Chapter 175 - Bumper Car

Achim Belyakov was 32 this year, possessing a graceful bearing along with an outstanding appearance, high-bridged nose and well-groomed blonde hair. He wore a bespoke white blazer, blue pants, and black leather shoes. He had a height of 5’8”. Since he frequently worked out, his body was well-maintained with the shirt being stretched out by his chest. Under the guidance of Secretary Li, he entered Vera’s office and briefly looked around before he greeted in Russian, “Darling, are you finally done with your work? I finally managed to see you!”

Maintaining a straight face, Vera helplessly sighed, “Achim, I have already made things clear to you from our last meeting. It’s impossible for the two of us, and our marriage is just a transaction for our families. Your money needed money, and my father has his eyes on your family’s oil. After the transaction, we won’t be related any further.”

Ignoring Vera’s frank words, Achim sat on the couch with his legs crossed and smiled. “I also had the same thoughts as you in the past, but I think I’ve fallen for you since our last meeting, and I wish to pursue you. You don’t need to feel pressured, just disregard our engagement, and treat me as an ordinary pursuer.”

How shameless to keep pestering despite her frank words, and women hated bothersome men the most, especially when their hearts already belonged to someone else.

With her brows knitted, Vera unhappily said, “Achim, I’ve already looked into you. You don’t have any lack of women, many of them are more beautiful and hotter than me, so I suggest you look for them because I will not fall for you.”

Shaking his finger, Achim chuckled, “Don’t be so sure, I’m pretty confident when it comes to wooing women. I believe that I will touch your heart one day.”

With her brows still knitted, Vera pointed towards the door and said, “I still have work to do, so if there’s nothing else, you may leave!”

Achim shrugged his shoulders and walked a few steps forth before he moved his face closer to hers and stopped roughly ten centimeters away as he replied with a solemn voice, “I will not give up, but I will also not pester you. I’ll be in China for now, and yes, that’s because of you. I believe that you will change your mindset towards me after interacting with me for some time, and you will know that it’s a joyful thing to be in a romantic relationship with me.”

Seeing the rage on Vera’s face, he laughed as he walked out of the office. Vera felt more angered whenever she recalled his face, so she picked up a fountain pen and threw it in the direction of the door. Coincidentally, the door opened and someone walked in. But fortunately, Su Tao swiftly reacted and easily caught the pen in his hand.

“Su Tao, why are you here?” Vera’s complexion turned better at the sight of Su Tao.

Walking over to Vera, Su Tao gently placed the pen beside her and smiled. “Why? You don’t welcome me?”

“Of course not, I was just surprised.” Vera bitterly smiled.

Gently pulling the chair, Su Tao’s gaze was on her face with that standard smile of his. “The TCM Association’s matter has already been resolved, so I wanted to come and take a look at the company’s situation. But when I went to Yan Jing’s office, her Secretary, Geng Hong told me that she’s in your office, so I came here instead.”

Vera was a little disappointed and said, “So you’re here for Yan Jing. She just left a while ago, didn’t you see her?”

Su Tao naturally saw Yan Jing, but he was more concerned about Vera at this moment. Taking a deep breath, he asked, “Who’s that flashy man from before?”

Vera liked Su Tao asking about her, since it would make her feel that he’s concerned about her. With a smile on her face, Vera asked, “What will you think if I told you that he’s my fiancé?”

Su Tao’s face turned serious as he sighed, “Then I can only advise you to be cautious!”

“Why?” Vera asked in puzzlement with her brows knitted.

Although he only had a brief encounter with Achim, he could feel that something was amiss about him. Thus, he sighed and replied in hesitation, “For some reason, there’s something not right about him. If you married him, I guarantee that you will regret it your entire life!”

However, Vera misunderstood that Su Tao was jealous as she responded in a slightly delighted tone, “Rest assured, I won’t like that fellow, and our engagement is just a show!”

Stretching his hands out, Su Tao ridiculed, “Do all rich people treat their marriage like a joke?”

Vera was briefly stunned. If it was someone else talking to her in this tone, she would undoubtedly be angered. But it wasn’t the case since it was coming from Su Tao, so she shook her head. “Naturally not, there are times when we will resort to it when we can’t exchange our wealth and authority in some matters. Perhaps it’s because I’m also in this situation that I feel that there’s nothing wrong about it.”

Su Tao rolled his eyes and said in disappointment, “What an unhealthy mentality. My mood isn’t good, accompany me for a movie.”

Vera was stunned by his sudden invitation, so she asked in doubt, “Now?”

“If you’re not free right now, then you can forget what I’ve said.” Su Tao smiled as he shrugged his shoulders.

Vera slowly stood up as she smiled. “Give me five minutes!”

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he asked a foolish question, “What are you doing?”

Vera rolled her eyes as she replied to him, charmingly, “A change of clothes, what else? You want me to wear something formal to a movie?”

When Su Tao suddenly remembered to look at Vera’s dressing today, she had already walked into a small chamber. It must be the private resting chamber designed for her. Although he was only looking at her back figure, he still couldn’t help inwardly praising her for her figure. Although she’s wearing flat leather shoes, her long legs even made her look tall with black stockings tightly wrapped around her legs. Pairing them with her white professional skirt, her actions were filled with an experienced charm.

The room wasn’t fully closed, leaving a tiny crack open. Although Su Tao seemed to be looking around in her office, he’s actually imagining the scene of Vera changing her clothes in his mind, which made his blood boil a little.

Roughly twenty minutes later, Su Tao lost his patience when Vera still wasn’t out, so he walked towards the chamber. When he came to the door, he saw Vera currently changing her upper clothes, with her hands wandering through her closet. It was as though she was caught in a dilemma. Although he could only look at her back, the scenery was too enticing. Her skin was smooth and fair, like flawless snow with her body bent a little. 

Vera suddenly felt something was amiss, so she turned around and saw Su Tao looking at her. Her face instantly turned red as she raged, “You lecher!”

Su Tao awkwardly coughed, “I waited too long, and I came to urge you since you’re not out yet!”

Actually, he still felt a little guilty and regretted that he couldn’t keep his calm.

Vera gently snorted as she closed the door, “Excuses!”

When the door slammed on him, Su Tao flung his lips. He had already seen her entire body, so why was she so embarrassed when she’s only wearing half her clothes?

After another five to six minutes of waiting, Vera had finished changing and came out in a red sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and a cap matching with her sweater. She was also carrying a knapsack that went well with her clothes and sunglasses. It looked like she was still holding a grudge for Su Tao’s intrusion. Her slender brows gently twitched before she faintly said, “Let’s go!”

Su Tao helplessly smiled and followed Vera out of her office. She lowered her cap as if she could avoid the workers’ eyes with that and the sunglass, but Su Tao looked around and sighed. How could the staff here not recognise her?

When they came to the carpark, Vera tossed a key over to Su Tao. Su Tao clicked on the button, and a silver Volkswagen CC’s front lights lit up. Su Tao was puzzled at the sight of it and asked, “New car?”

“You can have it if you like.” Vera responded with a straight face.

Su Tao smiled, but he did not reply to her. He didn’t have the qualifications to accept this gift. Although he knew how to drive, he didn’t have a license, and it looked like he had to find time to resolve the license issue.

After Su Tao started the car, Vera removed her sunglasses and fanned herself with her brows furrowed. “How annoying.”

Su Tao misunderstood that she was still holding a grudge at how he peeked at her, so he replied, “Let it go since it has already passed. At most, I’ll let you take a peek at me changing clothes next time. My figure’s still pretty good, and I have chest muscles and abs!”

Vera rolled her eyes as she pointed at the rear mirror on the right. “Saw that SUV? Achim, who is also my fiancé, is in it. I initially thought that he had already left, but he’s still around!”

Su Tao proficiently turned the wheel as the car drove out and headed towards the exit. He took a peek at the rear mirror and saw that the SUV was closely followed behind them.

What’s this? The fiancé coming over to catch adultery?

Su Tao sighed, since his identity was a little peculiar. Strictly speaking, he’s the paramour here.

Su Tao cast a glance at Vera and saw her eyes fuming with rage as she ordered, “Shake him off!”

Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Big Sister, we can’t play bumper cars here!” Although he said it that way, he still stepped on the gas and the engine rumbled with the vehicle flying out like an arrow.

Achim’s eyes oddly flashed with a ridiculing smile on his lips before he patted on the chauffeur’s shoulder. “Follow that car, don’t lose it!”

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