Chapter 186 - Deliberately Making Things Difficult

Su Tao revealed a complicated smile. That old man’s illness was categorised under unusual diseases. He could tell that the conditions in this Recuperation Section were excellent, and there was undoubtedly no lack of capable doctors. The problem lies in the fact that no one was able to diagnose the root of the illness. Although he had gotten some clues from a glance, he still needed to take a pulse before he could establish the sickness. Thus, he tactfully replied to Jin Guoxiang, “TCM emphasises on Inspection, Listening & Smelling, Inquiring, and Palpation. Old Head can’t talk, so there’s no method to know his situation. As for equipment, all his statistics are normal, so that’s where the problem lies.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Jin Guoxiang knew that the former must have a method, so he responded, “Why don’t you take Sire Shui’s pulse later and give it a check?”

Su Tao nodded and modestly replied, “I’ll try.”

In less than ten minutes, Shui Junzhuo walked out of Guan Yang’s office. Although the latter wore a grave expression, he was rejoicing in his heart, since he had successfully managed to obtain Shui Junzhuo’s contact under the excuse of discussing Sire Shui’s condition. Guan Yang was a man with a high EQ. Although he’s still single and in his thirties, that didn’t mean that he knew nothing about wooing girls. The reason why he hadn’t gotten a partner was that he had been waiting for the right one. In his view, Shui Junzhuo was a good choice. Not only was she attractive, intelligent, and well-educated, she even had a good background. So if he could marry Shui Junzhuo, Guan Yang felt that his life would be perfect.

Shui Junzhuo walked over to Jin Guoxiang and apologised, “I’m sorry about that, Uncle Jin. I was just asking about my grandfather’s situation. Although I can’t reveal it, his body situation is pretty good.”

Jin Guoxiang continued to talk about Su Tao as he smiled, “Let Divine Physician Su have a look at Old Head later.”

Divine Physician? Guan Yang knitted his brows as he started to examine Su Tao. How does this man that looks to be in his twenties and carrying an old-fashioned medical box look like a Divine Physician? Doesn’t he just look like a conman? Thus, knitting his brows, Guan Yang reminded, “Miss Shui, I suggest that you have trust in our ability, and not others so easily.”

Shui Junzhuo also felt that Su Tao was a little too young, so she hesitated. “Uncle Jin, you know about grandfather’s temper. Even if he can’t speak, he knows it all in his heart. If you tell him to let Su… a young doctor to treat him, I’m afraid it won’t be too appropriate.”

Knitting his brows, Jin Guoxiang was a little furious. He brought Su Tao over here out of goodwill to take a look at Sire Shui’s situation and was obstructed. He instantly became unhappy. “Junzhuo, you know my relationship with your grandfather. Did you think that I would joke around with his health?”

Shui Junzhuo fell into hesitation. Actually, she wasn’t willing to let Su Tao have a look at her grandfather in her heart; after all, trust wasn’t something that could be built in an instant. But at the same time, she had to give face to Jin Guoxiang!

At this moment, Guan Yang stepped out, “This needs to be approved by the leaders of our section if anyone wants to treat Sire Shui.”

Jin Guoxiang instantly felt his anger brewing. If it wasn’t the fact that he had polished his temper over the years, he would have given a slap to Guan Yang by now.

Su Tao could also feel the awkward situation that Jin Guoxiang was currently facing, and the depression in the latter’s heart. Jin Guoxiang was doing all of this out of consideration for him, worrying that he might feel humiliated. Thus, he looked at Guan Yang. “Then get your leader here. As for the qualification to take Sire Shui’s pulse, I don’t think that you’re qualified to make the decision!”

Although his words sounded a little prickly, it was the truth. Guan Yang only considered Su Tao to be a newcomer at his age. At best, he’s only qualified to perform a simple checkup on Sire Shui, and was not in a position to make decisions. He was just pretending to be an expert to hook Shui Junzhuo.

Jin Guoxiang also coldly glanced at Guan Yang, which caused the latter to feel a chill down his spine, so he coughed, “I’ll invite the leader over now!”

Seeing how Guan Yang left in a hurry, Shui Junzhuo sighed, since the situation became complicated. Actually, it didn’t matter whether or not Su Tao took a look at her grandfather. Although her grandfather’s temper was a little fiery, he would still cooperate with the doctor that Jin Guoxiang has brought over. As a smart person herself, how could she not notice Guan Yang’s intentions? The reason why he exerted pressure on Su Tao was just to make himself look superior, like how male animals would try to stand out amongst their peers before the females.

Guan Yang was a Ph.D. student at the Military University, a doctor with a sturdy foundation. Otherwise, he also wouldn’t have made it into the Provincial Military Camp with just connections alone. So now that there’s someone younger than him being known as a Divine Physician, how could he not feel unhappy? Thus, he wanted to expose the scam to win points in Shui Junzhuo’s heart.

But it was a pity that Guan Yang was still a little lacking, since he had no idea of Jin Guoxiang’s identity. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to offend the latter with his words. Putting it nicely, Guan Yang was just loyal to his job by putting on airs before Jin Guoxiang. But putting it in a bad way, he’s just a blind and ignorant fool.

Shui Junzhuo lifted her hair and bitterly smiled. “Uncle Jin, don’t be angry, I’m just…”

Jin Guoxiang waved his hand. “It has nothing to do with you. That surnamed Guan is trying to put on airs despite his measly ability. I’ll see what he’s going to play today!”

Shui Junzuho was stunned. She knew that Jin Guoxiang was furiously now. But fortunately, his rage wasn’t directed at her, but Guan Yang.

Roughly five to six people walked over at a hurried pace, lead by a man in his sixties with a spectacle on his nose bridge and blue documents in his bosom. When he saw Jin Guoxiang, he was briefly stunned, then started to curse Guan Yang in his heart for being shortsighted for treating a figure like Jin Guoxiang as an ordinary person.

“President Mao!” Jin Guoxiang walked over as he self-ridiculed, “I brought a doctor over intending to take a look at Sire Shui’s situation, but I heard that I have to receive all of your approvals, so I called you guys over.”

Mao Yongsheng immediately smiled. “I’m sorry about that, and please forgive me for the inconvenience. This is a rule of our facility, and this is also out of consideration for Sire’s health.”

Guan Yang, who was standing beside Mao Yongsheng, had his face change. Mao Yongsheng was the Vice-President here with a vast connection, and those that could come here were practically wealthy and respectable figures. However, his modest reply to Jin Guoxiang represented the latter’s status, so Guan Yang was cursing at himself for being a fool and started to feel nervous.

Jin Guoxiang nodded his head before taking a deep breath, “Head Shui has been in the Recuperation Section for months, but there’s no improvement to his condition. If this goes on, then we can only get the procedure done to transfer him to the Hospital in Qiongjin’s Military Headquarters.”

Mao Yongsheng revealed an awkward expression. If it was a severe condition, then there’s no harm transferring to the headquarters. But the main issue here was that although Sire Shui’s statistics were all normal, he couldn't speak. If he were fully cured at the headquarters, then it would only be slapping them in the face.

Thus, he quickly responded, “I’ve already invited specialists from Qiongjin to take a look at Sire, but he’s also getting on his age, and we can’t rush things with him being sick.”

Jin Guoxiang waved his hand and cussed these people in his heart for beautifying their words while having a different thought in their hearts. He solemnly said, “Do you guys have any objections of letting Physician Su, whom I’ve invited over, to take Sire’s pulse?”

Mao Yongsheng turned to examined Su Tao. Seeing the medical box on the latter’s shoulder, he sounded out, “May I ask where’s Physician Su working?”

“I have a TCM Pharmacy handed down by my family, and at the same time, I’m also the temporary assigned Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital.” Su Tao frankly replied.

“Oh?” Mao Yongsheng knitted his brows. He had heard that Jianghuai Hospital was the best hospital in Hanzhou City, but he never expected that the Vice-President would be so young, which left him surprised.

Giving an eye signal to Guan Yang, the latter knew that Mao Yongsheng wanted him to verify Su Tao’s identity. Even if he had offended Jin Guoxiang, Guan Xiang still held luck in his heart. After all, the impression coming from Su Tao just felt like a conman.

The few of them waited outside the ward for a few minutes. When Guan Yang finished his call, his face turned unsightly. Jianghuai Hospital has verified Su Tao’s identity. Instantly, Guan Yang felt his entire world had collapsed. He never expected that someone so young could be the Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital. Although this facility was a better platform than Jianghuai Hospital, Su Tao had already reached the highest post in Jianghuai Hospital, whereas he had just started. He had always felt that he could excel and wasn’t inferior to anyone, but he was too ordinary and paled in comparison to Su Tao.

“President Mao, there’s no issue with his identity. He’s indeed the Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital, and is also in-charge of TCM…” Guan Yang weakly said.

When he just finished his words, a person beside Mao Yongsheng said, “I have an impression of him. A few days ago, there was news that he had achieved an initial success while treating Child Leukemia in Jianghuai Hospital.”

The one that spoke was Fan Yanxuan, a TCM specialist. He had a mild character, and he’s familiar with Su Tao’s news because he had been paying attention to the TCM industry.

Hearing Fan Yanxuan’s words, Mao Yongsheng’s attitude wholly changed, although he didn’t really believe that Su Tao could treat Leukemia. A smile immediately appeared on his face before he said to Jin Guoxiang, “Before Physician Su treats Sire, how about letting him take a look at the case file?”

When he finished, he passed the document over to Su Tao, which the latter had received it without any hesitation and looked at it for a long time.

The patient couldn’t speak, which increased the difficulty. Thus, the answer had to be found in the case. Su Tao looked at the file for nearly twenty minutes, and it was unavoidable for others to be doubtful of him when they waited from the side. However, he wasn’t bothered about their views. They can think what they want, but as long as he could treat Sire Shui, all doubts would disappear.

At that time, their attempts to deliberately making things difficult for him would give them a resounding slap on their faces.

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