Chapter 178 - The Most Wonderful Beat

After knowing Achim’s location, Vera wasn’t willing to return, which Su Tao could see through her thoughts. Thus, he pulled her along as they strolled around, but he instantly regretted his suggestion when he saw how Vera was wholly immersed in shopping.

All of her clothes were custom-made brands, with several designated brands sending clothes to her at regular intervals. Strictly speaking, this was still the first time that she tasted the joy of shopping.

The reason why women often changed clothes wasn’t that they’re in love with the clothes, but the praises that they receive from sales staff from the side in those clothes. In that situation, regardless of whether they were beautiful or ugly, sales staff would start promoting and praises every single bit of clothing their customer changed into. Naturally, as a perfect clothing shelf, Vera looked ideal in every outfit, as if they were custom-made for her.

Su Tao helplessly shook his head as he paid for Vera’s purchase. He felt that this woman must be insane today, she had already bought seven to eight pieces of clothing, looking like a shopping freak. However, Su Tao still showed a pretty enjoyable expression with a smile on his face. Whenever Vera changed her clothes, he would have to reveal shock on his face and shower her in praises. At this point, the slightest unhappiness you show would be detected by the woman’s sensitive sixth sense.

Vera was delighted when Su Tao paid for her purchases. To win a woman’s heart, you would have to act sometimes, despite accompanying a woman shopping being a tedious job.

After visiting two more shops, Vera noticed that the shop before her was closing and the staff had already started to clean up. She hesitated, “Why don’t we call it an end? They’re preparing to close already.”

Shaking his fingers, Su Tao smiled. “No way. You must not have regrets when it comes to shopping. Who knows, the clothes you like might be in the next store.” As he spoke, he looked down on himself as his soul was already hollering to end this boring shopping!

Vera took two glances at Su Tao, whose eyes beamed, and entered the store. Despite being close to their closing time, the staff still passionately came up to serve them when they saw the two of them walking in.

After Vera walked out with a small bag, she realised that the surrounding shops have closed. Su Tao shook the bags he’s holding. “Are you satisfied now?”

Vera pursed his lips and smiled. “Shopping can truly release stress. All my unhappiness has disappeared!”

Su Tao looked at Vera’s face as he reminded, “But running cannot solve the issue, and some things have to be faced. Only by resolving it, can you be truly free.”

With a sigh, Vera asked, “Achim wants to talk with you, but I feel that it’s between him and me so you shouldn’t be involved.”

Tapping his finger on his lips, Su Tao tried to get Vera to recall the experience in the theatre, so he smiled. “How can I sit still after seeing our relationship?”

Vera’s face blushed as she lowered her voice, “Didn’t you say that you’re just conducting treatment for me? So our relationship is just that of a doctor and patient.”

Shaking his fingers, Su Tao sniffed as he shyly replied, “Treatment is just an excuse, are you really that stupid, or are you just faking it?”

Vera was stunned, before she felt like she was burning. She lowered her head. For a brief moment, she actually had no idea how to reply to Su Tao’s words. What’s Su Tao doing? A confession? She had actually been nervous, since she had no idea about Su Tao’s attitude towards her, despite the fact that the two of them were intimate numerous times. But for some reason, Su Tao gave her a feeling as if he was treating her like his patient.

Vera felt her wrist being pulled, so she came to a stop. Looking at her, Su Tao smiled. “You’re walking too quickly. Wait for me!”

Su Tao took the bags in her hand. With the bags on his right, he held onto Vera’s hand with his left hand. Feeling the warmth that came from their contact, Vera lowered her head and felt a sweetness spreading out in her heart. Is this the legendary feeling of holding hands?

For her, this moment was so much sweeter and wonderful than the movie theatre because she could clearly feel her heart throbbing. At the same time, she could also feel that Su Tao was experiencing the same thing as her, both of their hearts throbbing as they resonated with each other and composed the most wonderful beat in the world.

Su Tao could also sense it. Initially, Vera was someone from a different world from him. Despite that he adored Vera, he could feel the distance between them. But after today, he realised that the heart of this woman had been close to him, and all he needed to do was grab her. She’s like a kite, despite fluttering in the air, there’s also a string that linked them together.

The two of them did not speak as they came to the carpark before their hands split. Su Tao placed the bags in the back trunk, then sat in the driver’s seat. Vera was in the front passenger’s seat. She lowered her head and asked, “Su Tao, are we considered dating?”

Su Tao smiled as he took a deep breath before he replied, “Yeah.”

Vera smiled at herself in ridicule as she responded, “But I’m a greedy person, and I cannot guarantee that I will always love you. Will you hate me if we break up one day?”

Su Tao blankly smiled. “Shouldn’t that be the question I ask you?”

“Answer me!” Vera demanded with a firm tone.

After a brief silence, Su Tao slowly replied, “I will not hate you. I will only do my best to tangle up with you until you change your mind.”

Vera blinked her eyes before she nodded her head in satisfaction. “That’s also the answer and promise I’m giving you!”

Starting the engine of the Volkswagen CC, Su Tao faintly said, “Right now, I’ll meet with that fiancé of yours and let him know that he’s just a laughable flea.”

Su Tao’s naming for Achim teased Vera, so she laughed, “If Achim Belyakov hears that you called him a flea, he’ll probably blow his head, since he has been viewing himself as someone with a noble bloodline, an elite of society!”

Su Tao sighed, “Actually, I’m seeing him to tell him that he’s not any different from an ordinary person.”

There can be no tasty desserts, but there must be vodka; there can be no jokes, but there must be vodka; there can be no beautiful women, but there must be vodka; vodka, the more, the better! In Russia, men and women alike like to drink vodka, since it originated from their country.

The color of Vodka was clear as water, and the taste wasn’t too strong with only a subtle, delicate flavor to it. Vodka didn’t have any sour, bitter, and sweet taste, but it’s refreshing. There’s only one distinctive feature about it, the burning sensation due to the high alcohol percentage.

Before he knew it, Achim had already finished a bottle of Vodka. Vera must be fooling around with that Chinese man, since she still hadn’t returned at this time, and the more he thought about it, the more furious Achim got. Before he knew it, he had already finished one bottle and asked Shara for another one.

“Missy has returned!” Shara glanced at Achim, who reeked of alcohol, and sighed. She could understand his feelings right now, and she would feel the same as him if she was standing in his shoes.

Achim gently let out a breath as he stood up and tidied his clothes before he nodded at Shara with a smile. “Good, bring me to her!”

Just when Vera walked out of the front passenger seat, she saw Achim standing by the door, so she knitted her brows. “Why are you still here?”

Achim first took a glance at Su Tao before he looked at Vera. “Vera, my fiancée, I came to Hanzhou especially for you. Must you be so cruel to me?”

Vera sighed as she glanced at Shara. “Why did you let him in the house, and even give my phone number to him?”

With a grave expression, Shara responded, “Missy, I can’t possibly allow our son-in-law to wait outside for you. It would show our lack of manners.”

Vera helplessly shook her head before she said to Achim, “You can leave now. I don’t welcome you.”

Disappointment flashed on Achim’s face before he shook his head and walked towards Vera. “You can’t treat me so ruthlessly!”

Seeing Achim blocking her path, Vera’s face turned cold. “Get lost!”

Achim pulled Vera’s arm as he tried to be more intimate with her, “What do you want me to do? I can do anything for you!”

Vera sighed, “Achim, can you please calm down?”

A cold sneer appeared on the corner of Achim’s lips before he removed his blazer and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his well-built physique. He then turned to look at Su Tao with his finger pointed out. “Let’s fight as men. If you win, I will back off. If I win, you will never appear before Vera ever again.”

“What is he yapping about?” Since he couldn’t understand Russian, Su Tao asked as he shrugged his shoulders.

Sharapova translated, “He wants to fight with you. Russians are a race that likes to fight, and every single man is a warrior.”

Su Tao sighed, “I need to know the reason at least, right?”

Sharapova deeply looked at Vera as she explained, “The reason being the two of you have fallen for a woman.”

Vera knitted her brows as she replied in mandarin, “Shara, even if Achim won, I won’t fall for him.”

Sharapova also replied in mandarin, “Missy, you should choose a man that can make you feel safe, not a sickly coward.”

She was speaking in mandarin on purpose to push Su Tao on a path of no return.

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