Chapter 171 - We're Partners

“Rest assured, I did not add them, so they won’t see this photo. I just wanted to boast to those close to me that I now have a man that I can rely on.” Yan Jing explained further, “Although this man isn’t someone who I love, he’s more reliable. Whether in my career or life, he has helped me a lot, and I’m fortunate to be acquainted with a young doctor like you!”

With a smile, Su Tao refuted, “Are you reminding me of our relationship?”

Yan Jing stretched her finger out and swiped. “Indeed, our relationship is just that of partners, or between a patient and physician.”

Su Tao pursued, “Are there any partners that would take photos in the middle of the night in a room?”

Nodding her head, Yan Jing squinted her eyes as she smiled. “You and Me!”

Su Tao stretched his hand out and sighed, “Then let’s delete that photo for your reputation, then!” After a brief pondering, Su Tao felt that he still couldn’t allow Yan Jing to use that photo for her profile. What if Vera or Cai Yan added her as friends? Wouldn’t that be awkward?

Yan Jing knew that Su Tao was starting to panic and knew that she had gotten him. With a smile, she responded, “What reputation do I have? I’m only known as a demoness in the underground society!”

Su Tao walked towards Yan Jing, who happily ran and leapt onto the bed as if she was playing a game of catch. Standing below the bed, Su Tao placed his hands on his waist and helplessly said, “Throw your phone over, or I’ll go up on the bed!”

Glaring at Su Tao, Yan Jing warned, “You dare?!”

How could there be any man that would be afraid of going onto the bed? With a gentle snort, Su Tao jumped up onto the bed. However, due to the softness and elasticity of the bed, he lost his balance and fell. It was only after a long while later that he recovered was looking at Yan Jing from another angle. It was another style, and her voluptuous figure looked like a lotus in the pond with her smooth and glossy skin. She was filled with an overbearing demeanour along with charm.

Suddenly sensing that there was something wrong with Su Tao’s gazes, Yan Jing swiftly pulled her nightgown. The scene beneath her skirt dress briefly flashed as she leaped down from the bed in a panic. “Don’t think of getting me to delete it. It’s getting late, and I’m tired, you rest early!”

Su Tao sighed as he laid on the bed with his limbs spread out as he watched Yan Jing leave. There was a fragrance left in the room, which he had no idea if it was from the flowers or Yan Jing that was sweetly lingering.

When Yan Jing came out of the guest room, she practically ran back to her own room. After she returned to her room, she locked her door and removed her nightgown, then went to the bathroom. Looking at her own reflection, she held onto her chest and caught her breath; it was the rippling lake. She then turned on the shower, and after a brief moment, warm water started falling. She removed her undergarments as the water drenched her hair, flowing down along her face and body.

After a brief moment, Yan Jing had already finished showering and her cheeks were rose-tinted from the mist. Sitting on the chair, she looked at the big mirror. Due to the blurry fog, her reflection also wasn’t clear. However, she looked at herself for a long time before she sighed and started to dry her hair before she muttered, “How am I going to interact with him in the future?”

Changing into a bathrobe, Yan Jing found her phone and opened up her social media account and stared at the photo she took with Su Tao. A faint smile appeared on her lips for a long time before she recovered and massaged her temples while muttering, “I must not be fooled by his appearance. I cannot trust others so easily, and I must remember this!”

When Yan Jing came to her bed, she recalled the photos that Su Tao took. His angle had captured her charm, but the reason why she wasn’t satisfied with just taking more photos was that women actually have an addiction to taking photos, and would always like the camera lens facing them. This wasn’t something she had experienced in the past, but certainly something that she has fallen for under Su Tao’s entices.

After a brief pondering, Yan Jing raised her chin and stretched her arm out, trying to get as much camera angle as possible. After taking a photo, she felt pretty good about it and sent it to Su Tao.

Su Tao had also just finished showering when his phone rang. Walking over to take a look, he was instantly left speechless. What is this Venomous Widow trying to do? He just managed to calm the raging fire in his heart, and she sent him another selfie of herself?

Although it wasn’t too clear, the blurred charm stimulated the secretion of his hormones. He could imagine the tenderness of her skin and curves that propped her bathrobe. Even her hair that was still a little damp was impactful.

But as a wave of tiredness swept over, Su Tao fell asleep. He dreamt of Yan Jing in a garden of flowers, and even the spider tattoo on her body had turned into a dancing flower…

Yan Jing woke up at 6 a.m. as usual and walked towards the balcony. When she pulled apart the curtains, the first gleam of dawn shone into her room and she took a deep fresh breath. When she looked at the courtyard from her window, she was briefly stunned to see a silhouette brandishing the branch in his hand.

She sighed. She never expected Su Tao to awaken so early in the morning. After changing her clothes, she came to Hua Yan’s room, and when she saw the latter sleeping soundly, she instantly knew that the effect of Su Tao’s treatment last night was pretty good.

When she came down, she informed the housekeeper to prepare breakfast. At this moment, Su Tao also returned from his morning practice, so Yan Jing smiled. “You treated yourself pretty comfortably here even in an unfamiliar environment. Aren’t you afraid that the neighbours will report you by waving your branch around?”

Su Tao shrugged as he helplessly replied, “Well, I need a channel to vent my energy, right?”

Yan Jing smiled. “Where’s the rod?”

Su Tao winked as he replied, “I hid it. It’s not something to be brought out so casually!”

Yan Jing suddenly realised the issue with her question and sighed with her face blushed “Eat your meal!”

The housekeeper came over with breakfast. There were congee, egg, soybeans, fried breadsticks, noodles, and even buns. There’s a variety of food, and although it wasn’t luxurious, he could still tell that Yan Jing led a refined lifestyle.

Seeing that the housekeeper was going to wake Hua Yan, Su Tao immediately stopped her. “It will be at least 9 a.m. when Hua Yan wakes up, don’t disturb her for now.”

The housekeeper turned to look at Yan Jing, and after seeing the latter nodding her head, she smiled and returned to the kitchen.

“How’s Hua Yan?” Yan Jing finally mustered her courage to ask, since she was afraid of hearing bad news.

Su Tao smiled. “Everything is going according to my plan. She will also need to go to school roughly a month from now, so you can start looking for a suitable school for her.”

“Let her go to school?” Yan Jing’s gaze flashed with prudence and hesitation.

Su Tao patiently explained, “It’s precisely because Hua Yan is unlike other girls, so she needs to interact with others under a normal environment. The school doesn’t need to be good. It just needs to allow Hua Yan to interact with the outside world. For a child like Hua Yan, she needs to interact with the outside world, and if you keep protecting her, it would make her disconnected with the outside world and be like a fragile porcelain. Don’t underestimate the adaptability of a child. She will slowly grow after finding a path for herself.”

Yan Jing nodded her head. “I will filter out some schools, and you can make the decision for me.”

Su Tao could feel the trust that Yan Jing had for him. He also did not decline the suggestion and smiled. “Sure! Your attitude is pretty good now. You’re starting to accept the suggestions.”

A smile couldn’t stop appearing on Yan Jing’s lips. Even a strong woman would feel tired. After her ex-husband passed away, Yan Jing was already used to doing every time by herself and only had someone to plan for her occasionally. However, Yan Jing had no idea that her cold heart had started to melt. Life was like this; she initially felt that the heavens were being unfair to her and wanted her to grow old in solitary. However, she never expected that not only had she found her own daughter, she had also found someone she could rely on.

As the two of them started on their breakfast, Yan Jing initially thought that Su Tao would talk about last night, which made her feel a little awkward. But Su Tao behaved normally, and it was only her mentality that changed. After breakfast, Yan Jing arranged a chauffeur to send Su Tao to the hotel to pick up Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang, while she headed to the Three Flavour Cosmetics International.

After Su Tao picked up Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang, they headed towards the Jianghuai Hospital. The moment he got out of the vehicle, he saw Di Shiyuan walking in his direction with a smile on his face. The new President, Wang Song, and Tang Nanzheng were also following behind him. Although Di Shiyuan originated from western medicine, he still knew about the two legendary figures from Xiangnan and Nanyue Provinces. Not only have the two treated countless people with stories of their deeds spreading out, they even had many disciples under them. Even their medical ethics and skills were excellent!

Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang coming to Hanzhou was a great event in Hanzhou’s health system. For figures like them, it’s impossible to invite them over unless you have enough face.

The two of them were also pretty easy-going without the airs of specialists that allowed Di Shiyuan to feel inwardly relieved.

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