Chapter 176 - Your Hysteria is Cured

Although the Volkswagen CC wasn’t driving at high speed, it was shuttling through the street. If one looked at it from the sky, the vehicle would look like a spiritual snake, dodging the cars on the road. Although Vera was in the front passenger seat, she wasn’t feeling any discomfort. Looking at the rear mirror, she realised that they had already lost Achim’s car before they knew it. She knitted her brows at how Su Tao proficiently controlled the steering wheel and asked, “You really don’t have a license?”

Su Tao shrugged. “That’s why I’m driving as steady as I can. It’ll be troublesome if I get caught by the police.” When he finished, he stepped on the gas, and when the vehicle crossed the white line, only then did the traffic light turn red. The vehicle following them could only stop dumbfoundedly.

Seeing that they had shaken that loathsome fellow, Vera gently breathed out and asked with her head tilted, “You’ve calculated it, right?”

Su Tao’s fingers were tapping on the steering wheel as he turned up the music. “With a little coincidence.”

He turned on the intersection before he drove onto the main road from a small one. 

When Achim’s vehicle drove over after the traffic light turned green, they noticed that they had lost the Volkswagen CC.

Achim slammed on the driver’s seat and cursed out in Russian. It felt terrible to be so humiliated.

Vera glanced at Su Tao with a complicated gaze. Although she knew that he’s formidable, she could occasionally figure out the secret of his identity. Just like the technique that he had previously used to shake off their followers, it was something that needed professional practice.

The car stopped at Times Square’s underground car park. This was also Hanzhou’s Business Center. Aside from shopping, there were also many entertainment outlets. Although Vera was wearing a cap and sunglasses, her outstanding figure attracted a lot of attention.

When they came to the theatre on the fourth floor, Su Tao took out his phone and handed it over to the staff. “Two tickets of «Joy of Life» at 1.30p.m.”

Vera nodded her head and asked in puzzlement, “Not paying with cash or card?”

Su Tao figured that Vera didn’t have much experience with this, so he smiled\. “A phone is enough to do the work nowadays. After linking your phone to your card, you can buy anything you want online.” When he finished his words, he went to the snacks corner and used his phone to pay for popcorn and drinks as well.

Shock flashed in Vera’s eyes. She did not have much experience of an everyday lifestyle. Since young, she had been living in an environment with clothes and food just within her reach. Although she interacted with high-class and well-educated people, she was also well-protected. Thus, she didn’t have much interaction with the outside world. Although he had treated her illness, Su Tao felt that her life should be more enjoyable for her to be happier. Thus, the movie theatre was a good choice, and Su Tao even specially chose a romance and comedy movie.

Although the actors and actresses starred in «Joy of Life» weren’t particularly famous, the movie has been making big waves in the box office. The story might be a little stereotypical, but it could easily arouse the young memories of others. It talked about a middle-aged man in his forties that was successful in business encountering his university crush at a gathering that lit a spark in his heart. When the man came to his crush’s room, the police knocked on their door just when they were about to do something. Because that man was an influential figure, and his career all came from his wife’s family, he climbed the window to hide. However, he lost his footing and fell from the fifth floor. In the process, that man traveled through time and returned to his university days. Using his knowledge of the future, he relied on his own ability to make a name for himself. At the same time, he had also won the heart of his crush. However, that man wasn’t too happy, since he realised that his partner was only together with him because of money. Thus, he recalled his wife, who had married a buddy of his university. Despite being bankrupt and staying in a poor environment, the woman was happy and even had two kids. At this moment, that man realised that it was his wife that he loved the most…

When the man met his wife in the movie, Vera was covered in tears and she muttered, “It’s too touching!”

Su Tao nodded his head. “Thinking that you've lost the beauty in life, it turns out to be something that you possessed all along. It was just something that you once lost.”

Vera nodded her head. “Is this movie telling us to cherish each other?”

Su Tao smiled. “The meaning is there.” After that, he looked around at the theatre. Although some came for the movie, some came for other purposes, such as the couple before him. They started hugging and kissing the moment the movie started, as if this was their couch or bed at home.

Vera followed Su Tao’s gaze before she moved to his ear and whispered, “Why? You’re envious of them?”

Smelling the fragrance from Vera’s mouth, he smiled. “I’ve never been envious of others, since I can have it if I want.”

“You really know how to boast!” Vera cast a glance at Su Tao before she stretched her hand over to Su Tao and slowly placed her head on his shoulder.

Su Tao never expected that Vera would take the initiative. Although he was feeling a little embarrassed, he still placed his hand on her shoulder and they got more comfortable.

At this moment, he noticed that he had gotten closer to Vera and she had finally opened her heart up to him under his hard work.

When the lady sitting beside Vera saw this, she slightly knitted her brows before she helplessly sighed and whispered to her friend.

However, Su Tao and Vera’s faces were thick and they remained in this posture. It was as if they were the only ones left in the world.

Vera was a pretty conservative woman, or strictly speaking, she’s a woman that knew how to protect herself well. Ever since she was young, she received strict education from her family, and it was only after coming to China that her parents stopped interfering with her life. Although she had a crush in the past, she never tasted romance as bright as today.

Romance was a feast for the body and mind to increase the affection between two people by contact after their minds have gotten close.

Vera noticed a pleasant smell from Su Tao. It wasn’t a fragrance, but it was like the fragrance of herbs that made her feel light. It was both comfortable and blissful.

A few minutes later, the two of them separated and Su Tao looked at Vera and smiled. “Congratulations, you’ve recovered!”

“Ah?” Vera was surprised, so she looked at Su Tao. Puzzlement filled her eyes and only after a long time did she figured it out. “That’s also a treatment?”

Su Tao replied with a straight face as he nodded, “That’s a treatment for you! Science has proven that skin contact can stimulate the central nervous system in the brain to produce endorphins. Putting it in a nutshell, it can relieve the depression in mind, so it’s effective for your condition.”

Vera was left speechless for a long while before she felt depressed. What’s this? The romantic moment was her treatment? However, she couldn’t vent out the depression in her heart, since she couldn’t find a loophole in Su Tao’s words.

In the end, Vera finally cursed, “You bastard!” As a noble Russian woman, one could tell how shameless Su Tao was for her to speak such words; it had already exceeded her bottom line.

However, Su Tao wasn’t furious. He chuckled, “It looks like you’re not fully treated yet for you to be angry. Why don’t I give you another treatment session?”

Vera wanted to dodge, but Su Tao had already moved over and held onto her hand.

Vera suddenly realised that Su Tao was just joking with her, so her anger instantly faded. Although Su Tao was a hateful fellow, his naughty sides also made him look cute at the same time.

Once again, the two of them got close, looking sweet.

The two single ladies also couldn’t take it anymore and they left before the movie ended. Vera suddenly to the initiative and touched Su Tao’s forehead, wanting to make a clearer imprint of his looks in her heart.

The movie theatre was determined to be a place where romance happens, and this was also the motive behind Su Tao’s invitation to Vera. If a man didn’t use some schemes to make a beauty throw herself at him, then that would be too unrealistic.

Before he entered Vera’s office, he had a brief encounter with her fiancé, Achim. He had to admit that in terms of appearance or bearing, he was a powerful competitor, which made Su Tao realised that if he didn’t increase his speed, Vera might be snatched away. Thus, he had to make a move to quicken their progress.

Su Tao was aware that Vera had a favorable opinion of him; however, he felt that their relationship had to need more accumulation for it to be more stable. Otherwise, it would dissipate if they experienced a storm. Su Tao didn’t hope that his relationship with Vera would only be a one-time sex thing, since her silhouette had long been imprinted in his heart. It was only that the appearance of Achim awoke the ferocious beast in his heart.

After a certain amount of time, Su Tao slowly let go of Vera. The latter blinked her eyes and felt a little awkward. Looking around at the empty theatre, she saw that only the two of them were left, so she fanned her cheek with her hand. “Damn it, I actually missed the ending of the movie!”

Su Tao couldn’t help laughing out, “I can tell you the outcome. After that man regretted it, he suddenly woke up and realised that it was all a dream. When his health recovered, he treated his wife better, and the two of them led a happy life.”

Vera was stunned before she faintly replied, “The outcome is pretty good!”

Su Tao sighed. This perfect ending did cater to many people. But how many happy endings were there in real life?

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