Chapter 180 - Enjoy the Romantic World

Achim vomited for roughly ten minutes before he emptied his stomach. After that, he actually felt his legs turning soft. This was a normal reaction after vomiting and diarrhea, and Su Tao still held back. If he had exerted a little more strength, then Achim would probably have to endure the torture for the entire night.

When Achim’s chauffeur saw this scene, he immediately came and stood beside his employer and coldly looked at Su Tao. He’s waiting for Achim’s order to make a move against Su Tao. However, Achim did not choose to do that, since this was a fair challenge, and if he relied on someone else, it would even make him look worse. Not to mention that he had underestimated his opponent, and he wasn’t clear of Su Tao’s real strength. So not even his chauffeur could be a match with Su Tao. Thus, he had chosen to leave and retain what little face he has left.

When the vehicle left, Vera came to Su Tao and she shook her head with a bitter smile. “I had no idea that he would fight with you so directly. I apologise if you suffered any injuries, but you did not disappoint me, since you’ve made Achim suffer.” If Achim knew Vera’s reaction right now, he would probably vomit blood. Vera only had Su Tao in her eyes, and the affection in her eyes was so gentle that it made Su Tao’s feel warm in his heart.

Why would men want to flex before the women they admire? That’s basically because they wanted to obtain the praise and admiration from the woman. Even if this was a civilised society, brute strength could still win the heart of a woman, since no woman would want their man to be a weakling.

Achim's challenge to Su Tao made her feel nervous, since she was afraid that Su Tao might be hurt. At the same time, she hoped that Su Tao could tell Achim with his actions that her choice wasn’t wrong. Naturally, the outcome was even more marvelous. Su Tao had only used one finger to defeat Achim. If it went as she expected, this news would probably swiftly enter the ears of her parents and would add more points for Su Tao.

Even if she knew that there wasn’t a high chance that her relationship with Su Tao would bloom, she still held a trace of expectations in her heart. Before she knew it, she started to have another view on marriage. Initially, she only felt that it was a tool to bind benefits, but she hoped that she could use marriage to tie Su Tao and be his woman forever. Despite knowing that this was a dangerous thought, she couldn’t pull herself out.

Sharapova coughed and looked at Vera. “Missy, it’s getting late. Please return.” At this moment, she felt powerless against this situation with a little despair.

Vera gave a serious look to Sharapova before she shook her head and sighed, “I will stay out tonight.”

Shock flashed in the eyes of Sharapova before she responded, “Missy, I’m under Master’s orders to take care of you and am responsible for your safety. If anything happens to you while you’re outside, how am I going to explain it to Master?”

Vera waved her hand before she opened the front passenger’s seat of the Volkswagen CC and entered. Su Tao also helplessly gave a slight smile towards Sharapova, causing the latter’s body to incessantly tremble before her ample chest shook like two shaking bells.

“Your caretaker will probably go crazy.” Su Tao glanced at Vera and noticed the sweet smile on the latter’s lips that couldn’t conceal her outstanding appearance.

Vera gently sighed, “Shara watched me grow, and is absolutely loyal to the Ormond Family., I even considered her as a relative of mine in my heart, and my trust in her is absolute. But I’ve hurt her feelings for you.”

With his hands on the steering wheel, Su Tao smiled. “Why do I feel like I’ve changed a good girl into a rebellious one?”

Vera chuckled with a faint smile hanging on her lips. Her fair skin was like a luminous pearl in the dark as it emanated a glow of a peach-colored gem. She looked at Su Tao and sighed, “Everyone needs to grow up. I’ve initially considered myself to be mature, but it turns out that I’m like a flower protected in the garden, which has made me feel like I’m suffocating. Meeting you was akin to coming in contact with an entirely new world. As long as I can stay by you, I’m even willing to give up everything. I had no idea when I started to change. What do you think I should do?”

Su Tao glanced at Vera. She spoke exceptionally swiftly like a train on steroids. For some reason, he felt ticklish in his throat before he took a deep breath and smiled. “You need to give me a destination right now. Since you’ve left home, you need to find a place to stay, right?”

After a brief pondering, a cute smile appeared on Vera’s lips as she replied with a question, “Where do you want to take me right now?”

Su Tao was stunned. He wanted to find a place for the two of them, alone, and enjoy the romantic world together. But he couldn’t reveal his wicked thoughts right now, so he feigned difficulty and replied, “Truthfully speaking, I want to send you back right now. At least your family won’t be too worried.”

Knitting her brows, Vera looked at Su Tao in disdain. “What a hypocrite, I don’t believe that you’re really thinking that way!”

Su Tao laughed, “Why do you understand me so well? Since your caretaker doesn’t like me, I hoped that she would jump from anxiety right now. Why don’t we find a hotel and you can stay out a few days before returning?”

Vera gave an annoyed glance to Su Tao, since this was the Su Tao that she knew. Although he looked harmless on the outside and always showed kindness, he’s actually a vicious and cunning fellow. As the saying goes, women always fall for the bad boys. Su Tao was that kind of man, and he would make others miss and hate him occasionally.

Sharapova made an international call and her voice choked, “Master Ormond, I have something to report to you. Your daughter, esteemed Miss Vera, just fought with me and left my line-of-sight.” She felt extremely powerless right now and could only resort to asking the Patriarch of the Ormond Family for help.

A massive study room was lit in the dusky light. Paul Ormond, who was dealing with documents, was in formal wear, giving out a dignified air around him. Knitting his brows, he asked in doubt, “You treated Vera as your own daughter, and she has always been full of respect and love for you. Why did the two of you fight?”

Sharapova reported everything through the phone and helplessly continued, “Master, Missy has been bewitched and fell for the Chinese called Su Tao. Young Master Achim was just humiliated by that person, and I’m afraid that there will be an issue with the marriage with the Belyakov Family.”

Ormond rubbed his forehead. It was his idea to have Achim chase after Vera to China. However, he never expected that Achim would be so useless. He replied, “Shara, you had it tough. As for Vera, I will deal with this matter, so you don’t have to feel so heartbroken. Vera is the heir that the family has nurtured for years, and she bears a heavy responsibility. I believe that she is just not thinking straight for the moment, and I’ll get her to apologise to you once she has woken up.”

“There’s no need for that!” Sharapova instantly felt respect. Master Ormond was a modest and low-profiled gentleman. She immediately replied, “I just hope that Missy can wake up swiftly.”

Nodding his head, Ormond continued to comfort, “Things aren’t as serious as you have imagined, I will handle this. Drink some vodka to calm down, and forget about this matter when you’re awake tomorrow.”

“I will do as you bid, my beloved Master Ormond!” Through Ormond’s comfort, Shara no longer felt grief, since Master Ormond was invincible in her heart, the most charming man in the entire world.

When he hung up the phone, Ormond fell into hesitation for a long time before he called his wife. A charming voice soon sounded over from the other side, “Paul, what is up?”

Ormond sighed, “What do you think we should do about Vera and Su Tao?”

Michelle was currently taking a bath in a massive bathtub, covered in bubbles. She knitted her brows. “Didn’t I tell you previously? Vera has already grown up. We must respect her decision and not interfere with her life.”

Ormond slowly knocked his fingers on the table before he unhappily replied, “You know that the transaction between the Belyakov Family and me is a gamble. If we fail, we will lose a great amount of fortune with a risk of being deserted by our partners!”

Michelle briefly paused before she responded, “Paul, I do not want your wealth to be built on our daughter’s happiness. You have strictly educated Vera since young, and thus, she suffered from Hysteria. If it wasn’t for that miraculous Physician in China, perhaps her soul would be living in another world for her entire life. Paul, money is important, but is it more important than the health of your family? If Vera really loves that man, I will give her my unconditional support!”

Michelle and Paul Ormond only recently discovered Vera's Hysteria, and this was also the reason why she personally made a trip to China and meet with Su Tao.

Hearing Michelle’s words, Ormond raged, “So shortsighted!” When he finished speaking, he slammed his phone on the table.

Michelle tossed her phone to the side and poured water on her skin with a water ladle, which felt warm to her pores. She gently sighed before she closed her eyes and stretched her legs out. Her feet emerged from the bathtub, revealing her purple-colored nails. She had already decided that she would support Vera without any reservation.

Her daughter needed to love freely and fearlessly once so that she would not have lived in vain!

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