Chapter 184 - Jin Guoxiang’s Invitation

When Su Tao woke up, he noticed a pair of bright eyes staring at him. Rubbing his eyes, he took a closer look at this woman before him. He paid attention to her facial features before propping himself up from the bed and smiled. “Congratulations, you’ve completely recovered. As long as you remember to think of me in the future, your illness won’t relapse.”

Vera sourly looked at him before she stretched her finger out and gently jabbed on his head. “You’re saying that you’re the best medicine?”

Su Tao laughed out as he nodded his head. “Smart, do you want to have another taste of this humanoid-medicine here?”

Although Vera had rolled her eyes at his words, she wasn’t even angry, “No need!” She covered herself with the blanket before she got down and helplessly shook her head with a bitter smile. “You were too crazy last night, you even made all my clothes wet! What should I do now?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao smiled. “Let your caretaker bring clothes over, then.”

Vera knew that Su Tao was joking with her, so she glared at the latter. “Aren’t you afraid that she’ll skin you alive?”

Su Tao smiled as he tilted his head and pondered about that. Since it was something that he had caused, then he’s naturally responsible for resolving it. After all, the two of them couldn’t just hole up in the room the entire day, right? After a brief pondering, he walked into the bathroom and found the hairdryer before waving it towards Vera, who was looking at him through the glass. He plugged it to the source and started to dry the clothes. Vera laid down on the bed on her belly as she stared at Su Tao’s silhouette and fell into a daze. Sometimes, she would feel that Su Tao was smart as a fox, but occasionally, he’s stupidly cute. She could easily get someone to send clothes over, like Secretary Li, for example, who had done similar things when they got themselves wet in the lotus pond.

Roughly an hour later, Su Tao managed to dry the clothes. After wearing her clothes, Vera suddenly said, “Tao, I want to make a trip back to Russia.”

“Didn’t we just get together, and we have to separate now?” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

Vera winked as she smiled. “It’s so that we can be together.”

Su Tao knew that Vera intended to persuade her father, so he sighed, “If I say that I cannot marry you, will you be disappointed?”

Vera was briefly stunned before she smiled. “I know that you have others in your heart, but I feel that my fake marriage with Achim has to come to an end now. Rest assured, I’m not doing this solely for you, so you don’t have to feel pressured.”

Hearing Vera’s words, Su Tao instantly felt guilty, since his words had just indirectly hurt her. With a smile, he replied, “Don’t worry, I will take responsibility for you.”

Vera walked over and placed her finger on her lips before shook her head with a smile. “Tao, I hope that the relationship between us isn’t bound by promises. So you don’t have to feel pressured, nor will I hold you back.”

Vera understood this society. Every successful man was bound to have other women around him. Even if she had a noble status, her lover was the most outstanding man in her eyes. So how could no women be trying to approach this man, who had made her so crazy over him?

Love was selfish, and Vera wasn’t an exception. Although she wanted to monopolize Su Tao, her intelligence told her that if she really did that, she would only put a gap between them that would increase over time. She knew that Su Tao had Yan Jing and Cai Yan in his heart, and he’s also trying to expand his career. So there was bound to be other women around him.

Leaving the themed hotel, Su Tao sent Vera to her home. When they reached her house, Shara was staring at him in fury, which Su Tao responded with a smile that left her stunned. She helplessly sighed and shook her head, as if she had realised that she had been a little too much. Perhaps she shouldn’t hold prejudice over him, after all, he’s the man that her missy had fallen in love with.

There wasn’t any conversation going on, and Vera’s Volkswagen CC was also passed on to Su Tao for his usage. Despite all the reluctance he felt when he was driving away, this was life. There’s nothing perfect, and imperfection existed. Only by having a little regret would one be more passionate to welcome the future.

When he stopped his car before the Three Flavour Hall, he did not step out and started to ponder the future development of the Three Flavour Hall. He still needed to borrow external forces, since some things were insufficient with just his hard work. Sometimes, tricks and means were necessary.

Wang Peng’s eyes were sharp as he walked over and knocked on the hood with a smile. “Master, you strike a lottery?”

Rolling his eyes at Wang Peng, Su Tao responded, “Loaned from a friend.”

“Then it must be a woman!” Wang Peng winked before he quickly continued, “Oh right, an important guest is waiting for you inside.”

Su Tao nodded his head before he quickened his steps. When he entered, he instantly saw an old acquaintance, Du Ping was chatting happily with a man. The man appeared to be in his thirties, wore a Chinese tunic suit, had short hair, and a majestic appearance. Comparing him to Du Ping, Du Ping would seem plumper in comparison.

When Du Ping saw Su Tao, he immediately smiled. “Divine Physician Su, you’re finally back! This is Mr. Feng, and he came here especially to invite you to make a trip to Qiongjin.”

Mr. Feng showed a benevolent smile as he took the initiative to explain, “It’s my superior, Jin Guoxiang who asked me to invite you over.”

This person knew how to put his words. Although it was a request for an outpatient treatment, he had put it in the way of inviting him over as a guest. This way, he could hide the privacy of his superior. Thus, Su Tao could determine that this person was experienced in handling affairs.

Although Su Tao was briefly stunned, he wouldn’t forget the event that occurred in Yuhang City. Not only did he treat Jin Guoxiang’s daughter, he even managed to see the latter’s leg injury. Counting the time, it’s about a month now, so this must be the reason why Jin Guoxiang sent someone over to fetch him. The reason why Du Ping was here was Jin Guoxiang doing a favor. This way, he could tell everyone that Su Tao held his favor so that they would take care of Su Tao in the future.

Su Tao naturally wouldn’t refuse this invitation, so he briefly shook hands with Mr. Feng before saying, “Let me grab a change of clothes. Please wait awhile.” Although he said he was getting a change of clothes, he was actually going to grab his medical box. Since Mr. Feng purposely did not reveal his objective, then there’s no reason for Su Tao to be direct and play along with Mr. Feng.

He knew his current weakness; he lacked resources, unlike Wang Guofeng, so he needed to make up for it. As a famous doctor, he could come in contact with different groups of people, and Jin Guoxiang was a key for him to establish connections.

A few minutes later, Su Tao came out wearing a flax jacket and a medical box on his shoulder before entering a military jeep with Mr. Feng. When the vehicle drove off, Du Ping’s gaze flashed with a complicated light. If it were a few months back, he would never believe that Su Tao could form a relationship with Jin Guoxiang of the East, which held incredible potential. At the same time, he had also decided to build a better relationship with Su Tao in the future. Who knows, he might even need Su Tao’s help for his career development in the future.

Du Ping did not immediately leave, but chatted with Wang Peng and even left his name card, informing the latter to look for him if there’s anything in the future. Naturally, Wang Peng was more than happy that an undergraduate like him could receive the name card of a prominent figure like Du Ping.

It took a little more than an hour to get to Qiongjin. When they exited the highway, they did not head towards the city areas but the south, which Su Tao knew that it’s the headquarters of the Eastern Military Camp. By stationing troops in the mountains, they could conceal them and also train them in that environment. The vehicle drove in a zigzagged manner before they finally reached the gate. When the sentry soldiers saw the car plate, they respectfully bowed and allowed the vehicle to drive in without even checking.

Major Feng had paid attention to Su Tao and realised that although the latter was young, he had an incredibly calm character. If it was someone else, they would’ve looked around out of curiosity by now. However, Su Tao maintained his gaze up ahead with a faint smile hanging on his lips. Although they casually chatted along the way, Major Feng could tell that Su Tao was a versatile talent, and knew many things. Even if he didn’t speak much, he was able to pinpoint the core of the subject with his occasional words.

The vehicle stopped before the Family Section, then the chauffeur opened the door, and Major Feng lead the way. They came to the third floor and the latter knocked on the door. A young guard opened the door with a smile. “You must be Su Tao, right? The head has been waiting in the study room for a long time now, and he has informed us that you can enter straight away.”

Su Tao waved his hand in the air. He could hear a sound coming from the study room. Although Jin Guoxiang’s voice wasn’t loud, he must be talking to someone on the phone. Su Tao smiled, “I’ll wait here for now and enter when Major General Jin is done with his call.” When he finished, he sat on the couch, and a young man swiftly came over with a cup of tea.

Roughly half an hour later, the call finally ended and the young man went in to ask for instructions. Jin Guoxiang instantly stood up and he welcomed Su Tao, before he apologised, “Sorry about that, I’ve made Divine Physician Su waited for a long time.”

Su Tao waved his hand. “Your time is more precious, and every single decision is a national affair. On the contrary, my time isn’t that important.”

Jin Guoxiang was impressed by how Su Tao organised his words and smiled. “In my view, your time is more precious. Your hands are godly, and you can save lives.”

Su Tao responded with a modest smiled before he got into the main topic right away, “Let’s find a place to look at your injury. Do you have a place for that?”

“Let’s go to the bedroom, then.” Jin Guoxiang quickly smiled.

The living quarters had three bedrooms and two living rooms. Thus, the two of them came to the guest bedroom with the photo of Jin Guoxiang’s daughter, Jin Zhitong, placed at the bedside. Jin Guoxiang smiled. “Zhitong has always been talking about meeting you.”

Su Tao smiled. “We will surely have that opportunity once she has recovered.”

Jin Guoxiang nodded his head before he laid down on the bed. Su Tao came to his side and gently pressed on a few acupoints before asking the former if there’s any sensation. Jin Guoxiang frankly replied, “If you don’t press on them, there’s no particular feeling. But I can feel a sore swollen sensation when you press on them.”

Su Tao knew that although the treatment time wasn’t long, he had successful revitalised Jin Guoxiang’s dead veins, so it’s a good thing that he’s feeling something. “This is normal, I’ll perform acupuncture for you now, and you can recover after a few more sessions.”

Hearing that his leg could recover, Jin Guoxiang became emotional and sincerely said, “Divine Physician Su, I really have to thank you for this. Oh, I still have another request.”

“Please say.” Su Tao smiled as he retrieved his needle box from the medical box.

“I know an old man who is currently in the Recuperation Section. I wonder if you can take a look at him?” Jin Guoxiang did not doubt Su Tao’s medical skills, and he felt that this young Divine Physician might resolve the illness that those specialists couldn't.

Su Tao straightforwardly agreed with a smile. “Treating patients and saving lives is my duty. I’ll follow you to take a look at the old man after I'm done with your acupuncture session.”

Seeing that Su Tao had promised him, Jin Guoxiang’s mood instantly became delighted and he even joked, “Good, and don’t worry. I won’t forget your fees.”

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