Chapter 181 - A Glass of Red Wine

The hotel industry was extremely competitive nowadays, especially those small-sized hotels that faced the threat of massive hotel chains. Thus, the owners had to spend more effort and energy to put more characteristics in their hotels to attract customers. Hanzhou was a third-tiered city, and the economy here wasn’t too flourishing. But the hotel industry here was pretty developed, especially the themed hotels. As they drove through the road towards the north, they could see the hotel neon-lit signboards on the left and right. Su Tao first selected a hotel, the Romantic Ocean, a couple-themed hotel, and stopped his car. Instantly, a staff member came over to welcome them with a smile. “Mister, are you staying?”

Su Tao nodded his head and walked by the front, while Vera followed behind. She usually stayed in one of those star-graded hotels, so she wasn’t familiar with such themed hotels.

“Mister, we have three themed rooms on discount, the Blue Love of Life and Death, Spring Flower’s Whisper, and Fiery Island. I wonder which one would you prefer?” The lady at the counter handed the picture album to Su Tao as she introduced.

Sweeping a glance at the picture album, Su Tao smiled. “We’ll take the Spring Flower’s Whisper.” He just felt that the two other names were a little perverted in his heart.

“Sure, please come this way.” The lady retrieved a card from the drawer and led the two of them through a corner before she unlocked the door.

When Su Tao entered, he instantly knew the reason why it was called the Spring Flower’s Whisper. The room was decorated with a green background and paintings of spring on the wall. Long willow branches drooped with fresh flowers. There was a faint, aromatic fragrance spreading out in the air that could give others a misperception that they’re really in summer. The ceiling was also decorated with flowers, lit in red light, creating a sweet atmosphere.

Vera had no idea why the hotel was decorated in such a matter, but she felt that it was more interesting than those star-graded hotels. Although those star-graded hotels were luxuriously renovated, the themed hotels were decorated romantically, giving a stimulation to the five senses. “Let’s take this room!”

Su Tao nodded towards the lady. “We’ll take a night first.”

After the lady left, Vera knitted her brows. “Why one night? I was even prepared to stay long term.”

Su Tao briefly pondered before he explained with a smile. “I just saw that there were a total of seventy-two themed rooms in this hotel, don’t you want to change a room every day and have a new style?”

Tapping her lips with her pinky, Vera pondered before she smiled. “That makes sense.”

In his heart, Su Tao thought that women were genuinely simple-minded. If her mother, Michelle, knew that he brought her daughter to a couples hotel, how would she react?

Vera sat on the peach-sized bed that was soft and springy. It felt like lying in a ball of cotton. She removed her hat and threw it aside, her blonde hair draped over her shoulders, making her look even more graceful. She even pulled down the zipper of the sweater to reveal a crew-necked shirt. The collar was also slanted, exposing her shoulders. Although it wasn’t too tidy, it gave a natural air around her.

Despite being here for the first time, Vera had her interest piqued by her surroundings.

Looking at Su Tao for a while, Vera smiled. “You can leave now, it’s getting late, and I’ll need to shower before going to sleep.”

The bathtub was in the center of the room, an open-view style. So anyone sitting on the bed could see the whole view. This was designed in a way to add more flavor for couples. However, Su Tao showed no intention to leave and smiled. “Didn’t the staff say that she’ll send red wine over? I want to have a drink.”

Seeing the wicked light flickering Su Tao’s eyes, Vera became alert. “You’re not thinking of staying here and not leaving, right?”

Slapping his chest, Su Tao guaranteed. “After a glass of red wine.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Su Tao walked over. The staff came with a cart, aside from red wine, there were also some snacks to go along with it. Just when he wanted to say something, Su Tao placed his finger by his nose and hushed. “I’ll take in myself.”

How could any hotel be so generous to send free red wine and snacks? This was something that Su Tao had ordered without Vera noticing. To conquer a woman, not only did men need to be romantic, but they also needed to occasionally play some tricks. There weren’t any free meals in the world, and if you didn’t use some tricks, you might not be able to win a woman’s heart, even if you’re handsome and graceful.

Su Tao returned with the cart and Vera was surprised. She could already guess that it was Su Tao’s arrangement to have a bundle of roses beside the red wine. She smiled. “The hotel standard is really high, even sending fresh flowers alongside red wine.”

Taking up the flowers, Su Tao handed them over to Vera. “I forgot to tell you. The wine is something that they gave us, but the flowers were something that I’ve requested.”

“Fresh flowers and red wine, how romantic. Thanks, Tao!” Vera carefully placed the flowers beside her and looked at Su Tao with tender feelings in her eyes. Even if she knew that Su Tao didn’t have any pure intentions, she was still happy. But this was how women were, even if they knew that it’s a trap, they still couldn’t hold back from jumping in.

Opening the red wine, Su Tao poured red wine into two glasses and said, “I’m just afraid that you will be lonely in an unfamiliar location.”

Vera’s expression slightly changed and she acted strongly. “I’m already used to loneliness, so you don’t have to worry about me.” Su Tao knew Vera’s weakness; she was a woman who’s afraid of loneliness. Ever since young, she had been nurtured by the elites of the family and never had any friends. She couldn’t even make many decisions by herself, so she basically lived for her family and not herself.

Su Tao gulped down the glass of red wine and said, “Since you’ve decided to leave, then I can’t let you be lonely tonight. You should enjoy the freedom since you’re out.”

Vera took the glass and gulped it down before she replied with a sweet smile, “Come, I’ll drink with you.”

“Don’t get yourself drunk.” Su Tao responded with a smile. He knew that Vera could hold her liquor very well, and he would probably collapse if he tried to get her drunk.

“What do I have to be afraid of? You eating me?” Vera’s face blushed as she gave Su Tao a teasing smile.

Su Tao felt his heart itching and smiled. “I can guarantee that I won’t if I’m too hungry!”

Vera picked up a barbequed chicken wing and shoved it in Su Tao’s mouth with a smile. “Eat more then, don’t starve yourself.”

When her hands came over, Su Tao could only feel a wave of aroma before he suddenly made a grab towards Vera. The latter was startled by this and she jumped, then cried out with her brows knitted, “What are you trying to do?”

Su Tao laughed with the chicken wing in his mouth as he joked, “Why don’t you let me eat this hand of yours too?”

Vera mustered her force and tried to pull her hand back. However, Su Tao felt like messing with her and he gently pulled her wrist, which made Vera feel like she had lost control of herself and took a few steps back.

Pouting her lips, Vera glared at Su Tao with a little unhappiness. “You’re bad! Can’t we just talk normally?”

Scratching his head, Su Tao felt that his action was a little frivolous. But he should still probe when he needed to, and if he fails, he could change his plan accordingly. Su Tao broke into laughter. “Sure, we’ll just chat as you want. What should we talk about? Why don’t we chat about our friends?”

Vera shook her head with regret and sighed, “I don’t have many friends, or strictly speaking, I don’t have any friends. So this topic is horrible, and I have no idea what to talk about.”

Su Tao awkwardly smiled. “Then talk about your parents. They should care about you a lot.”

Shaking her head, Vera sighed, “They’re pretty concerned about me, but I've grown since young under their arrangement, and I’m actually exhausted of such a lifestyle. If it’s possible, I would rather be born in an ordinary family.”

Su Tao involuntarily laughed upon hearing her words. “Your thoughts are extremely mature. If you were born in an ordinary family, then you would be envious of the Ormond Family’s heir. Not only is that status noble, but it’s also wealthy.”

As Su Tao spoke, he paid attention to Vera at the same time. Her figure was straight down from the shoulder before it curved in on her waist. She had a figure more voluptuous than the women in China.

Vera looked at Su Tao. For some reason, she felt an indescribable expectation for this night in a hotel with only the two of them.

Although the two of them were chatting, the atmosphere became hotter and they started to sweat.

Foreign women were often said to have rougher skin with thicker pores, and their skin wasn’t as smooth as Asian women. But Vera didn’t have that flaw. It might be because of her ¼ Chinese bloodline; her skin was smooth as jade.

However, Vera was trying her best to maintain her calm. She’s a smart woman, and Michelle had also informed her not to let the guy she loved get what he wanted so easily, since it would only make others think that she’s easy.

The more she loved a person, the more she must make it tougher for him. In that way, he would then cherish her even more.

Thus, Vera purposely stood up and sat in a location further away.

When she looked at Su Tao again from a distance, she suddenly realised that he was tall and her heart started to throb.

Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Why are you sitting so far away?”

But he meant another question in his heart. If you sit so far away, how am I going to take advantage and touch you?

Vera smiled. “I’m worried that I might lose control of myself if I’m too close to you.”

With a straight face, Su Tao responded, “Actually, it’s natural for it to take place once a relationship has progressed to a stage.”

Nodding her head, Vera smiled. “But I feel that I should stay further away. It’s something that my sixth intuition told me.”

Su Tao was left speechless by her words and had to re-examine Vera as a woman that wasn’t easy to deal with.

He only had a rough idea of the deed between men and women. Although he knew which strategy to use on which woman, he never had much opportunity to cross the line. Seeing Vera sitting opposite him pouring wine, he helplessly sighed.

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