Chapter 168 - Bone Fracture & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

“Senior Dou, you’re actually over complicating the problem.” Su Tao smiled.

“Oh?” Dou Fanggang looked at Su Tao in astonishment. He was a little unhappy when he saw how confident the latter was, so he responded, “It’s because Old Tang revealed too little information, and there can be many possibilities in this. It can also be related to the living environment, and if we don’t see the patient with our eyes, it’s hard for us to come to any conclusion.”

Seeing the smile on Tang Nanzheng’s face, Su Tao replied, “In this modern age, which couple hasn’t done that before marriage? So it surely has nothing to do with the couple. I’m guessing that there’s an issue with the new house.”

Tang Nanzheng laughed out and gave a thumbs up at Su Tao. “Old Dou, the facts have proven that you’re getting old, and Su Tao guessed it correctly. The place was newly renovated with poor-quality paint, so there’s a strong chemical in it. The groom had stayed in it for a few days before his actual marriage, resulting in pimples from skin sensitivity. So the solution I gave him was a simple one, to move out for some time and the problem will be resolved.”

Dou Fanggang didn’t want to take it lying down. He gently snorted and tested Su Tao, “Then I’ll also speak of an interesting story. Just recently, a woman brought an 8-year-old boy in a wheelchair to my clinic. The child’s family circumstances were pretty good, and his family gave him ginseng, bird’s nest and other nurturing tonics due to his weak physique. However, not only did his body not improve, he even showed signs of bloating. How do you think I treated it?”

Su Tao knew that Dou Fanggang was trying to confuse him. The original model of the story originated from the Chicken Droppings Pellet Treatment. The story started with a child showing unwell symptoms, and in the process of his family brewing the medicine, a centipede accidentally crawled into it. In the end, the child was poisoned from the tonic. As Chicken Droppings Pellet could treat poison. This story was related to Li Shizhen, the forefathers of medicine, and this question was a trick question.

With a smile, Su Tao responded, “If I’ve not guessed incorrectly, you did not open any prescription!”

After being briefly stunned, Dou Fanggang sneered, “How can I treat him if I don’t open a prescription for him, am I going to allow his body to recover naturally instead?”

Su Tao smiled. “This child must be having an inactive disorder. Everyone knows that some kids have the hyperactive disorder, but there’s also the inactive disorder. Kids nowadays are being too pampered; they’ve been carried by their seniors since their birth. Those families with better economic conditions would cherish their children even more, like sending their kids to school in cars. Actually, this isn’t good for a child’s body development. Allowing the child to participate in group activities, more games, and more exercises will be able to treat his illness.”

Dou Fanggang suddenly, weakly smiled, before he shook his head. “I’m surprised that you can even guess this!”

Su Tao had a good grasp of Dou Fanggang’s character. Although this old man looked to have a fiery temper, that’s actually because he’s frank with his actions and words. This type of person was also the easiest to interact with, and as long as you did not exceed his bottom line, he wouldn’t hold any grudges.

With a smile, Su Tao said, “How about let me say something interesting. There’s a patient with his right pinky fractured, how will you treat this?”

Knitting his brows, Song Sichen smiled. “Since it’s a fracture, then just put it back together!”

Dong Fanggang knitted his brows. “It’s surely not that simple. The patient must still have other illnesses, and the fracture is just one of them. Such as habitual fracture? This type of patient will be the hardest to treat!”

Su Tao nodded his head and smiled. “What incredible foresight Old Dou has. The patient does have other illnesses, but not habitual fracture.”

After pondering for a long time, Dou Fanggang knitted his brows. He couldn’t figure it out, so he said with a bitter expression, “Stop beating around the bush, what illness does he have?” 

With a serious expression, Su Tao replied, “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder!”

“Pfft!” Yan Jing instantly spat the rice out in her mouth as she laughed, “What does Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder have to do with a bone fracture?”

Su Tao helplessly smiled and clapped his hands together. “Out of ten fingers, only nine fingers produced a noise, but the pinky on the right hand doesn’t…”

Dou Fanggang tried to maintain his stern expression, but he still couldn’t hold it and laughed out as he held onto his stomach. This joke from Su Tao had even made the inflexible Dou Fanggang laugh.

A meal was an excellent platform to nurture a relationship, and the food didn’t really matter much. The key here was to pull the relationship between the guest and the host together. With another occupation as a storyteller, Su Tao had expertly made use of it right now.

Laughter resounded, and without them knowing, the meal had already come to an end. Yan Jing arranged a commercial vehicle to send the two elderly back, and before the two of them got on the vehicle, Tang Nanzheng informed them of their itinerary tomorrow. First thing in the morning, they would be heading to the Jianghuai Hospital to take a look and then the Three Flavour Hall in the afternoon. In the commercial vehicle, Yan Jing arranged for her secretary, Geng Hong, to accompany them.

Not long after Song Sichen finished his shower, his phone, which was on the bed, rang, so he walked over and answered it, “Old Dou, what’s the matter?”

Dou Fanggang sighed, “Aren’t you curious about Su Tao’s intention in inviting us over? However, he hasn’t said anything about it, which makes me feel terrible, like being hung on the cliff!”

Song Sichen laughed, “Take it when it comes. Even the Emperor isn’t anxious, but the eunuch has already started to panic. Su Tao is a smart person, and he knows how to do things right. The moment he speaks out his intention, he will surely need the two of us to agree to it. So he won’t mention a thing for the time being.”

Dou Fanggang bitterly smiled. “I just talked to Lou Zi’an, and he knows that the two of us are in Hanzhou right now. For some reason, I have a feeling that we’re being dragged into a whirlpool!”

Song Sichen was briefly stunned before he said after a long while, “The TCM circle has changed, and although we’re in the circle, we are neutral. I’m afraid that Lou Zi’an is suspecting that the two of us might be going against him on purpose… *sigh*…”

Knitting his brows, Dou Fanggang said in a stern tone, “The TCM industry is excluding the new Physician King, this is the greatest irony. Whether it was Su Tao’s character or medical ethics, he’s an example of the younger generations. Even Wang Guofeng is inferior to him.”

Song Sichen bitterly smiled, “I believe you must have also heard of the Three States Forum Exchange in Yuhang City, right? The team that Lou Zi’an brought over suffered a crushing defeat, and it was Su Tao that fought for our honor back by revealing his skills before Kim Jung-ho.”

Dou Fanggang felt indignance rising his chest. “It’s truly disappointing to see the TCM circle degrading!”

After a brief silence, Song Sichen said, “Maybe it’s time for the old folks like us to stand out and change this atmosphere in TCM!”

With a flash flickering in Dou Fanggang’s eyes, he replied, “Not to be shirked without dishonor!”

Yan Jing initially wanted to send Su Tao back to the Three Flavour Hall, but Su Tao rejected her with a smile. “I miss Hua Yan, let’s head for the Golden Bay, instead.”

Looking at the time now, Yan Jing hesitated. “She should be asleep at this timing by now.”

“I’m just taking a look. Why? Do you feel that I’m bothersome?” Su Tao asked with a smile.

Yan Jing shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “What am I afraid of? Some gossip always surrounds a widow like me, and people might think that I’m keeping a pretty boy if this matter gets out.”

Shaking his finger, Su Tao turned to look at Yan Jing’s bosom. “Since when are you concerned about those rumors?”

Seeing that her psychological method failed, Yan Jing gently snorted, then instructed the chauffeur, “To the Golden Bay!”

Su Tao smiled. Him going to the Golden Bay with Yan Jing wasn’t for no reason, but he was thinking that it’s time for him to start treating Hua Yan’s autism. The reason why he hadn’t made a move was because Hua Yan just had a change in her living environment. So if he started his treatment too abruptly, it would worsen her condition instead. After a period of contact with her, Su Tao has already built up a basic trust with her. So if he started his treatment now, it would increase the efficiency by 2x.

Roughly half an hour later, a vehicle stopped outside Yan Jing’s villa. It’s already 11 p.m. now, and it’s late at night. However, most of the villas around were still lit up. Su Tao immediately went to the second floor and saw Hua Yan asleep. Her light was turned on due to her lacking sense of security. So she would typically not switch her light off when she sleeps. Yan Jing left the room after his signal.

Su Tao lightly moved and sat beside Hua Yan, then gently tapped her hand before taking needles out and performed Wisdom Three Needles acupuncture on Hua Yan.

The reason why he had chosen this timing to perform acupuncture on Hua Yan was simple. She would be alert and be against the treatment if it was during the day time. Furthermore, it might also cause her emotions to fluctuate. Now that she’s asleep, and Su Tao was swift with his needles, he could guarantee that Hua Yan wouldn’t be disturbed. It would just feel like a mosquito had bitten her thrice.

The Wisdom Three Needles first used the Shenting Acupoint for the first needle, and the Benshen Acupoints on both sides of the head for the second and third needle to treat the mental barrier and mental retardation. The three needles were targeted at Hua Yan, since, from her pulse, her autism and brain development were somewhat related. Su Tao was swift with his needles, taking ten-odd seconds before the treatment ended. Hua Yan was sound asleep, even deeper asleep than before with a faint smile hanging on her lips. She gently turned her body.

She held great resemblance to Yan Jing. She had big eyes, a perky nose, and cherry lips. Even her skin was fair, so she belonged to the category of those lovable little girls.

When he exited the room, he saw Yan Jing standing outside in a changed outfit. Under the light, she wore a loose nightgown that revealed her curvy waist. Her legs, which were initially covered in black stockings, were exposed, and her skin looked smooth. Her hair was scattered out by her two shoulders with a female cigarette being held between her fingers. She was leaning against the wall while taking a smoke, emanating an intoxicating charm of a woman. Her curvaceous body looked like the masterpiece of artisans. Her actions contained both the mature beauty of a woman and the gracefulness of a young lady.

“It’s not early now, why don’t you stay here tonight?” Yan Jing muttered without looking at Su Tao.

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