Chapter 179 - Dealing with the Fighting Race

Russians were known as a fighting race because their territories were located in the extreme north. Their living environment was extremely harsh, and thus, their character was more tyrannical than the other races. The cold climate had bestowed Russians with a robust figure and they would often eat more food to warm themselves in the cold climate. Thus, they would often have the size of a bear.

Their dauntless customs, along with their ferocious characters, made Russians a fighting race. In terms of symbols, China’s symbol was the Panda, Eagle for America, and Bear for Russia. The difference in animals also represented the countries’ philosophies.

Achim staggered and swayed from left to right, while hooking his finger in the direction of Su Tao with fighting intent in his eyes. To be a man that could charm other girls in Russia’s high-classed society, just the appearance wasn’t sufficient. One needed to have a robust figure and wrestling techniques because Russian women were infatuated with these kinds of wild men.

But naturally, Achim didn’t need such a method to seek love in the current society. But now that he’s in China, he looked down on these Chinese from the bottom of his heart. Although Su Tao had a tall figure and was even half a head taller than him, Achim felt that Su Tao was weak, and he could easily deal with the latter with his fist.

The ferocity and wildness that Achim has displayed were mainly due to the Vodka that he drank. It was the high alcohol percentage in his blood that swept his gentlemanly bearing away.

Su Tao felt a little admiration for Achim. Although this foreigner was filled with enmity for him, this was a real man that dared to love and hate openly, unlike those hypocrites that liked to put on a façade. But an enemy was still an enemy, being benevolent to your enemy was being cruel to yourself. Thus, Su Tao started to ponder how he should teach Achim a lesson. After all, he had just determined Vera’s position in his heart, so he couldn’t allow someone to ruin the relationship that they had founded with such difficulty.

Achim’s pace increased. He pushed with his back foot and leaped like a wild horse in the plains towards Su Tao. The alcoholic smell from him spread out in the air. Although he had drank a lot, his brain was still clear and maintained alertness as he lowered his center of gravity and paid attention to Su Tao’s every movement as he moved closer.

Achim has received all sorts of lessons from the family since young. Not only did he perform outstandingly in his education, but his results from fighting were also excellent. Although he didn’t have a robust figure, he’s agile and was considered as an outstanding fighter in terms of skills. Right now, Systema, Wrestling, Russian boxing, and American boxing were popular in Russia. From Achim’s boxing, Su Tao could tell that the former practiced Russian boxing, which emphasized on the body’s gravity, while American boxing emphasized on speed, launching two jabs in one step.

Although Achim executed one jab with every step, he was still fast. He swayed left and right, unleashing jabs that emanated wheezing noises in the air from the force and speed behind his jabs.

A grave expression appeared in Vera's eyes. She had investigated Achim before. This fellow was a boxing lover and often got professional boxers to practice with him, not to mention that his physique was suitable for boxing. Even if she knew that Su Tao was skilled, she still couldn’t help worrying for him.

Su Tao took a deep breath. He had long heard that Russians liked to fight. Facing Achim’s challenge with Vera around, he couldn’t retreat and took two steps forth. Pity flashed in Achim’s eyes, since he never expected that this Chinese man would be so daring. Scraping his nose with his thumb, Achim unleashed a roar, exerted force on his rear leg and took a step forth. His jab was akin to a cannon as it flew towards Su Tao’s face from the right. This was the typical Russian-styled hook, and just a hit could render ordinary people unconscious.

To leave Vera a good impression, Achim’s fist was extraordinarily tricky and fast, using a tricky angle to ensure that his opponent couldn’t avoid it.

“Hiss!” Intense pain came from his fist before Achim took a few steps back. When he looked at the source of the pain, he saw a tiny hole between his joints. He then turned to look at Su Tao, and noticed the acupuncture needle in the latter’s hand with an annoying smile on his face.

“You actually used needles?!” Achim’s eyes flashed with rage. If his opponent used a dagger or other weapons, he might have no qualms about that. But that other party had used a needle like a sissy, that’s exceptionally wretched!

Sharapova shook her head. She initially thought that this would be a battle with fists. However, Su Tao had actually used a weapon. Although it was only a tiny needle, it was still against ethics, so she couldn’t help cussing out, “What a despicable fellow!”

Vera unhappily glanced at Sharapova. This caretaker of hers was loyal to her father. Although Shara was looking after her, it was just another term for surveillance. Although she knew that Sharapova cared about her, the latter’s contempt for Su Tao time and time again had caused Vera to be unhappy. “Shara, please do not insult the man that I love.”

“Missy, what are you saying?” Sharapova’s mouth opened wide as she continued, “You like that Chinese? How is this possible?! I will inform Master about this, and let him stop you from becoming crazy.”

Knitting her brows, Vera responded with a sigh, “You can do what you like, even if my father stood before me, I will not change my mind!”

Achim decisively attacked once again. The needle in the hands of the other party made him feel fearful of the intense pain he felt. That needle wasn’t the same as ordinary needles, and the pain was something that burrowed deep into his heart, which he didn’t want to feel again.

Su Tao squinted his eyes while watching Achim approach him once again. When the latter was about one meter away from him, his hand suddenly moved like a bolt of lightning and jabbed towards Achim’s head with his finger. He was using the swordplay that Jiang Qinghan had taught him, using his finger as a sword. Achim had ample experience when it came to fighting, so the dizziness he felt in his mind told him that it wouldn’t be good if he got struck by his opponent’s finger. Thus, he swayed his waist and shifted his center of gravity and readjusted the trajectory of his fist and aimed towards Su Tao.

However, Su Tao’s finger was agile as it followed Achim’s body.

When Achim missed, he roared and pulled his hands back, using his left hand to guard his head while aiming his right at Su Tao’s chin with a powerful hook. Boxers liked to aim at the chin, as it could send a shock to the mind upon being hit.

Su Tao knew Achim’s motive and suddenly lowered his body, causing that hook to miss. Don’t underestimate this small movement, but it needed the flexibility of the body to be trained to a certain height to execute freely. This was the effect of practicing the Pulse Art for a long time. He then stretched his finger out and jabbed. Because he had used the sword-dance, it made him look like a Martial Art expert. His finger hit the Zhongwan Acupoint on Achim’s abdomen before he lowered his knees and leaped a meter back. On the contrary, Achim came to a stop with his face turning red, as if he was experiencing unimaginable pain.

Su Tao took several more steps back and calmly looked at Achim. He had to admit that the latter’s endurance was powerful; if his jab hit an ordinary person, they would instantly react from it. However, this fellow was able to endure it for a few seconds, using his will to control.

Two muffled sounds rang out from Achim’s body with an awkward expression on his face. He tightly pursed his lips and even clamped his legs together. However, it wasn’t the slightest bit effective. A stench that covered his alcoholic smell started to spread out. At the same time, he felt a sweetness in his throat before a geyser gushed out from his mouth.

This was the reason why Su Tao wanted to take a few steps back. The Zhongwan Acupoint was located between the chest bone and naval. Not only can it cause vomiting, but it can also cause diarrhea, one of the essential acupoints to treat stomach and intestine-related illnesses. His jab towards Achim’s head was just a façade, since he was after the Zhongwan Acupoint on Achim’s abdomen.

Achim had drank a lot, to begin with, and his digestive system was bearing the stimulation of the alcohol. But after he suffered Su Tao’s jab, it was like a great flood was unleashed. Not only did he lose control over his bowels, but he also vomited.

Sharapova looked at this with worry, but she soon pinched her nose from the stench. She couldn’t help knitting her brows and looked extremely disgusted.

At this moment, Achim’s refined appearance had disappeared entirely. How humiliating was it for such a graceful gentleman to lose control of his bowels and vomit at the same time? To Achim, this was akin to an unbelievable nightmare and he couldn’t believe that he looked so shameful before his fiancée.

Su Tao’s finger did not even carry much force behind it, and his jab on his abdomen was akin to a scratch without any lethality. So who could have expected that such a simple jab would be so magical?

Achim knew that he had lost, but he felt reluctance, since he lost too severely. His opponent’s fist didn't defeat him, but only one simple finger caused him to vomit and lose control of his bowels.

Su Tao flipped the bird as he shook it by his lips and said in English, “You’re just a loser!”

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