Chapter 182 - Simply Marvelous

Su Tao was a man with many loves. He liked all sorts of beauties in life, that also goes the same for women. Naturally, for his choice of women, not only did they need to look beautiful, but they also needed a pure heart. Vera might appear to be a strong elite in the business world, but she’s actually a blank paper when it came to romance. Tossing the hoodwinks in business aside, she’s actually in an extremely disadvantageous position when she speaks with Su Tao.

Vera has never concealed her admiration for Su Tao, and that also originated from the unrestrained passion that Russian women possessed. After World War 2, women have changed their character. If they see their boyfriend or husband fighting with someone on the street, they wouldn't hesitate to roll their sleeves and help. There’s a saying that the Northeast Women of China were more manly than the men in Northeast China. Similarly, Russian women were also more ferocious than Russian men.

Russia was known for beauty due to having their blood mixed for a few generations, bestowing them with all kinds of merits. Blonde hair, brown eyes, snow-white skin, long and slender legs, high nose bridge, and cherry lips.

Su Tao and Vera sat opposite and looked at each other as if they were holding back to see who would break the awkwardness first. Suddenly, Vera’s phone rang, so she sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “Let me pick up the call!”

Su Tao helplessly shook his head and put a grape into his mouth. The instant the grape entered his mouth, the juice flowed down through his tongue, which made him shiver.

Pouting her lips, Vera stood up and walked towards the window. “Michelle, what’s up?”

Seeing that Vera was communicating in mandarin, Michelle instantly figured out that Su Tao was around, so she faintly smiled. “I heard that you fought with that witch.”

Vera knitted her brows, since Michelle didn’t have a good impression of Sharapova, and sighed, “Even if I fought with her, I don’t like how you’re calling her names.”

“*Sigh* What a kindhearted lass.” Michelle wasn’t surprised by this, since Shara has been by Vera’s side all her life, treating Vera with her heart that wasn’t any weaker than this birth mother of hers. “She just complained to your father, and your father thought that I was the one that instigated you to oppose him!”

Vera gently sighed and smiled, “Didn’t you say that you support me? Then you should stand firmer right now.”

“Firm your ass! That fellow actually dared to hang my call!” Michelle replied with indignance. Because she was too emotional, she even splashed in the bathtub.

Vera was speechless as she sighed, “He actually dared to hang your call? How surprising.”

After a brief pondering, Michelle replied, “The main thing is actually the engagement between you and Achim affected the family’s final arrangement. After all, petrol has always been Ormond Family’s core business, and your father is afraid that it might affect the petrol amount with the current situation.”

Vera gently snorted, “The family has already stored up a large amount of petrol, he’s just trying to replenish resources at the lowest cost possible.”

Michelle sighed, “You understand things better than me in terms of business. The main problem here is you’ve greatly humiliated Achim.”

Hearing Michelle’s words, Vera smiled. “I didn’t humiliate him, he’s the one that courted humiliation and actually challenged Su Tao. In the end, he was left vomiting and even lost control of his bowels!”

Michelle’s eyes flashed with surprise as she asked in puzzlement, “Su Tao knows martial arts?”

“Yeah, and he’s formidable at that!” Vera replied happily.

Michelle could tell that Vera had entirely fallen into this romance, and persuasion was futile. She sighed, “He sounds like a pretty good man, grasp him well. Since you guys are together tonight, why don’t the two of you just do the deed? Should I give you some recommendations on techniques?”

“No!” Vera subconsciously glanced at Su Tao, who was eating grapes as if he wasn’t paying attention to her call.

However, Michelle maintained a strong attitude and responded, “Let me tell you. If he wants to strip your clothes, you must persevere a little. Men in China are into those kinds of reserved women, so if you let him strip you so easily, then it will be less exciting for him.”

Vera’s ears turned red. She thought that Michelle was going to ask why she quarrelled with Shara and not return so late at night. She never expected that this exotic mother of hers was actually trying to guide her to seduce her lover.

“Vera, I know that you will be nervous during your first time, and your body will be tense. So if you feel very suppressed, take a deep breath to sense the warmth of your man, which will allow you to easily get into the mood. Right, the sensation after entering will be wonderful, and you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine.” As Michelle spoke, she got even more enthusiastic and even changed the language to Russian at the end.

Vera also did not dare to reply to Michelle in mandarin and sighed, “I won't talk to you anymore, I’ll handle this matter myself.”

Michelle happily replied, “Oh, what did you say? You will handle it yourself? Haha, I’ve finally tricked you to telling me the truth. You’re really trying to taste your first forbidden fruit. Oh well, I will not stop you, you’re already in your twenties and still an old virgin. This is our mistake as parents, but I have to remind you seriously to use protection. Otherwise… hello? Hello? Why did you hang my call… you foolish girl…”

Michelle sighed after hanging up the phone and walked out of the bathroom. Her figure was like a piece of art as she wiped her body with a huge towel before she reached for the bathrobe and covered herself. After that, she tied the strap and sat on the couch as she dialed a number.

“Hello? Dad? I have to tell you something.” Michelle changed her usual teasing tone and solemnly spoke.

“Speak, I’m listening.” A benevolent voice sounded on the other side. He’s in his seventies, sitting on an antique chair with his eyes squinted. There’s a jade pot before him that looked greenish-amber, with twelve boys engraved on it, and each of them possessed a vivid expression. Just from this pot alone, anyone could see how noble this man was.

“Your granddaughter has fallen in love.” Michelle helplessly said before she continued, “That lass has finally received enlightenment.”

Knitting his brows, the man unhappily said, “That brat from the Belyakov Family? I’ve already investigated him, and he’s a notorious playboy. He doesn’t deserve my treasured darling.”

Michelle smiled as she said, “No, not him.”

“Oh? Who is it then?” The man asked curiously.

Michelle responded, “The one I mentioned to you the other time, the Chinese man that made Vera unwilling to return to Russia for him.”

“That Physician?” The man recalled this matter.

Michelle continued, “I initially thought that she was just interested in him. But from our call today, I can tell that she has fallen for him.”

“A Chinese, it’s gratifying to know.” That man sighed as he continued, “Then let her face it herself. As for Paul, I’ll give him a call. I know that his hands are tight recently, but he can’t joke around with his daughter’s happiness.”

Seeing that her father was willing to help, Michelle smiled, “That fellow is stubborn, I’m afraid he will not thank you for your goodwill.”

That man snickered in disdain, “I don’t need his thanks, I only need his respect.”

Vera walked over from the window to Su Tao and took a cherry tomato from the plate, then smiled. “You have questions?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao bitterly smiled, “Naturally, I’m curious about the part where you spoke in Russian.”

Chewing on the cherry tomato, it felt sour and sweet in her mouth. Vera shrugged. “Since I’ve used Russian, I naturally don’t want you to know about it. Everyone has their own secrets, so you must restrain your curiosity.”

Helplessly shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “Although I couldn’t understand what the two of you were talking about, I can roughly guess the context.”

“Oh?” Vera was surprised. She placed her hand on her chest, subconsciously covering the view since Su Tao’s gaze was fixated at her. After that call, she could feel a sapling growing in her heart, and she wasn’t sure why she was a little afraid of Su Tao looking at her with desire in his eyes.

Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Su Tao smiled and walked towards Vera, then whispered in her ears, “She must’ve called you to be on guard against me, and don’t be hoodwinked by my words.”

Vera initially still thought that Su Tao was that godly to know her conversation with Michelle. But in the end, it was just him trying to act smart. After all, not just anyone could guess Michelle’s logic.

She was first stunned before she started to chuckle and her voluptuous figure swayed like flowers.

Su Tao felt triggered, so he gently held onto Vera’s wrist and pulled. Her soft body was leaning against his chest, and her voluptuous figure pressing against himself felt indescribable. He knew that he had lost control, akin to being an unrestrained wild horse!

Vera was startled by this move and she tried to dodge on instinct.

Su Tao awkwardly smiled, since he’s a man that knew how to act with propriety. He knew how to grasp the right mood, so others wouldn't hate him.

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