’t bother with these people.”

“Treating the patient is the crucial matter here.” Su Tao smiled as he waved his hand.

In his heart, Jin Guoxiang instantly added a few points for Su Tao and felt that this young man had a good temper. Standing in his shoes, Jin Guoxiang would have jumped and left by now.

Seeing a group of people entering the ward, Sire Shui knitted his brows and looked unhappy. He’s fond of serene, not to mention that he’s currently ill. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t like being disturbed. Being swept a glance by Sire Shui, everyone instantly felt an invisible pressure shrouding them that made them feel reverence.

Shui Junzhuo immediately came towards Sire Shui and whispered, “Grandfather, let me explain. Uncle Jin has gotten a physician to take a look at you.”

Sire Shui sighed and tapped his finger on the desk beside him. Instantly, Shui Junzhuo found a pen and paper for him and the latter wrote in cursive, “It’s just taking a look, why are there so many people here? Am I a monkey in the zoo for others to watch?”

With a weak smile, Shui Junzhuo replied, “Everyone wanted to make a check. After all, the person that Uncle Jin brought over isn’t a specialist invited by the Recuperation Section…”

Sire Shui sighed as he wrote again, “Guoxiang blocked a bullet for me in the past, and he’s more concerned about me than any of you. Would he harm me? Get those unrelated to leave now, I have a headache!”

Shui Junzhuo knew that Jin Guoxiang had always been the trusted aide of her grandfather, but she never expected that her grandfather would have such trust in Jin Guoxiang. So when she handed the paper over to Shui Laifeng, the latter displayed an awkward expression before telling everyone to leave, with only her, Shui Junzhuo, Jin Guoxiang, and Su Tao behind.

Placing his medical box on the stool, Su Tao walked over to Sire Shui. However, the latter closed his eyes, which made Su Tao feel cold-shouldered.

Jin Guoxiang immediately walked over and said, “Sire, remember the wound I suffered on my leg back then? Although the bullet has been removed, it has always been a problem that troubled me for years. Physician Su might be young, but he’s absolutely capable. Right now, my leg has already almost recovered.”

Hearing his words, only then did the old man open his eyes and sweep his sharp gaze on Su Tao before he gently sighed. Back then, when Jin Guoxiang followed him on a private trip to the borders, it was found out by someone, which resulted in an assassination attempt. Jin Guoxiang’s injury was due to him trying to protect Sire Shui. However, the old man still didn’t trust Su Tao in his heart, since he felt that Su Tao was too young, and Guoxiang might be scammed. At the same time, he was also curious about Su Tao’s attitude, since most people would panic when seeing him. But Su Tao had maintained his calm and treated him as an ordinary person. It was so much so that he could even sense a peculiar sensation in Su Tao’s eyes, which he pondered for a long time before he figured out that it’s actually pity in Su Tao’s eyes…

Su Tao was indeed feeling sympathy for the old man, just like how he felt about all of his patients. This was a natural reaction in all doctors, pitying the patient for suffering the torment of their illness. Naturally, not everyone could sense it, but the old man was someone that had experienced a long life. Although he couldn’t speak, his eyes were as sharp as Sun Wukong’s Fiery Eyes, which could see through anything.

On the other hand, Su Tao could also read the caution and fury in the old man’s eyes.

He calmly arranged his needle box before sitting opposite of the old man. “Please hand me your hand for me to take your pulse.”

However, Sire Shui did not stretch his hand out, but wrote on the paper, “Young man, how long have you studied medicine, and how many lives have you saved?”

Seeing that the old man wasn’t willing to give his hand, Su Tao also did not force him, but paid attention to the old man’s face. “It’s fine if you’re not willing to hand me your hand. Instead, try to maintain calm.”

Sire Shui was instantly unhappy that what he wrote to Su Tao was ignored. He had been roaming for so many years, so which person wasn’t respectful to him? Thus, he gently snorted and shut his eyes. He firmed his stance on not letting Su Tao take his pulse to see what this brat could do.

Su Tao bitterly smiled and felt that this old man, that has experienced all sorts of storms in life, was currently throwing a tantrum like a kid. He slowly stood up and cupped his hands towards Jin Guoxiang with a bitter smile. “Please forgive me for being powerless!”

Seeing that Su Tao had immediately stood up and said that he’s powerless, the old man was surprised. Since he could be recommended by Jin Guoxiang, then this fellow must be capable. Whether or not he could diagnose anything, other doctors would still provide some explanations or analysis. However, Su Tao had immediately cut it off and said that he was powerless.

As someone confident in Su Tao’s medical skills, Jin Guoxiang grew a little anxious as he responded, “Physician Su, please take another look!”

Su Tao turned and saw that the old man had already turned his head away, so he helplessly sighed, “I’m really powerless!”

Jin Guoxiang was a little stunned before he responded in puzzlement, “But why are all the statistics normal?”

“It’s precisely the statistics that are normal that’s the problem here. If we can find the issue, wouldn’t it be solved by prescribing medicine to target the illness?” Su Tao shook his head.

Jin Guoxiang still wanted to ask more, but Su Tao had already left the ward. Shaking his head, Jin Guoxiang sighed, then he bowed towards the old man. “Sire, sorry to have bothered you. I’ll take my leave and visit you in a few days.”

By the time he left the room, Su Tao was already far away. Suddenly, Shui Junzhou pulled his arm and worriedly asked, “Is grandfather really incurable?” She had a close relationship with her grandfather, so she couldn’t help her tears rolling down her cheeks.

Jin Guoxiang sighed while also feeling regret, “If Su Tao can’t treat Sire, then I’m afraid that there’s no one in the world that can do it.”

When he finished, he even told Shui Junzou about how Su Tao treated his daughter, Zhitong. Zhitong’s illness was a secret that Jin Guoxiang wasn’t willing to publicly declare, so Shui Junzhou could tell that Jin Guoxiang had put his heart into this matter since he shared it. She came to realise that Jin Guoxiang didn’t just find a random doctor to treat her grandfather.

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Sun Wukong/The Monkey King has this eye-technique, the Fiery Eyes that can be said to see through all disguises and fakery.