Chapter 170 - It’s all coincidence

Without him knowing, his relationship with Yan Jing has progressed to the point that they could take photos in a room. Just a while back, Su Tao was still in a tense relationship with her.

Then again, this was how life worked. You’d never know who your friends or enemies were.

However, Su Tao felt touched that Yan Jing stood firm beside him, even when his business was undergoing a crisis.

After Yan Jing fixed her posture, Su Tao knitted his brows and exaggeratedly shook his head. He shook his finger and said in an exaggerated Cantonese accent, “Miss, your posture can’t make it!”

Stomping her foot, Yan Jing raged, “Talk in human language!”

At this moment, the phone rang, so Su Tao showed a weak smile. “Guess who called?”

“Qin Meimei?” Yan Jing guessed.

Snapping his finger, Su Tao suddenly changed into the airs of a photographer while knitting his brows.“Yeah, I’ll brew up my photographic creativity, so you answer the call first.”

Qin Meimei’s phone sounded from the other side. “Darling, what are you doing now?”

“Just finished showering, and I’m going to sleep now.” Yan Jing placed the vase down, since she knew that Qin Meimei was just trying to kill time by calling her at this time. Thus, she also did not want to chat too much.

“I’m afraid that’s not the case, right?” Qin Meimei was very sensitive, so she teased, “Are you with your lover now? That’s why you’re trying to end the call.”

Rolling her eyes, Yan Jing helplessly replied, “Big Sister, your imagination is too rich. Are there other things aside from men and women in your life?”

“Yeah, let me quote this from an author. If there’s no relationship between men and women in this world, what is he going to write, then? And I find this pretty logical.” Qin Meimei self-evaluated after a brief pause before she continued, “I’m a lower-bodied creature.”

When Su Tao heard that, he couldn’t help letting out a chuckle. When this woman started to talk dirty, it wasn’t just ordinarily ridiculous.

“Are you mocking me?” Qin Meimei said after hearing the noise.

“No…” Yan Jing glared at Su Tao before she helplessly continued, “I’m just sighing out in sorrow.”

Su Tao was teasing, but Yan Jing reacted pretty quickly and shouldered the blame. Otherwise, his existence would be exposed.

“Woman, I’m thinking of making a trip to SY Pub tomorrow, are you interested? When I last met you, I noticed that your skin has deteriorated. I think that you need the nourishment of love, and there are a lot of men there.” Qin Meimei’s words started to get even more ridiculous.

Yan Jing helplessly yawned as she replied, “I’m tired, we’ll talk tomorrow.” When she finished, she immediately ended the call.

Qin Meimei was dazed as she stared at the ceiling. What a ruthless woman! It’s such a pain to experience insomnia. When can I fall asleep?!

“Let’s continue!” Yan Jing gave another peace sign as she held the vase up like a prop.

Su Tao walked towards Yan Jing and pressed her fingers down with a smile. “Don’t show such a tasteless pose when taking pictures. Not only will it lower your demeanor, but it will also affect the photographer’s mood. Although that might be able to conceal the awkwardness in your heart, it’s a lethal poison to a photographer! No, wait, not poison, but an atomic bomb! In serious cases, it might even cause the photographer to lose his motivation, and thus, losing his confidence in his grand career…”

Yan Jing sourly knocked her finger on Su Tao’s head and glared at him. “What are you chipping about? I’m just asking if you can take photos nicely. If you can’t, then forget it!” When she finished speaking, she even wanted to take the phone away from Su Tao’s hand.

Su Tao jumped and retreated, but Yan Jing never expected Su Tao to dodge so swiftly. Thus, she suddenly lost her center of gravity and screamed out. Seeing that she was about to fall, Su Tao immediately stretched his hand and held onto her shoulder. But because she was holding onto the vase, she felt a little uncomfortable with her legs tangled up. She wanted to protect the vase, but she realised that she couldn’t exert any force, so she fell towards him.

Su Tao was also startled by this and he could swear in his heart that he wasn’t trying to take advantage of her on purpose. It was Yan Jing that sent her body up to him. He wanted to dodge and maintain his gentlemanly style, but Yan Jing crashed into him, making him take a few steps back. Since they were already right beside the bed, this accident ended up with the two of them on the bed.

The two of them were stunned before Yan Jing looked at Su Tao’s face from a close distance with her alluring eyes and her lips moved. In her mind, a thought flashed across her mind. Why is this fellow’s skin so well-maintained?

Su Tao was beneath Yan Jing. He looked at her charming face and felt his throat tremble before he subconsciously gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Her exquisite rosy lips were like a slice of cake, looking glossy under the moisture. He suddenly felt ticklish in his heart, as if he had been turned into a patch of grass rustling under her eyes that looked like the stars in the sky.

“Take the vase away!” When Yan Jing fell, she was still holding onto the vase. Thus, Su Tao felt uncomfortable with the mouth of the vase against his chest, making him feel like he’s suffocating. But at the same time, he couldn’t bear to push Yan Jing away, so he could only ask her to throw the vase away.

“Oh…” While Yan Jing was blanked, she actually listened to Su Tao’s words and obediently tossed the vase aside. She’s currently in a nervous and excited state, and under this state, even an intelligent person couldn’t think straight from the hot surge of blood rising up her brain.

It was also because Yan Jing has been alone for too long, so her pores opened up like ferocious tigers while feeling the warmth coming from Su Tao. It was akin to a scorching heat in every single inch of her body. Even if she knew that this was dangerous, she still couldn’t help the urge to dive into the tiger’s den. Finally, she gradually recovered from the moment of shock and felt something was amiss. She wanted to struggle to stand up and push Su Tao away, but for some reason, she couldn’t put a single bit of strength in her body.

Su Tao had also suddenly realised that he had lost control. It was as if he had been possessed, and, since Yan Jing failed to struggle up from him, he chanted to himself with a righteous expression, “I’m not doing this on purpose, it’s all a coincidence.”

Yan Jing wasn’t wearing much, to begin with, so Su Tao could only repent towards the forefather of medicine. He was a hot-blooded youth, and he wasn’t trying to profane her on purpose.

Su Tao slightly lowered his chin and looked towards his chest. Yan Jing could also sense Su Tao’s fiery gaze.

While Su Tao’s heart got wilder, his guts grew bigger as well. He had forgotten that Yan Jing was known as the Venomous Widow in the underground society; it was as if he was admiring an ordinary woman. Even if she’s already in her 30s, she still maintained herself pretty well. Despite the light makeup on her face, he could still tell that she had a good foundation. Her skin was as smooth as jade, especially the skin on her neck, which was moistened like jade. He then started to admire her features. Her bright eyes were half-opened, adorned with delicate and long eyelashes. Her rosy lips looked like jelly. Even the beads of sweat on her nose looked so charming.

Su Tao felt his mouth go dry, as if he could hear the heartbeat of the two of them. Yan Jing suddenly trembled before she widened her eyes and looked at Su Tao in alert. “What are you trying to do?”

With a smile on his face, Su Tao remained silent.

Yan Jing sighed before her face turned serious. The heat that she was feeling had also resided, so she cussed, “Aren’t you going to take photos of me? What are you doing now?”

Looking at her mature face, Su Tao chuckled, “I just suddenly want to hug you.”

“Vulgar!” Yan Jing’s face turned red. She never expected that she would be thrown off direction by a man that’s ten-odd years younger than her, so she teased on purpose, “Take the rod away!”

Su Tao was instantly speechless, since Yan Jing was teasing him with his earlier words. Where did the rod come from?

But after thinking for a long time, Su Tao’s face turned red.

This was something that only a mature woman would say, and if it were a young lady, they probably would have panicked by now. How could they still bother to flirt under this atmosphere?

Su Tao sighed as he smiled, “A vase is something that can be tossed away anytime, but not rods. I can throw my face, but not my rod.”

Hearing Su Tao’s cheap and dirty jokes, Yan Jing felt amused and annoyed at the same time. She suddenly pushed Su Tao away, then she bounced up and stared at Su Tao in alert from a distance. Su Tao was briefly stunned before saying in surprise, “I actually allowed you to escape…”

Yan Jing started holding onto her stomach as she laughed. She was unsure if it was to hide the awkwardness or teasing Su Tao’s bitter face. After a long time, she flicked the tears off the corner of her eyes and said, “Can you take photos properly?”

Su Tao found the phone on the bed and helplessly replied, “Let’s take photos, then.”

Yan Jing’s brows, which were initially raised, became curved with smiles in her eyes, looking charming. She slowly pulled her neckline apart and revealed a large patch of her shoulder before gently raising her right hand. The nightgown that was covering her shank was shrunk by an inch with her left hand gently tapping on her chin, slanting her face a little with confidence and charm reflecting in her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao took photos of her with her phone. After he was done, Yan Jing waved her hand towards Su Tao, so the latter walked over and handed the phone over to her. Looking at the photos, she shook her head and unhappily grumbled, “Why does it make my face look big?!”

When Su Tao looked at the photos, he only felt perfection. But Yan Jing pickily deleted the images and ordered, “Take again!”

However, she still wasn’t satisfied with the few photos that he took. She snatched her phone back from Su Tao before she started to look for background and started taking selfies. But after a while, she felt that it wasn’t satisfying enough before she got Su Tao to stand in a spot, then she came to his back. Using Su Tao’s body to cover herself, she stretched her hand through Su Tao’s armpit and took another photo.

“What do you think of this?” Yan Jing was pleased and she handed the phone to Su Tao.

Su Tao was instantly speechless. His face wasn’t even in the photo at all, only half of his head was. When he saw that Yan Jing uploaded that as her profile picture, he helplessly said, “Aren’t you afraid that others might guess who the male protagonist is in the photo?”

Revealing her teeth, Yan Jing teased, “You were pretty brave earlier, so why are you shrinking back now? Are you afraid that Vera or Cai Yan might see that it’s you?”

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Thyaeria's Thoughts

Another important matter I'd like to ask everyone.

Due to various reasons in China, the government is actually censored in this novel and replaced with the term of a corporation, which might be somewhat confusing.

  1. Do you guys think I should change them to the government? But if that's the case, there would be some parts that I have to remove due to the author's explanation regarding the corporation's system since they will be redundant.
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  3. Change it to something else, like the term 'organization' so that it wouldn't be confused with all the actual corporations/companies mentioned in this novel?