Chapter 172 - Plan of Retaliation

“It should be a private visit, so I never expected so many people to be involved in this!” Song Sichen smiled after shaking hands with Di Shiyuan. The former was a modest person, although Di Shiyuan was just a government official as a Divisional Leader. On the contrary, Song Sichen was the most important figure in Xiangnan Province’s specialist group, and the patients that he usually came in contact were tycoons. Even Department Leaders wanting to visit him would have to go with his schedule.

Di Shiyuan smiled. “I’ve long heard of Old Song and Old Dou’s great reputation. As a doctor myself, it’s an honour to meet the two of you!”

Su Tao inwardly praised Di Shiyuan for his smart use of words. He did not introduce himself as a government official, but as a doctor to make Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang feel close to him.

Tang Nanzheng smiled, and if it was in the past, it’s surely impossible for him to invite the two of them to Jianghuai Hospital, even with his excellent network. However, it was because the two of them were curious about Su Tao, since they wished to know the environment of such a talented physician.

Di Shiyuan asked with a smile, “Shall we go to the conference room to have a seat?”

Wang Song smiled. He had already gotten the conference room arranged last night. He even got a female doctor with a good image responsible for explaining the development of their hospital.

Waving his hand, Song Sichen smiled. “Forget them, those are impractical. Let’s take a walk around the hospital and have a look at the frontlines.”

Hearing his words, Di Shiyuan knew that the two of them did not come to tour around, but they wanted to understand the strength of the Jianghuai Hospital. Song Sichen’s Hongya Hospital was one of the top hospitals in the entire country, and if their Jianghuai Hospital could obtain the acknowledgment of Song Sichen, the Jianghuai Hospital and Hongya Hospital could exchange resources from a certain degree, which was an essential factor for Jianghuai Hospital’s development.

The various departments were also informed, and the doctors brought out their best attitude, since they had already been told that leaders and important figures in the medical world were coming over for inspection yesterday. Especially the TCM Department, every single Physician was excited. Every industry had a representative, Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang were similar to Chen Daoming and Tang Guoxiang in the entertainment circle. Their names represented a conviction, and as long as people like them existed, TCM would not fall.

Song Sichen came to the TCM Department as Zhang Chao nervously walked over and introduced, “I’m the TCM Department’s Head, Zhang Chao. You’re my idol, and I never expected that I could meet you today personally! May I take a photo with you?”

Song Sichen cast a glance at Di Shiyuan and smiled. “No problem with photos, but I’m afraid that I cannot be your idol!”

Tang Nanzheng looked a little unhappy as he sighed, “Sorry that my disciple looks like a joke, Old Song.”

On the face of Tang Nanzheng, Song Sichen still took a photo with Zhang Chao as Dou Fanggang took pictures with his fans. Although the two of them were being modest, they still felt pride in their hearts for having so many people admiring them. Everyone’s the same, and no matter how well trained they were, they would still want to flaunt their skills. As someone gets older, the more they would be concerned with their reputation and face.

When they left the TCM Department, they toured in a few other western medicine departments. Song Sichen finally couldn’t hold it and whispered a few words into Tang Nanzheng ears. With a faint smile, the latter responded, “I’ve still not talked to Su Tao about this matter yet!”

Shaking his head, Song Sichen sighed, “Old Tang, you’re in the wrong in this matter. You clearly know that we came to the Jianghuai Hospital for this.”

Seeing the puzzlement on Su Tao’s face, Tang Nanzheng explained, “I’ll not hide it from you. Actually, Old Song and Old Dou wanted to take a look at the little girl called Xiaoxiao in the Paediatrics Department.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned. Although he had guessed that the two of them came with a motive, he never expected that they would be attracted by this matter. After a brief pondering, that also made sense, since Leukemia was one of the toughest problems to resolve in the world. If TCM could resolve this issue confidently, then that would prove that their TCM had a weapon to defeat western medicine!

Tang Nanzheng knew that his face was insufficient to invite the two of them to Hanzhou, not to mention taking a tour in the Jianghuai Hospital. Thus, he had revealed the news of a Leukemia patient receiving TCM treatment to Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang. When the two of them heard about this, it was unavoidable for them to feel curious. Su Tao had created a miracle in the Physician King Tournament by awakening a vegetative patient, so who knows, he might be able to create another medical miracle.

After figuring all these out, Su Tao could only frankly explain, “Xiaoxiao is still in treatment. Although I’ve put her condition under control, I still haven’t found a method to treat the roots of the issue.”

Tang Nanzheng smiled. “Let us take a look at the patient ourselves, then.”

The group came to the Paediatrics Department. Lu Shimiao had also been informed about this when she saw Su Tao standing between Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang, chatting happily. She felt happy in her heart. Although Su Tao was young, he had convinced everyone with his medical skills, and the entire Hanzhou City knew that there’s a young Divine Physician in the Jianghuai Hospital. Naturally, although most patients have switched to the Three Flavour Hall, Su Tao still boosted the Jianghuai Hospital’s reputation and brought life back to the TCM Department.

Lu Shimiao smiled at Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang and said, “Please follow me!”

The two’s mood was pretty good; after all, there’s no reason for them to be unhappy with a beauty leading the way. Lu Shimiao first entered the ward and explained the situation to Xiaoxiao and her mother to prevent the patient from being startled. After obtaining their approval, everyone walked in. When Xiaoxiao saw Su Tao, adorable dimples appeared by her cheeks as she smiled. “Hello, Uncle Su!”

Su Tao first walked over and took her pulse before he said, “Xiaoxiao, your complexion is pretty good. In just a little more time, you’ll be able to leave the hospital healthy!”

Xiaoxiao was astonished as she asked, “Really?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao responded, “Have I ever lied to you?”

After a brief pondering, Xiaoxiao earnestly said, “Uncle Su, you’ve never lied to me, so I believe you!”

Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang exchanged a look and they could see the helplessness in each other’s eyes. In their view, Su Tao was just comforting the little girl, since “a little more time” was just a rough estimation. It could be a month, a year, or even longer.

Glancing at the hair on Xiaoxiao’s head, Song Sichen’s eyes flashed with astonishment as he asked Lu Shimiao, “The patient has never received any chemotherapy?”

Lu Shimiao frankly explained, “She has received chemotherapy previously, but after Physician Su’s treatment, she switched to TCM. Using acupuncture, massage, and herbs. Surprisingly, her hair has grown so much in such a short time!”

Dou Fanggang’s character was a little impatient, so he walked towards Xiaoxiao and started to examine her by inspection. She didn’t look too different from an ordinary person, so Su Tao let him have his spot. Dou Fanggang started to take her pulse with his brows knitted. He was soon entirely focused on the examination, and after five to six minutes, he sighed and turned to Song Sichen. “You take a look!”

Looking at Dou Fanggang’s brows easing with splendour in his eyes, Song Sichen walked over and started to take Xiaoxiao’s pulse. He took a much longer time than the former before he gently breathed out, “Let’s go out and allow the patient to rest.”

When he finished his words, Song Sichen walked towards the door with Dou Fanggang closely following behind before they started to talk amongst themselves. Tang Nanzheng was puzzled as he looked at Su Tao with confusion in his eyes. Could it be that something has happened?

Su Tao shrugged as he left the ward with them, as if he had no idea of what’s happening.

When the ward was closed, Song Sichen’s expression changed as he turned to Su Tao. “Old Dou and I wish to speak with you privately.”

Glancing at Lu Shimiao, Su Tao smiled. “We can do it in Department Head Lu’s office, then.”

Lu Shimiao reacted and walked in the front, then opened her office to allow the three of them in.

After the three of them sat down, Song Sichen sighed and asked, “Have you treated Xiaoxiao's Leukemia already?”

Dou Fanggang added, “Xiaoxiao’s pulse is powerful, and there’s nothing unusual with her five viscera and six bowels. I’ve also come in contact with Leukemia patients in the past, and their pulse wasn’t like that. So there can only be one conclusion, her Leukemia has already been treated!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “This is just an appearance. If I stop my acupuncture and herbal treatment to Xiaoxiao, then the reproduction of her white-blood cells will speed up.”

Song Sichen sighed. He understood what Su Tao meant. Intending to probe, he asked, “The difficulty is how to restore her bone marrow’s blood production function?”

Su Tao nodded his head. Song Sichen was indeed famous in the TCM industry; just taking the pulse was sufficient for Song Sichen to figure out his treatment method. Su Tao also did not conceal and explained his plan, “I’m planning to perform a bone marrow cleanse for her!”

Exchanging a look, Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

Song Sichen sighed, “I’ve also previously heard that you’ve used acupuncture in Yuhang City to reform veins. I can only say that you’re talented and bold. But cleansing the bone marrow is too outrageous!”

With a smile, Su Tao responded, “If we’re going to keep standing on the foundation of our predecessors and not forge our own, how can we make a breakthrough?”

Admiration flashed in Dou Fanggang’s eyes as he said to Song Sichen, “Old Dou, looks like our trip in Hanzhou isn’t in vain!”

“TCM needs new blood, and if we keep standing on what we already have, we will not be able to bring glory to the knowledge that our ancestors passed down.” Song Sichen also nodded his head. “Old Tang has already told me your thoughts. Tomorrow, I will announce my withdraw from the circle and work to form a new TCM alliance.”

Dou Fanggang gently snorted, “Those people in the TCM circle are occupying a latrine but not shitting. They’ve treated TCM as their nursing home, and old fellows like us need to band together to form an organization with more vitality so that we can help the newcomers spread the name of TCM!”

Su Tao felt relieved in his heart now that his objective has been accomplished, to go against the TCM’s initial circle head-on. This was also Su Tao’s method to deal with the Medicine Deity Corporation!

Naturally, the new alliance was just a start for him. The current TCM system was too unfavorable for development, and as the saying went, without destruction, there can be no construction. Only by scattering the current TCM system, could he reform a new organization that allowed TCM to develop.

Using his own methods, Su Tao was trying to realise his objective step-by-step.

The new alliance would be Su Tao’s home ground for him to exhibit freely, and this was also the reason why he invited Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang over to Hanzhou.

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