Chapter 173 - Influence of the Senior Physicians

Someone else wouldn’t have courage like Su Tao. Lou Zi’an represented the entrance to the TCM circle, so anyone that wanted to do well in the industry would have to comply with their rules.

However, Su Tao did not feel it that way. He felt that the current TCM circle needed reforming, since it was already rotten down to the core. He didn’t believe that those people would be united and lift the banner of TCM. Even Tang Nanzheng, Song Sichen, and Dou Fanggang were only representatives of that circle.

Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang naturally did not come to that decision on impulse. It was Su Tao’s potential that caught their eyes and being a young talent that dared to fight with a world-classed disease. A talent like Su Tao was a spark in TCM that needed to be protected. Even though Xiaoxiao’s Leukemia wasn’t fully treated, Su Tao’s treatment has visibly improved her condition, which proved the miraculous effect of TCM.

The two of them found their confidence from Su Tao. With the rapid development of western medicine, they felt that TCM was too insufficient in terms of emergency treatment and severe diseases in comparison. The two of them have also been researching on presymptomatic diseases to find a breakthrough. However, Su Tao faced the problem head-on, using his methods to take many steps of development into emergency treatments and severe diseases. Albeit to be a bold attempt, it also allowed them to see hope in him.

Su Tao’s charm and ability was something that Wang Guofeng didn’t possess.

As for the so-called “TCM Association”, the two of them already no longer cared about it and maintained a neutral position when Tang Nanzheng suggested constructing a TCM Alliance. But after their interaction with Su Tao, their hearts changed and they regained their confidence and determination to revitalise TCM.

They had decided to construct a new TCM Alliance with Su Tao in the center. However, the latter was still lacking right now. Albeit to obtain the Physician King’s title, he didn’t have a sturdy backing like Wang Guofeng. He still needed accumulation for him to slowly forge his unique network.

Simply putting it, Su Tao was only a renowned physician in Hanzhou. If he wanted to be the hero that brought life back to TCM, then he would need to do something bigger.

Thus, after their discussion, they decided that they would temporarily hold the reins of the TCM Alliance until the time was right for them to pass it over to Su Tao.

The trip to the Three Flavour Hall left the two of them even more gratified to find everyone there being new blood. Furthermore, every single one of them were capable of holding their own grounds, and they also created a lively atmosphere that was hardly seen in other pharmacies.

The weather turned cold in the eleventh month. Although the weather forecast predicted that today should be a sunny day, it had been raining since morning.

After Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang returned, they immediately announced their withdrawal from the current TCM circle. At the same time, they also started calling out to their friends to join their new TCM Alliance. Although the new TCM Alliance announced that they’re on a different path from the current TCM Association and focused on dealing with those tough theoretical problems, gossip still spread like wildfire, like the two of them were dissatisfied with the current TCM Association. Thus, they separated themselves from it, intending to construct a new organisation that could lead TCM’s development.

The new TCM Alliance was registered in Xiangnan Province’s Xingzhou City as a civil organization and required a string of approvals. However, it wasn’t a problem for someone like Song Sichen to register a civil organisation with his influence in Xingzhou City. It was done in just five days and was also affiliated with Xiangnan Province’s Provisional Health Ministry. With Song Sichen’s connections, he naturally wouldn’t experience many obstructions. After all, this matter could also increase the range of influence of local TCM.

Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang were both grandmasters in the TCM industry; just their disciples and students alone was a massive network. Not to mention that there were also those in the TCM Association for so many years without any achievements. Thus, the new TCM Alliance had over 2,000 members in just half a month, with over twenty groups. 60% of the members were from the TCM Association, and after they joined the new TCM Alliance, they had submitted their withdrawal in the previous circle.

This wasn’t something that Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang had planned. It was the resentment that had already been building up over the years. The ways of the previous circle were too bureaucratic, and their conferences were practically meant for enforcing orders. Not to mention that the membership fees would also increase every year without anything being done. It’s one of those organizations that were better to join than nothing.

Lou Zi’an sat before his office with his brows furrowed as he looked at the new TCM Alliance’s news on his screen feeling inwardly furious. He never expected that those two old fellows would actually dare to go against him. He immediately picked up his phone and called a good friend of his. Seeing that it was Lou Zi’an calling, Fan Changdong answered and first said, “Old Lou, I was just going to call you as well.”

Lou Zi’an was briefly stunned, with half of his anger dying down, then he asked in puzzlement, “Changdong, why are you looking for me?” Fan Changdong was a few years younger than him. When Lou Zi’an was thriving, Fan Changdong was still an unremarkable figure. Thus, Lou Zi’an felt that he was more experienced than the latter, so he had directly called Fan Changdong by his name to sound more intimate.

Fan Changdong understood Lou Zi’an, so he wasn’t against the latter calling him by his name. “The withdrawal of many physicians from your side has caused an uproar in public. Old Lou, I had you construct a third-platform in the hope that you can steadily work for a few years before retiring. So, why are you causing so many problems?”

Realising that it was about this matter, Lou Zi’an felt was furious and replied, “Changdong, the reason why I called you is also regarding this matter. Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang are just making use of their seniority to register the new TCM Alliance in Xiangnan Province as a civil organisation to go against my company. Strictly speaking, isn’t this a rebellion? I feel that you have to interfere in this matter and nip off this type of harmful momentum. Otherwise, how are we going to handle it if others follow them?”

Fan Changdong fell into silence. He realised that Lou Zi’an still hasn’t figured out the situation and was criticising and exaggerating the matter. As he sighed, his face turned grave, “Old Lou, you’ve also been in the TCM circle for some time now. We initially hoped that you could do the third service platform well by making use of your connections and resources to bring life into the TCM industry so that the previous TCM can continue to be passed down in our country. But not only are you doing nothing to change the situation, you even came up with those ridiculous matters, covering the entire TCM industry in a foul atmosphere. I’m not trying to scare you, but you should really consider the consequences of this.”

Lou Zi’an was dumbfounded upon hearing that. How did this matter implicate so many influential figures? He felt his throat going dry as he asked, “It’s so serious?”

Fan Changdong bitterly smiled and knocked his fingers on the table before saying, “Don’t underestimate the influence of those people. I know a powerful figure, and he worked in Xiangnan Province when he was younger. At that time, he had Psoriasis and was in great pain because of it. He looked for many famous doctors, but none of them were able to help him. It was at that time, he chanced upon Song Sichen, and the latter gave him a prescription, which resolved his issue in just a month. Although western medicine is prosperous, those senior physicians are those that could create miracles. When Song Sichen created the new TCM Alliance, he found that person and told the latter his idea. This was also the reason why the TCM Alliance could be so swiftly established.”

Lou Zi’an was instantly left speechless. He never expected that those veterans would hold such shocking resources. Fan Changdong bitterly smiled in helplessness. “If you did not disappoint the two seniors so much, why would they resort to this?”

Fan Changdong briefly paused before he continued, “I have also investigated this matter, and the cause of this matter originated from your company suppressing that genius in TCM numerous times!” Fan Changdong did not point out other matters. There were many accusations on his desk regarding Lou Zi’an, including how he tried to gain money through dishonest means, and at the same time, an issue with his conduct.

Lou Zi’an promptly denied, “That is a baseless accusation! Aren’t you aware of what kind of person I am?”

Fan Changdong sighed. Lou Zi’an was a petty-minded person. Actually, everyone knew what kind of person Lou Zi’an was, but the former just didn’t want to talk about it. However, Fan Changdong did not expect that the latter would create such a big issue and attract so much negative attention. Fan Changdong was also a little speechless, before he revealed, “There’s a new Physician King from the Physician King Tournament a few months ago, so why did you stand out and exclude him from the TCM Association? Furthermore, what’s the motive behind your company’s official announcement? Old Lou, don’t think that you’re clever. The heavens are watching everything we do, and paper can’t cover up the deeds that you’ve done!”

Lou Zi’an’s ears turned red from being exposed. Although Fan Changdong was a few years younger than him, the latter was capable of taking everything from him. Thus, his tone changed with a bitter smile as he inquired, “How do you propose we should deal with this, then?”

Fan Changdong thought that Lou Zi’an had finally woke up, so he sighed, “This matter has already blown up. Firstly, you must delete that official notice on your site and clarify it!”

Hearing his words, Lou Zi’an hesitated, “Wouldn’t that drag the reputation of my company down?”

Cussing at Lou Zi’an for not knowing what’s good for him, Fan Changdong responded with rage, “Old Lou, let me ask you something. Is your face more important, or being left with nothing? I trust that you know what decision to make.”

Shock flickered across Lou Zi’an’s eyes as he mumbled, “Left with nothing? It’s that serious?” As an experienced fox, he already knew what the consequences were.

Fan Changdong coldly replied, “You’ve pulled too many people into this matter, and it won’t do unless you give a proper explanation. Old Lou, this is my order to you, remove that announcement, that is something that must be done. At a later period, someone will come looking for you, so try to cooperate with them. I can only help you this much because we’re old friends!”

When Fan Changdong finished, he hung up the phone. Lou Zi’an was left speechless when he heard the busy tone. He tried to calm himself down before analysing the situation. However, he still couldn’t figure it out, no matter how hard he thought about it. This was how people were, and he’s so used to playing schemes that couldn't figure out the crisis he's currently in.

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