Chapter 183 - A Smile that can topple Countries

The two of them maintained a close distance before Vera’s face brimmed with smiles.

She was someone well-educated since young, and this was the first time that she would be so rebellious, to come to a hotel with a man.

“This environment made me recall a movie.” Vera tapped her finger on her lips. “The male protagonist was a bastard, always stirring up trouble and always getting himself drunk. But the female protagonist was deeply in love with the man, and the house they stayed in looked like the decorations in this hotel.”

Su Tao couldn’t help laughing out, “You must have misremembered it because the painting style isn’t like this.”

Vera’s face turned red before she replied with a straight face, “If I say that it looks similar, then it’s similar. Don’t interrupt me; let me continue my story.”

Knowing that interrupting others was rude, Su Tao smiled. “Oh sorry, please carry on.”

Vera continued, “This movie left a deep impression because the storyline underwent a complete turn. The reason why the male protagonist’s life was so messy was for the sake of protecting the female protagonist. The female protagonist was too gorgeous, with tons of pursuers after her. Thus, the male protagonist could only use his fists to eliminate his competitors.”

Su Tao bitterly smiled. What shitty storyline is this? But this time, he did not interrupt Vera.

Vera continued, “One day, the male protagonist defeated his rival in love once again. But this was also when the female protagonist hit the limit of her endurance and was determined to break up with the male protagonist. When the male protagonist tried to hold the female protagonist back, he spoke out the reason why he was such a brute. He knew that he had no talent, and he could only rely on his own hard work to strengthen himself and make his competitors back off.”

Hearing that, Su Tao couldn’t help nodding his head. “That sounds reasonable, what happened in the end?”

Vera smiled. “The female protagonist still left him. Losing the female protagonist, the male protagonist suddenly felt that he had lost all meaning to his life. Thus, he started to change. He applied for a job in a security company and was acknowledged as the best bodyguard. In one mission, the male protagonist was tasked to protect the new boyfriend of the female protagonist, which he performed outstandingly. At this moment, the female protagonist realised that she’s actually still deeply in love with the male protagonist.”

Su Tao sighed, “So the ashes burn once more?”

Vera laughed, “What ashes burn once more? The two of them found their initial feelings, and it turned out that the female protagonist had always been attracted to the male protagonist’s strength. She further realised that her feelings for her current boyfriend were just a misperception. On the other hand, the male protagonist also found his worth in life. Relying on brute strength alone was impossible to protect his romance, so he wanted to convert his strength into power.”

Su Tao sighed as he curiously responded, “So you’re reminding me that love needs to be constructed on a sturdy foundation? I can understand Sharapova, the reason why she hated me so much was to protect you. She’s actually a kindhearted person, and she just feels that I cannot protect you. But life is long, so how can we evaluate a person’s future through our eyes?”

Vera’s eyes lit up as she sighed, “Shara is actually a pitiful woman. She had a fiancé, but he died while executing a special mission and never returned. However, she is extremely true to her lover, and she has been waiting until now for the return of her fiancé.”

Su Tao sighed, “Once a person gets used to waiting, it won’t be easy for them to change.”

Vera shook her head and sighed, “The thing is, she has fallen in love with my father, unknowingly while waiting.”

Su Tao’s eyes widened as he bitterly smiled. “She fell in love with that stubborn Master Ormond?”

“Please do not doubt my father. Although he’s a little stubborn, he’s still an extremely charming man.” Vera replied solemnly.

Anyone that could become the Patriarch of such a big family surely wasn’t simple, so Su Tao smiled. “Well that’s true, or how did he manage to get your mother to marry him?”

Vera smiled. “Let me tell you a story. Their were Seniors didn't acknowledge the relationship between my father and mother. My father has received an excellent education since young, but he did something insane. He hid from the Seniors of the Ormond Family and secretly married my mother. When the family discovered it, they instantly broke all his sources of money. He even resorted to working as a coolie and hid it from my mother. When my mother found out about it, she was extremely touched by his actions.”

Su Tao never expected that the Patriarch of the Ormond Family would have a typical Korean drama experience, so he sighed, “I can only say that everyone will make rash actions for love.”

Vera shook her head and bitterly smiled. “But it’s a pity that their relationship now isn’t good. I only saw that being rash would not have a long-lasting relationship.”

Su Tao refuted, “Are you doubting our relationship?”

“No, I’m doubting myself.” Vera continued, “I’ve received excellent education since young, and love has never been in my dictionary. My marriage was determined to be conducted with a noble family in Europe to preserve the family’s status, and at the same time, allowing the Ormond Family to grow more powerful. So when I first met you, I was afraid since I was coming in contact with the unknown.”

Su Tao sighed, “Can I understand it this way? You used to be a blank piece of paper, and I drew colors on it, adding colors to your life?”

Vera sourly glanced at Su Tao and sighed, “Actually, I’m at a loss right now. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right.”

Su Tao moved towards Vera and replied, “If you don’t have the courage, I can give you some. If you’re not confident, I can also give you some.”

Vera blinked as she smiled. “I never expected that I would speak so much to you, not to mention that these words are from the bottom of my heart. Perhaps this is the reason why I’m in love with you.”

Su Tao gained a deeper understanding of Vera right now. Her Hysteria was greatly linked to her environment. She was a cheerful girl being locked in a bird’s cage. So as time passed, even the golden sparrow would lose her vigor and turn into a puppet.

Although Vera’s current situation wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t much better.

Vera looked at the ceiling. “When I was eight, a maid in the house brought her daughter over, and I had a lot of fun that day. We even promised that we would continue to play tomorrow, but she never showed up even after I waited for a few days before finding out that her mother was fired. I went to look for my father for a reason. My father told me that when that girl came over, some valuable things were lost in the house, and he solemnly told me that the girl purposely came to approach me since I’m the heir of the Ormond Family. If I was an ordinary person, she would surely not be so respectful to me.”

Su Tao was stunned before he shook his head. “It’s brutal, and a reality at the same time.”

Vera smiled as she continued, “But it all changed when I met you. I suddenly discovered a whole new world, one that was filled with so much joy. From you, I felt the passion for life, and every single one of your actions came from the depths of your heart. This is also the reason why you attracted me.”

“Are you confessing?” Su Tao smiled as he scratched his head.

Nodding her head, Vera responded, “Indeed. I like you. What about you?”

Vera had always been straightforward with her feelings, and this was also the reason why Su Tao couldn’t reject her.

Facing a woman that had fled her life for him, he would regret it if he let her go.

Su Tao stared at Vera and sighed in his heart. He had always felt that his feelings for Vera weren’t real, since it’s unimaginable that a princess of a big family would fall for him. This was only something that would happen in fairy tales, but it had really occurred with him. Hearing Vera’s truthful words, he realised that Vera was also a lively person with her emotions and desires.

“Silly lass, I naturally like you.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “You’re a charming woman, and my heart throbbed when I met you for the first time. Whenever we interacted, my feelings for you started to slowly change. Others might feel that you’re very powerful, but I feel that you should be protected because your heart is weak in reality.

“I’m a straightforward person, so since I’ve fallen for you, I will naturally fight for it.” Su Tao fell into a brief silence before he continued, “We can’t predict the future, but fearing what will occur in the future will just hold us back and make our lives dull.”

Vera passionately looked at Su Tao after receiving his encouragement. She stood up and walked a few steps towards Su Tao.

Su Tao understood her well!

She actually needed protection, since her soul was deeply exhausted.

Su Tao also walked towards Vera and tightly embraced her.

Vera was woken by her phone the next morning. It was Shara’s voice choked with sobs. Vera sighed as she asked, “What’s going on?”

Shara replied with heartache, “Missy, I apologise for yesterday. Please come back.”

Vera complicatedly sighed as she replied, “Shara, you don’t have to apologise. Actually, I have to thank you instead.”

“Thank me?” Shara was briefly stunned as she stopped choking in sobs. Could it be that her missy has woken up and knew that her suggestions were correct?

“Yeah! You made me realise my inner heart. Love is so powerful that it can let someone give up everything without a second thought, it’s wonderful. I realised that my life has been so dull and colorless in the past, and has become so colorful last night. I fell in love in this world, and I want to do my best to breathe.” Vera replied gently with a smile hanging on the corner of her lips, one that can topple countries from her radiance.

Shara clearly never expected such a reaction from Vera and her throat gulped. The phone was already hung up and she anxiously paced back and forth before she called Master Ormond to report this situation. Through her analysis, her missy had gone insane! She felt that this matter has blown out of proportion. Since when was the missy that she was familiar with so mad? Thus, she had to report this to Master Ormond to request assistance. 

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