Chapter 174 - Wang Guofeng’s Fall

Wang Guofeng felt demotivated when he came back from Huaibei Province’s Yuhe City. Just what was the purpose of him running back and forth between the university and hospital daily? However, Bai Fan had opened a new path for him. Despite knowing that it’s equivalent to having half of his foot out of his previous world, he still couldn’t help being tempted by it. Everyone lived in the world for fame and money. Su Tao had already seized his fame, so he was considering whether he should change his attitude to pursue wealth and power instead.

When he returned to the office, his phone was ringing, so he knitted his brows and answered the call. His excellent education from young told him to follow the rules and not indulge himself. However, he was a little stunned when he answered the call. His father rarely called his office. Lowering his voice, he asked, “Dad, why are you calling my office line?”

After a brief pause, Wang Ru answered, “You turned off your phone, so I could only call your office!”

Wang Guofeng only felt respect for his father. He never lacked reprimands from his father since young, which built up the respect he had for the latter. Wang Guofeng quickly explained, “I just got back from the hospital, and I couldn’t turn on my phone since I was treating a patient earlier.”

Nodding his head, Wang Ru asked, “How are you, lately?”

Wang Guofeng knew that his father was worried about his mentality after his loss in the Three States Forum Exchange. With a faint smile, he responded, “I’m trying my best to restore my confidence. Please be rest assured, I will certainly adjust myself quickly.”

Wang Ru nodded his head in satisfaction. “You’ve never disappointed me! Right, since you’ve competed with Su Tao a few times, what do you think of him?”

Wang Guofeng was briefly stunned. He never expected that his father would suddenly ask about Su Tao. After pausing for a few seconds, he answered, “His medical skills are pretty good and creative. But I’ve constantly felt that his identity is a little fishy and that he’s also too wild in handling matters. So I feel that his character is just subpar.”

After a brief pause, Wang Ru asked, “Is it true that he possesses the rumored Heavenseizing Hand?”

Any physician would be interested in the Heavenseizing Hand, so Wang Guofeng swiftly responded, “The Heavenseizing Hand has been long lost for so many years. Who has witnessed it in action? I’m even suspecting that he’s just purposely trying to raise his fame.”

“He’s faking it?” Wang Ru asked with his brows knitted.

Wang Guofeng continued to speak in a cold tone, “I’m suspecting that there might’ve been someone controlling the Physician King Tournament from the background, which resulted in my loss. You must have also heard rumors of that the gambling company, Utopia. It has earned a great fortune from Su Tao, since he was an unpopular choice in the tournament.”

Wang Ru nodded his head. He had confidence in the strength of his son. His son wasn’t even inferior to him from back then and was only inexperienced. “Guofeng, this matter has already passed, so you must look forward. Time will tell if his skills are true or fake.”

Receiving the comfort from Wang Ru, Wang Guofeng’s mood turned better, so he responded, “Dad, thanks for your trust.”

After a brief pause, Wang Ru continued, “There’s another matter related to you. Did you recently established the Medicine Deity Corporation?”

Wang Guofeng smiled as he explained, “It was founded by me and another friend, Bai Fan. The company is only making use of my reputation.”

“Bai Fan? That young man from the Medicine King Valley? His reputation isn’t especially good!” Wang Ru said with a grim light flashing across his brows.

After a brief pause, Wang Guofeng slowly replied, “Dad, Bai Fan is just an ordinary friend. After all, there’s no fish in clear water, and I also need a friend like him.”

Wang Ru fell into a brief silence before he said, “You’ve grown up with your own thoughts, so I will not interfere in your matters. But you must remember that as a descendant of the Wang Family, medical ethics must take priority over anything. Saving lives is our duty, and we cannot do anything that will go against our conscience.”

Wang Guofeng had heard of this motto of the Wang Family countless times, so he responded, “I will surely not forget this teaching!”

When Wang Ru hung up the phone, Wang Guofeng smiled in ridiculement. He felt that his conversation with his father was hilarious; he was laughing at how his father was too adhered to the old ideas. That was also the reason why the Wang Family was weak and poor when compared to the other families. Thus, Wang Guofeng was determined to produce some achievements. Bai Fan used him as a puppet, so how was he not using him as a pawn too?

When he hung up the office phone, Wang Guofeng took out his mobile phone. When he switched it on, notifications started to pop up. Aside from Wang Ru, Bai Fan also called him a few times. Thinking that it might be something urgent, he returned the call. When Bai Fan saw Wang Guofeng calling over, he unhappily said, “Brother Guofeng, your really hard to reach!”

Wang Guofeng explained, “I was treating an important patient, so I switched it off.”

Bai Fan helplessly sighed, “I just received a piece of news that you should know about. Lou Zi’an’s plan has failed!”

Wang Guofeng’s brows twitched as he asked in puzzlement, “How is that possible? Wasn’t it going smoothly, and the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s revenue suffered a hit?”

With a bitter smile on his face, Bai Fan responded, “It was all ruined by Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang. After their trip to Hanzhou, they started a TCM Alliance once they returned, and even withdrew from the TCM Association, lifting a great wave.”

Wang Guofeng fell into silence for a long while before he said, “What bewitching soup did he feed them? Song Sichen aside, Dou Fanggang is known for being inflexible with his weird temper!”

Bai Fan had been paying attention to Su Tao’s news, so he helplessly sighed, “It’s said that they discovered Su Tao was treating a child who has Leukemia and even achieved an effective treatment result.”

“Child Leukemia?” Wang Guofeng was shocked. This had already exceeded his scope of understanding. He continued, “Is she really cured?”

Bai Fan shook his head. “Not yet, but the patient got a good result from the treatment. Right now, Song Sichen and the rest have treated Su Tao as the future of TCM, so they’re trying to protect him. The TCM Alliance is also formed to protect Su Tao.”

Wang Guofeng felt a sweet taste in his throat as a bloody stench surged from his stomach, but he suppressed it. After a long while, only then did Wang Guofeng slowly stand up. “What should we do next?”

Bai Fan faintly replied, “Lou Zi’an has already removed the announcement from the pressure, and the Three Flavour Cosmetics International is also fighting back with public opinion. So we should lay low for the time being. But the effect of raising controversy was pretty good, it raised the popularity of herbs, and it’s even one of the top searched topics. We’ve also made use of it to raise the reputation of our brand.”

Although Wang Guofeng wasn’t good in business management, he could still vaguely guess Bai Fan’s plan. Actually, the latter had intended to promote right from the start. It wasn’t necessary for them to try and nip off the Three Flavour Cosmetics International through Lou Zi’an. Their real objective was to promote the products of the Medicine Deity Corporation.

Wang Guofeng sighed in his heart as he reminded, “We must guarantee the quality of our products!”

Bai Fan smiled. “Rest assured. Although it’s not as good as the Three Flavour Cosmetics International, it’s still superior to other herbal products out in the market now. So you can just sit back and wait to receive money!”

Wang Guofeng smiled. “I’ll have to thank Brother Bai for helping me earn money!”

After their talk, Bai Fan pinched his nose as his gaze flickered. Although Su Tao had brilliantly resolved this crisis, that didn’t mean that the latter was always that lucky and could receive help all the time. As for Wang Guofeng, Bai Fan had already noticed his changes. After losing to Su Tao a few times, Wang Guofeng had already lost his confidence. Although some would improve from setbacks, some would fall even deeper.

“I never expected Su Tao to really do it using his own ways.” Vera sat in her office as she looked at Yan Jing, who was brewing tea with admiration in her eyes.

Pursing her lips, Yan Jing responded, “You should be used to his style by now, someone that can constantly bring surprises to others. He’s using his own way to walk a completely different path.”

Vera crossed her legs and looked at Yan Jing. She could feel a noticeable change in the latter’s attitude. She blew on her cup of tea and probed, “You wouldn’t have fallen for him too, right?”

Hearing those words, Yan Jing was briefly stunned before she refuted, “Too? You’re in love with him?”

Vera nodded her head without hiding as she chuckled, “If I didn’t love him, why would I treat him so good? It’s all because of love!”

Yan Jing fell into silence and sighed. After such a long time, she already had an understanding of this foreign chick, so she too did not hide her inner thoughts. “Not exactly love, but I just feel that he’s worth relying on. Despite how unreliable he looks, he’s actually filled with a sense of security.”

Taking a gentle breath, Vera sighed, “An outstanding man can always give someone security. That’s not surprising, and if you can be frank that you’ve fallen for him, then wouldn’t that mean that the two of us have something similar? We can also become closer.”

“You and your weird logic!” Yan Jing rolled her eyes as she changed the topic, “The Old Street’s project will start next week. I’ve already communicated with a few leaders in the province so that we can make it popular in a single shot.”

Vera smiled. “With a place to film, the next step would be to establish a filming company. I’ve already started to seek out potential young companies, are you interested?”

Yaan Jing sighed, “You’re always one step ahead of me in business.”

The difference between Yan Jing and Vera lied in Yan Jing excelling in terms of execution, while Vera excelled in planning. Thus, the two of them were a perfect match, and Vera actually felt fortunate to find a partner like Yan Jing. China’s market wasn’t that easy to enter, and it’s even harder to stand firm in it. However, Yan Jing could resolve this issue for her.

Vera smiled. “Even good plans need a good partner to realise it.”

Yan Jing smiled, “I believe that we’ll have a happy cooperation together.”

After Yan Jing left, Vera walked towards the window. Secretary Li was standing behind her and reminded, “Mr. Achim has been waiting outside for a long time now.”

Knitting her brows, Vera revealed a rarely unconcealable loathe as she faintly answered, “Invite him in, then!”

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