Chapter 169 - A Dead Account

Yan Jing had already gotten someone to prepare the guest room for Su Tao. When he entered, the fragrance of flowers blew against his nostrils before he looked at the television cabinet. There was an azure vase with a few flowers that had enchanting and delicate yellow flower buds in it. Looking at Su Tao’s direction at the vase, Yan Jing explained, “There’s an osmanthus flower tree behind the courtyard, and these were taken from there. The vase is usually placed in my room, but it’s for you today. I can take them away if you don’t like them.”

Su Tao sighed at how meticulous Yan Jing was, then he smiled. “Don’t take them away, I’ll feel hurt if you do!”

Shaking his finger, Su Tao recited, “A light yellow delicate figure that only leaves a fragrance behind; No need for bright greens and reds, the osmanthus is a flower destined to shine. This is a verse that Li Qingzhao used to admire osmanthus, so if you take it away, I’ll surely be disappointed. So how can I not be hurt?”

After a brief stun, Yan Jing sourly replied, “I never expected you to be pretty moody.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao gravely responded, “I'm a deeply cultured youth in my bones.”

Yan Jing teased, “I hate cultured people the most, always making a fuss out of nothing and constantly speaking those moody verses, poems, or songs that feel as though they understand life the most in the entire world. They’re just ignorant, superficial, and arrogant.”

Su Tao never expected that Yan Jing would cuss, so he bitterly smiled. “Big Sister Jing, which ignorant fool irritated you to hold such resentment?”

His words had stirred emotions in Yan Jing, so she sat on a chair. Su Tao looked at her, she wore a purple bra beneath her nightgown, with a huge neckline and her fair neck exposed along with the platinum necklace with a sapphire embedded in the pendant. Although she looked incredibly alluring, she was actually very reserved. 

Yan Jing sighed, “Hua Yan’s father was a university professor, and I was his student.”

She never looked back into the past, but Yan Jing felt like sharing Su Tao her complicated relationship for some reason.

Su Tao suddenly felt awkward, so he joked, “I never expected you two to actually have a relationship between a teacher and a student.”

Yan Jing smiled. “He’s extremely talented, and despite being in science and engineering, he’s proficient in verses, songs, and poems. At that time, there’s a huge group of girls that would go crazy over him, and I was the one that succeeded and even married him. But during the first year of our marriage, he suddenly decided to go into business. Although he did not earn a lot back then, his business started to stabilise. It was at that time that someone came to him to invest, and because he was ignorant and simple-minded, he had no idea that it was a trap!”

She did not continue to speak, but Su Tao had already figured out what happened in the end. Helplessly shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “He was being framed, how is that related to being cultured?”

Smiling at herself in self-mockery, Yan Jing responded, “Although I know that they’re not related, I still don’t like it!”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao exposed, “It’s not that you don’t like it, but you’re afraid of falling for it again, right? The truth is, you actually like people that are cultured in your heart.”

Yan Jing weakly sighed after a brief stun before she changed the topic, “So what's your intention of inviting Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang? Can you reveal it now?”

Su Tao shook his head, then he answered with a question, “What makes you think that I invited them over to make use of them?”

Yan Jing was, indeed, more sensitive than others, so she had guessed his intentions. With a smile, she replied, “I might not feel that way if it was other times, but the company is undergoing a crisis now, so I can’t help feeling that way.”

With a cheap smile, Su Tao responded in a stern tone, “What I have in mind is more noble and grand than what you’re thinking!”

Yan Jing sourly glanced at him before she responded, “In any case, you still have a motive behind your actions. You want them to help you ease your relationship with the TCM Association? But it won’t be easy. After all, the two of them aren’t in actual power in the association. Although they have some prestige in it, they’re just members of the association.”

Su Tao answered with a smile, “You’ll know my plan when the time is right. For the time being, allow me to keep you in the dark!”

After this period of interaction with Su Tao, Yan Jing had already figured out that not only did he possess superb medical skills, his thinking was also meticulous, so she sighed, “Right now, I really have the urge to bash you up.”

Those words could naturally not be treated seriously. Su Tao shrugged and crooked his head with a smile. “I never expected that the Venomous Widow would have such a violent side when losing her rationale.”

Yan Jing sighed while switching her posture. She leaned towards the right, bent her knees and straightened her feet out, which had black nail polish painted on her toes, adding a sensual wildness to her demeanor.

Su Tao was briefly stunned by this scene. This woman was really trying to tempt him. Not only with her appearance, but with her demeanor as well. At this moment, her bearing had a sluggish charm in it. From her curvaceous body, starting from her neck, to the waist. Looking further down, it was graceful and flirtatious, driving the imagination of one wild.

Seeing that Su Tao suddenly stopped speaking, Yan Jing couldn’t help staring at him. She was first stunned when she saw him staring at her in a daze before she noticed that her posture was a little off. She then felt that her face was burning. She glared at Su Tao and angrily said, “Is it nice to watch?”

Su Tao had also noticed that he had lost control. But as someone with a face as thick as his, he smoothly replied, “Fantastic. If it’s possible, I would even want to take a picture as a souvenir!”

Seeing that Su Tao really tried to reach for his phone, Yan Jing abruptly obstructed, “Are you insane?”

She thought that Su Tao was just saying it, but she never expected that he would really try to take a picture of her. He smiled. “Well, it was also forced by you.”

Yan Jing glared at Su Tao. She naturally knew how much temptation she possessed. It was charming, like the ripened fruits in autumn. That’s in addition to the fact that she did not pay attention to her posture earlier, so she had caused such a reaction in Su Tao, and it would be abnormal if there’s no reaction instead.

The reason why Yan Jing called Su Tao to stay for the night was because she knew that Su Tao was treating Hua Yan earlier, so she wanted him to stay in case anything happened to her.

Naturally, Yan Jing also knew that Su Tao felt something for her. She could naturally sense it since these things were infectious. For some reason, she felt a surge of heat in her chest that she felt many years ago. If the lights were a little brighter, her reddened face could be seen. Yan Jing inwardly gulped down before she calmed herself and stood up from the chair. Although she was blaming Su Tao’s lewd gazes, she was also feeling a little happy in her heart. After all, despite how women claimed that they hated men lewdly staring at them, they’re still glad that they could draw attention with their charm.

Suddenly, footsteps resounded from outside the door, attracting both of their attentions, easing out this awkward atmosphere in the process. The housekeeper came in with food and said, “This is what you’ve ordered earlier!”

Midnight food should be delicately prepared and lighter in comparison, since eating something too greasy at night wasn’t good for the body.

Yan Jing got the housekeeper to put everything on the table, and after the housekeeper left, she said, “You’ve spent quite a bit of energy treating Hua Yan, and these are for you to replenish your exhaustion.”

Su Tao walked over as she uncovered the lid and a fragrance instantly burst out. It’s the blood bird's nest. Although there were many bird's nest in the market right now, most of them were artificial, so the price was much lower.

The blood bird’s nest was also known as the crimson bird's nest. It’s red in color and rich in nutrients. But due to their low quantities in the market, they’re also known as premium goods amongst bird’s nest. The creation of blood bird’s nest required all sorts of factors, which included luck. It’s naturally not the blood spat out by swiftlets, but swiftlets building their nest by the cliff. It was produced after the minerals in the cliff slowly permeated into the nest, enriching it with nutrients. Its main efficacy was to nourish the body, moisten the lungs, beautifying the skin, regulating the meridians in the body, and many more.

Su Tao naturally did not reject it, since rejecting the goodwill of others right now would make him seem too unreasonable. Lifting the spoon, he took a sip and the bird’s nest melted in his mouth, “Tastes pretty good!” When he finished speaking, he even took out his phone and took a photo of it before explaining, “I’m sending it to my friends to boast.”

Yan Jing glared at Su Tao. With the current advancement of social networking, she had also registered an account, so she smiled. “Sure, add me too!”

After taking a photo of the bird’s nest, Su Tao happily added Yan Jing’s account. But when he took a look at her wall, he realised that there was nothing, so he smiled. “If I knew about this, I wouldn’t have added you. It’s just a dead account.”

Knitting her brows, Yan Jing was puzzled, since she was unfamiliar with this term. She asked, “What’s a dead account?”

Su Tao sighed. He knew that Yan Jing was ignorant with these things, so he explained, “Although you’ve registered, you’ve never logged in and never posted anything. It’s as if the account is dead.”

Yan Jing instantly teased as she smiled, “Now, I’m not happy with you putting things this way. I’ll post something right now!”

Su Tao felt his interest piqued, so he suggested, “Give me a posture, and I’ll take pictures of you. I guarantee to make you look beautiful!”

Yan Jing also did not refuse his suggestion. She walked over to the television, picked up the case and gave a peace sign with a smile. “Come, you must take the photo more professionally!”

Su Tao was stunned, since he never expected that Yan Jing would have such an adorable side to her.

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